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The podcast for veterinarians, healthcare providers and busy professionals who want actionable, implementable solutions surrounding work-life balance, accomplishing your goals and living your dreams.

The podcast for veterinarians, healthcare providers and busy professionals who want actionable, implementable solutions surrounding work-life balance, accomplishing your goals and living your dreams.


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The podcast for veterinarians, healthcare providers and busy professionals who want actionable, implementable solutions surrounding work-life balance, accomplishing your goals and living your dreams.






What Dogs Want Us To Know

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Dogs want us to know that they love their people, dogs want us to be consistent, and dogs want us to take them seriously.” “We often feel uncomfortable with something we don’t understand.” “Stop, look, and listen before you approach a dog you don’t know.” “Working with vets and helping families is one of my favorite things to do.” “An animal communicator can tell you the dog’s perspective.” Episode Overview In this episode, I talk with Liz Murdoch. Liz...


Friendship and Shared Values

Favorite quotes of the episode: “We’ve lost the ways of living that were based on these deep human elemental wisdom, and we’ve almost veered away from that basic wisdom so far that we’ve gone into toxic beliefs.” “We can see really clearly the interconnectedness from looking at the natural world how everything is connected.” “How do we create a workplace that’s of benefit to everyone in the workplace?” “What would it look like in your life to slow down? [Ten years ago,] I wish I knew that...


Own Your Financial Future with Echo Huang

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Start financial planning right now, no matter where you are or how much money you have.” “Wealth Management can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be.” “You don’t have to be constrained by other people’s limitations and expectations.” “Not starting a plan and avoiding the subject, I think is the worst mistake.” “When looking for a financial advisor, you want to find someone you are comfortable talking with about your money history and don’t feel...


Why Dieting Doesn't Work with Melainie Rogers

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Let go of perfectionism, mix it up, make it work for you, take full advantage of anything that is going to cut down your time and stress.” “For me, success is about having a sense that I’m pushing myself and I’m growing, that I’m not shying away from things that I’m scared of.” “Being mindful about our food. In its simplest form, being mindful means being aware of when we are hungry and honoring our hunger when we can. Being mindful when you are starting to...


Authenticity and Identity

Favorite quotes of the episode: “What stands in our way, is the conflict between who we really are and our need to survive.” “I need to find a better way to be successful and not so driven by this identity I have for myself.” “What do you value, what do you want, and are they aligned?” “I’m a big proponent of being who we are every step of the way, and not just saying that when I get there then, I can be happy, or let my guard down or enjoy life.” “Most of life, as we know it, is of our...


Navigating Personal and Business Credit During COVID19

Favorite quotes of the episode: “One thing I say to business owners right now is that we are consumers too. We are balancing personal and business finances through rough waters. I recommend preserving cash as much as possible.” “The most important thing you can do with personal credit, make sure you don’t have late payments on your credit report. If you have to carry a balance for a bit, then once we get through this, you can pay off that debt.” “Don’t feel bad about taking advantage of...


Empathetic Leadership with Trina Martin

Favorite quotes of the episode: “I saw people in leadership positions who were just out for themselves, and I didn’t like that. I determined that if ever I was in a leadership position that I want to impact others and help them to succeed.” “Ultimately, as a leader, when your people succeed or you have an impact on others, you look good.” “Being a good leader really doesn’t take a lot, it’s showing your employees that you care about them. Something as simple as asking them, how did your...


What's Your Superpower?

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Your superpower is the skillset or strength that has the four key elements of ease, energy, enjoyment, and excellence.” “Your superpower is that strength that you do perfectly every time. Perfect in this context is when how you think, feel, and behave is consistent every time.” “Having a coach review my strengths assessment with me was the first time I learned that I was good at something." Episode Overview In this episode, I talk with Anna Nelson to talk...


Implement Systems for Work-Life Balance

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Systems and processes aren’t sexy, but they are an important and necessary part of your business.” “Systems and SOPs are the infrastructure that give us the freedom to work less.” Start documenting your business processes from the beginning, “It wasn’t until we had a front office employee leave that we realized all of our systems and processes for running our business were in her head.” “Begin with the end in mind.” -Stephen Covey “You can always have a...


How to Cut Through the Politics of COVID-19

Voter Resource: How to Cut Through The Politics of COVID-19 As a public health professional, I've been getting a lot of COVID-19 Questions: How do we go beyond the partisan political messaging to figure out when and how to reconnect with the world safely? What data should I believe? How do we know who to believe to keep ourselves and our families safe? How do I look at the data? How do I assess if my elected officials are doing a good job? In this video, I share two methods to look at...


Find Inner Strength and Wisdom During COVID19

Favorite quotes of the episode: “In my mid-forties, I found myself outside of my comfort zone and I had the chance to connect with my inner voice and understand that the life I was living, wasn’t aligned with my personal values.” “The Athena Principles teach and inspire wellness through story.” “Celebrate, have fun and play and have a sense of adventure, because that’s what life is all about.” “Sometimes we don’t want to think about change, even when we know it’s necessary, because it...


Panel on Debt & Finances During COVID19

Favorite quotes of the episode: “It’s ok if you are in financial survival mode right now but remember that it’s a temporary situation.” “Make sure your emergency fund is somewhere you can access in the middle of the night.” “COVID19 has exposed the need for an emergency fund, but make sure your cash that’s just sitting around waiting on an emergency is earning interest for you. For example, there are high-interest savings accounts earning over 1 percent.” Episode Overview In this...


Team Morale is Key to Leading through COVID19 with Stephanie Foster

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Being a better leader really is a lifelong learning process.” “Replacing a skilled worker can cost up to 75% of their salary. Turnover is expensive.” “Morale is one of the most important things that we should be working on.” “Telemedicine has value.” Episode Overview In this episode, I talk with Stephanie Foster, Managing Partner at Veterinary Business Builders and veterinary hospital administrator. TOPICS 5 Questions Segment Q1. We know that the...


Align Purpose with Financial Freedom

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Since I’ve become debt-free, I feel like decisions I make in my career aren’t just based on money, I don’t feel stuck in my job and I have more freedom.” “Pursuing financial freedom is really worthwhile.” “Now that I’m debt-free it’s a choice, every day that I go to work, I’m choosing to go to work.” “You will feel an overall greater sense of happiness when your purpose is congruent with your daily activities and you have something to look forward...


How to Be Resilient During Challenging Times & COVID19

In this episode, I talk with Tabitha Bartley on how to maintain a resilient mindset during challenging times. Favorite quotes of the episode: “Nobody can tell you what you can or can’t do, that’s up to you.” Key to a resilient mindset? “Allowing yourself to feel all of the emotions. You don’t need to ignore them, but we don’t need to dwell on them either.” “I love organized chaos and thrive on stress, but it’s important to know your limits and ask for support when you need it.” Episode...


Find Motivation During The COVID19 Pandemic

Favorite quote of the episode: “Motivation doesn’t magically happen. You have to set an intention and take action to gain momentum and experience motivation.” TOPICS RESOURCES Generate Motivation and Momentum in 5 easy steps! Get clarity around your goals, dreams, and learn how to set intentions with this mini-course to get out of survival mode and start thriving! Angela's favorite books will be raffled off to those who leave a review! Angela...


BTS 50: Overcoming COVID19 Overwhelm

TOPICS RESOURCES See the video and subscribe to Angela’s YouTube Channel Angela's favorite books will be raffled off to those who leave a review! Angela will raffle off, 1 book each week for every 5 new podcast reviews. After you've submitted your review, send an email to, include where you left your review, and the username you left the review under so we can...


BTS 49: Tax Perspectives from a Spender and a Saver

Favorite quotes of the episode: “We have nothing but love for CPAs and tax professionals.” “Pro-active strategic planning is always worthwhile.” “PSA for the 2020 election year, beware of politicians spinning the truth to discredit their political opponents” (example: marginal tax brackets explained) From the Next Millionaire Next Door, “70% of millionaires they studied have a budget.” In this episode, I welcome back Isaiah Douglas of ID Financial Planning to discuss tax planning:...


BTS 48: How to be productive with purpose with Dr. Ben Carvosso

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Get out of your own way, you are the obstacle.” “Purpose is the character of your life.” “Once you have a feeling around what your purpose is, you can make plans and those plans are tangible.” “It’s ok that purpose isn’t tangible, it only needs to mean something to you.” “We need to be kinder to ourselves. We try to achieve more than we can.” Episode Overview In this episode, I talk with Dr. Ben Carvosso. He is a High Performance Coach with 28 years’...


BTS 47: The Spender vs. Saver: Budgeting and Cash Flow Perspectives

Favorite quotes of the episode: “64 percent of Americans feel money is a significant source of stress in their lives.” “It’s important to continue to balance saving for the future with living life in the present.” “Finding ways to gamify spending, saving or cash flow can be really helpful.” TOPICS Review of Beyond The Stethoscope Episode 39 How to Budget (50-30-20) Rule Top Budgeting techniques and apps and books Don’t forget about Emergency Savings! Angela’s Life Hack for Spenders:...