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MCCH 26: North American Congress For Conservation Biology Highlights

@MarineBrit and @SpeakUpForBlue attended the NACCB conference this year in Toronto, Ontario, Canada a couple of weeks ago. As we always do, we like to discuss our experience with each conference to give you an inside scoop on the highlights at this year's NACCB. The episode is divided into 2 segments: 1) @MarineBrit and @SpeakUpFroBlue recorded a session with Sophia Winkler-Scor (@ScientistSophia) and Rina Hauptfeld (@RinaHauptfeld) at the conference; and, 2) The entire MCHH crew...


MCHH 25: SharkCon and Blue Whale Caught In Iceland

@DrScarlettSmash went to SharkCon and tells about the highlights including an all female panel of shark peeps. We talk about how family-friendly it was and how it fulfilled her nerdiness!!! @Craken_MacCraig talks about the blue whale that was caught in Iceland and how whaling is controlled by 1 person. The citizens of Iceland do not want whaling as it affects tourism, which is a big focus in the island nation. Subscribe to the Speak Up For Blue Facebook Group For More Marine Conservation...


MCHH 24: IMCC5 Highlights (Recording In Front Of Live Audience)

We are pleased to have some of the MCHH crew such as @SpeakUpForBlue and @Craken_MacCraig along with some new people such as @Mcmsharksxx along with some guests. We went through the highlights of the International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5). We brought on some guests to help us recap some of the great things that went on that week. FYI: Everyone had a great time with some Malaysian Beer!!!


MCHH 23: Dugongs and Seadragons

Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Well, you know Marine Biologists will put a spin on it. We had the pleasure of Dr. Josh Drew act as Dungeon Master and created a Marine Conservation version of Dungeons and Dragons called "Dugongs and Seadragons." My first time playing as well as others. I must apologize as we only had 2 microphones so the sound quality is not perfect, but it sounds good enough. I hope you enjoy and please let us know if you want to hear more of this type of content.


MCHH 22: Dugongs And Seadragons The Set Up

@Craken_MacCraic, Andrew and Melissa Marquez (of the ConCiencia Azul Podcast) were in Kuching, Malaysia at the International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5) where we were part of a game of Dungeons and Dragons as part of the conference program. The game had a Marine Conservation twist to it. There were a couple of challenges for the Organizers of the game. For one, 4 out of the 6 people playing had never played the game before. So, @Craken_McCaig took some time to explain the...


MCHH 22: Jairo Award and Cons Mark

The MCHH crew get together to talk about the upcoming International Marine Conservation Congress, where @SpeakUpForBlue will present the Jairo Mora Sandoval Bravery Award to this year’s winner at the closing ceremonies. @MarineBrit describes why the award is so important and how you can help by donating to the award’s current Go Fund Me Campaign to ensure more people who work in dangerous conditions can be supported and recognized for the work that they do. The crew also talks about the...


MCHH 21: Depression Among Graduate Students

An article was published recently on the state of minds of graduate students. Many of them reported that they went through depression during their graduate student tenure. The percentages were astounding, so the Marine Conservation Happy Hour (@DrScarlettSmash, @Craken_MacCraic and @SpeakUpForBlue and @MarineBrit) crew decided to discuss their experiences in graduate school and how they were affected. Don't worry. The crew does not depress you while you listen to this podcast about...


MCHH 20: Oceans Week - CHOW

The MCHH Crew (@Craken_McCaig, @DrScarlettSmash and @SpeakUpForBlue) come through to review Oceans Week in Washington, DC, where the US government departments show some of there new initiatives the "make the ocean great again!" As you can expect, it was quite interesting. Enjoy the Podcast!!! Click here to become a supporter of our Patreon Campaign for the Speak Up For Blue Podcast Network.


MCHH 19: MCHH Was Live At Awesome Con!!! And Walrus Left Off The Endangered Species List

The entire MCHH Crew is together to talk all things Marine Conservation starting with @Craken_MacCraic and @DrScarlettSmash live panel session at Awesome Con to discuss Animal Sex in front of a live audience. They tell us how it went and share some more interesting animal sex adaptations. We then talk about the bad news of how the Trump administration left the Walrus off of the Endangered Species Act as well as 30 other species that desperately need it!!! We discuss something special at...


MCHH 18: US Government Opens Up US Oceans To Oil and Gas Exploration

The full MCHH (@DrScarlettSmash, @Craken_MacCraic and @SpeakUpForBlue and @MarineBrit) crew is back together to give their thoughts on the Trump Administration's decision to open up the largest Oil and Gas lease sale that will expose every Ocean in its Exclusive Economic Zone to the fossil fuel industry. Click here to become a supporter of our Patreon Campaign for the Speak Up For Blue Podcast Network.


MCHH 17: Should Marine Mammals Be Held In Public Aquariums

@DrScarlettSmash recounts her visit to the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida, which houses the dolphin named Winter (A Dolphin's Tale). She talks to @Craken_MacCraic and @SpeakUpForBlue about her visit and the conditions surrounding the tanks housing the animals...spoiler alert, they are not good. Click here to become a supporter of our Patreon Campaign for the Speak Up For Blue Podcast Network.


MCHH 16: Why Parachute Science Needs To Stop

The MCHH crew (@Craken_MacCraic, @DrScarlettSmash and @SpeakUpForBlue) got together for Happy Hour to discuss an important article that was an interview with a friend of the podcast Dr. Asha de Vos on Parachute Science. They explain what parachute science is and why it is bad for Marine Science and Conservation. As you will tell, this episode was recorded during the Winter Holiday Season. A great time for drinks and Marine Conservation Talk with great friends. Click here to become a...


MCHH 15: Should We Protect Endangered Species?

Can you believe that the MCHH crew (@DrScarlettSmash, @Craken_MacCraic and @SpeakUpForBlue) needs to answer that question?!?! An article was written by a biologist that asked the questions whether it should be a priority to protect Endangered Species. The alternative was to let them go extinct and chalk it up to natural selection. The problem is that many animals are Endangered because of us humans, and would probably be fine if we were not around. So how do you think we answered the...


MCHH 14: Plastic Pollution - Are We Getting Through To People?

The MCHH crew of @Craken_MacCraic, @DrScarlettSmash and @SpeakUpForBlue drunkenly discuss whether we are getting through to people about how much plastic pollution we are contributing to the ocean (directly and indirectly). The topic stemmed from an article about a Blue Planet II episode, where Sir David Attenborough spoke about how a pilot whale calf died during the episode and mentioned that the calf may have died due to plastic pollution. The statement was met with criticism by one...


MCHH 13: Highlights From The Marine Mammal Conference in Halifax

The full MCHH crew are in rough shape today (half are not drinking), but the show must go on!!! The topic today was all about Marine Mammals as the Marine Mammal Conference was on in Halifax last year and a few highlights needed to be discussed. We touch on the Vaquita (a young calf was caught and released for health reasons), the Right Whale problems that went on last summer and going over sea pens for marine mammals who will be released from captivity. We also chat that the conference...


MCHH 12: Are Marine Conservation Scientists Hypocritical For Travelling By Plane To Conferences?

The MCHH crew talk about whether it's hypocritical for Marine Conservation Scientists to travel, by plane, to conferences when they profess that everyone should reduce their carbon emissions. The conversation stems from an article based on the same topic. It's a pretty interesting debate because conferences are a huge part in sharing information and building collaborations. We also talk about @SpeakUpForBlue's Vegas vacation, @DrScarlettSmash's box wine and @Craken_MacCraic talks about...


MCHH 11: Ocean Animal Sex

Probably one of the MCHH crew's most interesting episodes (so interesting we had to edit some of the episode because we deemed it too graphic!). The Crew of @Craken_MacCraic and @DrScarlettSmash and @SpeakUpForBlue share Ocean Animal Sex behaviour from different species within the Ocean.


MCHH 10: Stories From The Field and Shark Bait Brew Ha Ha!

The MCHH crew take turns telling their most dramatic field stories of their career. To b honest, it's a wonder how they are still alive! Listen in on this hilarious conversation where we get to know more about the immortal life of @Craken_MacCraic and why @DrScarlettSmash attracts sharks every time she enters the water.


MCHH 9: Evacuating Florida For Hurricane Irma, First Hand Experience

Dr. Scarlett Smash (@DrScarlettSmash) recounts the horrible time she and her husband had trying to evacuate Florida as Hurricane Irma was approaching Florida and the Governor of Florida suggested everyone leave the state. It just goes to show how ill prepared we all are in the face of storms in nice new realm of Climate Change.


MCHH 8: The Inspiration For Marine Conservation Careers

Last episode the Happy Hour crew talked about the challenges of building a career in Marine Conservation. Some of you found it shocking to hear how challenging it was for each of us, some more than others, and mentioned that you were worried about starting your careers. We don't want you to be afraid, but we want you to be aware of the challenges that may lie ahead. In today's episode, we are going to give you our stories of why we became Marine Conservationists because it's what...