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05 Reliable Recalls

Does your dog come when you call him, every time, no matter where he is or what he's doing? This is one of the most important skills you'll ever teach your dog, so it pays to do it right! In this episode, learn how to build a reliable recall from the ground up - whether you have a new puppy, or an adult dog with a history of ignoring you. Dr. Jen will also discuss the most common mistakes she sees with recall training, with tips on how to avoid them.


04 Car Ride Anxiety

Does your dog hate car rides? In today's episode, Dr. Jen breaks down how differentiate motion sickness from anxiety, and discusses how to help your dog get more comfortable in the car no matter what the underlying problem is. She also tackles a quick bonus question from a listener - why do some dogs eat grass, and is this behavior anything to worry about?


03 Housetraining 101

Do you have a new puppy who can't seem to figure out where to potty? Today's episode will cover the "ins and outs" of housetraining - including how puppies form their potty surface preferences, setting an age-appropriate schedule for trips outside, and dealing with accidents when they happen.


02 Puppy Socialization - When, Where, and How

"Socialization" is a popular buzzword when it comes to puppies, but do you really know what it means? This question isn't just academic - socializing your pup properly (or not!) can have a huge impact on his personality and behavior for the rest of his life. So when should you start getting your new puppy out and about? Should he have his vaccines first? Where are some good places to go, and what should you be doing while you're there? Join Dr. Jen for practical tips to set your pup up...


01 Meet Dr. Jen! A Brief Introduction

If you ever find yourself feeling frustrated about your dog's behavior, welcome! Never fear - you're in good company. In this episode, Dr. Jen talks a bit about her background and lays out what to expect from the podcast - practical, science-based advice on everything from puppy problems and common training issues, to more serious behavior problems like aggression and anxiety. Listener questions, or suggestions for topics you'd like to see addressed on the show, are always welcome!...