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Get the latest science news. Broadcast from Germany throughout the week. Stay safe by being informed.

Get the latest science news. Broadcast from Germany throughout the week. Stay safe by being informed.


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DW Germany


Get the latest science news. Broadcast from Germany throughout the week. Stay safe by being informed.






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The parabolic flight

Have you ever seen a video of someone floating, just like in space, except it looks like they're inside an airplane? Well, one of the hosts of science unscripted got to go on one of those "zero g" flights — and not all of him came back out.


Weekly roundup — Loneliness & the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines

What's the deal with the (very rare) cases of heart inflammation after COVID-19 vaccines? And with so many people concerned about long-term side effects... is there any evidence to actually support that position? Finally, some new research on a group of people who quietly lost a big part of themselves during the pandemic: adolescents.


Make this summer about emotional reconnection for kids

There's been a lot of talk about academic loss during the pandemic. There has been less about emotional loss. A study from the UK suggests that what kids and adolescents need this summer — more than math or extra reading — is other kids (and some open-ended questions from the adults who care about them).


What are the long-term side effects of COVID-19 vaccines?

Among those who haven't vaccinated (but also among some who have), there's a real fear that COVID-19 vaccines could have serious side effects that only become apparent many months — or even years — after getting jabbed. Is that concern valid? And what would have to happen inside our bodies for something like that to even happen?


COVID-19 vaccines: What are the chances of heart inflammation?

In extremely rare cases, heart inflammation, or myocarditis, can occur after an mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. Now, new data from the US paints a much clearer picture of just how many people will suffer this side effect, when it tends to happen and the long-term consequences.


Weekly roundup — Moral judgments & the fear of reopening

Is it fair to say you've been outraged by some of the risky things you've seen people doing during this pandemic? And is it also fair to say that maybe (just maybe) your assessment of how risky those things were.... was very, very biased? Also, why are so many of us so anxious about life going back to normal?


Why don't I want the pandemic to end?

No, you're not alone. As the world re-opens, hundreds of millions of people are feeling completely overwhelmed at the idea of 'going back to the way things were before.' This feeling (which is absolutely normal) is called 'reentry anxiety.' And there are concrete things you can do to make it go away.


90% of COVID-19 cases in the EU will be delta variant by 'end of August'

Nine out of 10 new infections. That's how dominant the delta variant is set to become in the EU within 10 weeks, says the ECDC. That has dramatic consequences for Europe's vaccine campaign.


How to talk to someone who won't vaccinate against COVID-19 — your emails

A ruined wedding, an ugly scene in a coffee shop, a letter to a local newspaper. Listeners from all over the world have had a terrible time navigating our post-vaccinated world. Their stories get us closer to the actual problem.


COVID-19: Risky places & a 'toxic' claim about spike proteins

Is it riskier to play a football game outside, or to meet one-on-one with a colleague inside? (Note: Your answer will say a lot more about your morality than you think.) Also, why is a professor of virology falsely claiming that spike proteins from vaccines are toxic?


Weekly roundup — COVID-19, aging brains & very cold computers

Will mutations change our vaccination strategy? Also, a controversial step in the fight against Alzheimer's, and how to tell a six-year-old what a quantum computer is.


What's the deal with Aduhelm?

It's a 'breakthrough' drug for Alzheimer's… but no one's sure if it actually works. There are also clear risks of side effects... and yet it was approved by the top US drug agency (prompting three scientists to quit). What is going on?


What is a quantum computer, exactly?

They look weird, they're outrageously cold, and they're "stupider" than your smartphone. So why are governments throwing billions at quantum computers? And is it possible for a normal person to even understand them?


COVID-19: Delta variant danger & 'magnetic' misinformation

How concerned do we have to be about the rapidly spreading Delta variant? (And why are they calling it 'Delta' anyway?) Also, what's with the TikTok videos where metal objects are sticking to vaccinated arms?


Weekly roundup — Dealing with the hesitant, vaccine mixing, and super mice

If you don't vaccinate, you will get COVID-19 at some point. That's a fact. There's also the social argument. But a lot of people in the world remain against immunization. How do we deal with these people - especially if they are close to us? Also, would you like to live a longer, more healthy life?


How do I talk to someone who won't get vaccinated against COVID-19?

It can be really, really frustrating to talk to someone who's misinformed and doesn't plan to get vaccinated. And sometimes, the easiest thing to do is just avoid the topic entirely. But what if it's a friend, a colleague or a family member we care about?


COVID-19: Mixing doses, boosters & a warning for the unvaccinated

Can you get more than one kind of COVID-19 vaccine? When will we need a booster shot? And what is inevitably going to happen to those who have chosen not to vaccinate?


Do you want to live a longer, more energetic life?

The march of time is unrelenting. Sure. But scientists say they're on the cusp of changing how long we live – and HOW WELL we live those bonus years.


Weekly roundup — Sleep, COVID-19 & a strange-sounding ostrich

If your genes make you a "night owl," the odds are higher you'll develop depression. Can we do anything to change that? Also, why is the EU planning to store our vaccination information inside a QR code, of all places? And, finally, a big shout-out to the listener who won our bird quiz!