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Episode 28



Episode 27

And then there were 4! This week your underwear-clad superheroes of the internet are joined by another. We have our good friend Josh on the show to announce a rather ambitious project that we are planning for the month of October. If you like hearing what Josh had to say, good, we hope to have him on more often. With our new voice in the studio we decided to touch on the sneaky op-ed from the “failing” New York Times, we hash out our thoughts on Nike’s new found Kappernick-fueled meme...


Episode 26

THE CREW IS BACK! This week all three of your favorite denizens of the internet return to cover why Jim abandoned you all last week, Jim cries a lot about Trump (We know liberal tears are what you’re really here for), Gropegate at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, and...time travel? There’s probably some other stuff that we ramble about, but like most of you, I don’t listen to the show. Enjoy!


Episode 25

This week the boys are doing big things! Jim’s on location so he phoned in for a crucial debate on the Michael Cohen guilty plea. Shout out to late great John McCain and discussion. Also, another mass shooting at a video game tournament of all places. Then Joe and Brian rambled on for an eternity about very important subjects! Sit back relax and enjoy the show friends.


Episode 24

Hello! This week the ICBW crew informs you about the secret recordings by Omarosa, a Spanish driver who tested positive for every drug possible under the sun. Also who could forget the former Ohio State Coach’s obsession with taking genitalia selfies! Not us! Also, let’s not forget about the evil going on behind some Catholic doors. Baaaad religion BAD!! Sit back, strap in, tip that cup and spark it up!


Episode 23

This week three guys that think they’re real smart let you know Alex Jones is losing the Infowars, Space Force is will be in here in 2020, and Asbestos is fine...just fine nothing to see here. Put the kids to bed, probably you spouse too...do you really want them to know that you listen to something soooooo stupid.


Episode 22

Rogue planets, Incels, and forest fires. Oh my! This week your favorite sherpas of internet hot-takes guide you deftly through such riveting topics as: Cartels issue a bounty for a border patrol dog, incels, rouge planets, Earth is getting a bit warmer, Tennessee thinks they need to remind public school students that they like God...A LOT, Jeff Session’s religious liberty task force, and some other random topics. Get your mountain climbing gear because you’re about to scale the Everest of...


Episode 21

This week, the 3 voices you fall asleep to each night each night have an update on Chris Hardwick, chat about all the Cohen and Giuliani fun from the last week, help discover water a lake on Mars...and a new ocean on Earth. There’s some other nonsense thrown in there too, just for good measure. We gave Jim a bit of a break, so he wasn’t owned too much in this episode. Next week we will pick back up with our regular goal of: Owning Jim.


Episode 20

This week your three favorite heroes of the internet have a spirited debate about James Gunn’s firing, and TrumPutin: Helsinki 2018. Brian and Jim talk about their upcoming trip to see Radiohead, and we give bad opinions about stuff from Comic Con. Brian is pretty sure he owned Jim properly this episode, so we’ll call this episode a success! See you next week, hopefully back to roughly the same schedule!


Episode 19

This week, your three favorite environmentally conscious space cadets talk about the vastness of the universe...and trees? This one is kind of short due to some unforeseen circumstances, but it is packed full of our trademark nonsense that you’ve come to enjoy. Also, there is no Alex Jones and very little Flat Earth...Jim tried and he’s real sorry. Strap in, grab your favorite flavor astronaut ice cream and hug a tree to prepare yourself for auditory bliss!


Episode 18

SCOTUS, Pruitt, and public lands. Oh, my! This week your three favorite daring darlings of the internet spout off about a bunch of stuff they probably have no business talking about. You know the drill: Brian is bombastic, Jim is a crying liberal, and Joe sits in quiet contemplation. Hold on to your butts!


Episode 17

Ramble On, and now’s the time, the is now to...Oh, sorry got carried away there. It’s time for another one of your favorite Ramblecasts!!!! We ramble on about aliens, super volcanoes, and liberals undermining their own arguments...even when their original argument was actually correct! Stupid libs, always being correct and then ruining it by being liberals. This episode is probably best enjoyed under medical supervision because the takes are so savage, your ticker probably won’t be able to...


Episode 16

This week, the three dopest-dishers of hot takes on the internet agree that torturing children fleeing wanton gang violence is a bad thing, Chris Hardwick gets slapped upside the noggin with his very own #Meeto allegations, and Canada legalized pot. It’s been hot in the U.S., so strip down to some light clothing and let our opinionated nonsense wash over you like a cool breeze.


Episode 15

This week the snowflakes read a listener’s correction, which Jim is super stoked about. Then the summit of all summits is analyzed…..poorly. Finally, Brain and Jim: Nerd The Fuck Out. We go through our favorites and not so favorite showings from all the E3 showcases! Strap yourself in and prepare for an all out assault of poorly formed and articulated opinions!


Episode 14

We’re back for another exciting episode! This week the three amigos have an update on a mystery that has been “clogging” your brains for months, we find out what Roseanne is NOT up to these days, we touch on Bethesda’s mysterious Fallout: 76, and for some reason we talk about bees and Japanese salary men. Strap yourself down, take a horse tranquilizer, or whatever gets you loose, and get ready to take your ear-holes off to a dreamland of conversational wonder!


Episode 13

What do David Duke and Roseanne Barr have in common? Neither of them has a tv show...and they’re both racists! This week your three favorite internet talkers have a go at Roseanne’s idiocy, State of Decay 2’s saminess, Solo fun (pun intended), and like all too often, it devolves into more Walt Disney World talk. Man, outside of State of Decay, this pretty much revolves around Disney. Buy us Disney!


Episode 12

We hit you this week with another Ramblecast! We know you love our ramblings and we love to give you what you want. We cover a veritable cornucopia of topics and barely stay on any of them for an appropriate length of time. Topics like: Hitler, The Matrix, a guy we know named Tony, video games, and many many more. So, sit back, ignore your family, and get ready to raaaaaaaaaaamble!


Episode 11

This week, the 3 titans of all things rational and verifiable have a discussion about someone who wasn’t into any of those things: Art Bell. We discuss his interesting life, his career, and what some of the influence he had on us and our love of crazy- ass talk radio


Episode 10

This week your friends have themselves another ramblecast! We’re off our normal schedule so we get tired and ranty, sorry. We do lock on the chaos that is the Stormy Daniels/Michael Cohen/Giuliani/Trump thing for a bit and some other random stuff. Enjoy!


Episode 9

This week your three favorite superheros talk shop about Marvel's The Avengers: Infinity War. in all seriousness, though, there is a lot of rambling and fanboying going on in this episode. SPOILERS and nonsense abound, so if you don't like Marvel movies, or you haven't seen Infinity War yet, you may just want to wait until next week. Avengers, assemble at Taco Bel!!