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An environmental podcast with tips on how to live plastic free! Host Andrea Fox tackles big ethical issues with her knowledgeable guests, all in the hope of overcoming the climate change overwhelm and battling the single-use plastic guilt.


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An environmental podcast with tips on how to live plastic free! Host Andrea Fox tackles big ethical issues with her knowledgeable guests, all in the hope of overcoming the climate change overwhelm and battling the single-use plastic guilt.








Reissue... with Lora Gene, Sustainable Fashion Brand

Another reissue advert episode. Enjoy! Today I’m in discussion with Lora Nikolaev Gene, founder of contemporary British based label Lora Gene, who produce each garment through conscious sourcing and with care about the environment and the workers. This discussion is about pushing the conversation around fashion and sustainability forward, from action to words. Lora Gene Lora Gene’s article in Live...


REISSUE, with Earthshot Prize winners NotPla...

Today's episode is another chance to hear from guest Pierre Paslier, from start up NOTPLA. With co-founder Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, he developed this material, Ooho - at Imperial College London. It's an edible flexible plastic replacement which biodegrades and disappears without harm to the environment in a few weeks, all made from seaweed! And in December 2022, they were awarded the Earthshot Prize. Find out the reasons behind those...


Getting Carbon to Nought (Naut) with The Carbonauts Graham Hill...

Todays guest wants to Create a simpler, wealthier, greener and happier planet. But how? Find out on today’s episode as I’m joined by Graham Hill, CEO of The Carbonauts, a company that teaches people how to reduce their carbon footprints in under six weeks while saving money and influencing others. Before The Carbonauts, he founded the ground-breaking website TreeHugger, with billions of page views. Discover more Mr Graham Hill on...


...with the legendary Chris Packham

Actual Chris Packham! I was overjoyed to get some time to chew the fat with the author, presenter and long time naturalist. It was all to do with his support for the The National Lottery funded Flows to the Future project, and the artwork celebrating Flows to the Future's Milly Revill Hayward. GET IN TOUCH! Support the podcast from...


Round Up! And Restart!

OMG she's back again! Age of Plastic podcast is back with a little reminder of Series 10! Plus... listen to me chat to Chris Packham on the next episode - available right now. GET IN TOUCH! Support the podcast from £3 a...


Biodegradable backpacks with Young Woman Engineer of the Year Dr Ciara McGrath

Today Dr Ciara McGrath, IET's Young Woman Engineer of the Year discusses a brand new competition for the young science experts in your life, and reveals what the space industry are doing to curb their carbon footprint. ECO LIFE HACK Scientist removes microplastics from ocean water with...


Carbon footprints and COP27 with GIKI

Carbon footprints, how to reduce them, and your costs. Plus Cop 27. That's what we get into with today's guests. Giki co-founders Jo and James Hand! A free guide to getting involved in COP27 from Giki. ECO LIFE HACK GET IN...


Getting Dirty in your garden... for the planet

Frances Tophill (BBC GARDENERS WORLD) and Claire Hattersley (Weleda Biodynamic gardening expert) discuss how your gardening efforts could give the UK’s degraded soil a much-needed boost! Tree Sisters Weleda Save Earths Skin Microplastic from water discovery! GET IN...


Turn Down The Heat...

Today’s guest is Tim Forman, Senior Research Associate and Senior Teaching Associate at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, at the University of Cambridge. He’s authored New report from the University of Cambridge and Epson - the company making appliances probably best known for printer… on energy consumption from plug-in appliances - To meet the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Net Zero Scenario, which calls for appliance energy usage to fall to 60% of 2020 levels by...


Community Crowdfunding in Action...

How do you convince the government to give you land at a bargain rate for a community project? Find out from the volunteer group hoping to transform an East London industrial site into community-owned natural swimming ponds and a biodiverse park. Support the Crowdfunder here; And contact the ELWP group via ECO LIFE HACK GET IN...


Composting, and coffee with GRIND

30,000 plastic and aluminium coffee pods are sent to landfill each minute. Today talking composting and coffee I'm joined by TV gardening guru Daisy Payne and Grind founder David Abrahamovitch to find out more! Plus a look back at former coffee-loving guests, James Proter Blane & Sarah Lynn from Halo Coffee - worlds first compostable coffee capsule. And Vicky Poon from Alpaca Coffee talking about greenwashing...


100th EPISODE!... revisiting REN Skincare's Zero Waste Pledge...

Back in 2019 I spoke with then REN SKINCARE CEO Arnaud Meysselle. In 2018 the company had pledged to become Zero Waste by 2021, meaning 100% of all REN Clean Skincare packaging would be recycled, recyclable or reusable. And guess what they did it! To tell us about the trials and tribulations of being a Zero Waste beauty brand is REN Global Ambassador - with 20 years in the skincare industry and a glowing complexion - David Delport! Listen to the original episode with REN Skincare ‘How to...


How much plastic? Periods and plastic with DAME

Do we really realise how much plastic is involved with periods? Find out more with Celia Pool, Co-Founder of DAME, Award-winning effective period care free from single-use plastic. DAME Giveaway Terms & Conditions This giveaway features two deliveries of 34 DAME organic tampons, 68 tampons in total, with the average person using 8-10 tampons per period, according to an average from Statista · Each delivery costs £1, and a new subscriber will receive their first delivery within a week and...


Two Young Global Activists Saving the World from Plastic Waste

Today I am joined by two young activists and founders. From Tel Aviv, Sharona Shnayder who in 2020 founded Trash For Tuesdays to encourage people to take part in trash picking, conversing about the waste management issue, demanding better practices from big businesses. My second guest is Oluwaseyi Moejoh from Nigeria the Executive Director of U-recycle Initiative Africa - a youth-led organization committed to advancing a circular economy across Africa. Both are part of the Youth-Led...


Game, set and doorstep recycling with Former British no. 1 tennis player Johanna Konta

Former British no. 1 tennis player Johanna Konta is on the Age of Plastic Podcast today! Johanna is a keen environmentalist, is passionate about protecting our planet and is supporting the UK’s first ever doorstep ‘flexible plastic’ recycling service, collecting hard to recycle plastics from people’s front doors from ABEL & COLE. Abel & Cole Plastic...


Round up of the Series!

A round up of all this series guests! Thanks for listening! For the 100th episode soon I'd love to hear, who your favourite guests have been and the best tip you've learnt from the podcast!? Get in touch below for a shout out! GET IN...


How to have a holiday that's better for the planet...

How to travel with a light touch, with Explore Worldwide Managing Director Michael Edwards. They’ve launched an industry first Carbon Rating Scale for their trips. Find out how the scale works - what they can’t include yet - how many people are thinking of their environmental impact when travelling - and the most environmentally friendly holiday! Find out more about Tourism Declares Good...


An end to ocean microfibres?

On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr Laura Foster, Head of Clean Seas at the Marine Conservation Society. They have begun their #stopoceanthreads campaign. This is a petition calling for washing machine manufacturers to fit microfibre filters in all new domestic and commercial machines, by law, by 2023 and retrofitted in commercial machines by 2024. If you weren’t sure about the amount of micro plastic that comes from washing the stains out of your clothes…you’re about to find out… To...


Plastic Waste to Plastic Homes with Africa's Start Up of the Year Kubik

KUBIK turn plastic waste into low-carbon buildings, and the start up has just been awarded Africa’s Start Up of the Year! 100% Plastic Waste and 40% Cheaper. Today I’m joined by Kidus Asfaw Co founder and CEO to tell us the story of Kubik, which he came to via charity Unicef and companies like Google. Find out Kubik is, how his co-founder Penda Marre came to design it, brilliant environmental innovations across the continent of Africa, how bad construction is for the planet and some really...


I have a favour to ask...

Sorry for the silence, I’ve been ill, not Covid. While I am working on the next episode can I ask a favour? Leave a review on Apple Podcast and tell me your fav episode/fact/tit bit of info you’ve discovered on the Age of Plastic. The British Podcast Awards have a climate category this year, which I’m going to enter a demo for, so your help is greatly appreciated! Leave an Apple Podcast review or email me via the instagram GET IN...