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Conversations with some of the leading scientists, researchers, engineers, and innovators working in Maine. Presented by the Maine Science Festival.

Conversations with some of the leading scientists, researchers, engineers, and innovators working in Maine. Presented by the Maine Science Festival.


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Conversations with some of the leading scientists, researchers, engineers, and innovators working in Maine. Presented by the Maine Science Festival.




Deborah Bronk

Deborah Bronk joined Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in February 2018 as its president and CEO; her expertise is in marine-estuarine and environmental sciences. Deborah has conducted more than 50 research cruises and field studies in freshwater and marine environments from pole to pole, and previously served as division director for the National Science Foundation’s Division of Ocean Science and as President of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography. In...


Romain Madelaine

Romain Madelaine is an Assistant Professor at MDI Biological Laboratory. Romain studies neuron and muscle tissue regeneration at the laboratory’s Kathryn W. Davis Center for Regenerative Biology and Aging, in particular trying to understand why the zebrafish, which is a highly regenerative animal, can readily regenerate neuron and muscle tissue, while mammals, including humans, for the most part cannot. ~~~~~~~ The Maine Science Podcast is a production of the Maine Science Festival. It was...


Steve Munger

Steve Munger is an Assistant Professor of Systems Genetics at The Jackson Laboratory. Steve is a computational biologist with a passion for finding patterns in “big data”. Steve and his lab explore the natural genetic variation in each of us that makes us each unique, searching for patterns in our 3 billion bases of DNA that explain why some of us are more likely to get a specific disease than others. Using mice as a model, he seeks to discover how DNA mutations that assert subtle individual...


Scarlet Tudor

Scarlet Tudor is the Research and Outreach Coordinator for the Aquaculture Research Institute at the University of Maine. Scarlet has a Ph.D. in Marine Sciences, and has a deep interest in animal behaviors. Scarlet was one of the scientists who helped with the MSF project The Warming Sea, accompanying Composer Lucas Richman to some middle schools around Maine. ~~~~~~~ The Maine Science Podcast is a production of the Maine Science Festival. It was recorded at Discovery Studios, at the...


Online forum: Offshore wind from the UK to Maine

The MSF teamed up with Ronit Prawer from the UK Science & Innovation Network to run this session, making this our first international collaboration. We heard from Tony Appleton (from Burns & McDonnell) for the UK perspective; Habib Dagher (from the University of Maine) covering Maine; and Dan Burgess of the Governor's Energy Office talking about some of the policy connections between the two. Information about the 2021 online forums: Video recording of this forum...


Online forum: From Maine to the stars

In this online forum, we heard from Karl Hoose (VALT Enterprises); Sascha Deri (bluShift Aerospace); and Mark Lippold (FMI, A Spirit AeroSystems Company), all of whom talked about their companies' place in the growing aerospace industry in Maine. Information about the 2021 online forums: Video recording of this forum on the MSF YouTube channel Thanks to our online forum sponsor BioScience Association of Maine, and media sponsor Maine Public for supporting the...


Iain Drummond

Iain Drummond is a Professor and Director of the Davis Center for Aging and Regeneneration at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. Iain's research focuses on organ development and regeneration, using zebrafish as a model. To find out more about the (Re)Building a Kidney (RBK) consortium, click here. ~~~~~~~ The Maine Science Podcast is a production of the Maine Science Festival. It was recorded at Discovery Studios, at the Maine Discovery Museum, in...


Cassaundra Rose

Cassaundra Rose is a Senior Science Analyst and Climate Council Coordinator with the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future. Cassaundra managed a policy and communications program for the American Geosciences Institute between 2015 and 2019, where she connected the geoscience community with policy makers at the local, state, and federal levels to support science-based decision making on issues related to climate, energy, water, mineral resources, and natural...


Rafael Grossmann

Rafael Grossmann is a surgeon who focuses on the convergence of technology & healthcare. Rafael uses mixed reality platforms to teach students, and has long been an advocate for using technology in health - with just one example being telehealth. Rafael presented at the MSF Showcase Event 5 Minute Genius in 2019. You can see his video at the MSF YouTube channel. Connect with Rafael on LinkedIn, via his website (, or on Twitter (@ZGJR) ~~~~~~~ The Maine...


Alicia Wilcox

Alicia Wilcox, who is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Thomas College. Alicia is a forensic scientist who both teaches at the college level and provides forensic science expertise in cases throughout the country. Alicia has presented at the Maine Science Festival a few times, most notably setting up a crime scene investigation for festival goers. A note about this episode: our conversation includes some details about a murder crime scene, different kinds of violent crimes...


Angela Oechslie

Angela Oechslie is the Program Director for Project>Login, a program of Educate Maine. Angela and I spoke about Project>Login - a statewide program focusing on IT and computer science. Project>Login is a long-time partner of the Maine Science Festival, and they have been running the Maine Science Festival's Showcase Event Tech Night for years. I've known Angela for years, and was really happy to explore her work with Project>Login in our conversation. Connect with Angela on...


TMS - Ben Sprague & Jeremy Yardley

Presenting a bonus episode! Ben Sprague, host of the podcast The Maine Show, spoke with Dr. Jeremy Yardley, a pediatrician at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center on December 23, 2020. Their conversation covered some of Jeremy's experience being a hospital physician in the time of Covid-19 and shows the ways that physicians and those in health care are deeply immersed in science practice. We thought MSP listeners would enjoy hearing this conversation, so Ben has graciously let us...


Jessica Muhlin

Jessica Muhlin is an Associate Professor of Marine Biology in the Corning School of Ocean Studies at Maine Maritime Academy. Jessie is an intertidal ecologist who's studies marine macro-algae - seaweed. Her research includes the reproductive ecology of fucoid algae (=rockweeds), nearshore food web dynamics, citizen science and art-science collaborations. Jessie has her own podcast, all about algae: The Phycoverse. Jessie is a long-time friend of the Maine Science Festival and presented at...


Michael Burman

Michael Burman is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of New England. Mike has studied learning, memory and emotion using behavioral neuroscience techniques and has recently become interested in how the brain’s memory systems and emotional regulation systems come to function and cooperate over the course of development. He currently investigating the long-term consequences of neonatal pain and stress on subsequent fear, anxiety and pain. Mike presented at the MSF...


Heather Hamlin

Heather Hamlin is an Associate Professor of Marine Biology and Aquaculture, in the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine. Heather earned her BS in Biology, and an MS in Marine Bio-resources from the University of Maine before working as a Senior Biologist at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota Florida. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2007, and then worked as a post-doctoral scholar at the same institution studying the effects of environmental pollutants...


Ivan Fernandez

Ivan Fernandez is a Distinguished Maine Professor at the University of Maine, in the School of Forest Resources, Climate Change Institute, and School of Food and Agriculture. Ivan has served on various U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board committees in Washington DC since 2000, and has been involved in leading the Maine’s Climate Future assessments. In 2019 Ivan was appointed to the Maine Climate Council, and also serves as co-Chair of its Scientific and Technical...


Sascha Deri & Seth Lockman

Sascha Deri is the CEO of bluShift Aerospace, and Seth Lockman is the Communications Director. Founded in 2014, bluShift Aerospace has designed a bio-derived rocket fuel and a modular hybrid rocket engine. Building on these technologies bluShift will create a family of launch systems, the largest of which can lift 30-kilogram payloads to low-Earth orbit. These new suborbital and orbital launch systems will dramatically reduce the environmental impact, cost, and wait times of current cubesat...


Tardigrade - Emma Perry & Noelle Killarney

We have something a little different today: a conversation about the discovery of a new species of tardigrade, found in the Bangor City Forest. Tardigrades are microscopic animals, and are really remarkable creatures. In this episode, I talk to Dr. Emma Perry and high school student Noelle Killarney - the team that discovered this species. Emma and Noelle would like listeners' help in naming the new species. You can pick your favorite by going to the survey on the Maine Science Festival...


Brian Harris

Brian Harris is co-founder and CEO of MedRythms, a digital therapeutics company focused on the intersection of music, neuroscience and technology. Brian is a board-certified music therapist and one of 250 Neurologic Music Therapist Fellows in the world. He is the Chair of the Arts & Neuroscience group at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and sits on the Advisory Council of the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy. Brian has had his work featured in Forbes, CNBC, The Huffington...


Sharon Klein

Sharon Klein is an Associate Professor in the School of Economics at the University of Maine. Sharon's research and teaching are multi-disciplinary in nature, centering on the technical, economic, environmental and social trade-offs inherent in the production, distribution, and use of energy. With her research team, she has created a database of U.S. community-based renewable energy projects. Prior to her career in higher education, Sharon worked as a high school environmental systems...