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MCHH 58: Silos Within The Marine Conservation Field

Everyone thinks there way of doing conservation is the best way! That is what the MCHH Crew is discussing today. You would be surprised to hear that many people within conservation think conservation can only be done their way. This manner of conservation leads to less collaboration and sharing of funding resources.


MCHH 57: US Government Opens Up The Atlantic Ocean For Seismic Work

The MCHH Crew come together over drinks to discuss the recent announcement that the US Government is now opening up the Atlantic Ocean (within the US Exclusive Economic Zone) to Seismic Surveys as the beginning of Oil Exploration along this coast. The MCHH crew discuss the consequences that could happen due to seismic surveys on Marine Mammals. Enjoy the Podcast!!! Share your thoughts (and drinks) on this episode in our Facebook Group.


MCHH 56: Highlights Of The US Climate Report

The Trump Administration released a Climate Report on Black Friday in hopes that no one would pay attention to it; however, like many of his Tweets, this report got full attention. Craken was also paying attention and he gives us the highlights (or lowlights) of the report so that we can truly hear how bad Climate Change is for the US. Enjoy the Podcast!!!


MCHH 55: How Sand Is Created In The Ocean

Are you ever on a beach and wonder how the sand is formed? How does so much sand accumulate to make a beach? Worry not because the MCHH Crew is here to tell you all about it. We normally cover recent issues and news happening around the world, but we got a request from our audience to cover some educational content. So stay tuned for more episodes on this matter over the next few months. Enjoy the Podcast!!!


MCHH 54: Out Of The Ordinary Conservation Fundraising Methods

Fundraising is a crucial aspect of doing Marine Conservation, but the competition for funds is high. People need to be creative when fundraising to attract attention of donors and make it fun! The MCHH Crew share the various ways in which we did fundraising over our careers. Share your thoughts with us in our Facebook Group:


MCHH 53: Whalerrific Episode

The MCHH crew discuss two whale-centric stories that happened in the past week. 1) Russia bans captivity of Cetaceans (orcas and belugas) after drone footage went viral of hundreds of cetaceans were found in small pens awaiting to be shipped to various dolphinariums and sea parks throughout Russia and China. A policy-window opened up and government researchers, Russian cetacean activists and scientists of the IWC worked to get the regulation passed. AND 2) The Northern Right Whale...


MCHH 52: How To Do Well In An Marine Conservation Job Interview

We talk about Marine Conservation Jobs quite a bit on this podcast, but we never discussed the interview process...until today. The MCHH crew recount our many different experiences in doing Marine Conservation Job Interviews. We hope this helps!


MCHH 51: Condoms For Endangered Species And The American Cetacean Society Conference

The MCHH crew discuss the Centre for Biological Diversity's new campaign where they give away condoms to protect Endangered Species. Find out why this is happening and whether the campaign is successful. Plus, Craken goes to Orange County for the American Cetacean Society Conference and discusses the highlights of the conference here on the podcast. Enjoy the Podcast!!!


MCHH 50: ConsMark 2018 Live Podcast Recording Part 2

We continue our Live Podcast Recording with the MCCH crew and special guest Kasha Patel (NASA Science Writer and Comedian). In this part of the recording, we continue to discuss the highlights of the ConsMark 2018 Conference and how we think delegates will benefit from having attended the conference.


MCHH 49: ConsMark 2018 Live Podcast Recording Part 1

Every once and a while, people allow us to get up on stage a conference and record a live podcast for the Marine Conservation Happy Hour. This episode is the product of doing a live podcast recording at the Conservation Marketing Conference (#ConsMark2018). This is part 1 of the show and part 2 is going up tomorrow. We still have some things to figure out in terms of the volume and noise that happens with a live podcast recording. During this episode, the MCHH crew was joined by Kasha...


MCHH 48: Real Travel Stories

After last episode's debacle, we thought we would do a proper episode where we focused on what was most important...the topic at hand!!! In this episode, we go through some great stories of travel and how hard it is to travel with a family back home and how we stay in contact. Tell us your travel stories in the Facebook Group. Enjoy the Podcast!!!

MCHH 47: Marine Biology Travel Stories, When Happy Hour Goes Beyond The Hour

I must apologize right from the get go. @DrScarlettSmash, @Craken_MacCraic and I did a last minute plan to discuss some crazy travel stories from the perspective of Marine Biologists, but things got out of hand!!! We made it through and this episode is quite entertaining; however, the tree of us had been drinking together for a while. This episode will be an example of what we will produce for the Happy Hour Patreon show in the future. Enjoy!!! Support us by joining the Speak Up For Blue...


MCHH 46: Man Jumps Into Public Aquarium Shark Tank...Naked...Twice

I swear that I was not the guy who jumped into the main tank (with sharks) of Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in Toronto. I know that I fit the description, but I assure you that I have an alibi. The MCCH Crew discuss the other crazy things humans to/around animals. We would love to hear your thoughts on how to deal with these crazy people. Let us know in our Facebook Group.


MCHH 45: What It's Like To Marry A Marine Biologist

The life of a Marine Biologist can be quite the exciting life; however, it can also be difficult. There are many things a non Marine Biologist should know about being married to one of us. Craken, Smash and I give you all of the details of what to expect when you are about to commit the rest of your life to a Marine Biologist. We also talk about what Marine Biologist should expect when they marry a non-Marine Biologist. Note: I know that you don't have to be married to be with someone for...


MCHH 44: How To Stop Climate Change

Some times people listen to this show and wonder how we interact, drink and how it affects our way of creating content for this show. This episode really shows you how some times the show is more about letting of steam and trying to solve the world's problems. Craken and I were planning on a different piece of content, but we got onto another subject and decided that we needed to discuss it so we could work through our frustrations. Today, Craken and I try to solve climate change by...


MCHH 43: Vegan Fish And Chips

The MCHH crew get together to discuss a discussion about an article about how a Fish and Chips shop in the UK is now selling a Vegan Fish And Chips dish. It's a dish the spurs the conversation about which eating choices are better for the environment. The initial discussion started on Twitter with a number of Marine Science and Conservationists proposing ideas and arguments in a friendly discussion about eating to reduce Climate Change. This episode is discussing the Twitter discussion...


MCHH 42: Marine Conservation Needs More Non-Scientists

The MCHH crew address a question that we get asked quite a bit: "Do I need do be a scientist to have a career in Marine Conservation?" We answer the question with a few scenarios and then somehow get off on a tangent as to which character we are in Game of Thrones. It's amazing how sidetracked you get after a few drinks! Enjoy the Podcast!!! Let us know in the Facebook Group the job that you think you would be most suited for in the field of Marine Conservation.


MCHH 41: Beluga Benny Visits The Thames River in the UK

The Thames River is one of the most famous rivers in the world. It runs right into London and makes headlines as soon as a visitor moves up the river from the Ocean. I'm talking marine mammals here, cetaceans to be a little more specific and in this case a beluga whale to be even more specific. A beluga whale named Benny wandered in the Thames and is now spotted near London as it feeds on the plenty of fish in the river. Why is this such a big deal? The MCHH Crew talk about why it's so rare...


MCHH 40: Inconsistent Ecotourism

If you haven't listened to @DrScarlettsmash talk about Ecotourism, then you haven't lived...seriously folks. Check it out. Do you have an ecotourism story to share with us? Tell us in the Facebook Group.


MCHH 39: NOAA Partners With SeaWorld To Help Take Care Of Orcas

The Southern Resident Orca population off the coast the Northwestern US are in serious trouble. There hasn't been a successful calf birth in 3 years and the recent loss of J50 leaves the population at 74 individuals. NOAA is trying to figure out ways to better protect the pod of predators; however, they are having a tough time. Their latest attempt to save J50 failed, but not because of lack of effort. The government agency collaborated with a number of vets and organizations to help with...