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Germ Theory: Discovering The Little Bugs That Make Us Sick

It wasn’t too long ago that scientists didn’t even know that many sicknesses were caused by germs. We didn’t have the technology to see them nor the data to show that bacteria and viruses were causing the sickness. And by not too long ago, I mean about a couple hundred years ago.


Science Current: Night Vision Mice, Wireless Babies, Skin Printers, & Forward Footed Apes

Here are my favorite science stories of the Week! Learn how scientists gave mice night vision, how scientists are making babies in the NICU wirelss, a bioprinter that prints skin onto wounds and a discovery that makes early human evolution a bit more clear!


Human Genome Project: Decoding The Human Blueprint

You can take a personality test to learn a bit about your own nature. When you look in the mirror you can start to learn about your appearance. There countless ways we as humans can analyze ourselves. How about analyzing the genetic sequence that makes us who we are? Today, we’re going to learn about the amazing science and story behind the Human Genome Project, where scientists across the world came together to sequence all of the DNA in humans.


Nuclear Fission: Unleashing The Power Of The Atom

When thinking about discoveries that have changed the world, most of the time it’s for the better. However, there are some discoveries where you wonder if the world would have been better off without them. One of these is the ability to harness the power of nuclear fission. This gave us the ability to unleash almost unlimited fury and destruction on a global scale with the atomic bomb. Today, were going to learn the interesting story behind what led scientists to figure out how to split...


Evolution: Nature's Trial By Fire For Life

When you look at nature, there are so many life forms that seem to be almost perfectly adapted to their unique environments. Why is this? Were they just put there or is there some process that made them that way? This week, we are going to talk about the fascinating story and science behind the Theory of Evolution to give us insights into why we are the way we are.


Is The Earth Round Or Flat? Here Is How We Know.

What if we have been lied to this whole time in some grand conspiracy to hide the true shape of the Earth? Taken at face value, some of their arguments do make you think a bit. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into what Flat Earthers believe to be true, and then the real history and science proving why the earth is round so we can all be a bit more informed.


Pacemakers: Keeping Our Hearts Beating

We almost never notice the beating of our hearts until something goes wrong. Luckily, physicians and scientists developed pacemakers to keep our hearts beating. This is the story and some of the science behind this revolutionary medical device.


DNA: A Puzzle That Gave Us Deep Insights About Ourselves

What color are your eyes? What color is your hair? How tall are you? Sure, the environment you're brought up in plays a big role, but your DNA is largely responsible for your identity along with all other life. Today, we're going to learn about the story behind the discovery of DNA along with the story behind it.


Plant Breeding: How Scientists Used Plant Genetics to Catapult Agriculture

All life forms need to get energy from somewhere. That’s a pretty simple concept. For humans, we get our energy from food which is used by the body to carry out all of the various operations going at any given moment. Today, we’re going to learn the fascinating story of how plant breeding emerged as a science to make plants better in every way to feed the world.


TV: From Dreams To A Device That Completely Changed Our Culture

I may not know what you spend your spare time doing, but I’m willing to bet that at least some of it involves a television. That's because 97% of homes (in America) have at least one television. In this week's episode, learn about how scientists turned the dream of moving images on a screen into reality.


Nitrogen Fixation: How The Haber-Bosch Process Fed The World

In our bodies, 80% of the nitrogen has at one point cycled through the Haber-Bosch Process. That’s because the process is crucial for agriculture’s ability to feed the world. The Haber-Bosch Process allowed humanity to make fertilizer at scale. It’s estimated that global production would decrease to roughly half without it. Today, we are going to learn about how scientists figured out how to turn the most abundant component of our atmosphere, nitrogen, into a powerful chemical tool.


GPS: From Looking To The Stars To The Stars Looking At Us

The GPS on our phones has revolutionized the way we travel. When was the last time you looked at a physical map for directions? For me it has been many years. That’s because we don’t need to. Today, we are going to learn the story of how we went from tracking the stars to being tracked ourselves to get us to our destination.


Gravity: The Mysterious Force That Governs The Universe

Luckily for all of humanity, when we jump into the air, we come right back down instead of floating off into infinity. That’s because there is a force called gravity to bring us back down. It seems intuitive, but putting a pin on gravity was pretty hard. The story behind gravity’s discovery and development is amazing and continues to this day.


Microwaves: A Discovery That Changed The Way We Eat

What did people do before microwaves? Heat food over an open fire? Ok, probably not, but microwaves have revolutionized our eating habits. This is an interesting story about how microwaves were discovered along with how they got to the public.


Synthetic Dye: Bringing Color To Life

Before synthetic dyes, clothes and linens were pretty dull especially if you weren't royalty or didn't have a lot of money. In this episode, we learn how synthetic dyes were discovered and how they changed the world to make it a much more colorful place.


Anesthesia: No More Screaming Patients

Imagine an amputation without anesthesia. Hard, right? Well, it wasn't too long ago that this was reality. Surgeons would have to work at lighting speed to reduce pain as much as possible. Because of anesthesia, the medical field changed completely.


CRISPR: From Humble Beginnings to Changing Humanity

What started off as a study of the immune system of unique bacteria turned into CRISPR, a powerful gene-editing technology that can accurately and efficiently edit our DNA. Wat should we do with this technology? How far should we go? How far WILL we go? If you don't know what CRISPR is, now is the time to learn.


The Heliocentric Solar System: Humanity's Place In The Universe

Many people sacrificed everything to make humanity aware that the universe doesn't revolve around us. At the time, this idea was revolutionary. With any revolutionary idea comes those who are willing to do anything to stop it.


Penicillin: War, Determination, and Millions of Lives Saved

This is the amazing story behind the discovery and development of penicillin. Learn how one scientist's failure led to an estimated 200 million lives saved.