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Department 12: An I-O Psychology Podcast

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A podcast for industrial-organizational psychologists, researchers, practitioners, and students. We cover anything and everything related to the research and practice of IO psych.

A podcast for industrial-organizational psychologists, researchers, practitioners, and students. We cover anything and everything related to the research and practice of IO psych.


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A podcast for industrial-organizational psychologists, researchers, practitioners, and students. We cover anything and everything related to the research and practice of IO psych.




Britt Gottschalk & Ethan Sprang on How I-O Psych Can Save the Organizational World

Can I-O psych save the world? At least the world of work and organizations? My guests think so. Britt Gottschalk and Ethan Sprang of ReVise Consulting join us to talk about how COVID-19 will change the world of work and how I-O psych nerds can help. Check the episode page for a full transcript and links.

David Copeland on Success as a Psychology Major

David Copeland, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Psychology at UNLV. In this episode, he joins us to talk about his book, Success as a Psychology Major, which he co-wrote with Jeremy Ashton Houska. In addition to the book, we talk about the growing popularity of "Introduction to the Psychology Major" courses, which help psych majors explore speciality options and plan their careers. Check out the episode page for a full transcript. Also, be sure to check out Dr. Copeland’s interview on...


Macy Cheeks & Shavonne Holman on Blacks in I/O

What's it like to be Black in I-O psychology? When Shavonne Holman and Macy Cheeks graduated from Howard University—the country's most prestigious historically black university—and entered graduate programs in I-O psych, they weren't prepared for how alone and isolated they'd feel. Over dinner and drinks, they talked about forming a LinkedIn group for Blacks in I/O...and that's when things got really interesting. In this episode, you'll hear the story of how that LinkedIn group became...


Sherif al-Qallawi on the Journey to I-O Psych

In our final episode with Sherif al-Qallawi (Twitter, LinkedIn), Sherif reflects on his long and winding journey to I-O psych. We'll travel from pharmaceuticals to the United Nations, by way of a coin flip. Be sure to check out If Only I Had Known Back Then on the GIT SIOP blog and tell your psych instructor friends about And if you'd like a full transcript, check out the episode page.


Sherif al-Qallawi on Egyptian Work Culture

I-O psychology is WEIRD: Most of our research is conducted with samples of Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic societies. How confident can we be that our evidence generalizes to non-WEIRD workplaces around the world? To gain some insight on that question, I asked our friend Sherif al-Qallawi (Twitter, LinkedIn) to talk about the Egyptian workplace and how it differs from workplaces in North American and Western Europe. Check out the episode page for a full transcript.


Sherif al-Qallawi on the Fulbright Scholarship

Sherif al-Qallawi (Twitter, LinkedIn) is a PhD candidate at Florida Tech. In this episode, Sherif explains what the Fulbright Scholarship is and how it can change the lives and work of IO psych grads and graduate students. Be sure to check out the episode page for a full transcript.


Qualitative Research Special

Let's talk about qualitative research in IO psych. What is it? What kinds of research questions can you ask with it? What are the methods like? How can you get started? In this episode, I'm joined by Julia McMenamin (Twitter), Dr. Jennifer Pickett (Twitter), Dr. Deborah DiazGranados (Twitter), and Dr. Scott Davies (Twitter). Be sure to check out the episode page for a transcript and more links. Hey, while you're listening, please sign up for the Deparment 12 Newsletter by clicking here. I...


Why I Became an IO Psychologist: Scott Davies

I've got a great episode on qualitative research in IO psychology coming up. In the meantime, here's a brief clip from one of the guests on that show, Dr. Scott Davies of PointLeader Predictive Analytics. Be sure to check out the episode page for a transcript and more links.


Kyana Beckles on Pre-Employment Testing for Law Enforcement

Kyana Beckles, Founder and CEO of Leverage Assessments, Inc. based in New York City, discusses pre-employment testing processes for law enforcement. Kyana works with the NYPD and has a wealth of practical experience and insights on how IO can help address recent challenges with law enforcement. She also shares her perspective on the "Defund the Police" movement. My thanks to Mark Tregar, Lisa Kath, Katherine Sliter, Jimmy Mundell, Christina Moran, Reid Klion, Wil Jiminez, Shane Hodgson, and...


Daniel Maday on Digitizing Your Classroom

Hello, friends. Are you teaching a class this fall? Are you teaching it online or in some hybrid format? Then today's guest has some advice for you. Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. Better than okay, even. Take a listen to Daniel Maday. He has some good advice for you. Oh, and be sure to check out this episode's page for a transcript and Daniel's contact information.


Alexander Schwall on Behaviors & Performance During COVID-19

Everyone is speculating about how COVID-19 has changed work, but in this episode, I speak to a man who has more than an opinion: he has data. Dr. Alexander Schwall, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Rhabit Analytics, joins me to discuss what's changed for employees--and what hasn't--since COVID-19. Are employees more or less concerned about pay? Work-life balance? Does the manager matter? At the risk of sounding like a bad Buzzfeed headline, the answers may surprise you. Oh, and be sure to...


Gudela Grote on the Alliance for Organizational Psychology

Gudela Grote is a past president of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) and the current president of the Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP). In this episode, we talk about the mission of the AOP and the importance of global collaboration among work and organizational psychologists and practitioners. Visit the episode page on Department 12 for a full transcript.


Ali Salihoglu on Starting a Podcast

Ali Salihoglu is starting a podcast for the Hofstra IO Psych Student Association and he's got questions! If you're thinking about starting an IO psych podcast of your own, this is definitely the episode for you. We talk equipment, marketing, show length, and a lot more.


Jo Jorgensen on Running for President

What's more grueling, writing a dissertation or running for President? What the are KSAs for a national political candidate? How is campaigning for a third party like teaching and consulting? How is managing a political campaign different from managing a company? In this episode, I talk to Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party candidate for President of the United States. Dr. Jorgensen has a Ph.D. in I-O psychology from Clemson University, where she currently serves as a Senior Lecturer...


Lisa Kath on Moving from Organic Chemistry to IO Psychology

Lisa Kath used to be a chemist. Now she's an IO psychologist. What the hell happened? In this episode, I talk to Lisa about her career transition, how she found out about IO psych to begin with, and what she misses about chemistry. Follow Lisa on Twitter. (Pssst...she's also the ringmaster behind I-O Psych Memes on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Tell the cool kids.)


Chris Mackey on Gaming Leadership Development

Well, folks, this COVID-19 business is messing up a lot of plans, including Chrissy Mackey's dissertation research plan! In this episode, Chrissy joins me to talk about how she's pivoted so she can move forward with her original research on the use of Dungeons and Dragons for leadership development. I've never played D&D, so I asked Chrissy to walk me through how it works and why it might be a good choice for leadership development and training. Check out Chrissy's videos on YouTube and...


Katrina Burch on Commuting

Katrina Burch, an Assistant Professor of IO Psych at Western Kentucky University, joins us to talk about the open road. Or subway. Or whatever. Is commuting a transition or a life domain in its own right? How does work spill over into the commute? Why is it so hard to get good commuting data? What about people who really enjoy their long commutes? What's wrong with them? Or, what's right with them? How are people going to feel about commuting after working from home due to the COVID-19...


Stefanie Mockler on Coaching Leaders During COVID-19

Stefanie Mockler joins the show to talk about her work coaching leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. We talk about information and decision overload, isolation, communication, and how our send of professionalism may be changing. Connect with Stefanie on LinkedIn Read Stefanie's article, Playbook For Leaders: Checking in on Employees, Maintaining Personal Connection, & Getting Results During COVID-19 [+ Templates for Team & 1:1 Mtgs] Stefanie recommends, 4 Ways to be a Resilient Leader...


Juliet Aiken on How IO Can Help in the Wake of COVID-19

In this episode, I meet Dr. Juliet Aiken, winner of this year's Distinguished Early Career Contributions-Practice Award from SIOP. Juliet is also the founder and program director of the Master's program in IO at the University of Maryland. I talk to Juliet about how we can reach outside of our usual areas of practice to help in the wake of COVID-19. Show Links Connect with Juliet on LinkedIn Master's of Industrial Organizational Psychology program at UMD The IO Soapbox Instagram:...


Sara Perry on Remote Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tonight I'm joined by Sara Perry, Assistant Professor of Management at Baylor University, to talk about the great and terrible experiment in remote work that many American workers are now experiencing. What, if anything, does the research have to tell us about implementing remote work programs under conditions like these? What can we learn from experience? You can follow Sara on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, please consider her research request: "We are currently recruiting couples...