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Hypersonic travel, dementia, and a man who almost died eating a chili pepper

Malcolm and Andrew were joined by Jamini Thakrar and Alfie Wearn and conversations ranged from hypersonic travel around earth to dementia. We talked about the salty, icy lakes on Earth that might give us clues to life in the oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa and Pint of Science, the festival that brings all the wonderful work being done by scientists in cities around the world to you, in the company of a pint.


Pint of Science, Space Lightning and the Paralympics

This week we have a full house at BCFM! Malcolm, Hannah, and Andrew are joined by Alfie Wearn, Romain Costil, Jamini Thakrar and Catherine Gilmore who discuss their involvement in the upcoming Pint of Science events around Bristol, and Maddy Nichols tells us a bit about what it was like working at the Paralympics fixing prosthetics.


A volcano sliding into the sea, driverless cars, and an update on ’Oumuamua

Malcolm and Andrew are joined again by Arran and Rosie again to discuss this week’s science news.


Space junk, plastic in your water, and volcanic lightning.

This week, Malcolm and Hannah are joined by Rosie and Arran to discuss how much plastic is in bottled water, how we can hope to clear up all the space junk with a harpoon, and what lightning from volcanoes sounds like.


Holding hands, a space station falling to earth, and pine martens

This week we hear back from Pavel Goldstein about his research into holding hands and how it can reduce pain, and from Peter Beck for a bit more information about his disco ball in space. We also talk about the “out of control” space station which is due to enter the earths atmosphere sometime soon, and how introducing a predator can help boost a squirrel population.


Penguin super colony, insight into the cosmic dawn, and the five new categories of diabetes.

This week, Malcom, Hannah, and Andrew discuss how you can use radio waves to uncover secrets from the cosmic dawn, the 1.5 million penguin super-colony recently discovered, how diabetes has now been found to be at least five different diseases.


Neanderthal art, ketamine, and supernovas

This week Andrew, Hannah, and Malcolm discuss an amateur astronomer who discovered a supernova as it was happening, new research into which anti-depressants appear to be the most effective, the art that Neanderthal man may have made, ketamine on the brain, and had you noticed that it’s getting a bit cold lately?


The earthquake, 8 months of Mars, and a cherry red Tesla

This week Hannah and Andrew discuss the cherry red Tesla which is was shot into space, and we hear from Nicky Young about the earthquake we felt on Saturday, and from Dr. Michaela Musilová about what she’s going to be up to for 8 months in an analogue of Mars. If you’d like to hear more about the analogue of Mars you can find the rest of the interview here on The Cosmic Shed.


Putting plants to sleep, the loneliest frog, and the Cheddar Man

This week Malcolm, Juliana, and Hannah discuss the Cheddar man, how you can put plants to sleep with anaesthetic, the asteroid which is going to fly by, and Romeo the frog who cant find a mate.


Three parent babies, Nigel the lonely gannet, and when dogs bite

This week Hannah and Malcolm are joined by Julianna to discuss three person babies, who’s more likely to be bitten by a dog, how we can measure ice from space with lasers, and orcas who can talk like people.


Space graffiti, evolution of eyes, and crows with hooks

This week we discussed tool use in crows, space graffiti, and heard from Professor David Newbold about the difference between Physics and Astronomy.


A bionic arm, frozen iguanas, the Cassini crash and growing lambs in bags.

In the first show of the new year, Hannah and Malcolm recap their favourite stories from last year. We revisit the incubation premature lambs in fluid-filled bags and the crash of Cassini, have an interview with Seth Shostak about the search for extra terrestrial life, and hear news about the bomb cyclone’s effect on iguanas.


Chewbacca, a poorly Polar Bear and a planet discovered by Artificial Intelligence

In the last show of 2017, Malcolm, Hannah and Andrew are joined by Juliana Cuccaro to discuss a whole host of science stories. Alex Vail is a scientist come Cameraman who worked on the Blue Planet 2 series We hear from the people behind the BBC’s stunning Blue Planet 2 series as well as the man inside the Wookie…Chewbacca. Timon Singh, Joonas Suatamo (Chewbacca) and Andrew


An alien asteroid, a message to Aliens and our thanks to spiders

Hannah, Malcolm and Andrew discuss a new Avatar therapy which is helping voice hearers and the neutrinos which actually do interact with our planet before we hear from Douglas Vakoch, an American search for extraterrestrial intelligence researcher, psychologist, and president of METI, a nonprofit research and educational organization devoted to transmitting intentional signals to extraterrestrial civilizations. Doug tells us why he thinks we’re safe enough to be [...]


Head transplants, editing your own DNA and The Idiot Brain

Malcolm, Hannah and Andrew dissect the latest science stories as controversial head transplants and gene editing hit the headlines. Andrew tells us about his latest adventure bringing Andy Weir, author of the Martian to Bristol and we hear how having a dog is really good news if you live alone. We also hear from Dr Dean Burnett, author of The Idiot Brain. It wouldn’t be Love and Science without some astronomy though so Andrew tells us about the latest attempts to


The Zombie Star, A Behemoth Planet and Prof James Hough OBE FRS

Malcolm and Andrew discuss the star that wouldn’t die, a giant planet and hear from Prof James Hough OBE FRS. Sheep that can recognise faces, Blue Planet 2, elastic bras and a whole host more crop up as John Ford pops in towards the end of the show.


Nigel Lawson wrong about the climate again and a Monster New Planet

Malcolm is joined by a host of guests for a packed show this week and we begin the show by discussing Nigel Lawson being wrong again. We hear from Ian Jones of the LIGO collaboration on the new discovery of colliding Neutron Stars.


Record surge in CO2 and apossible visitor from another solar system

Malolm is joined by Robert Goddard and Jamini Thakrar for another delve through the science headlines.


Lord Martin Rees, How Gold is Made and the Lightyear Foundation

On today’s ‘Love and Science’ show - Andrew and Malcolm are joined by the Lightyear foundation - the charity that helps EVERY child get access to a good science education. Robert Massey of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Lightyear Foundation, along with Katie Sparkes, CEO of the Lightyear Foundation with Malcolm and Andrew. We hear from Astronomer Royal - Lord Rees. We find out where gold and silver come from (not locally apparently), why the lack of midges on your wind screen...


The Nobel Prize for Physics 2017 and Pseudoscience in the Abortion Debate

Andrew and Hannah were joined by Tushna Comissariat from Physics World to discuss the Nobel Prize for Physics 2017, given to LIGO for the discovery of Gravitational Waves. Here is a photo of LIGO, taken by Tushna herself on her trip there, which can read all about here Photo credit: Tushna Comissariat. We also talk about the controversy surrounding the Nobel Prize and the pseudoscience in t [...]


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