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021 - Voting Systems

Voting, how does it work? Or, how does it not work? In this episode we interview Jeff Justice of the The Center for Election Science on how our current system for voting fails and what systems work better. You can learn more about The Center for Election Science at Slides from the show:


020 - Tide Pod Challenge

Should you try the Tide Pod challenge? No! Now that we have that out of the way, let us tell you how the Tide Pod challenge became a thing and why you should never let a Tide Pod anywhere near your mouth.


019 - Dunning-Kruger Effect

What better hosts to talk about the Dunning-Kruger Effect than two guys who researched it for a day! If this episode isn't a perfect example of its own subject, um.. you get your money back.


018 - Guns

Pew! Pew! 'Merica! Let's talk about everyone's favorite killing machines: guns! They go bang, and how they work is really interesting. They have a deep, interesting history too.


017 - March for Science Silicon Valley (with Phil Plait!)

March for Science Silicon Valley - EchoPlex Media - Sweet HayaH - Yuli Talyansky - Raging Grannies - Noah Kibreab of Melted State - Atheist Community of San Jose - Girls Make Games - Sunday Assembly Silicon Valley - Phil Plait - CyberSDF (Intro Music) -


016 - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is making a comeback, thanks to, surprisingly, smartphones! Lots of advancements in sensor technology have made virtual reality a lot better than it was back when I was a kid. Join us and learn about virtual reality! Encyclopedia Podcastica is a production of the Silicon Valley Skeptics and the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley.


015 - Pyrovirohydrosonography

Pyrovirohydrosonography, as applied to celestial objects, gives us up close and personal measurements to assess pyrovirohydrosonometric data. These machines have a rich history and an interesting science. Join us as we dive deep into this cool technology. Encyclopedia Podcastica is a production of the Silicon Valley Skeptics and the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley.


014 - Placebo Effect

You love Encyclopedia Podcastica, but did you know that it's actually just a placebo podcast? That's right. The secret's out. We're really just two guys who accidentally bought some microphones. This episode is all about the mysterious and powerful placebo effect that makes studying medicines so difficult! Encyclopedia Podcastica is a production of the Silicon Valley Skeptics and the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley.


013 - Elevators

This epesode is a very uplifting experience. It's got a lot of ups and downs, but eventually we elevated our repartee to the next level. Come for a ride with us while we talk about elevators (or lifts if you're British). Encyclopedia Podcastica is a production of the Silicon Valley Skeptics and the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley.


012 - Obamacare

There has been a lot of talk about Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) recently, but not a lot of people know what the law actually does. Find out what Obamacare is all about, and why repealing it would be a really bad idea. Encyclopedia Podcastica is a production of the Silicon Valley Skeptics and the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley.


011 - Aliens!

Gleeping and glorping is fun, but when you're an alien, it's a way of life. Let's talk about aliens. How do we look for extraterrestrial intelligence, and what about life in our own solar system? Could there be other worlds in our neighborhood harboring hidden creatures?


010 - 3D Printing

Life in plastic. It's fantastic. (When you have a 3D printer.) This time, we talk about Fused Filament Fabrication, or 3D Printing! This episode was supposed to come out on the 15th of December, but, you know, holidays. ;D Happy New Year, everyone!


009 - Solar Energy

Plants have been turning sunlight into energy for millions of years, but we just recently learned how to do it. Find out how we harness the power of the sun! The audio quality of this episode is noticeably poorer than our other episodes. That's because our main audio got corrupted, so this is the audio from our video cameras. We've since gotten a new hardware recorder, so this won't happen again.


008 - Vaccines

Vaccines are safe and effective. But how do they work, and how did we develop them?


007: Hot Sauce and Spicy Food

Hey, we have video now! Matt and Hunter try some of the hottest sauces, then try to explain what's happening to them. This episode is on YouTube:


006: First Banter

Every episode, I start the microphones a little before we actually start the show, so Matt and I can interact with the audience. Here is what we recorded in our first few episodes.


005-DC: Planet Hunting Deep Cuts

This is the Deep Cuts companion episode for our episode on Planet Hunting.


005: Planet Hunting

Since the dawn of man, we have looked up at the stars and wondered what was out there. We are just now discovering other worlds beyond our own star! How do we do it? Find out as we dive deep into planet and exoplanet hunting. Exoplanet detection takes very advanced technology. We go over the most successful methods we've used, and some methods we'll be using soon, once we launch some more space telescopes! We go over the history of planet detection, including how we discovered a planet...


004: Vision Correction

Vision correction is a serious subject. Especially if the subject secretly secures significant sensory superiority. Vision is very valuable to valient victors of... hmm. Ok, I can't alliterate any longer. But seriously, vision correction is a really cool subject, and in this episode we dive deep into the fascinating world of refractive vision correction. We also revisit our Microwave Oven episode in a WIFU section.


Encyclopedia Podcastica 003: Aurorae

Aurorae (or auroras), beautiful light shows across the northern and southern skies. They have an interesting history, and how they form is fascinating. We dive deep into this gorgeous high altitude phenomenon. Aurorae from the space station!!! Fine, we'll Google it for you.