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GP029: Burden of Disease with James Bardy

James draws on years of experience in Global Health (GH) as an Occupational Therapist to depict to the listener specifics of his GH work with NepalAbility and the burden of disease in Nepal. We go on to discuss how this applies not just to Nepal, but on a global scale. NepalAbility website: Global Health Division […]


GP028: Career Progression with Michèle Goulet

Michèle describes her progression from working as a registered nurse in Canada, to working for Médicins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) abroad, to now going back to school for a Masters of Public Health degree at the University of British Columbia in Canada. She describes the benefit of consolidating her skills working in Canada first […]


GP027: Health Coaching with Dr. Crystal Frazee

We delve into what health coaching is, how it helps your clients and how you can get into health coaching right away and in the future. Dr. Crystal Frazee is passionate about helping women with pain. She has many skills that she implements in her practice, including health coaching. I also take the time to […]


GP026: Global Physiotherapy with Dr. Emma Stokes

Join the president of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT), Dr. Emma Stokes, as she discusses the importance of professional associations, global policy change, young physiotherapists as leaders and where she sees physiotherapy in the future. We discuss some of the many initiatives WCPT is working on and mention the Database of Volunteers and […]


GP025: Year in Review with Krysta Wark

This episode summarizes the advice taken and lessons learned from the many incredible podcast guests. What have we learned from the podcast so far? Find out from your host, Krysta Wark. She shares her key lessons learned from both on-air and off-air interactions with guests. She attempts to answer the question that started the podcast in […]

GP024: PhysioYoga for Pelvic Health with Shelly Prosko

Yoga can be used by Physiotherapists as a way to teach the movement of the pelvic floor and to treat many pathologies including; pelvic pain, stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, and sexual dysfunction. In an attempt to elevate our knowledge as a profession and share home exercise routines for clients, Shelly Prosko has built […]


GP023: Pain and Yoga Therapy with Neil Pearson

Many physiotherapists around the world treat pain. When pain becomes chronic, it can be difficult to treat and often very frustrating for our patients. Neil Pearson utilizes his knowledge of the efficacy of Yoga Therapy in addressing the pain of his patients. He has spent much of his time passing on this knowledge both to patients […]


GP022: Reverse Culture Shock with Johana Amar

When returning home from deployments, experiencing reverse culture shock is common. Listen to Johana Amar discuss this important topic with our Podcast Operations Director, Yehia Abdelkader. Apply for the Global Health Division bursary here: Contact us: Global Health Division:...


GP021: Physiopedia Global Health Course with Rachael Lowe

Physiopedia offers an online Global Health Course through their Physioplus platform. Listen to one of the co-founders, Rachael Lowe, discuss how Physiopedia strives to improve global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge. Her and her team have developed an online Global Health course tailored towards physiotherapists (you can find it here). Prepare yourself to […]


GP020: Power Dynamics with Shaun Cleaver

Follow along with Shaun’s description of his journey from field work in Haiti to research in Zambia. Along the way he has gained important insights that he shares with the listeners. Resources: Shaun’s blog: Please donate:


GP019: Canadian Underserved Communities Part 2 of 2 with Dr. Brenna Bath and Dr. Stacey Lovo Grona

Join us for a discussion on Telerehabilitation that spans from outreach visits to robots! It’s no secret that Dr. Brenna Bath and Dr. Stacey Lovo Grona from the University of Saskatchewan are passionate about what they do. Resources:


GP018: Canadian Underserved Communities 1 of 2 with Gail Kuo

Listen to Gail describe her experience working in rural Canada and overseas. She emphasizes the importance of working as a generalist while growing a list of specialist contacts. Her experience in rural Canadian communities has served her well abroad. Don’t miss this interesting episode! Please help support the podcast at: Check out job postings […]


GP017: Overseas Development with Hilary Crowley

Hilary developed a long-term working relationship with an organization in India called Samuha. This lead to the start of the Samuha Overseas Development Association (SODA) to provide financial support for the disability programs run by Samuha. You can hear the passion in Hilary’s voice as she describes the life-changing experience of being involved in the […]


GP016: Fistula Care with Michelle Pieké

Obstetric fistulas occur in Niger with prolonged deliveries. Many of these women suffer from pelvic pain, leg pain (even weakness) and urinary incontinence. At the Danja Fistula Centre, Michelle is responsible to provide pelvic floor physiotherapy services for these women. Her role as a physiotherapist, as far as she knows, is the only one in […]


GP015: Financial Barriers with Corey Kim

Join Corey Kim and I as we discuss one of the major barriers to professionals starting global health work, finances. Corey recently saved for a teaching role in Nepal and he discusses some resources he accessed to set himself up for success. Resources: Course mentioned: Blog mentioned: Corey’s e-mail: kh.corey88(at) Krysta’s...


GP014: Year in Review: Burnout with Phil Sheppard

It’s been a year!! Thank you to all you wonderful listeners that keep me motivated to keep posting. What a wild ride it’s been so far. Both Phil and I experienced some form of burnout over the course of the year and we discuss our strategies to deal with it in this episode. Burnout can […]


GP013: Evidence Based Practice with Saurab Sharma

Saurab is a Nepalese physiotherapist passionate about Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and physiotherapy in Nepal. He is currently pursuing his PhD in New Zealand and is involved in many facets of the profession of physiotherapy. In this episode he shares his insights on barriers to EBP in Nepal, solutions to overcome these barriers, plans for […]


GP012: Deployments with Peter Skelton

When a country requests their help, the UK Emergency Response Team deploys to an area post-disaster. Pete Skelton is the Rehabilitation Advisor for this team and and Humanitarian Technical Adviser for Handicap International. In this episode we delve into the reason for the emerging role of rehabilitation as part of the sustainable response post-disaster and […]


GP011: Pelvic Pain with Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones brings her expertise in the area of pelvic pain to life. We delve into pelvic pain training, knowledge, trauma and more. Don’t miss out on this very important topic! Resources:


GP010: Infectious Disease with Mike Landry

Our role in non-communicable diseases is clear, but how do we fit into the management of infectious disease? This topic is discussed with Mike Landry, PT, Researcher, Global Health Professional and Chief of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Division at Duke University in North Carolina. We explore Zika, Ebola and the difference between morbidity and […]