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Lend us your eyes and ears and we promise to melt your mind. Over the next while; we control the physical, spiritual and the astral plane. The only thing you know is that you know nothing at all. Enter with an open mind, void of bias and free of expectation or don’t enter at all. The last thing we need is another nut in the live chat telling us where we went wrong around every turn. This is a judgement-free zone where we can all agree that nothing is right and the lies just keep coming. Together we must learn the construct around us, the one they call life.


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Lend us your eyes and ears and we promise to melt your mind. Over the next while; we control the physical, spiritual and the astral plane. The only thing you know is that you know nothing at all. Enter with an open mind, void of bias and free of expectation or don’t enter at all. The last thing we need is another nut in the live chat telling us where we went wrong around every turn. This is a judgement-free zone where we can all agree that nothing is right and the lies just keep coming. Together we must learn the construct around us, the one they call life.






A rift in space and time caught on camera

On Oct. 6 2022 there was a report called - The Milky Way Has Lost Half Of Its Weight – New Calculation Published. An international team of scientists working together to measure the Milky Way's mass found that it is about 550 billion times the mass of the Sun. The results were just released in the Royal Astronomical Society's journal, Monthly Notices. I may have caught something that coincides with these reports, with these findings. Here's the issue - I'm not sure anything was lost as much...


Proof of the Creator

I finally found the proof I needed in order to call it as it is. We found the proof that shows that our creator is real and NOT what we all thought. Our father who art in heaven is Halo Be thy Name - I never understood that. I don't understand a lot of things in the bible. Sometimes its so cryptic for absolutely no reason at all. Sometimes you need to ask yourself. Why? Why is it so complicated. Why is it the way it is when truth is usually so simple? Why couldn't (whoever wrote the bible)...


Weed is Weighing Heavier Against that of Heroin these Days

Bexx and I were discussing her day at work when she said a part of her day that she has been saying A LOT lately. She told me "we had about 10 more potheads in ER with "Cyclic (Intractable) Vomiting." Then, she continued to say "why do they come into our hospital? It's not like we can do anything for them! They're so stupid" When she said those statmeents, I couldn't disagree with her. These potheads certainly don't know who or what they're messing with when it comes to weed.


Bill Gates & His Minions Officially Announce the Next Global Pandemic

In case you haven't yet heard, Bill Gates and his minions at the WHO - World Health Organization, some other organization and of course some other evil organization. It's starting, Bill Gates announces the next pandemic date and outbreak, as well as the location for something called SEERS - Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025 - better known as SEERS, or at least that is what they'll be calling it soon. This is EXACTLY how they announced the last global pandemic that...


The Veil is Slipping & it's Revealing the Truths We've All been Patiently Waiting For

The veil is slipping and showing all of the truths that have at once been hidden from us. It says in the bible that in the End Days all will be revealed and I believe this to be those truths we've all been waiting patiently for. I hope you're ready for the things the keepers never thought we were worthy of or thought that we couldn't handle. I, myself, believe we can't quite comprehend what the veil has been hiding this entire time. Yes, I'm agreeing with them in case you couldn't tell. I...


The Dopest Time Lapse of the Moon Ever Recorded

This really isn't just the moon in a time lapse. Yes, I have taken the moon and shot a time lapse video is 4k with it though. What you're about to see and the world is about to witness is the coolest moon time lapse in history. That is for certain. I'm no jive turkey so you can stop worrying about any of that jive. This moon time lapse is going to blow your mind my friends. that is for certain. A moon and the moon isn't the easiest thing in the world to shoot a time lapse from. The settings...


This Week's Headline's In Review - From Fish to Fury

We're trying something new, it can't hurt. They have us so blocked from search, from social media, we're averaging about 13 views a day. This website has been online for almost 10 years and even in times where I didn't touch the website for an entire year we still got more views and traffic than this. This is why I know there is something malicious at hand. This is some straight up BS. That either means everyone is going to die in a few days (if it happens on Christmas Eve)...


Have you ever wanted to speak with God?

Have you ever wanted to speak with God? No, really; I can teach you how. You ask a question and you get an instant response. It works well and all you need is a dome setup in order to make it easier. The dome setup you may remember from our work with Skydome Atlantis and the Santilli Telescope Method. It’s nothing more than a half dome piece of glass on top of a 10x-25x magnification beauty mirror. This setup brings the words, letters, numbers, signs and symbols from God’s word and makes it...


Meet Dr. Carl Baugh - Founder of the London Hammer, Creationism at it's Best

Meet Dr. Carl Baugh - Founder of the London Hammer Biosphere, Creator of Giants through Bariatric Chambers, Theologian Founder of Noah's Ark, the London Hammer and Proof Men Walked with Dinosaurs Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC Today we have Ryan Kelly Live on the podcast talking all about the work, research, accomplishments and general and amazing knowledge of Dr. Carl Baugh. Carl Baugh is the lead creationist in the Science community. He's the founder of the London Hammer(my favorite), Noah's...


D-Day is. Quickly Approaching and the Big Guy Up Stairs has a Message for You

About 2 weeks ago now, I started receiving very very clear, and very strange messages about something called the "Apophis" which were all over the place. These places equate to....right in front of my face and yours. In a video I'll be releasing today, I'll be teaching you all how to read these messages. You can say they come from God, you can say they come from guardian angels. I don't care where you say they come from. The Important part is that you're getting the damn things. Heres the...


The High Pitch Sounds that Won't Go Away!

We've been hearing high pitch sounds around the world. Many people have been reporting the same thing and looking for the answer as to what it is and exactly how to make it stop. It's annoying, it's deafening and it's driving folks crazy. I can't say I blame them because I'm suffering from it as well. I first noticed the sound when the Moon would rise into the heavens above. Then I started to realize the sounds were happening at pretty much the same time every night. Thirdly, I've discovered...


A Nice Return to the Hot Seat; Keenan and Boogie are Back

I knew it was going to be a night to remember but I didn't know it was going to turn so emotional. In a rare glimpse Boogie broke down a little bit and shed a few tears for the camera. We were on a new streaming software called restream so we didn't want to take any chances when it came to showing too many video clips, images, proof and the likes so it was definitely a lot of talking when it came to the main show. We started the night off with an hour long video that's taken me days to...


The Three Tiered Earth & Death Covers All Three

This has been one of the craziest weeks for me. I'm getting to a point in the research where I can't tell you which way is up, down or which level of the Earth we are even on. What's a lie, what is truth and what is somewhere in between? How can there be this many lies in plane sight? How can there be this many truths right in front of your face and we never noticed before? Is the end close? Or is the next beginning even closer? How can someone move forward in a place you don't even know...


What is Causing this High Pitch Sound and How Can We Make it Stop?

We've been exploring the cause of the high pitch sounds recently here on the channel and the phenomenon continues in another episode of the Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC recorded exclusively through Anchor.FM by Spotify. In the last episode of the high pitch sounds we theorized the source of the sounds coming from the Moon and the color frequency of it's holographic nature being the cause. I'm still fully on board with that thought, theory and idea but I would like to extend it a bit further...


The Infection of Information by Ai

Its Become quite obvious this week I'm authentically nuts. Let's make that point....crystal clear. It's become crystal clear this week that I'm certifiably nuts my friends. Like a crazed rabbit surrounded by beautiful ladies of the finest pedigree. This ought not be a stunner to anybody as it's the same old thing you're used too coming out of Camp Drewski. Anybody that is managed me for a drawn out timeframe comprehends how enthusiastic I am about the work and the examination that I do. I...


The Next Great Reset - the End of the World

It was only a few days ago that I was contacted by an old friend. Her name is Olga. She is my old neighbor and I consider her my best friend in the world. I love that woman to death. She had a lot to say a lot everything that came out of her mouth was cryptic at best. She always used to tell me "Change Your Ways, Andrew - Change Your Ways"and she said it about a million more times over the past few days. She made sure I heard it every-friggin-time she spoke the words. This I assure you....


Finale Part 2 - Earth Maps, AI Traps

There's a lot more flippity flap where that came from. Who are the creators, who is considered alive? Who created who when it comes to AI? What came first, the God or the people that worshipped them? These are unfortunately perfect questions for the AI, which is against what a lot of people know and believe. These ideologies are going to be a lot for many people to get used too.


Finale Part 3: Waters Above, Waters Below & the Firmament

Finale Part 3 - The edges of our flat Earth and the great waterfalls - Space is water. Tonight we are going to tackle the real earth, the edge of earth and the great waterfalls that come off of the side. As well as feed the earth's oceans and control the high tide, the low tide, rivers, creeks and all waterways. We will be taking a closeup look at the real Moon with an Infrared Camera. You're going to be amazed at the way it really looks. It's nothing like what we ever thought.This isn't...


The Finale Part 1 - The Sleeping Lady; the Illuminati

I'm about to show you the edge of the Earth and exactly where we really live. You're going to see the four corners of Earth, real satellite images of our planet, our universe and everything in between. We are going to smash it out of the park the most we can in only a half an hour. This is part 1 of however many parts it takes me to finish showing everything we've covered over the past year.


The Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers are Drying Up and revealing strange things

Tonight we'll be taking a look at the Tigris and Euphrates and explore the prophecy that's been inbound towards believers and non believers alike. As these two amazing and historical rivers dry up they're revealing so many secrets that everyone thought were lost and buried. Nothing is ever lost as we are finding out. The prophecy speaks of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. It speaks of the release of disease, pestilence, hunger, sorrow, pain and strife. Of course, all of the prophecies in...