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Welcome to TWB! Join me, comedian & entertainer Bobby Brown Jr., every Thursday and Monday on an audio-visual journey of how I see the world. You'll get to meet some of my friends, follow my comedy career, hear some good music and really get to laugh and enjoy listening to how my brain works. If you're down for that then we rolling, come judge me! Support this podcast:


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Welcome to TWB! Join me, comedian & entertainer Bobby Brown Jr., every Thursday and Monday on an audio-visual journey of how I see the world. You'll get to meet some of my friends, follow my comedy career, hear some good music and really get to laugh and enjoy listening to how my brain works. If you're down for that then we rolling, come judge me! Support this podcast:








51| Opposite of Wholesome

NEW STUDIO! Bobby talks checking old enemies IG when needing to feel good, Mikey kind of grows a mustache, JEA deposits are a SCAM, Transferring funds before a date, platonic hangings with ex's, TV SpinOff Fails & MORE! We'll be back Sunday! Here's One Just to hold yall over! Thanks for listening ! @maybebobby @michael85o 00:00 Intro 2:38 Needing To Feel Good About Yourself 3:38 Seeing Ex's/ Old Friends Misreable 6:17 Hanging with Exs Platonically 12:30 Welcome Gifts from Neighbors 15:40...


50| Moving On Up

Final episode of season 2. Bobby recaps Feb18-20 Comedy Zone hosting comedian Ryan Davis (HBO, BET) with Dominique Witten, Austin Hall & Tez Brooks. Also meeting comedian Deon Cole (ABC Blackish, Grownish) on his COLEOLOGY Florida Theatre tour stop. Bobby feels a new creative stride works out new jokes, top youtube comment of the week, Kanye West Doc, moving to new studio & MORE! Thanks for listening. Follow my socials @maybebobby! Special Thank You to my...


49| Joe Rogan is White Uncle Phil with Mikey B

One of my favorite comedians to see when I get to a show, sometimes hosting VooSwar Open Mic on Tuesdays, Mikey B is on the pod this week! This week Bobby & Mikey met Theo Von & Maddy Smith at The Florida Theatre, local comedian Marcus Crespo calls in talks opening for room of 2,000 people, Joe Rogan is Uncle Phil for white men, Pretty Girls Make the Best Drugs, working out new jokes, comedy specials & MORE! Thanks for listening! Special Thank you to my partners at The Comedy Zone...


#TWB48| CJ Couch "Raw Dog Radio"

I love talking comedy with people on the same grind as me! This weeks guest, host of the weekly Open Mic at CBD Cafe in Jacksonville Florida, former of CouchTalk Podcast, the hilarious CJ Couch. We talk what its like doing comedy shows and spots around Jax, how hosting your own show can kind of be a cheatcode in comedy, Lowlights & Highlights of open mic comedy & our upcoming show dates! Mikey & CJ first in line for Elon Musk' Brain Chip. Drunk guy swims in sewage waste to retrieve...


#TWB47 | Salute Me or Mute Me

I Work Hard On This Show, Help Me Quit My Day Job Here: Patreon - Anchor - WELCOME BACK to The Writer's Block Pod! Thanks for 10k listens/downloads! Check out my StandUp on YouTube: This week Bobby & Mikey discuss (1) Bobby releasing Standup on YouTube, (2) Podcasters are dropping in the polls of women, (3) Fake celebrity relationship roll-outs, (4) Apartment Shopping,...


Bobby Brown Jr. opens at Comedy Zone Jacksonville with Ali Siddiq

My first time on a pro stage, Thanks for laughing Comedy Zone! Time for this to hit the net. Please like and comment for ego and algorithm purposes thanks! Oct 23rd 2021 I got to watch, learn from, and open for one of the FUNNIEST standup comedians in the business Mr. Ali Siddiq. Huge thank you to Ali for the stage time! Shortly after this he put on a masterclass of a show! And special thank you to my partners over at the Comedy Zone! This weekend would not...


#TWB46 | BIG Funny (Anniversary Episode)

TWB Podcast has officially turned 1 year old this week. Thank you for all you support this far! There's now a new way to support the show! I WORK HARD ON THIS, HELP ME QUIT MY DAY JOB HERE: Episode Notes: (1) Bobby opens at The Comedy Zone Jacksonville on YouTube January 7th. (2) Public criticism feels weird. (3) Bobby pitches Disney a Million Dollar Idea (4) New Years Recap (5) TWB Anniversary (6) A Season of New People (7) Friend Of The Show...


#TWB45 | Off The Market

I Work Hard On This Show, Help Me Quit My Day Job Here: BONUS PATREON CONTENT INFO FOR SUBSCRIBERS JAN 2022 The final episode of 2021! Shoutout to all of you who gave this show a chance this year. Joined this week with a close friend Ajanay Brown, we open the pod with Bobby learning how hard it is to spell the word "receipt", and as usual we recap Bobby's recent standup comedy shows + shows coming up. Everyone gave 3 top goals they'd like to...


#TWB44 | Romance Vitamins

Help Me Quit My Day Job Here - The gang is all here this week! Bobby, Viktoriya, Judah, & Mikey will be the new normal for the podcast moving forward into 2022! Clicking on all cylinders Bobby speaks on ideal romance, Mikey meets The Nature Boy Ric Flair, Judah breaks up a fight at Rolling Loud California, Viktoriya experiences racism, this is a hilarious episode you don't want to miss!! We brought back the classic five things improv game to open...


#TWB43 | The Lafavre Episode

Another great episode of TWB! The gang sits down with 5th generation Jax native Kasey Faver, creator of apparel which can be seen all over Jacksonville. We open up the show with a fun story of how Bobby heard about Kasey's brand, and then do a little review of Bobby's last open mic show. To improve his brand Kasey takes a trip to NYC and we get into a really great conversation about putting yourself in position to learn and succeed. Viktoriya chooses to believe all her ideas are...


#TWB42 | The Lead Laugher

Our guest this week is a very funny comedian and my friend Christian Blaker. Christian and Bobby have been doing open mic shows around Jacksonville together and he's been at every one of my worst attempts at it, so much that I know consider him my bomb brother. My favorite part of this conversation was discussing local comedy shows and the importance of having just ONE person lead the laughs and what that could do for the experience of everyone. Mikey DISRESPECTS us by saying "internet...


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#TWB40 | Imposter Syndrome

To celebrate making it out of the 30's we did a quick recap of appreciation for the big interviews on the podcast, Vincent Bryant, Ali Siddiq, Tony Roberts and Lance Woods. The whole gang went out to the late show Saturday night at the Comedy Zone to see Trevor Wallace featuring Joey Avery and they put on a very fun and engaging show! Judah has a random message about the gold wrappers, Bobby gets attacked by Imposter Syndrome, Viktoriya thinks bugs are suicidal... Judah has never seen me do...


#TWB39 We're Gonna Need A Bigger Couch

Finally back in the home studio after 3 weeks of interviews! We opened up this episode on a phone call with Comedy Zone Marketing Manager Jenna, who was tasked with taking on the Karen who interrupted Affion Crockett Friday night on stage. The viral video shows Jenna politely explaining to this lady that she f*cked up big time! It made The Shade Room, TMZ and im honored to have such a viral celeb on the show. Bobby talks opening for Ali Siddiq and Tony Roberts, works out new material around...


#TWB37 Comedian Tony Roberts at ComedyZone Jacksonville

Another fun interview here at the Comedy Zone! Detroit comedian Tony Roberts is in Jacksonville to take the stage. In this episode I got to ask Tony how it was performing comedy at iconic venues like Showtime at the Apollo, Def Comedy Jam, and BET Comic View. He's currently working on his 4th standup special and starting tonight (thursday) you can see five shows this weekend! I'll be opening up Friday and Saturday night 7:30PM! Thanks for listening. @tonytroberts...


#TWB36 Comedian Ali Siddiq at ComedyZone Jacksonville

Last episode I told you it was coming! One of the funniest comedians of all time Ali Siddiq sat down with me for a conversation about standup comedy life, shares stories about his family, calls out Bobby AND todays thugs (thats separate) for not being able to swim. Ali also speaks about being a Grammy Nominated Comedian and gives more inside details of his classic This Is Not Happening "Mexicans got on boots" story of a 16 hour prison riot! Thanks for listening! You can see Ali Siddiq at...


#TWB35 Make Women Pay! ft Vik

Bobby and Viktoriya do a weekend recap: Bobby and the Jaguars finally caught some Wins this week, Vik recaps her moms birthday dinner followed by quick life story time, Bobby runs into his first kiss out in public grocery shopping, Vik absolutely roasts Bobby's new dating app idea, an app where its known that Women pay for the first date, then we talk struggling to get up and running, and about who we were before we met each other along with some embarrassing face book pictures. Thanks for...


#TWB34 Urban Meyer Makes Fingering Cool Again!

We opened this episode with me and my highschool classmate and Judah Brown recapping his first time at The Comedy Zone Jacksonville. We caught the Rod Man show together and it was an absolutely hilarious night! Again I wanna thank our partners over at The Comedy Zone, Your next chance for 25% off on your tickets is October 20th, Dry Bar Comedy is coming to Jax! Use code 'TWB25' when you purchase tickets. As mature as we possibly could we discussed Urban Meyer bringing back the lost art of...


#TWB33 Hollywood Brown

This episode Bobby and Viktoriya open up to talk more about the official Comedy Zone partnership announcement. I've spent the last 3 weekends there seeing comics like Rod Man, Samuel J Comroe and Vincent Bryant performing and we spoke about how dope it is watching live professional comedy shows. Also How weird it feels being called an "influencer" in real life & I take the name "Hollywood Brown" because Bobby changes his phone number after his first deal hahaha. This episode was fun because...


#TWB32 Who Are These Viggas?

Ayyee whats good pod gang! I made $34 Dollars podcasting this month thanks to you all!! So here's a new audio exclusive episode ft Viktoriya and my friend Asia chimes in occasionally! This was Viks first time back on the podcast since I left Tallahassee so we caught up a lot on what the next plays are here, how different her world of pop culture is from my own, and we got a chance to explore some really great conversations about Vik venturing into creating some type of content of her own...