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Unruly Memory

Memories give us a sense of who we are. But how can we be sure that what we remember is what really happened? And why is it that some unwanted memories just won’t go away? Vin Walsh is a Professor of Human Brain Research at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL. https://twitter.com/vinwalsh Julia Shaw is a memory hacker and psychological scientist at UCL. She is best known for her work in the area of false memories: memories of things that never actually happened....


Using Tech to Track Endangered Wildlife – Ri Science Podcast #24

This month Kate Jones tells us about the amazing technology being used to monitor wildlife worldwide and how it is helping us to learn about the fascinating world of bats. Kate Jones is Professor of Ecology and Biodiversity in the Research Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment (GEE) at University College London. She's on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/profkatejones Check out our website: http://www.rigb.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ri_Science YouTube:...


Technologies That Will Improve and/or Ruin Everything – Ri Science Podcast #23

What will the world of tomorrow be like? Kelly and Zach Weinersmith give us a snapshot of the transformative technologies that are coming soon(ish), from space elevators to origami robots, and explain how they will change our world in astonishing ways — maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. Kelly Weinersmith is a Huxley Fellow at Rice University in the BioSciences Department. She studies how host behaviour influences risk of infection with parasites and cohosts Science... Sort Of, one...


How To Leave The Planet – Ri Science Podcast #22

For millennia, humans have been firmly rooted to the Earth, but haven't you ever fancied a change of scenery? This month, science writer and broadcaster Dallas Campbell talks to former Christmas Lecturer and fellow space nerd Kevin Fong about all things space travel, and Dallas’ new book: Ad astra: An illustrated guide to leaving the planet. Dallas Campbell is an actor, author and TV presenter, and has always been fascinated by space. He was also an understudy for the 2014 CHRISTMAS...


A Whirlwind Tour of Science with Dr Karl – Ri Science Podcast #20

Australian author and presenter Dr Karl Kruszelnicki gives a whirlwind tour of incredible science facts and questions. Like who put a nuclear reactor in africa 2 billion years ago? And is there life on a moon of Saturn? Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is an Australian science populariser with degrees in Physics and Maths, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine and Surgery. He has held a wide range of jobs, from doctor to film-maker, radio personality to labourer, car mechanic to physicist.


What Our Brains Want - Ri Science Podcast #19

Our sense of reward motivates us and is essential for survival, so when the system malfunctions, it can lead to big problems. This month, Ray Dolan, Wolfram Schultz and Peter Dayan, winners of the 2017 Lundbeck Foundation Brain Prize, discuss their ground-breaking work on how the brain recognises and processes reward with Claudia Hammond.


Stephanie Shirley

An estimated 700,000 people in Britain are affected by autism. In this Discourse, Dame Stephanie Shirley shares her hands-on experience of the disorder. Dame Stephanie Shirley is an information technology pioneer and philanthropist. Her charitable organisation, The Shirley Foundation, facilitates scientific research aimed at understanding what autism is as opposed to what it looks like.


Science at the Extremes - Ri Science Podcast #16

Greg Foot leads a scientific exploration to the top of the tallest mountain and bottom of the deepest ocean, accompanied by mountaineer medic Dan Martin and oceanographer explorer Leigh Marsh. Hear more from Greg Foot on his podcast, The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: http://gregfoot.com/slicedbreadpod/ Watch the incredible Nautilus explorations live: http://www.nautiluslive.org/ Find out more about Extreme Everest: https://www.xtreme-everest.co.uk/ Greg Foot is a science presenter and a...


Neuroimaging, Neurononsense and Gender Stereotypes - Ri Science Podcast #12

Have new brain imaging techniques really revealed that women and men are ‘hardwired’ for their gender roles? Or has neuroscience become misappropriated to justify gender gaps? Professor of cognitive neuroimaging Gina Rippon investigates. *Subscribe to the podcast for free by searching 'Ri Science Podcast' in your app of choice* There is a long history of debate about biological sex differences and their part in determining gender roles, with the ‘biology is destiny’ mantra being used to...


The Neuroscience of Consciousness – Ri Science Podcast #9

Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Anil Seth looks at the neuroscience of consciousness and how our biology gives rise to the unique experience of being you. Anil provides an insight into the state-of-the-art research in the new science of consciousness. Distinguishing between conscious level, conscious content and conscious self, he describes how new experiments are shedding light on the underlying neural mechanisms in normal life as well as in neurological and...


The Science of Sleep - Ri Science Podcast #7

Russell Foster, Debra Skene and Stafford Lightman discuss the science of sleep. Why do we need sleep and what are the physiological processes driving our circadian rhythm? When is our circadian clock disrupted and how does this affect our health? Cognitive neuroscientist Vincent Walsh chairs the debate. Subscribe to the podcast for regular talks from the world's sharpest minds. Search Ri Science Podcast in your app of choice.


The Serengeti Rules with Sean B Carroll - Ri Science Podcast #5

Evolutionary biologist Sean B Carroll reveals how a few simple rules govern all life on earth, from the cells in our bodies to populations of animals on the Serengeti. Subscribe to the podcast for regular talks from the world's sharpest minds. Search Ri Science Podcast in your app of choice.


My Life in Science with Richard Dawkins – Ri Science Podcast #4

Richard Dawkins discusses the key individuals, institutions and ideas that have inspired and motivated him since the publication of ‘The Selfish Gene’ in 1976 with Dr Alice Roberts.


The Perfect Bet with Adam Kucharski - Ri Science Podcast #3

The house always wins. Or does it? Mathematician Adam Kucharski looks at the mathematics, economics and physics of gambling.


Mars Exploration: Curiosity and Beyond with Anita Sengupta - Ri Science Podcast #2

Aerospace engineer Anita Sengupta takes us through the extraordinary engineering feat of landing NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars, going from 13,000 mph to 0 mph in 7 minutes, and discusses the current and future exploration of our nearest neighbour. In August of 2012 NASA landed the largest and most capable robotic geologist in history, on the surface of Mars. The Curiosity Rover is on a journey to determine past and present habitability of the Red Planet. Anita Sengupta is one of the lead...


The Aliens are Coming! with Ben Miller - Ri Science Podcast #1

Writer Ben Miller leads Jim Al-Khalili through our search for alien life in the Universe in the first of our new podcast series bringing you thought provoking lectures and discussions from the world's sharpest minds. For millennia, we have looked up at the stars and wondered whether we are alone in the Universe. In the last few years, scientists have made huge strides towards answering that question. Comedian and bestselling science writer Ben Miller is in conversation with Jim Al-Khalili,...