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A podcast for industrial-organizational psychologists, researchers, practitioners, and students. We cover anything and everything related to the research and practice of I-O psych, including books and article reviews, notes on teaching and learning I-O psych, and the latest professional news and trends.

A podcast for industrial-organizational psychologists, researchers, practitioners, and students. We cover anything and everything related to the research and practice of I-O psych, including books and article reviews, notes on teaching and learning I-O psych, and the latest professional news and trends.
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A podcast for industrial-organizational psychologists, researchers, practitioners, and students. We cover anything and everything related to the research and practice of I-O psych, including books and article reviews, notes on teaching and learning I-O psych, and the latest professional news and trends.




Patricia Grabarek & Katina Sawyer on Wellbeing for IO Psychologists

Katina Sawyer and Patricia Grabarek are the two IO psychologists behind Workr Beeing, a website, blog, and podcast which applies science to help you build a happy, healthy work life for yourself, your teams, and your organizations. In this episode, I ask Patricia and Katina to offer wellbeing advice for those of us in the IO tribe. Show Links: Workr Beeing WebsiteThe Workr Beeing PodcastThe Buzz: The Workr Beeing Blog What advice would you give IO psych grad students on taking care of...


Rob Briner on Evidence-Based IO

Wait a minute, isn't all IO Psychology evidence-based? Isn't that kind of our deal? In this episode, Rob Briner joins me to talk about EBP and how it applies to our world. Rob was also kind enough to write up his advice for students on the blog, so be sure to check it out. Show Links Follow Rob on TwitterConnect with Rob on LinkedInAdvice for the Evidence-Based StudentCenter for Evidence-Based ManagementEvidence-Based I-O Psychology: Not There Yet


Alan Colquitt on Talent

Does performance management work? Should we spend more on high-potentials? Are we ever going to get better at predicting job performance? Listen to Alan Colquitt patiently explain why I am wrong about nearly everything related to performance management, job selection, and talent development. It was a blast! Show Links TwitterWebsiteNext Generation Performance Management: The Triumph of Science Over Myth and Superstition


Advice for Pavel Smirnov

Pavel Smirnov is working in retail in Brooklyn while he goes to Hofstra part-time for IO. Can he get a job in the field now or should he stick it out for another year and a half until his internship starts? You can leave your advice for Pavel on the episode page or on Twitter with the tag #SavePavel. Show Links Episode Page (Leave Your Advice in the Comments!) Pavel Smirnov on LinkedIn


Eric Knudsen on Quality of Hire

If I asked the average businessperson what they know about IO Psychology, I'm pretty sure the answer would include "hiring" and "measurement." Yet, very few companies measure the quality-of-hire (QoH). In this episode, Eric Knudsen, Ph.D. talks about how he implemented a QoH measure at his company, Namely. Be sure to check out Eric's blogpost, The Journey to Quality-of-Hire Measurement, for more of the details we didn't cover in the show. Show Links Eric's Blogpost on Department12Eric on...


Nick Salter on Getting IO into Intro Psych

Remember learning about IO psych in your Introduction to Psychology class? Yeah, me neither. Nick Salter joins us to talk about the SIOP's GIT (Getting I-O into Introductory Psychology Textbooks) Task Force. Show Links GIT: Getting I-O Into Introductory Psychology Textbooks BlogCreative Commons Materials for Incorporating I-O Into an Introductory Psychology TextbookNick Salter's Faculty Page at Ramapo College


Harry Crane & Ryan Martin on Researchers.One

Peer-reviewed journals are like the weather. Everyone complains, but no one does anything about it. Well, mad statisticians Harry Crane and Ryan Martin did something. They developed a radical new platform for scholarly publishing that incorporates many of the features the rest of us have been daydreaming about. Show Links: Reseachers.OneIn Peer Review We (Don't) Trust: How Peer Review's Filtering Poses a Systemic Risk to ScienceMy Grandfather Thought He Solved a Cosmic MysteryThe...


Halloween Fun Size Triple Scoop Descent into Madness

Show Links: A Scientific Approach to WorkPsychology TodayDirectory of Open Access JournalsDepartment 12 Newsletter Sign Up


Matt Crayne on Moving from Consulting into Academia

When it comes to the career choice of academia or applied work, the grass is always greener on the other side. In this episode, I talk to Matt Crayne, a guy who has been on both sides of that fence is prepared to give us a grass report. Show Links: Matt on TwitterMatt's Webpage


Michael Chetta & Sy Islam Debate the MBA

If you're getting a graduate degree in IO Psych, is it worth it to get an MBA, too? In this episode, friends and business partners Mike Chetta and Sy Islam debate the issue and talk about their own adventures with the MBA. Show Links EmailTwitterLinkedInEmailTwitterLinkedInTalent Metrics Consulting Oh, by the way, sign up for the Department 12 Newsletter. A freshly-baked batch of non peer-reviewed IO goodness every month or so.


Overqualified Advice

Dr. Adrian Walton wants to work in organizational psychology, but his co-workers are telling him not to mention his PhD on his resume or LinkedIn profile because he'll be written off as overqualified. What do you think? Vote in the Twitter poll here and respond on social media.


Back to School Special

Steve Alexander is going back to school! He starts an IO Psych Master's program in IO Psych at UNC Charlotte in the fall and he's got questions. I took a stab at some answers, but I hope you will, too. Post your advice to Twitter with the hashtag #IOBack2School.


Michael Vodianoi on Branding IO Psych

If you're a fan of mispronounced last names, you're going to love this episode. More importantly, we'll talk about the IO Psych brand with Michael Vodianoi. Show Links: Michael on LinkedInIndustrial-Organizational Psychology – Getting a Foothold in Canadian BusinessThe Hemingway Editor


Jeff Dahlke on Reproducibility

In this episode, you'll hear me continually confuse "reproduce" and "replication" and listen to my bird scream in the background. Also, Jeff Dahlke talks about some smart researchy stuff while I smack myself in forehead, realizing all the many, many mistakes I've made with my data. Contact Jeff on: LinkedInTwitterResearchGateEmail


Makin' it on the BLEEPIN Outside

Be sure to follow Aaron Kraus on Twitter (@Aaron_Kraus). You'll be glad you did. 5 tips for success: 1. Know the business. Do some research on the audience, current state, and history. Don’t waste time asking questions you could have found out the answer to on your own. #SIOP18 #IOPsych — Aaron Kraus (@Aaron_Kraus) April 22, 2018 2. Don’t insult your audience’s intelligence. If you use terms they don’t know, they won’t like or trust you. Remember, they didn’t go to school for years to...


Vanessa Newton's IO Psych Journey

In this episode, Vanessa Newton talks about her background in IO psych and how it led her to the brave new world of data analysis. Show Links Vanessa on LinkedInVanessa on TwitterVanessa's Tableau ProfileTableau's WebsiteTabeleau on Twitter



Hey, it's every #IOPsychologist's favorite topic! This show is really about science communication, so give it a listen. If you liked this episode, you'll love You Are Not So Smart.


Ryan Jacobson & Asia Eaton on Sexual Harassment Policies

In this episode, we talk to Ryan Jacobson and Asia Eaton about an experimental study they recently published about the effects of different kinds of organizational policies on employees' willingness to report sexual harassment as a bystander. Apologies for the audio quality--Skype is a fickle friend. Show Links: How Organizational Policies Influence Bystander Likelihood of Reporting Moderate and Severe Sexual Harassment at WorkAsia EatonRyan JacobsonTop 10 Workplace Trends for 2018


Minisode: An Outside Perspective from Asia Eaton

I recently interviewed Dr. Asia Eaton and Ryan Jacobson about a study they conducted on sexual harassment policies. That full episode is in production now, but I wanted to release this mini-sode on Dr. Eaton's perspectives on IO as she joined the fold from another specialty. Episode Links: Dr. Asia Eaton's Faculty Page


Aminata Ware Interviews the World's Most Boring IO

Aminata Ware is working on her Master's in Psych at Capella University. Her assignment: interview someone working in the field she's interested in. She's interested in IO psych and I have this podcast thing, so...I answered Aminata's questions, butchered her name, and shared several, rambling, uninformed opinions. Enjoy! Show links: Aminata on LinkedIn