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How Do We Not Ruin Space Colonies?

Rae and Steve are joined by Afrofuturist author Ytasha Womack to discuss the importance of centering humanity as we journey through space. Question Include: How do we not ruin space colonies like we did on Earth? How do we ensure that people on space colonies are happy and healthy? What will determine who gets to go to space and who doesn’t? What is the cultural history of the term “alien”? What holidays do we celebrate on another planet? What is a citizen of the universe? How do you make...


Leave Mars For the Martians

Steve sits down with Vanderbilt astronomy professor David Weintraub to discuss the moral ethics surrounding humanity’s trip to Mars. Question Include: Should we go to Mars? When will we get to Mars? Is there life on Mars? How will we impact possible life on Mars? What is panspermia? Are humans descendants of Martians? Why protect microbial life? Why are we so obsessed with Mars? Will the discovery of extraterrestrial life have an impact on religion? Can people survive on Mars? Can someone...


NASA Digs Up Major Clues About Life on Mars

There’s organic material on Mars! But just what does that mean? In this mini-episode, astronomer David Weintraub talks to Steve about the importance of the NASA Mars announcements on June 7. We also pull in senior staff writer Peter Hess to to contextualize the findings from the two papers. To hear the full conversation with astronomer and Vanderbilt University professor David Weintraub, listen to next week’s episode. Read more of Peter’s coverage of the Mars announcement on Inverse:...


Big Dumb Space Questions

Video game journalist Dan Ryckert joins Rae and Steve to dive into some of his big (and somewhat embarrassing) questions about space. They also chat about the intersection of gaming and space. Questions Include: What’s at the core of a gas giant? Why do some planets have rings? Would I die if I fell into a black hole? What is the best space video game? What is the worst space video game? What games would you take to Mars? How do planetary rings form? Why does sci-fi always imagine humanity...


Are Aliens Farting Mars?

Nuclear physicist and Vice on HBO correspondent Taylor Wilson joins Steve to discuss where we might find extraterrestrial life and how we’ll get there. Questions include: Is humanity alone in the universe? Will finding extraterrestrial life be dangerous? Is there life in our own solar system? Do water worlds host life? What are some upcoming NASA missions that might find extraterrestrial life? Will spacecraft travel close to the speed of light? How will we reach exoplanets? What is the...


A $15,000,000 Spacesuit

High fashion fabricator-turned-spacesuit designer Ted Southern joins Rae to explain the ins and outs of making aerospace safety garments. Questions Include: What is going to be the first brand on Mars? How do spacesuits protect people from galactic cosmic rays? How much does it cost to make a spacesuit? How much are space suits sold for? Do sci-fi spacesuits inspire real-life spacesuits? Will spacesuits be fashionable? What kinds of suits will space tourists wear? How can everyday people...


Cause of Death: Spaghettification

Theoretical astrophysicist Katie Mack talks black holes, dark matter, and the end of the universe. Questions Include: WTF is dark matter? Why is dark matter invisible? How much dark matter is in a galaxy? Is dark matter a series of really small black holes? Why do black holes spaghettify you? How close can you get to a black hole? Can we see black holes? Why are there supermassive black holes at the center of every galaxy? How do you get supermassive black holes in galaxies? Why do some...


NASA's InSight Launch Live (Bonus)

NASA launched an InSight Lander on a 7-month trek to Mars on Sunday, and luckily, I Need My Space correspondent Jeremy Bent was on the ground at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to hear the launch. In this bonus episode, we hear from NASA personnel about the mission. Follow I Need My Space on Social Media: Twitter: @INeedMySpacePod Instagram: @INeedMySpacePod FB Group: I Need My Space Pod To continue the conversation from this episode, use the hashtag #INeedMySpace About...


Space Ain’t the Wild Wild West

Space Attorney Michael Listner joins Rae to discuss how law applies to the cosmos. Questions Include: How does one become a space lawyer? How does space law apply to everyday people? Who does space belong to? Who will grant Elon Musk the permission to go to Mars? Is a settlement on Mars legal? If an accident happens on a space colony, who is held liable? What happens when you commit a murder in space? What happens if there is a criminal act committed on the ISS? What kinds of services...


Let’s Not Contaminate Saturn

Space journalist Swapna Krishna of Engadget, SyFy Fangrrls, & the LA Times joins Rae and Steve to answer questions about the spectacular world of space flight. Questions to Include: Why do we love shooting stuff into space? Will Starman contaminate Mars? Would you have a space funeral? Is Elon Musk the right man to take us to Mars? Are spacecraft cats or dogs? Where is Voyager I and Voyager II? What is the Kessler syndrome? How many satellites are up there? How will space junk affect...


Jupiter is the Bouncer of the Solar System

Astrophysicist Jackie Faherty, of the American Museum of Natural History, joins Rae to answer questions about how and when humanity will find the next habitable world. Questions Include: What is an exoplanet? What is a brown dwarf? What if Venus had a habitable atmosphere? Are there other habitable worlds out there? What would it take for humanity to travel the solar system? Are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos the right people to make humans an interplanetary species? Is NASA too white and too...


I Grew an Inch in Space

Retired NASA astronaut, former NFL wide receiver, and avid dog lover, Leland Melvin joins Rae to talk about food, fitness, and fetch in space. Questions include: What would it be like to play with your dog in space? Can you play sports in microgravity? How does the body physically change in the absence of gravity? Why do people grow in space? What mental changes occur in space? What is the best space food? What kind of physical exercises do astronauts do? Who ran a marathon in space? What...


An Astronaut’s Long-Distance Relationship Advice

Former NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger joins Rae to explain what it’s like to call space your home. Questions Include: What is it like to live in space? What is the most beautiful place on Earth?What food cravings do astronauts have? What’s life like after re-entry? How do you exercise on a spacecraft? How does microgravity affect the human body? Do astronauts stink? Are astronauts the best roommates? How do astronauts deal with long-distance relationships? Is it difficult sleeping in...


What do aliens really look like? [Seth Shostak]

Astrobiologist Seth Shostak of the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Institute (SETI) joins Rae and Steve to answer astronomical questions about life on other planets. Questions Include: What will aliens look like? Will aliens have pets? Do aliens think about us? How accurate are sci-fi aliens? What does the government know that we don’t know? What will alien culture and language be like? When will we find biology on other planets? Is there alien A.I.? Do they live among us? Follow I...


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Outer space doesn’t have to be all uncharted territory and vast unknowns. I Need My Space, a weekly podcast from Inverse, enlists experts, explorers, and enthusiasts to answer the questions that are worth spacing out over. Hosted by space editor Rae Paoletta and comedian Steve Ward, each 45-minute episode will launch headfirst into topics of astronomical proportions with an approachable style. When will we realistically get to Mars? How would we build a space colony better than Earth?...