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Cardiovascular disease is serious. But learning it and caring for patients doesn’t need to be! The CardioNerds are here to bring you high yield concepts in a fun and engaging format.

Cardiovascular disease is serious. But learning it and caring for patients doesn’t need to be! The CardioNerds are here to bring you high yield concepts in a fun and engaging format.


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Cardiovascular disease is serious. But learning it and caring for patients doesn’t need to be! The CardioNerds are here to bring you high yield concepts in a fun and engaging format.






16. HF part 5: Heart transplantation 101 with Dr. JoAnn Lindenfeld​

16. HF part 5: Heart Transplantation 101 with Dr. JoAnn Lindenfeld Vanderbilt fellows, Richa Gupta and Jessica Huston, interview past HFSA president Dr. JoAnn Lindenfeld, Director of Heart Failure and Heart Transplantation Section at Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute about the nuts and bolts of cardiac transplantation. Topics discussed include organ allocation, recipient selection, high risk donors, short and long term complications, and what non-transplant physicians should know about...


15. HF part 4: LVAD 101 with Dr. Steve Hsu​

Carine and Dan delve into left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) 101 with Dr. Steven Hsu, heart failure specialist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. We get big picture, we get detail oriented and we hit the highlights for the psycho-social-and medical management of our LVAD patient population.


14. HF part 3: Approach to advanced heart failure strategies with Dr. Jerry Estep

Amit and co-fellow Dr. Kartik Telukuntla discuss advanced heart failure therapies, or salvage therapies, with Dr. Jerry Estep, section head of heart failure at the Cleveland Clinic. Show page: Dr. Jerry Estep earned his bachelor of arts at the University of Texas, Austin and subsequently received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. He completed internal medicine residency training at University of Texas...


13. HF part 2: Approach to GDMT with Dr. Randall Starling

Amit and co-fellow Kartik Telukuntla talk to Dr. Randall Starling, former president of the HSFA about his approach to guideline-directed medical therapy in heart failure. Dr. Randall Starling obtained his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s in Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh and medical degree from Temple University. He went back to University of Pittsburgh for his internal medicine residency training and then went to Ohio State University for his cardiology fellowship. He stayed on...


12. HF part 1: Evaluation of new onset heart failure with Dr. Ed Kasper

Dan and Carine chat with cardiomyopathy expert Dr. Ed Kasper with regards to his approach to the new onset heart failure patient. This episode is dedicated to Dr. Kasper's mentor and friend, Dr. Kenneth L. Baughman. Dr. Edward K. Kasper, is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University with a B.A. in Natural Sciences. He earned his M.D. at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. His internship and residency in Internal Medicine and assistant chief of service (ACS) of the Thayer...


11. HF part 0: Preamble and tribute to Dr. David Taylor​

In conjunction with the 2020 Heart Failure Awareness Week, sponsored by the Heart Failure Society of America the CardioNerds are supporting the society’s efforts to promote heart failure awareness, patient education, and heart failure prevention by launching our Heart Failure Awareness CardioNerds Series. This series is a tribute to Dr. David Taylor. Dr. Taylor was a heart failure attending at the Cleveland Clinic. He died early morning of Thursday, February 5th 2020. We remember him for the...


10. Cardiac amyloid part 4: Pulse check with Dr. Ronald (Ron) Witteles

10. Cardiac Amyloid Part 4: Pulse Check with Dr. Ron Witteles Amit and Dr. Ashley Bock learn more about cardiac amyloidosis directly from Dr. Ron Witteles from Stanford. This episode is the fourth and final part of our immersive journey into the jungle of beta-pleated sheets in the heart. Flutter moment by Lois Adamski. Take me to this show's page Take me to episode topics page


9. Cardiac Amyloid part 3: Pulse check with Drs. Virginia Hahn and Joban Vaishnav ​

Dan and Carine chat with Dr. Virginia Hahn about her work profiling HFpEF patients via endomyocardial biopsy only to find a significant proportion of patients with unsuspected cardiac amyloid. This is followed by a high yield discussion with Dr. Joban Vaishnav about ATTR cardiac amyloid treatment and management options. Flutter moment by David Ambinder (MS IV). Show notes and schematic:


8. Cardiac Amyloid Part 2: Pulse Check with Drs. Paul Cremer and Eoin Donnellan

Amit and Dr. Zach Il’Giovine learn about multimodality imaging in amyloid from Dr. Paul Cremer at the Cleveland Clinic. On their way to Dr. Cremer’s office, they run into Dr. Eoin Donnellan and discuss some incredible fellow research related to cardiac amyloid from an electrophysiologic perspective. Show notes and images:


7. Cardiac Amyloid part 1: case discussion

A new case of congestive heart failure due to amyloid cardiomyopathy is presented by Yuxuan Wang and discussed by Carine, Heather, Dan and Amit. Guest oncology star: Jackie Zimmerman. Flutter moment by Mark Heslin. Show notes and images:


6. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy part 4: Pulse Check with Drs. Amar Krishnaswamy and Per Wierup

Amit joins Dr. Laura Young to take a pulse check with experts, and learn more about the structural management of obstructive HCM. They discuss the interventional perspective with interventional cardiologist Dr. Amar Krishnaswamy and surgical perspective from cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Per Wierup. Flutter moment by Crystal Silbak, RN. Show notes and images:


5. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy part 3: Pulse Check with Dr. Edward Kasper

Dr. Edward Kasper shares a unique historical perspective on how the field evolved as medicine learned more about HCM. He shares so many life lessons and clinical pearls that apply to HCM and the practice of medicine in general. Flutter moment by Dr. Sidney Schechet (ophthalmology). Show notes and images:


4. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy part 2: Pulse Check with Dr. Jose Madrazo

Clinical and echo expert Dr. Jose Madrazo discusses a high yield and practical approach to diagnosis and management of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Show notes and images:


3. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy part 1: case discussion

Dr. Fatimah Alkhunaizi and the CardioNerds discuss a case of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, covering pathophysiology, diagnosis, imaging, and management of HCM. Show notes and images:


1. Aortic stenosis part 1: case discussion​

Dr. Heather Kagan and the CardioNerds discuss a case of aortic stenosis, covering diagnosis, surveillance, imaging, management and followup. ​ Show notes and images:


2. Aortic stenosis part 2: Pulse Check with Drs. Sneha Vakamudi and Rani Hasan​

Amit, Carine, and Dan interview imaging expert Dr. Sneha Vakamudi and structural heart disease expert Dr. Rani Hasan about nuances regarding the diagnosis and treatment of aortic stenosis. Show notes and images:


0. Introducing The CardioNerds

Amit, Dan, and Clinical Problem Solver host Reza Manesh introduce The CardioNerds podcast and the CardioNerd mission.