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Podcast Episode 7 | The Hapsburgs

This time I talk about the very influential but little known rulers of a large European empire, the Hapsburgs. You can also check out the blog. For more information: The World of the Hapsburgs Hapsburg Family Tree and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habsburg_family_tree I hope you enjoy the show and please do check out the website and follow us on social media. Twitter: @360onhistory // Instagram // Facebook Music: Moonrise by Chad Crouch – Instrumental from Free Music Archive.


Podcast Episode 6 | 2019 A Year In Climate

This podcast is on the most pressing issue of our time: Climate change. As the United Nation's 25th Climate Conference begins in Madrid, we review the year and talk about the various scientific reports that have come out, highlighting one main thing: we are at a very crucial time and we need to take action NOW. We give highlights of the IPCC report that came out in October, the recently published Emissions Gap Report by the UN, the warning by 11,000 scientists of a climate emergency and...


Podcast Episode 5 | The Idea that Changed the World: Darwin & Evolution by Natural Selection

In this episode we celebrate the 160th anniversary of a publication that changed scientific thinking completely. On November 24, 1859, Charles Darwin published his work: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection; an account of the greatest story ever told — that of evolution by natural selection. We discuss Darwin's life and talk about the theory of evolution. Please check out Darwin's drawing of the tree of life and the doodles his children made on his draft manuscript below....


Episode 4 | How Cassini made the Earth smile

Today we are going to talk about an exceptional mission. Over 20 years ago, on October 15, 1997, the Cassini space probe was launched. Last week marked its 22nd anniversary. Its objective was to study the most magnificent planet in our solar system, Saturn, its rings and moons. Called the Cassini-Huygens Space Research Mission, in addition to NASA’s Cassini probe, it included the European Space Agency’s Huygens lander, which was to land on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, also the second...


Episode 3 | Alexander von Humboldt, a scientist you've never heard of

You may have heard of the Humboldt Current and of the the Humboldt Penguins but you probably don't know after whom they were named. Today we feature a very influential scientist that you may never have heard of: Alexander von Humboldt. It was his birthday on September 14, so this is a good time to talk about him. He was a polymath, geographer, scientist, naturalist, explorer, philosopher and painter. Below are some of his drawings. You can check out the blog here. I hope you enjoy the show....


Podcast Episode 2 | Turning CO2 into rocks

I hope you enjoy the show. Please do check out the website and follow on social media. Twitter: @360onhistory // Instagram // Facebook Climate change is perhaps the most pressing issue currently facing humanity. We are aware of the damage our unplanned and unsustainable use of fossil fuels has wreaked on every aspect of our lives. News articles are replete with new data on climate change impacts and the need to curtail carbon emissions. This is where the CarbFix project comes in. The...


Podcast Episode 1 | Moon landing, Conspiracy theories and the Dark side

Welcome to the first 360onhistory podcast presented by Altaf Khan and Saima Baig, basically just two friends chatting about science, history and nature, covering everything from the big bang to today. July 20, 2019 marks 50 years since the first time humanity stepped foot on the moon and on our first podcast we talk about the moon itself, what led to the moon landing, conspiracy theories and the dark side. Check out my blog on conspiracy theories here and here. I hope you enjoy the show....