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Each week Mitch and Greg of AsapSCIENCE explain the science behind a new subject. Using studies, anecdotes and interviews they keep you entertained while *BAM* simultaneously LEARNING!

Each week Mitch and Greg of AsapSCIENCE explain the science behind a new subject. Using studies, anecdotes and interviews they keep you entertained while *BAM* simultaneously LEARNING!




Each week Mitch and Greg of AsapSCIENCE explain the science behind a new subject. Using studies, anecdotes and interviews they keep you entertained while *BAM* simultaneously LEARNING!








Sibling Science - Does Birth Order Matter?

Does being born first make you smarter? Does having more siblings mean less parental care? There is a lot of scientific information on birth order, but what does the most recent research say? WHAT DID WE LEARN THIS WEEK?: 5:33 - How electricity changed our evenings 10:13 - Are Filipino Flying Foxes, really THAT BIG!?!? STUDYTIME: 15:58 - Recent research on Birth Order


Sidenote Presents: Can I Speak To The Manager

"Can I Speak To The Manager" is Greg's other podcast where he and his co-host study an artists career to decide why they're famous, what went wrong and how they should comeback. This weeks episode is about Ke$ha / Kesha! Greg went from like to love with Kesha, but will admit things have gone wrong. So find out how they think she should comeback, and subscribe for weekly episodes!


Teaching Math in DRAG? ft. Kyne

Kyne teaches math to millions, IN DRAG! We find out why she started, how she makes her famous TikTok's and how she combats racism with MATH! We even live love laugh about her upcoming stint on Canada's Drag Race! What Did We Learn This Week?: 1:08 - How racist science created anti-immigration policy 4:48 - NASA names their agency headquarters after Mary Jackson!!!


Does Protesting Work?

New technology can track protests and study the effectiveness of mass movements, so do they work? What did we learn this week: 1) How humans perceive time differently 2) A new structure discovered near the Earth's core Studytime: How new technology can track and study protests. The psychology of how protests work and why it's important to gather en masse


Lab Shenanigans: TikTok meets SCIENCE!?

Darrion Nguyen a.k.a. Lab Shenanigans hilariously teaches millions about science on TikTok. We love his videos, and wanted to talk about how he makes them, being queer in science and what the future of a lab technician / TikToker will be!


Racism and Science

Scientific studies show racism is real, and both psychologically and physiologically damaging. At the same time, STEM is dominated by systemic racism. How do we as white people and science communicators help? We'll explain important studies about how racism works and also grapple with the whiteness of science.


Animal Crossing

Scientific studies find that Animal Crossing can improve social behaviour but contribute to negative ideals, such as, unchecked neo-liberal free market capitalism! Mitch and Greg explain hilarious studies about the popular video game. Mitch LOVES IT and Greg has NEVER PLAYED IT!


Debunking Michael Moore & "Planet of the Humans"

Michael Moore's new documentary "Planet Of The Humans" attacks the environmental movement and has over 8 million views on YouTube. We watched it so you don't have too. We followed it up with research to help you get to the bottom of why this movie is SO MESSED UP!


Conspiracy Theories: 5G, Coronavirus and the Plandemic

Greg and Mitch talk to Joan Donovan from the Harvard Kennedy School about how conspiracy theories work, how to stop them and what we can expect for our SPOOKY FUTURE!


The Truth About Elon Musk

Murder hornets, new COVID-19 symptoms plus Elon Musk losing it on twitter, um, 2020 needs to stop!!! We break down all these things plus the science behind electric cars in our newest pod.


How To Speed Up a COVID-19 Vaccine ft. Dr. Nir Eyal

This week we talk to bioethicist Dr. Nir Eyal about COVID-19 human challenge trial testing. It is a fascinating conversation about the bioethics of trying to speed up the creation of a COVID-19 vaccine.


Infecting Yourself With Coronavirus

Human challenge trials may speed up the COVID19 vaccine. It means volunteers would get a trial vaccine or a placebo then be ADMINISTERED the virus. We break down all the science and decide if we would ever do something like this in our NEW POD!


Tiger King

Does Netflix's Tiger King ignore science? We conglomerate studies and tackle the wildly popular documentary from a conservationist and cat historian perspective. We also confess our LOVE for Carole Baskin.


Grace Helbig: How To Start a YouTube Channel

This week we learn from the amazing, hilarious and insightful Grace Helbig! We get tips about starting a YouTube channel, dealing with growing pains and figuring out if everyone feels as messed up as we do right now. We love her to bits and know you will too.


Antivirals: Will They End COVID-19?

Antivirals are being tested RIGHT NOW to fight COVID-19. How do they work? When can we expect results? And why do we keep hearing about Chloroquine and Remdesivir?


COVID-19 Vaccine

What stage is it at? Anti-vaxxer issues? When can we use it? ALSO, WHY ARE VACCINES THE BEST DANG THING IN THE WORLD!? We use a variety of studies to explain on March, 24th, 2020 the newest details of the COVID-19 vaccine, how your body could use it and which animals are being tested on.



What happens when you self-isolate? We look at studies from the 2003 SARS epidemic to explain what to expect from staying at home during a global pandemic.


Love Is Blind

Greg and Mitch go OFF on the popular Netflix dating show “Love Is Blind” and explain the surprising amount of science. For example, what happens in your body when you fall in love? Are you more attracted to someone if you don’t see them? What part of the brain was Jessica using when she spoke like a chipmunk in the pods? Mitch loves this show, Greg doesn’t - listen now to see what goes down.



Employees emotional distress, Rise of the Resistance and mosquitoes, Greg and Mitch went to Disneyland so you don't have too. They break down the science, the history, and the experiences that Walter Elias Disney has tried to design.


David Epstein - Self Improvement, Sport Science and Science Communication

David Epstein is an amazing science communicator and the best selling author of "Range: Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World" and "The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance". We chat about some of his favourite research in self improvement, his experience in sport science, and his writing process/advice for others interested in writing or communicating science. We truly had a great time learning from him, and hope you enjoy the episode :)