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The Gadget Guy - with Scott Sklar

Scott Sklar is a self proclaimed gadget guy. In his home, he has almost any clean alternative energy technology you can think of. On this episode, we visit him there, and he explains how he accomplished something almost no one else around here has... energy independence. This episode has just a taste of all of the systems at Scott's house. See links below for more info:


The Unexpected Benefits of Energy Efficiency - with Jonathan Cohen

Happy Halloween! Today we aim to surprise and delight you with an episode about the unexpected benefits of energy efficiency. Who knows, one day it may save your life. Dun dun duuuunn... Jonathan Cohen works for our US Department of Energy on the Better Buildings Residential Network. In his work supporting local governments, nonprofits, and businesses he sees all of the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades. The obvious - lower energy bills, increase comfort - and the not so obvious... More...


Feedback Episode

Are you skeptical of this whole energy efficiency thing? You aren’t alone. Change is hard, but here’s something you ought to know...on this episode we discuss comments from you, our listeners! Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming! More info Health Product Declaration Library - Living Building Challenge Red List - Energy Vanguard blog on Indoor Air Quality -...


Care and Feeding - with Cathy Lin

Cathy Lin, Energy Manager for Arlington Public Schools, shares with us how one of her projects saved the school system $50,000. Putting money back where it's needed most. She also shares her personal experience achieving Net Zero electricity at home, and the importance of building maintenance. NOVA Regional Science Fair How to Use a Programmable Thermostat -...


This is What the Future Looks Like - Discovery Elementary School

Steve Stricker from Arlington Public Schools gives us a tour of Discover Elementary School in Arlington, VA. This school is “net zero energy,” generating as much clean, renewable, solar energy as it uses each year. Zero fossil fuels. 100% fantastic. More Information Discovery Project - Solatubes - Cool ICF Construction video - Geothermal -...


Power to the People - with Aaron Sutch

Some neighbors organize block parties. These neighbors organized solar installations. On this episode, we talk with Aaron Sutch from VASUN and learn more about solar co-ops, an innovative solution that helps average citizens access solar. More Info Solar Co-op - VASUN Music "Hurt Me" by Benjimanji is licensed under CC BY 4.0 "Telescope II" by Unthunk is licensed under CC BY 4.0 "How it Fades" by Scott Gratton is licensed under CC BY 4.0


Construction, Moms (...and Machine Guns) - with Patty Shields

Patty Shields, one of the few women builders in Virginia, shares with us what it's like to be an oddity. She's a woman in the primarily male home building arena. On top of that, is one of those building science geeks, on the leading edge of high performance green building. Patty teaches us to forget about fitting in. How has that ever changed the world anyway? More Info Green Home Choice program Metro Green...


Hoodwinked - with Chris Conway (part 2)

Building or renovating a home can be incredibly stressful and frustrating. Things can get technical and you might feel out of your element. Here's a story about how to get the most value out of that system that does so much for you. It heats. It cools. It ventilates. It dehumidifies. It's your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system! Music: "Hurt Me" by Benjimanji From the Free Music Archive Attribution License "Rudolph Steiner's Favorite Television Program" by Jesse Spillane...


Warrior - with Chris Conway (Part 1)

Welcome to Rethink Energy! This is our first ever podcast episode and we're so happy that you found us. This is the story of Chris Conway, who overcame tough odds to become a leading expert in the field of green building. Related Links Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy - Conway Energy - Earthcraft Virginia certification Find a certified energy rater - Learn more about the...


Teaser Rethink Energy

Rethink Energy explores the concept of sustainability through storytelling. Here's a sneak peek at Season 1. Subscribe today so you don't miss a single episode! Website Music "Our Ego Feat. Different Visitor" by Broke for Free is licensed under CC BY 4.0 "Version 2.83" by Michett is licensed under CC BY 4.0