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Conversations with women in STEAM where we learn a bit about what they do, and who they are. We’re a diverse group of people (in so many ways) with unique personal and professional journeys. And I want you to meet some of us.

Conversations with women in STEAM where we learn a bit about what they do, and who they are. We’re a diverse group of people (in so many ways) with unique personal and professional journeys. And I want you to meet some of us.




Conversations with women in STEAM where we learn a bit about what they do, and who they are. We’re a diverse group of people (in so many ways) with unique personal and professional journeys. And I want you to meet some of us.




Sustainable Mental Health in the Workplace & Better Work with Dr Nicole Tschierske (#43)

Dr Nicole Tschierske is a scientist and positive psychology coach who helps experts and teams in STEM do better work. Nicole works with her clients improve their collaboration and communication skills so their work gets the momentum and recognition it deserves. She also helps construct ways of working that reduce stress, increase motivation and engagement, and deliver results. Nicole lives in Hamburg, Germany, holds a PhD in chemistry and is trained in coaching, positive psychology, change...


Segue: Data Visualisation and Florence Nightingale with RJ Andrews (#1)

RJ Andrews is author and founder of Info We Trust. He is also the editor of the Information Graphic Visionaries book series. RJ's talent is helping organisations solve information problems. His passion is studying the history of information graphics to discover design insights. In our conversation, we talk about Florence Nightingale's intriguing story, and how she used data visualisation in her campaign for sanitary reform. Show Notes:...


Better Technical Interviews and the Inclusivity of Remote Work with Jocelyn James (#42)

Jocelyn James is an engineering manager whose previous careers have included teaching, refugee services, and mental health research. As a disabled woman with a background in human rights, Jocelyn is passionate about inclusivity in engineering and ensuring that those with non-traditional routes into the field are not only included but celebrated. Jocelyn lives in Manhattan with her 12-year-old Italian greyhound Florence, who rules the household despite not contributing to rent. In our...


Developer Education & Career Development with Rachel Lee Nabors (#41)

Rachel Lee Nabors has worked in the web development industry for over a decade, working on web animations APIs and tooling with Mozilla, Firefox and the W3C; and working on browsers at Microsoft; and spearheading developer education on React and React Native teams at Meta. They are currently Technical Program Manager leading developer education on AWS Amplify. In our conversation, we talk about developer education and preparing for your next role. Show Notes:...


Episode Swap: History Detective - Janine Haines

This week STEAM Powered is doing an episode swap with History Detective by Kelly Chase. History Detective is a podcast for teachers, students and lovers of history. It delves into stories from the past that don't always get told in the textbooks. This episode is about Janine Haines. Janine Haines was a teacher with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Mathematics. She was a passionate advocate for girls to study mathematics and the sciences, and went on to pursue a career in politics...


Cultivating STEMM and Entrepreneurial Life Skills with Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen (#40)

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen OAM is a futurist who believes existing structures in the technology industry must change in order to serve tomorrow's digital landscape, and that our children's future job prospects depend on it. Her focus is on leadership, innovation, and education to champion Australian tech entrepreneurship, and address the necessary rebalancing of gender roles within the traditionally male-dominated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) space. In her highly illuminating...


Leadership and the Arts in Science with Dr Naomi Boxall (#39)

Mild-mannered scientist by day, Dr Naomi Boxall is an intellectually curious, creative, change agent: always seeking to use my talents to improve health for the population. This has been within multiple fields so far, including public health and pharmacoepidemiology…what might be next? In our conversation, we talk about epidemiology, leadership, and the art in scientific enquiry. Show Notes (link) [00:00:49] Naomi's journey to biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. [00:01:27]...


Mechanical Engineering with Gabriella Martini (#38)

Gabriella Martini is a curious, dynamic and adaptive engineering professional with a proven record of managing a portfolio of engineering projects from concept to implementation. She focuses on embedding sustainable business processes while generating and maintaining relationships, is dependable and a structured thinker who thrives on solving problems in challenging, fast paced and pressurised environments. Gabriella actively participates in a number of programs which promote a healthier...

Data in Context with Audrey Lobo-Pulo (#37)

Dr Audrey Lobo-Pulo currently works at LinkedIn and holds a PhD in Physics and a Masters in Economic Policy. She is also accredited by the International Bateson Institute to host and conduct Warm data labs. A member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network for the Future of Digital Economy and Society, Civic Participation and the Future of Government, Audrey is passionate about how technology may be designed for better government and societal outcomes. Previously a Senior Policy Advisor...


Agroecology and Climate Change with Dr Anika Molesworth (#36)

Dr Anika Molesworth is a farmer, scientist and storyteller. She is widely recognised for her work in agriculture and food systems and generating climate change awareness, and is author of Our Sunburnt Country. Awards include Young Farmer of the Year (2015) and Young Australian of the Year, New South Wales Finalist (2017). Anika is passionate about ensuring the best possible future for the planet, people and the food on our plates. In our conversation, we talk about Anika's journey and...


Cyber Security with Cairo Malet (#35)

Cairo Malet (she/her) is a cyber security professional, specialising in governance, risk and compliance. She currently works for Octopus Deploy, leading their GRC programme. Before moving to Octopus, she spent three years leading risk assessment and remediation at one of the world’s largest mining companies, working with technology across both enterprise and operational environments. Her previous experience includes consulting and internal positions, working with organisations across...


Native bees and biological taxonomy with Dr Kit Prendergast (#34)

Dr Kit Prendergast, also known as The Bee Babette, is a native bee scientist and science communicator. Her research focuses on discovering the biodiversity of native bees and identifying the factors that influence their abundance, diversity, and distribution, so that we can have an evidence-based understanding of their ecologies to better conserve our indigenous bees. Her research has also involved investigating the controversial topic of competition with the introduced European honeybee...


Digital Commons and Public Policy with Pia Andrews (#33)

Pia Andrews is an open government and data ninja [1] who has been working in making the world a better place for 20 years. She currently works within the (public sector) machine to transform public services through greater transparency, democratic engagement, citizen-centric design, open data, emerging technologies and real, pragmatic actual innovation in the public sector and beyond. She believes that tech culture has a huge role to play in achieving better policy planning, outcomes, public...


Developer Advocacy and Augmented & Virtual Reality with Jesslyn Tannady (#32)

Jesslyn Tannady is a Developer Advocate at Facebook. She creates educational content about Facebook's technologies so that anyone outside of Facebook can use them. In a past life, she worked on video games and augmented reality navigation tools for astronauts for NASA. When she's not thinking about virtual reality technology, she's probably illustrating or voice acting. You can find her on Twitter at @jtannady. In our conversation, we talk about Jesslyn's past life in Augmented and Virtual...


Aerospace Engineering with Dr Marsha Tufft (#31)

Dr. Marsha Tufft is an engineer, author, speaker, and problem-solver. Her passion is helping kids succeed in STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, math. She brings 35 years engineering experience at GE Aviation and degrees in mechanical, aerospace, and materials engineering to the creation of STEM experiments and projects that can be done at home because there’s nothing like learning by doing. She writes middle grade fiction books with a STEAM (=STEM+art) theme because stories...


Learning sciences and science education with Dr Stephanie Ryan (#30)

Dr Stephanie Ryan, Ph.D. is a chemist, a boy mom, and a social media influencer who enjoys using her background to create superior educational products and content. Although an academic at heart, Dr Stephanie is passionate about learning through play. She can be found helping young kids explore the fascinating world around them. Over the years, Dr Stephanie has taught science to all age groups, both in and out of the classroom, helping toddlers learn about their world and college students...


Antarctic Whales and Microbial Ecology with Dr Elanor Bell (#29)

Dr. Elanor Bell is a senior research scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division where her role combines a passion for conservation and the polar marine environment, with her experience of coordinating multi-national research and translating the outcomes to policy. Throughout her career, Elanor has wintered twice in Antarctica studying some of the smallest organisms on the planet (microbes) and now works on the largest creatures on the planet, Antarctic blue whales. In our conversation,...


Planetary Sciences with Dr Carly Howett (#28)

Dr. Carly Howett is an Associate Professor at Oxford University. She is mainly interested in understanding the surface properties of icy worlds, including Saturn’s icy moons, Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, Europa, and Kuiper Belt Objects (including Pluto and Charon). She is the Deputy Principal Investigator of the Ralph Instrument on New Horizons, an Instrument Scientist on NASA’s newly selected Lucy mission and a Co-Investigator on two other NASA missions: Cassini and Europa Clipper. In our...


Indirect Paths to Tech and Entrepreneurship with Helen Huang (#27)

Helen (tw: @heyohelen) is an earth scientist turned product manager turned startup founder. After leaving her mark at companies such as Zynga, Microsoft, and Github, she's gone on to co-found Co.Lab, a platform for technologists to upskill through cross-functional, project-based learning. Helen is especially passionate about thought diversity, the power of learning by doing, and cute cats. In our conversation, we talk about indirect paths to tech, entrepreneurship, and Co.Lab. Show Notes...


Nuclear Physics and Society with Dr Shelly Lesher (#26)

Dr Shelly Lesher is a Professor and Chair of Physics at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse (UWL) and a Guest Professor at the University of Notre Dame with an active research program in experimental low-energy nuclear physics and developing the next generation of scientists. Dr Lesher has authored of over 55 scientific publications which focus on understanding the structure of nuclei in journals such as Physical Review C, Physical Review Letters, and Nuclear Physics A. She is also...