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239 – APTA NSC Ambush Student Q&A

Jimmy did a bit of ambush Q&A with students in Portland at the 2017 APTA National Student Conclave. He asked 3 questions to all of the students: What was the moment that made you say "Yes, this is why I'm here!", "What was the moment so far that knocked you on your heels?" and.... "Should you date a PT school classmate?" At National Student Conclave, you will network with other PT and PTA student peers and mentors while attending educational sessions specifically designed to prepare you...


238 – Kara Gainer APTA Director of Regulatory Affairs

Jimmy talked with Kara Gainer from the APTA, she handles Regulatory affairs. Which Jimmy had zero idea what that meant before they talked. She explained what it is she actually does at the APTA for it's members and the profession and why you're glad she's there. Administrative burden, Medicare/ Medicaid payment reforms and other things that you might think you can skip out on, but we actually made talking about them interesting. Kara's Bio Kara Gainer joined APTA in 2017 and providers...


237 – Curtis Tait The Physio Smörgåsbord approach

Jimmy talked to Canadian Physio Curtis Tait about a social media post he wrote that summed up all of the many various PT schools of thought. Below are the pictures of the original message that he received his eloquent response. CURTIS TAIT, BSC, MPT, DPT, IMS PHYSIOTHERAPY EDUCATOR Curtis has always enjoyed helping people, which made his journey to a career in Physiotherapy a natural fit. Practicing since 2012, his journey started at the University of Victoria in 2004 studying kinesiology...


236 – Aunt Mary’s Story with Elizabeth Kerrigan

This episode tells the story of Aunt Mary through the words of Physical Therapist Elizabeth Kerrigan. In it we take a look at how the profession of Physical Therapy can impact patients and families with Alzheimer's Disease. To tell this story Elizabeth uses her aunts journey as well as talking to health care experts on the disease. We spoke with Dr. Pasquale Fonzetti of Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains New York, Julie Reis a Physical Therapy educator, clinician and researcher...


235 – Doug Kechijian – Pararescuemen to Resilient PT

Had a great time talking to Doug Kechijian about his path from USAF Pararescuemen to PT in NYC. We talked about private practice and the state of PT and where it should and needs to go. Doug's Bio Doug Kechijian is a performance-based physical therapist who specializes in treating orthopedic injuries and chronic pain. He recognizes the continuum extending from acute rehabilitation to high-level sports conditioning. His comprehensive and integrated approach helps to not only relieve one’s...


#TBT Lindsay Corbin – 5X Ironman Champion

TBT to our interview with Lindsay Corbin, 5x Ironman Champ who was nice enough to talk with us while she was in Hawaii training. In this episode Jimmy McKay talks with 5-time Ironman Champion Lindsey Corbin. Corbin first stepped into triathlon in 2006. The “unknown” from Bend Oregon, made an early statement in the sport. Not only did she win the first two races she ever entered, she went on to set a course record in her first race as a professional. Since then, Linsey Corbin has become a...


234 – Chrissie Wellington – 4x Ironman World Champion & Head of Health & Wellness

Jimmy talks with 4x Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington. Chrissie is now the Global Head of Health and Wellness for Parkrun, an initiative out of the UK that organizes thousands of free 5K runs on a weekly basis around the world. They talked about the initiative and why it's so successful and how you can participate and run or set up your own event. Parkrun is a perfect compliment to the global vision of physical / physiotherapy of getting the public to move more on a regular basis....


#TBT to APTA CSM 2017 Outcomes Registry Announcement

We go back to APTA's CSM San Antonio when we unveiled the APTA's Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry. Find out more about the registry here: Benefits of the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry As the only cross-platform, nationwide physical therapy clinical registry, the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry collects data from the profession, for the profession. Elevate Your Patient Care Benchmark your practice. Track patient outcomes across multiple episodes...


233 – Mike Nichols Christopher & Dana Reeve foundation Ambassador

Jimmy talked with Mike Nichols, who is an ambassador for the Christopher & Dana Reeve foundation. Mike was injured in a high school hockey game and suffered a SCI. Since then, he has continued to inspire others with his recovery and advocacy for other patients. Mikes Story: I sustained a spinal cord injury during a varsity hockey game on January 4,2014. From the first day I was injured, support poured in from around the tri- state area – from fellow classmates to radio personalities Boomer...


232 – Alicia White working with patients with prosthetics

Jimmy talked with Alicia White about working with the amazing patients she sees with prosthetic at her clinic, Evolve Prosthetic Rehabilitation. Dr. Alicia White graduated from Baldwin-Wallace University in 2004 with a degree in athletic training. She continued her studies at the University of Miami where she earned a doctorate in physical therapy in 2007. Dr. White worked at the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas for ten years where she treated high-level patients with...


231 – What I Learned My First Year In PT School – Joe Rinaldi

Jimmy talks to 2nd year SPT from Drexel University Joe Rinaldi about what he learned in his first year of PT school. This talk stemmed from a blog post that Joe wrote that outlined some great lessons that he wanted to share. Joe's Bio: My name is Joe, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Westfield, NJ. I’ve played sports my entire life and have always been fascinated with fitness. I began my undergraduate studies at Bucknell University where I majored in Biology and worked in a research lab....


230 – Teddy Willsey @StrengthCoachTherapy

Jimmy talked with PT Teddy Willsey @ The Marymount LIVE college tour event. Teddy has more than 150K followers on his instagram account @StrengthCoachTherapy where he puts out great exercise content on a regular basis. They talked about instagram as a platform for PT and strength and conditioning, as well as athletes being an underserved population within Physical Therapy. Teddy's Bio: TEDDY WILLSEY PT, DPT, CSCS PHYSICAL THERAPIST HEALTHY BALLER PHYSICAL THERAPY 4944 WYACONDA RD.,...


229 – LIVE! From Marymount University

Live show from Marymount University on 9/9 in Arlington VA with Marymount Professors Skye Donovan and Jason Craig. PTs Amanda Hall & Amy O'Malley were also on the show with a live studio audience. Skye talked about what to pay attention to as a student navigating your way through your first year as a PT student what what to remember to thrive. Amanda talked about the PT’s role for adaptive equipment from least restrictive intervention AND most efficient way to move AND physiological needs....


228 – PT Day of Service Update with Efosa Guobadia

Jimmy talks with Efosa from PT Day of Service about this year's event happening on 10/14/17. The PT Day of Service Story What if. I imagine a few things have started that way in the past, and a few things will start that way in the future. This particular ‘what if’ came to my mind in February 2015. I was doing health volunteer work off the Amazon River in Peru. As I looked upon the river, an idea that had been bubbling in the back of my mind suddenly shot to the front in full force.What...


227 – Dot.Physio’s Glenn Ruscoe and how it’s changing the Physio internet

Jimmy talks to Glenn Ruscoe, a physiotherapist from Australia who is changing the digital landscape for Physiotherapy on the world wide web. Glenn Ruscoe Dot.Physio. Glenn runs www.DOT.Physio offers domain names that brand the profession of Physio. They talk about what .Physio means for the profession globally and how it can benefit companies large and small as well as branding individual clinicians. Glenn's Bio: Jimmy talks to Glenn Ruscoe, a physiotherapist from Australia who is changing...


226 – Mark Merolli on Digital Health & Physical Therapy

Jimmy talks with Physiotherapist Mark Merolli, an Australian physio with a PhD in digital health. They talk about how technology constantly transforms the field of Physical Therapy and how that trend will continue into the future. Social media is also discussed from how it's used now to where its application will go in the coming years. Mark's Bio: Mark Merolli is a passionate digital health and informatics professional. He work in academia, research, clinical practice, as a consultant,...


225 – What’s APPening?! –

Name of the app: PT Live Who makes it: Rob Vining What is their website / where can you find more info about it: PTLive.ME What does the app DO: If you own a clinic - They staff your website 24/7 with on-demand, professional PTs to field basic therapy questions and concerns to offer new patients the opportunity to schedule an eval without ever leaving YOUR website. They do it by one of those little chat windows in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, when you go to a website, You...


224 –’s Jesse McFarland Why you need a website pro on your team.

Jimmy talks to Jesse McFarland of about digital marketing and communications in the field of Physical Therapy. Why do you need a professional website in 2017 if you're a private practice owner or a PT building a brand? Jesse gives us a 6-pack check list for anyone with an existing website to see if you need to refresh or just get something brand new for your site. Jesse's Bio: Jesse boasts more than a decade of agency and marketing experience, including his most recent role in...


TBT – PT Day of Service w John & Efosa @ APTA NSC

Jimmy talked to Josh and Efosa of PT Day of Service @ APTA NSC in Miami. We talked about the arc of the Global Day of Service and where they envision the movement going in the future. PT DOS is well underway right now and you can pledge your support here: PT Day of Service PT DOS Bio: EFOSA GUOBADIA: What if. I imagine a few things have started that way in the past, and a few things will start that way in the future. This particular ‘what if’ came to my mind in February 2015. I was doing...


223 – Mary Massery – If you can’t breathe, you can’t function.

Jimmy talked with Mary Massery about her approach to breathing mechanics and her course "If you can't breathe, you can't function", amongst others. She talked about how she wound up in PT and how she "bent the rules" along the way to make herself be a better PT. Mary's Bio: Mary Massery received her BS in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in 1977, her DPT from the University of the Pacific in 2004 and her DSc from Rocky Mountain University in 2011. Her publications and interests...