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The CHEST Pulse podcast, from the American College of Chest Physicians, provides clinicians practicing in the pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine fields with the information they need to provide the best patient care. The current series features CHEST experts discussing their experiences on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CHEST Pulse podcast, from the American College of Chest Physicians, provides clinicians practicing in the pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine fields with the information they need to provide the best patient care. The current series features CHEST experts discussing their experiences on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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The CHEST Pulse podcast, from the American College of Chest Physicians, provides clinicians practicing in the pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine fields with the information they need to provide the best patient care. The current series features CHEST experts discussing their experiences on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.




COVID-19 in India: What Strategies Worked and What Could Have Been Handled Better

This episode reviews the challenges and triumphs in India’s approach to COVID-19 and lessons for public health in the Indian context. Hear how global collaborations helped India respond to COVID-19 and understand areas of opportunity to strengthen these collaborations for future pandemics. (Originally recorded September 16, 2021) Moderators: Neha S. Dangayach, MD, and Sai Haranath, MBBS, MPH, FCCP. Panelists: Rahul Modi, MD, MS (ENT), DNB, FAHNS (USA), MNAMS; Sheila Myatra, MD, FCCM, FICCM;...


Management of Severe COVID-19 in Peru: From Evidence to Clinical Practice

In this episode, experts in the field of critical care medicine share their experiences managing patients with severe COVID-19 in Peru, with an emphasis on controversial topics, while answering questions from the audience. (Originally recorded August 18, 2021) Moderator: Angel Coz Yataco, MD, FCCP. Panelists: Samuel Cosme, MD; Javier Diaz-Mendoza, MD, FCCP; and Diana Fernandez, MD. For more tools to help in the fight against COVID-19, visit CHEST’s COVID-19 Resource Center at...


Treating COVID-19 in Resource-Limited Settings: Brazil

Medical resources are scarce in Brazil. The scarcity and inequality of distribution were highlighted during the pandemic. In this episode, we talk to three physicians who were at the front line during the pandemic and learn how they managed their patients and the resources available to them. (Originally recorded August 5, 2021) Moderator: Alice Gallo De Moraes, MD. Panelists: Fernando Waldemar, MD; Marina Verçoza Viana, MD; and Fernanda Lazzarotto Stringhi, MD. For more tools to help in the...


Updates on Coma Science and Sedation Practices for Patients With COVID-19 and Beyond

Coma science is a rapidly evolving field. In this episode, expert panelists share how our understanding of coma and consciousness recovery is changing for patients with and without COVID-19. They also discuss how COVID-19 forced us to rethink and adapt sedation practices for critically ill patients and how this may have contributed to increasing delirium and disorders of consciousness. (Originally recorded July 15, 2021) Moderator: Neha Subhash Dangayach, MD, MSCR. Panelists: Brian L. Edlow,...


PTSD and Moral Distress in Patients and Providers - Recognition and Tools to Help

The COVID-19 pandemic created numerous circumstances that placed people into morally and ethically challenging situations that have caused moral distress and even moral injury for some. The pandemic has also negatively impacted mental health for a large number of people. In this episode, hear about key findings regarding moral distress, moral injury, and mental health affecting both patients and health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as information on resources that can...


COVID-19: How Did 1918 Prepare Us for Today? How Will 2020-2021 Prepare Us for Tomorrow?

The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 has in many ways guided the public health, economic, and social responses to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Most of those “lessons learned” proved useful, many perhaps not, and certainly, some have been controversial. This episode examines historical lessons from 1918, how they played out for COVID-19, and how these two pandemics will help us (hopefully) prepare for the next one. (Originally recorded June 24, 2021) Moderator: Ryan Maves, MD, FCCP. Panelists:...


Managing Pulmonary Complications From Cancer During the Pandemic and Beyond: Pleural Effusion, Airway Obstruction, and Pneumonitis

Expert interventional pulmonologists and medical oncologists discuss the management of malignant pleural effusion, airway obstruction, and immune-related pneumonitis during the COVID-19 pandemic. The panelists review the literature on these topics and share their own personal and institutional experiences. (Originally recorded June 10, 2021) Moderator: Septimiu Murgu, MD, FCCP. Panelists: Mary Jo Fidler, MD; David Feller-Kopman, MD, FCCP; and Eric Edell, MD, FCCP. For more tools to help in...


COVID-19: Maximizing Utility While Conserving Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic in India has stretched health care resources to the limit. During this webinar, experts share strategies for maximizing limited resources, oxygen conservation evidence, and how to build up capacity in preparation for the next wave—as well as what people overseas can do to help. (Originally recorded May 17, 2021) Moderators: Steven Q. Simpson, MD, FCCP, and Sai Praveen Haranath, MPH, MBBS, FCCP. Panelists: Kalpalatha K. Guntupalli, MD, Master FCCP; Ritwick Agrawal, MD;...


COVID-19 Resurgence: What's Different This Time Around?

In this episode, experts from countries facing the new wave of COVID-19 discuss if the surges seen in certain countries are simply an increase in the number of cases, or if there are new features of the disease for which we should be prepared. (Originally recorded May 13, 2021) Moderator: Alice Gallo de Moraes, MD. Panelists: Marina Vercoza Viana, MD; Sai Haranath, MBBS, MPH, FCCP; Stefano Aliberti, MD; and Thomas Valley, MD, MSc. For more tools to help in the fight against COVID-19, visit...


Impact of COVID-19 on Children

Children have been less impacted by the pandemic than adults, but its direct and indirect effects still have been significant. Additionally, a newly identified hyperinflammatory syndrome, MIS-C, has caused multisystem critical illness in some children. In this episode, an expert panel reviews the impacts of COVID-19 on children, including the clinical manifestations and potential etiologies of MIS-C and the indirect effects of the pandemic. (Originally recorded April 29, 2021) Moderator: Ken...


Challenges to Recovery: COVID-19 and Beyond

As we move into the second year of the pandemic, health care workers and the general public across the globe are struggling to get back to normalcy. In this episode, our expert panelists discuss how to safely reopen clinical practices and how the public can safely engage in health-promoting activities, like exercise and travel, as we prepare for a future beyond COVID-19. (Originally recorded April 15, 2021) Moderator: Salim Surani, MD, MPH, MSHM, FCCP. Panelists: Humayun Anjum, MD, FCCP, and...


Update on Anticoagulation in COVID-19

Patients with COVID-19 have an increased risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE), but the best strategy for the prevention and care of VTE remains elusive. Observational studies have suggested that empiric full anticoagulation in patients with COVID-19 is ineffective or indeed harmful. Recently, however, multiple large platform trials (ACTIV-4a, ATTACC, and REMAP-CAP) have provided surprising new evidence in favor of full anticoagulation in selected populations. In this episode, our panel of...


Building Trust: COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy Among Clinicians

The past 12 months have brought incredible loss, but there are glimmers of hope as multiple vaccines have received emergency use authorization. However, potential side effects, lack of diversity in clinical trials, access issues, and new COVID-19 variants have created hesitancy among some clinicians. In this episode, panelists address clinician vaccine hesitancy and how to build trust within and among our professions. Moderator: Samantha Davis, MS, RRT. Panelists: Anna Gersten, MD, and...


COVID-19 Therapeutics: What Do the Guidelines Say?

This episode highlights key takeaways for the use of tocilizumab, remdesivir, monoclonal antibodies, and other therapeutics in patients with COVID-19 from the National Institutes of Health, European Respiratory Society, Infectious Diseases Society of America, and Surviving Sepsis Campaign COVID-19 guidelines. (Originally recorded March 11, 2021) Moderator: Casey Cable, MD, MSc. Panelists: Barbara Jones, MD, MSc, and Stefano Aliberti, MD. For more tools to help in the fight against COVID-19,...


Bronchoscopy and Tracheostomy During COVID-19: What Have We Learned in the Past Year?

In this episode, learn when and how to safely perform bronchoscopy and tracheostomy in patients with COVID-19. A multi- and cross-disciplinary panel of speakers will discuss the existing guidelines and consensus statements, review recent publications, and share their own personal and institutional experience. (Originally recorded February 25, 2021) Moderator: Septimiu Murgu, MD, FCCP. Panelists: Carla R. Lamb, MD, FCCP; Vinciya Pandian, PhD, MBA, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC; Momen M. Wahidi, MD, MBA;...


COVID-19 Vaccination: Challenges in Immunizing a Global Population

Managing COVID-19 patients and now immunizing the population has been an evolving problem over the last several months. The challenges facing clinicians and leaders have been especially difficult for those in resource-poor and low/middle-income countries. This episode seeks to highlight those issues while discussing opportunities for success in these settings. (Originally recorded February 11, 2021) Moderator: John V. Agapian, MD. Panelists: Sai P. Haranath, MBBS, MPH, FCCP; Claudio F....


Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Resilience After COVID-19

Survivors of COVID-19 may have continued health issues—both physical and mental—after their initial recovery. Chronic critical illness, depression, and fatigue are all common and require dedicated care. This episode brings together leaders with diverse viewpoints to help us better understand and prepare for challenges in rehabilitation and recovery and to promote resilience among COVID-19 survivors. (Originally recorded February 4, 2021) Moderator: Neha Dangayach, MD. Panelists: Jafar...


COVID-19 in Congregate Settings

COVID-19 outbreaks are sadly frequent occurrences in long-term care facilities and correctional institutions. Despite their obvious differences, these settings share a key feature: Large numbers of potentially vulnerable persons placed in close proximity, with a high risk for viral transmission. In this episode, our expert panel discusses the different strategies that health systems and public health authorities can use to protect and care for people in these congregate settings. (Originally...


Lessons About COVID-19 Survivorship: From Long COVID to Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

This episode focuses on the similarities and differences between "long COVID" and other post-viral syndromes for noncritically ill patients, potential management strategies for long COVID, and how long COVID could affect young, healthy individuals. For critically ill patients, the panelists discuss similarities, differences, and potential management strategies for post-intensive care syndrome. (Originally recorded January 21, 2021) Moderator: Neha Dangayach, MD. Panelists: E. Wesley Ely, MD,...


Who Goes First? Ethics and Impact of Targeted Vaccinations for COVID-19

As the initial doses of COVID-19 vaccines are deployed throughout the world, there is a continued debate on which groups should be next in line for vaccination. This episode features an expert panel discussing the rationale and ethical dilemmas of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan. (Originally recorded January 7, 2021) Moderator: Alice Gallo De Moraes, MD. Panelists: Rick Bright, PhD; Nathaniel Hupert, MD, MPH; and Ryan Maves, MD, FCCP. For more tools to help in the fight against...