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MCHH 46: Man Jumps Into Public Aquarium Shark Tank...Naked...Twice

I swear that I was not the guy who jumped into the main tank (with sharks) of Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in Toronto. I know that I fit the description, but I assure you that I have an alibi. The MCCH Crew discuss the other crazy things humans to/around animals. We would love to hear your thoughts on how to deal with these crazy people. Let us know in our Facebook Group.


MCHH 45: What It's Like To Marry A Marine Biologist

The life of a Marine Biologist can be quite the exciting life; however, it can also be difficult. There are many things a non Marine Biologist should know about being married to one of us. Craken, Smash and I give you all of the details of what to expect when you are about to commit the rest of your life to a Marine Biologist. We also talk about what Marine Biologist should expect when they marry a non-Marine Biologist. Note: I know that you don't have to be married to be with someone for...


MCHH 44: How To Stop Climate Change

Some times people listen to this show and wonder how we interact, drink and how it affects our way of creating content for this show. This episode really shows you how some times the show is more about letting of steam and trying to solve the world's problems. Craken and I were planning on a different piece of content, but we got onto another subject and decided that we needed to discuss it so we could work through our frustrations. Today, Craken and I try to solve climate change by...


MCHH 43: Vegan Fish And Chips

The MCHH crew get together to discuss a discussion about an article about how a Fish and Chips shop in the UK is now selling a Vegan Fish And Chips dish. It's a dish the spurs the conversation about which eating choices are better for the environment. The initial discussion started on Twitter with a number of Marine Science and Conservationists proposing ideas and arguments in a friendly discussion about eating to reduce Climate Change. This episode is discussing the Twitter discussion...


MCHH 42: Marine Conservation Needs More Non-Scientists

The MCHH crew address a question that we get asked quite a bit: "Do I need do be a scientist to have a career in Marine Conservation?" We answer the question with a few scenarios and then somehow get off on a tangent as to which character we are in Game of Thrones. It's amazing how sidetracked you get after a few drinks! Enjoy the Podcast!!! Let us know in the Facebook Group the job that you think you would be most suited for in the field of Marine Conservation.


MCHH 41: Beluga Benny Visits The Thames River in the UK

The Thames River is one of the most famous rivers in the world. It runs right into London and makes headlines as soon as a visitor moves up the river from the Ocean. I'm talking marine mammals here, cetaceans to be a little more specific and in this case a beluga whale to be even more specific. A beluga whale named Benny wandered in the Thames and is now spotted near London as it feeds on the plenty of fish in the river. Why is this such a big deal? The MCHH Crew talk about why it's so rare...


MCHH 40: Inconsistent Ecotourism

If you haven't listened to @DrScarlettsmash talk about Ecotourism, then you haven't lived...seriously folks. Check it out. Do you have an ecotourism story to share with us? Tell us in the Facebook Group.


MCHH 39: NOAA Partners With SeaWorld To Help Take Care Of Orcas

The Southern Resident Orca population off the coast the Northwestern US are in serious trouble. There hasn't been a successful calf birth in 3 years and the recent loss of J50 leaves the population at 74 individuals. NOAA is trying to figure out ways to better protect the pod of predators; however, they are having a tough time. Their latest attempt to save J50 failed, but not because of lack of effort. The government agency collaborated with a number of vets and organizations to help with...


MCHH 37: Run Through The Red Tide With Dr. Tracy Fanara

Dr. Tracy Fanara is our guest this week, who is a staff scientist and program manager at Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida. She is an Environmental Engineer and is currently part of a large team that is trying to deal with the Red Tide situation in Southwest Florida. Tracy comes on the show to give us a run down of everything that is going on surrounding the Red Tide, myth busts some preconceived notions and gives us the down low on how we can prevent extreme red tide events in the future.


MCHH 36: Renaissance Science Back In the Day Science

@Craken_MacCraig takes us back in time to when Renaissance Science dominated popular culture and rich people thought it was cool to find science. New discoveries, chemistry and ecology!!! Such an interesting time in history.


MCHH 35: Hurricanes and the Coastal Environment

The incoming Hurricane Florence is an eye opener for the Carolinas because the states have not planned for the damage that can be caused from storm surges and sea level rise. This is the first time there is a potential for a category 4 Hurricane hitting the two states. The MCHH crew discuss the hurricane, @DrScarlettSmash compares it's beauty to a drinking woman and we discuss the ramifications of climate change effects. For the listeners who live in the North and South Carolina area,...


MCHH 34: Sharkwater Extinction Documentary Review

In October, Sharkwater Extinction will be released to the world to inspire another generation of shark conservationists similar to the first Sharkwater Movie. Sharkwater was released in the mid 2000s that inspired people to build organizations and volunteer to help raise awareness about shark finning. This instalment of the Sharkwater series goes beyond shark finning to look at all of the other issues facing sharks. The MCHH crew discuss the movie after @SpeakUpforBlue went to the World...


MCHH 33: Marine Conservation vs Terrestrial Conservation

The MCHH crew look at the differences between Marine Conservation and Terrestrial Conservation. I want to make it clear that the crew is not saying that one realm is better than the other. We are just looking at the differences between the two. It's interesting when you look at the challenges of Marine Conservation such as everything happens below the surface of the Ocean where we can't breathe without an apparatus or an ROV. In fact, that is probably the biggest challenge in identifying...


MCHH 32: Shark Finning and Shark Fisheries

Shark finning is still a big issue facing sharks all over the planet; even though, the awareness has increased, shark finning is still around and killing millions of sharks ever year. The MCHH crew decided to breakdown the definition of shark finning and how it compares to shark fisheries. We also talk about how it can affect you and your favourite thing...the Ocean. Let's talk about shark finning and shark fishing in the Facebook Group.


MCHH 31: The Meg - Movie Review

The MCHH Crew review The Meg Movie and provide some great knowledge on the Megalodon from some wonderful shark education. Did you see The Meg? Did you enjoy it? Let us know your thoughts on the movie and what you love about the Megalodon by joining our Facebook Group. Join our Patreon Community to check out one of our new shows starring @Craken_McCraic called Dugongs and Sea Dragons.


MCHH 30: Red Tide Hits Florida's Southwest Coast

The Red Tide hit Florida a couple of weeks ago and it is reeking havoc on the Southwest coast. Thousands of fish, sea turtles, dolphins and manatees have died during this time period. Unfortunately, this red tide event doesn't seem to be ending soon as it is normally broken up by cool water from Florida's rivers; however, it is summer and we are in the middle of a global heat wave. The MCHH crew talks about the Red Tide after @DrScarlettSmash goes to Sarasota to document some of the carnage...


MCHH 29: Orca Carries Dead Calf At Ocean Surface For 17 Days

An Orca from the South Resident Orca Population named J35 gave birth to a calf that died shortly thereafter. J35 was seen carrying her dead calf in her mouth at the surface of the Ocean for 17 days with short breaks to feed as her pod-mates carried the calf for her. The MCHH crew were asked a number of questions about this topic including "Does this happen often with Orcas?" We decided to answer the question on this episode of the podcast so more people can here the answer. This episode...


MCHH 28: Should We Ban Plastic Straws?

The MCHH Crew discuss whether banning of plastic straws will help protect the Ocean as many conservation organizations have suggested. Should we focus on other plastics instead? Let us know your thoughts about the show in our Facebook Group. Note: MCHH will be published twice a week from now on with shorter shows.


MCHH 27: Shark Week Review And What We Think About Trophy Hunting

Shark Week has come and gone and the MCHH crew decided to give our non-sober thoughts on this year's set of episodes dedicated to educating you on the Ocean's shark species. Well...they tried to anyway. We also talk about trophy hunting... Let us know your thoughts about the show in our Facebook Group.


MCCH 26: North American Congress For Conservation Biology Highlights

@MarineBrit and @SpeakUpForBlue attended the NACCB conference this year in Toronto, Ontario, Canada a couple of weeks ago. As we always do, we like to discuss our experience with each conference to give you an inside scoop on the highlights at this year's NACCB. The episode is divided into 2 segments: 1) @MarineBrit and @SpeakUpFroBlue recorded a session with Sophia Winkler-Scor (@ScientistSophia) and Rina Hauptfeld (@RinaHauptfeld) at the conference; and, 2) The entire MCHH crew (including...