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NBC10 Boston has teamed up with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to bring you a series that explores the world of sharks in New England.

NBC10 Boston has teamed up with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to bring you a series that explores the world of sharks in New England.


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NBC10 Boston has teamed up with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to bring you a series that explores the world of sharks in New England.








Bringing More Black Women Into Shark Science

A group of Black women working in shark science are trying to bring needed diversity to their field with their new organization, Minorities in Shark Science. MISS president Jasmin Graham told us that finding other shark researchers like her was shocking — “What, another Black woman in shark science? That’s wild!" — and what the group is doing to bring diversity to marine science.


Hunting Down Shark Brains — for Science!

Kara Yopak heads the Yopak Zombie Lab at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she studies what all zombies love: brains. She has a collection of shark brains that she believes holds the key to predicting shark behavior — just don’t ask her if sharks are smart.


How Canadians See Sharks Differently Than We Do

And white sharks seem to behave differently in Canada’s waters than elsewhere, too, according to Heather Bowlby, lead researcher at the Canadian Atlantic Shark Research Laboratory at Fisheries and Oceans Canada. She took time from her research to tell us about what Canada thinks of great white sharks and what the sharks think of Canada.


What We're Learning Seeing Through a Shark’s Eyes

Shark research legend Dr. Greg Skomal is back on the podcast to talk about getting a first-person view of a shark’s life and other ways his team has been tracking sharks off Cape Cod this summer.


The Struggles of Shark Parenting

Being a single shark mother is hard, especially when you have to worry about dad eating a baby or two. Dr. James Sulikowski, a shark expert at Arizona State University, shares some fascinating facts about shark babies and describes what it is like giving shark moms on-the-spot sonograms.


Sharks on The Move

Ever wonder how a shark reacts to a hurricane? No they don’t combine with them like in the “Sharknado” movies, but it turns out sharks don't always get out of the way when a big storm hits, either. That's one of the things Bryan Legare, a shark researcher with the Center for Coastal Studies, told us about his studies of the fine-scale movements of white sharks in the Cape Cod area.


Why We Can’t Get Enough of Shark Week

Shark Week has been airing on the Discovery Channel for decades and has had a major impact on the world of shark research and the public’s perception of sharks. We dive into this annual event with Marianne Long of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, which is featured in an episode this year, on why people keep coming back to the TV event and how it helps the future of shark research.


After Deadly Maine Shark Attack, Expert Shares What We Know

Dr. James Sulikowski had been studying sharks off Maine when a white shark killed a swimmer, the state's first deadly shark attack ever. He joined us to explain what we know about sharks in this area, how people should think about risk when swimming and how climate change factored in.


New Gadgets for Spying on Sharks

The world of shark research, much like the world of an undercover spy, is all about using the right tools to collect information. I talked with Megan Winton at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy about the exciting new technology they are piloting this summer to spy on sharks, including balloons that look like blimps flying over Cape Cod beaches.


We're Back: How COVID-19 Is Changing Cape Cod Shark Research

Shark Tales is back at the start of a shark research season that has a very different feel. Coronavirus has brought a lot of changes to Cape Cod, so we caught up with the staff at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy on what they are seeing.


Cynthia Wigren is the Public Defender For Sharks

Sharks have a tough public image and Cynthia Wigren, the founder of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, dedicates her life to changing people's perspectives. Hear about why she founded the conservancy and her thoughts on the shark debate in Cape Cod.


Figuring Out the 'Shark Puzzle'

Shark sightings and encounters grab the headlines, but there is so much more going on in the world of sharks. Research scientist Megan Winton talks about how statistics are essential in figuring out the "shark puzzle."


Lisa Natanson Finds Secrets Inside Shark's Bodies

NOAA shark researcher Lisa Natanson digs into sharks to learn more about how they age and reproduce. We talk about some of the strange things she has found inside, and get into the weird development of shark babies


Going Full Ninja on Smelly Seals With Andrea Bogomolni

Seals play a major role in a shark's diet and the culture around these predators in Cape Cod. Researcher Andrea Bogomolni is studying seals to learn more about how they fit into our ecosystem. Learn more about what her research is finding, and why we should all agree that ticks are worse than sharks.


How Sharks Like 'Mr. Frisky' Get Their Names

Nan-Sea? Cool Beans? Sharks in Cape Cod have been given a long list of unique names based on their looks, encounters and even memories of loved ones. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's research scientist, Megan Winton, explains their process for identifying sharks and shares some very special stories from the oddest names.


Dr. Greg Skomal & The Media Feeding Frenzy

Dr. Greg Skomal is a shark biologist at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the face of shark research in Cape Cod during shark season. We talked about his decades of research into ocean life, dealing with media feeding frenzies and raising a family. (Collaboration with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy)


Have You Ever Seen a Shark Jump?

Married couple Chris and Monique Fallows have been studying a special area in South Africa where sharks can often be seen jumping out of the water. For over 20 years, they have captured photos and data on this unique phenomenon. Hear why this breaching occurs so much in their area, and how sharks came into play for their first date.


Scoping Out Sharks With Wayne Davis

Wayne Davis is a pilot and photographer that currently flies around Cape Cod looking for great white sharks. His fish spotting skills are invaluable to shark research, and Wayne loves to see the ocean from his unique point of view. Hear some stories from a man who has been working over the ocean for decades.


Everybody Poops...Even Sharks

Shark skin may not be as rough as you think and shark poop can be quite shocking. Marianne Long is the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's Education Director and she has some thoughts on shark conservation (and plenty shark facts at her disposal.)


Fitbits for Sharks?

We kick things off with a look into shark research with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's research scientist Megan Winton. Hear how we could soon get a whole new perspective on sharks with exciting new technology.