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#123 – Stinking Problems

You've seen them seemingly everywhere: the gross, dime-sized, shield-shaped "Hummer of the insect world," otherwise knows as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. And it's not your imagination - they've invaded the US in staggering numbers, are causing hundreds of millions of dollars in agricultural damages, and are disgusting, smelly house guests. Learn their surprising history, and why they're different than most pest insects. Plus, the Unipiper is back! Also in the news: Mark gets married and...


#122 – Stick It To The Man

This week we take a look at a forgotten Portland icon named Marie Equi, a fiercely independent Oregon physician who was engaged in the political turmoil and social change of the late 19th and early 20th century. It's a fascinating story. Also: FCC lies, probiotics are useless, SpaceX's space customer (and Elon's sanity), airport security bins, California launching weather rockets, WalMart is listening, solar observatory mysteriously evacuated, Christopher Nolan takes a stand against crappy...


#121 – Mark Gets Shanghai’d

This week we give into good ole' self-indulgence, as Mark recounts his recent trip to Beijing and Shanghai, China, and Todd recounts his soft spot for Madonna, who turned 60 recently. We also catch up on some news and other things we've missed being gone for the past few weeks. News: Lloyd Center officially gets a LiveNation venue, Google still tracking you, the tale of the orca mom and her dead calf, a lonely dolphin just wants to fit in, and which prescribed medication will give you a...


#120 – Reefer Madness

This week we're joined by special guest Wayne Schwind, chemical engineer and owner of Periodic Edibles, and host of the Periodic Effects Podcast, who talks all about the science, medical, and social aspects of cannabis and the emerging industry of cannabis products and legalization. Also: Portland's latest protest, more NECCO candy drama, Google's censored Chinese search engine, the amazing book "Stuff Matters," and Todd's vacation travel thoughts. Enjoy!


#119 – The Symmetry of Emmy Noether

Emmy Noether (1882-1935) was a mathematician in algebra and theoretical physics that Einstein himself called an inspiration and genius. The Noether Theorem helped make sense of things that science just couldn't make sense of, and led to huge advancements in math and science. Find out all about her this week! Also, the Unipiper calls in to talk Best Celebrity, Best Podcast, and other great Portland news! News: Are "laser AK-47s" real?, US weapons show up on dark web, the Great Plastic Straw...


#118 – Henrietta Lacks and Her Hella Cells

This week we take a look at an African-American woman named Henrietta Lacks who died of cancer in 1951 at the age of 31. Unbeknownst to her or her family, her cancer cells were taken and discovered to be "immortal"- which led to breakthroughs in the study of polio, herpes, leukemia, influenza, hemophilia, Parkinson's disease, cancer, AIDS, cloning, and in vitro fertilization, and more. It's a fascinating look at where ethics meet science. Also: Boyd Coffee Company is sold, Multnomah Falls...


#117 – Synesthesia: These Colors Taste Fantastic

Synesthesia is a term for when a person's sensory inputs get crossed; it may cause them to see numbers as colors, or colors as tastes, or any number of different sensory combinations. Join us this week as we explore this fascinating condition! Also: Jerry Springer signs off, Koko the gorilla dies, Porltand's upcoming traffic hell-scape, roller derby talk, and more!


#116 – “Bins Worthy” And Other Scams

This episode Mark dives into some of the old and new internet scams that are making the rounds. In addition, we talk about our new video series with the Unipiper called "Bins Worthy" and let you know where you can find it before its official release! Also discussed: NASA's most/least realistic movies list, Necco Wafers are back!, half mammal/half reptile found in Utah, the plague is in Idaho, dust storm on Mars shuts down NASA rover, and the 10 millionth US patent is approved.


#115 – I Want To Believe: The Greg Nibler Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories are thriving in the internet age, even as access to facts become easier. So what's going on? Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? Greg Nibler of Funemployment Radio and Digital Trends sits in this week to talk about his favorite theories and why these theories continue to thrive. Also: American Airlines' therapy animal guidelines, lie-detecting computer kiosks, world's oldest living person: "every day is a punishment," Google removes "Don't Be Evil" from...


#114 – Wiki-War!

In this episode we go to war! Both Mark and Todd pick a dozen random and fascinating short articles from Wikipedia and go head-to-head to see who uncovered the most interesting and obscure entries. Cut your hair accordingly! Also: the Unipiper finds his own Wiki-hole and brings us along for the ride. In the news: Amazon record profits!....and Amazon Prime's price increase, ABBA reunites, tinnitus treatment, vomit-inducing caterpillars, Harvard to resurrect woolly mammoth, an undercover...


#113 – Concrete Information about Cement

Concrete is such a fundamental aspect of humanity that we barely even notice it anymore. It's literally pedestrian. This episode we find out why and how concrete came to be, and how it formed the modern world we live in. Also: "King of Kong" winner controversy, the sound of black holes colliding, the rapture is upon us, Wapato Jail sold, "Pirates of the Caribbean" ships on Oregon coast, Art Bell dies, Japan's robot mayor, world's most hipster cities, throw out your romaine lettuce, and the...


#112 – Black Holes, Dark Matters

Black holes and dark matter are such a mystery, scientists are still trying to unwrap their secrets. In this episode, we take a look at the basics of black holes, and struggle to understand dark matter, which is the mysterious substance that makes up most of the universe. Plus, the Unipiper joins us in studio to talk fake Unipipers, Sasquatches, and WWeek's "Best of Portland 2018." Also: LED street lights causing headaches, world's largest dinosaur footprint, zombie raccoons, fart...


#111 – News Pile the Size of Texas

If I can't exhale at the speed of sound, how does my voice travel the speed of sound? How do the Eastern Oregon hot springs work? And who knew Alyssa Milano's dad was such a successful Hollywood sound editor? These questions and more will be answered in this meandering and interesting episode. Also discussed: "Embiggen" added to the dictionary, oil companies buy Utah monuments for drilling, Amazon patents drones to recognize flailing and screaming gestures, the Texas-sized (?) Pacific...


#110 – Name That Tune with Brian the Unipiper

Between movies, TV, and advertising, our heads are full of songs we know note-for-note, but know nothing else about. This week, Brian "The Unipiper" sits in for a vacationing Mark and digs into the history and origins or some of the most famous songs we don't know the origins of. Also, "Toys R Us" and "I Heart Radio" file for bankruptcy, autism neurology breakthrough, WalMart patents robot bees, and "Weird" Al makes history. Enjoy!


#109 – Non-Hyperbolic Hyperbaric Chamber Talk

Like most of us, you probably think of Michael Jackson on the cover of the National Enquirer when you hear "Hyperbaric Chamber." Surprisingly, they're not just kookie, weirdo nonsense, but hold legitimate, scientific purpose. This week we learn all about them, and hear a first-hand account of what it's like to use one. Also, the Unipiper is in-studio to tell us all about the First Annual Tonya Harding Film Festival! Also: Detecting autism, eradicating polio (also, what is polio?), SpaceX,...


#108 – We All Float Down Here

This week Todd recaps his journey into opening his third eye as he describes his sensory deprivation salt water float experience. Then we dive into the surprisingly fascinating and innovative history of a much maligned (well, maligned by Todd) RC Cola! All that, plus: The Unipiper is art!, liquid mirror telescopes, Amazon tracks and "nudges" workers, Amazon/Berkshire Hathaway/JP Morgan insurance, SF clears marijuana convictions, and amateur astronomer finds missing NASA satellite. Enjoy with...


#107 – Deport the Bhagwan!

In 1984, 751 people in the town of The Dalles, Oregon were sickened with salmonella when a group led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh poisoned the salad bars of local restaurants. It was the beginning of the end of one of the largest and most invasive cults in the United States, and came complete with a fleet of Rolls Royces. Discover the Rajneeshes on this fascinating episode. Plus, the Unipiper joins us to chat about a new project! Also discussed: RIP Rosie the Riveter and Mort Walker, electric...


#106 – Accidental Inventions

There are no mistakes, just "happy accidents." In this episode, we take a look at a bunch of scientific innovations and inventions - from Corn Flakes to penicillin to the microwave to Play-Doh - that came about quite by happy accidents. And the Unipiper joins us in studio to taste test Japanese snack foods. Also: TV spin-offs, SpaceX spy satellite explosion, IV bag shortage, Echo Spot "Smart Alarm," cancer-detecting blood test, 2017 second hottest year after 2016, Bill Gates pays Nigeria's...


#105 – Playing Catch-Up

We're back with a bonus-sized episode! This week we catch up with, well, everything -- both the news stories we've been saving up, as well as a look back at the past year in science. And new father The Unipiper joins us to talk about his new daughter and visiting the best store in Portland! Topics: Epsom salt, FartMan, supermoons, DNA kits, ISIS, bad movie documentaries, taking an Uber instead of an ambulance, Library of Congress not saving every tweet, wireless charging, plants and...


#104 – It’s Raining, Men

This week we welcome special guest and meteorologist Jack Bohl to chat about how climate works (or, more accurately, how we don't really know specifically how it works), and how things have changed in weather science over the past few decades. Also, at the END of the episode (after many, many spoiler alerts), we're joined in-studio with the Unipiper to talk about our reactions to "The Last Jedi." News: Questions about black holes and Wikileaks, RIP Beaverton Dutch Store and Vera Katz, Mad...