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If you love the weird, creepy or unexplainable, then this is for you. Cryptic Chronicles is a podcast for like minded free thinkers interested in the mysteries of existence.

If you love the weird, creepy or unexplainable, then this is for you. Cryptic Chronicles is a podcast for like minded free thinkers interested in the mysteries of existence.
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If you love the weird, creepy or unexplainable, then this is for you. Cryptic Chronicles is a podcast for like minded free thinkers interested in the mysteries of existence.






Episode 25: Tulpas, Thoughtforms, and the Slenderman

"Death scares all of us. Even the most faithful with religious certainty still holds doubts about what lies beyond the grave. Death is the end, even if you believe in an afterlife." -The Knight Hello again and welcome to Cryptic Chronicles. This episode is all about the esoteric nature of tulpas and thoughtforms and the possibility the entity known as the Slenderman has possibly been granted sentience and crossed over into the real world through the power on the internet. Or is it possible...


Episode 24: The Great Old Ones

Good to see you again. In this episode, Tim is joined by Gabriel Fuentes to help co-host a long talk about the Eldritch horrors known as the Great Old Ones from the Cthulu Mythos. There are so many of these madness-inducing entities that we barely scratch the surface, but it's interesting to see just how varied and quite frankly bizarre they can be. The backbone of Lovecraft's Mythos is the philosophy of Cosmicism, in which can be defined as us living in an uncaring and indifferent universe...


Episode 23: Aleister Crowley Part One

In this episode, Tim delves deep into the life of the notorious Aleister Crowley. This episode is just one of many to come concerning the Mad Bard and goes into his early life, as well as his first mystical experiences that lead him to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the secret society that taught him everything he knew. This episode's weird meter is going to go all the way up to max because it deals with the supernatural, magic, and alleged occult phenomenon. So, take everything you...


Episode 22: Aokigahara (AKA Japan’s Suicide Forest)

Once again Tim is joined by the wonderful Elizabeth Henderson to talk about the notorious Suicide Forest. For such a dark topic, we take a more lighthearted approach so as not to bum people out. Still, there is a lot of dark stuff in this episode, so it's not for the faint of heart. If you are easily disturbed you should probably avoid this episode.


Episode 21: Shadow People

In this episode of Cryptic Chronicles, Tim is joined by Elizabeth Henderson, an admin from the Cryptic Chronicles Facebook group to talk about Shadow People. Just who or what Shadow People are is up for debate. Are they delusions of the mind? Or are they interdimensional entities that feed off negative emotions like fear and depression? This conversation is a brief overview of the phenomenon and how it's viewed by different people. There will be many more episodes on Shadow People to come so...


Episode 20: Holloween

It's time for Holloween! In this episode, the topics are going to be the Irish legend of Stingy Jack, a whole bunch of true horrifying Holloween stories, and the enigmatic ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain.


Episode 19: Compilation Of Strange

Hey all, I got sick and recorded this episode high as a kite on meds and not feeling well. Hope you don't mind. This episode's all about a variety of different topics. From the Arabian Djinn to a killer cannibal family from Scotland, the notorious Devil's Tree, the legendary ghost tale of The Lady of Raynham Hall, and last the Vile Vortices. Hope you enjoy! As promised in the Ep the notorious picture of the Lady of Raynham Hall


Episode 18: The Outer Gods

In this episode, we're going to delve into H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu Mythos featuring the Outer Gods. Cosmic Horror is an important sub-genre of Horror, which can also be defined as Lovecraftian Horror, Eldritch Horror, or Cosmicism. Cosmic Horror is heavily influenced by the philosophy of Existential Nihilism, and Philosophical Pessimism, with a consistent theme of madness to those who view what their minds aren't ready to comprehend. In Lovecraft's mythos universe human beings are entirely...


Episode 17: Monster Legends 3

Our third episode featuring monster legends from all over the world. There's some pretty messed up stuff in here so you've been warned (especially concerning sexual violence towards women). From the Japanese Kappa to the legendary Beast of Gevauden, if you're interested in myths and legends then you've come to the right place. Monster legends have been with humanity since the dawn of time. They've been used to keep people safe from real-life danger, as well as being used as a form to teach...


Episode 15: Allison Mack’s Sex Cult And The MK-Ultra Monarch Program

In this episode, Tim talks about the Smallville actress Allison Mack's recent arrest for human trafficking and being a leader of a modern-day sex cult. But don't worry because it's going to get even stranger. The meat and potatoes of the show is about MK-Ultra, the U.S. government's twisted brainwashing experiments on their own citizens. However, it's the experiments alleged later incarnation, the Monarch program that Tim will really go into detail about. Whether it's real or not though we...


Episode 14: Polyphasic Sleep

This was probably the most challenging episode to make ever. It goes into much detail about an alternate sleeping schedule called Polyphasic sleep. Human sleeping patterns used to be very different when compared to modern times. Did you know the monophasic 8-hour sleeping schedule is actually not natural to us? Well, there's much more interesting things to learn about sleep in this episode. Here are some links to the books referenced in the show as well as At Days Close Nights...


Episode 12: The Black Dahlia and The Zodiac Killer

It's all about unsolved famous serial killers from California in this episode. Buckle up, things are gonna get bloody. The Black Dahlia is one of the most famous unsolved mysteries of the 20th century, and the way she met her end is beyond horrific. Could she have had a connection to the notorious Zodiac Killer?


Episode 11: The Cecil Hotel and Elisa Lam

In this episode, Tim talks about Haunted Disneyland and the infamous Cecil Hotel. With such a long history of violence and death, the case of Elisa Lam is nothing new, but it's become the most famous unsolved crime of the 21st century. Elisa Lam elevator footage. The pic of the ghost boy at the Haunted Mansion.


Episode 9: Monster Legends 2

In this ep, Tim covers monster legends from across the world. If you're wondering where episode 8 is, it's an exclusive Patreon only episode. But you can unlock it and an ad-free version of the show by supporting Cryptic Chronicles on Patreon!


Episode 7: Mystics

An overview of some famous mystics from history. From the notorious Gregory Rasputin to the brainy Israel Regardie of the Golden Dawn, we will cover mystics who made a huge difference in the world from recent history.


Episode 6: Haunted Objects

In this episode, Tim talks about some haunted objects from acround the world. From haunted islands filled with dolls to a chair that kills anyone who sits on it. If you don't like to get creeped out then steer clear of this episode (no but seriously it gets pretty dark!)


Episode 5- Alien Races Part 2

In this episode, we continue the overview of the alien races from the UFO phenomenon. Mantis race caught on film


Episode 4: Alien Races Part 1

In this episode, we go into different Alien races in the UFO phenomenon. Stuff gets pretty weird because I'm going to include all aspect of E.T. lore. This includes Starseed lore among many more esoteric views on aliens. Buckle up, it's time to get weird.


Episode 3: Holographic Universe

Tim talks about how physicists think the nature of reality is nothing like what it seems. Are we living in a real Matrix? Is this all some kind of simulation? Well listen to find out. Neil Degrasse Tyson interview


Episode 2- Dreams

In this episode Tim talks about dreams from different perspectives. Be it the natural scientific nature of dreams, to the more supernatural nature of them. Links for things mentioned in the show