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A podcast about social science and work




MYW S03 Episode 05 – Data Literacy Part 3: Communication and Storytelling with Data

Time to pull it all together! In this episode, we wrap up our mini-series on data literacy by discussing how to communicate effectively using data. We cover important things to consider when preparing your talk (or write-up), knowing your audience, and effectively structuring your message. We also briefly talk about data visualization as a tool that can be used to augment your delivery. Timestamps: 0:50: Why is storytelling important? 2:30: Putting data and stories together 4:38:...


MYW S03 Episode 04 – Data Literacy Part 2: Analyzing Data

Okay, we’ve got a research question and some data! Now what? In this episode, we talk about common analytical techniques used in the social sciences (particularly industrial and organizational psychology) and what questions they can help answer. We also talk about the only “true” way to demonstrate that X causes Y and cover some common things to watch out for when conducting analysis. Timestamps: 1:00: Statistics and how we’re teaching them the wrong way 6:10: Describing data vs making...


MYW S03 Episode 03 – Data Literacy Part 1: Intro and Data Collection

Let’s talk about data literacy. Data is already ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives, so even if you don’t work with data directly, it’s still important to understand it. In this episode, we provide a brief introduction to our three part series on data literacy, which spans the issues of data collection, analysis, and communication/visualization. We also cover the first of these three topics. Timestamps: 1:30: What is data literacy? 2:35: Why is data literacy important? 4:12: A way of thinking...


MYW Unscripted Episode 13 – Me, You, and All These Data

Data has become increasingly common in our day-to-day lives. It has become easier than ever to collect, analyze, and share data than ever before. What implications does this have for us and how we make decisions in organizations? In this episode we discuss the rise of data in society, some of the ethical implications of collecting and using data in organizations, and preview our mini-series on data literacy coming in 2021. Timestamps: 1:45: Where is data becoming more prevalent in society?...


MYW Unscripted Episode 12 – Essential Services

Essential services ensure that our continues to run, but things are a bit different during a pandemic. In this episode, we talk about some of the occupations that have graduated to essential and discuss how their new “value” has yet to reach employees. Timestamps: 1:10: What is an essential service? 2:56: The shift in importance of custodial work and other occupations 8:00: Will the perceived value of certain occupations shift? 10:20: Job evaluation 17:45: Are certain essential services now...


MYW Unscripted Episode 11 – Universal Basic Income

If you received $1000 per month, no strings attached, how would you spend your time? In this episode, we discuss the concept of universal basic income. We cover some of its potential psychological consequences for the individual and the value of work itself. The conversation turns toward what makes a job viable or not, how to enrich jobs, and the question of whether or not a significant portion of the population would “coast” or spend irresponsibly if given an unconditional monthly stipend....


MYW S03 Episode 02 – COVID, Work, and Universal Human Needs

In this episode, we discuss how the COVID pandemic has affected the way we do our jobs and relate to each other at work. As I-O psychologists, we frame the issue from a human-centered perspective and use a popular (and well-supported) theory of motivation to unpack the challenges (and opportunities). Timestamps: 1:58: Framing the problem 3:30: Universal human needs and motivation 10:10: New challenges that may threaten our needs 19:45: New opportunities that may help fulfill our needs 30:56:...


MYW Unscripted Episode 10 – Unlimited Paid Time Off

Unlimited vacation! Sounds great, right? Not so fast. There are definitely upsides, but with greater freedom comes some potential disadvantages for both employees and organizations. In this Unscripted, Jose and Nicholas discuss some of these pros and cons, and talk about their own experiences with unlimited PTO and flexible work arrangements. Timestamps: 1:45: Unlimited Vacation? PTO? What’s the difference? 3:15: Perhaps the biggest downside of “unlimited” PTO 6:00: Vacation time as a...


MYW Unscripted Episode 09 – Our Experiences with Sleep Tracking Apps

Back in Season 2, Jose and Nicholas talked about what the science says about sleep and work. They also committed to tracking their sleep and coming back to discuss their experiences in the future. In this Unscripted, Jose and Nicholas discuss their experiences with various sleep apps, whether they’ve seen any improvement, and the kinds of features they wish these apps had. Timestamps: 1:10: A call-back to Season 2 and the importance of sleep. 2:21: Our mini-reviews of different sleep...


MYW S03 Episode 01 – Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals are something most of us are familiar with and probably don’t really enjoy (unless you’re accustomed to getting great appraisals!) – that said, there have recently been more widespread grumblings about this organizational tradition. Is a shift in the fundamentals of performance management upon us? Are there compelling alternatives to performance appraisals? In this episode, we discuss some of the fundamentals of performance appraisals, cover the recent debate about...


MYW S02 Episode 06 – Mentorship

Mentorship is a well-known concept that is ubiquitous in organizations and frequently depicted in popular media (remember Master Yoda? “Do. Or do not. There is no try”). This is for good reason as mentors are the teachers, guides, and confidants who help us grow and reach our potential. In this episode, we discuss the research behind mentorship in the workplace. We outline some of the benefits of mentoring for mentees, the mentors themselves, and organizations. We also discuss some...


MYW Unscripted Episode 08 – Cognitive Enhancing Drugs

In this episode, Jose and Nicholas discuss the thorny ethical issue of cognitive enhancement in the workplace. They cover what constitutes pharmacological cognitive enhancement (or PCE), talk about the norms around drug use, and explain how organizations benefit. They also discuss some of the reasons for, and against, the use of cognitive performance enhancing drugs in society. Timestamps: 0:36: What is pharmacological cognitive enhancement (PCE)? 3:55: Pressure to cognitively enhance and...


MYW Unscripted Episode 07 – What is Crunch Mode and Why is it Terrible

“Crunch Mode” may sound like a fun breakfast cereal, but it’s actually kind of a bummer. Crunch Mode is a controversial labour practice that is common in the video game industry. It involves long hours, high amounts of stress, and no extra pay. In this episode, Jose and Nicholas talk about where Crunch Mode came from, why it is so bad, and what could be done about it. Timestamps: 0:40: What is Crunch Mode? 2:15: The rise of awareness of Crunch Mode 3:43: What are the specifics behind Crunch...


MYW Unscripted Episode 06 – Pay Transparency

In this episode of Unscripted, Jose and Nicholas discuss their thoughts on the taboo of talking about pay with your coworkers. They cover their own ideas as to why this taboo is so prevalent, how it negatively impacts workers, and what organizations have to gain from being more transparent about what and how they pay their employees. Timestamps: 00:20: Introduction and why we’re talking about this topic 2:43: Our feelings on talking about money and why it can be difficult 7:30: Why talking...


MYW S02 Episode 05 – The Importance of Sleep

We all know getting enough sleep is important, but a good night’s rest is often one of the first things we skip out on when life gets busy. In this episode, we cover the intersection between sleep and work. We outline some of the work-related consequences of lacking sleep, explain how work can hinder employees’ sleep, and discuss some of the ways organizations can support their employees’ sleep schedules and wellbeing. We also share some of our own experiences, and challenges, when it comes...


MYW Unscripted Episode 05 – Of Metrics and Interventions Part 2

In the second episode of a two-part series, Jose and Nicholas cover what went wrong with the NYPD’s system for tracking crimes and have a broader discussion around the challenges of picking metrics to incentivize behavior and drive performance. Timestamps: 0:40: Brief recap of part 1 and setup for part 2 1:50: Downsides of applying “The Crime Machine” 4:37: The problem with chasing metrics 7:18: Maximum or ceiling value of metrics 9:09: Danger of focusing on single metrics at the expense of...


MYW Unscripted Episode 04 – Of Metrics and Interventions

In the first episode of a two-part series, Jose and Nicholas use Reply All’s The Crime Machine episodes to talk about the importance of good metrics and what they mean for making successful changes in an organization. They also discuss the role of high-level leaders in ensuring that interventions are carried out effectively. Timestamps: 0:34: A recap of The Crime Machine episodes from Reply All 4:44: Good data and how it can help you allocate resources effectively 6:17: Finding the right...


MYW Will Be Back in July!

Jose and Nicholas have been a little busier than usual lately so MindYourWork will take a break for June and be back in July with a new episode! Mentioned This Episode: Jose’s personal Twitter (@jae_noza) Nicholas’ personal Twitter (@nlbremner) MindYourWorkIO (@mindyourworkio) – Send us a tweet! Credits: Logo Artwork by Antonella Espinoza. Find her at @ellaspin on Twitter!


MYW S02 Episode 04 – Bad Behavior at Work

On this episode, Jose and Nicholas discuss the research on Counter-productive Work Behaviors (CWBs). CWB is the umbrella term that covers a wide variety of behaviors that intentionally harm the organization or other employees. We cover everything from theft and fraud to the newest kind of CWB to enter the workplace, cyberloafing. Listen and find out why firing the ‘bad apples’ is not enough and what you can do instead. Timestamps: 0:56: An introduction to Counter-productive Work Behaviors...


MYW Unscripted Episode 03 – Jose and Nicholas Do Their Homework: Recruitment Videos

Almost a full season later, Jose and Nicholas finally get around to doing their homework! In this episode, we watch and discuss three very different recruitment videos mentioned in our episode on “What Attracts People to Organizations” (Season 1, Episode 6). We talk about some of the key messages that organizations try to communicate through recruitment videos and what they can tell you (and not tell you) about the organization’s culture. We also discuss the limitations of recruitment videos...