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That‘s Cool News | A weekly breakdown of positive Science & Tech news.

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Bringing you the positive STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) news every Monday explaining why these new futuristic innovations are meaningful. The goal is to leave you feeling optimistic and say ”That‘s Cool!”


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Bringing you the positive STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) news every Monday explaining why these new futuristic innovations are meaningful. The goal is to leave you feeling optimistic and say ”That‘s Cool!”




171. Tesla’s Car-Building Breakthrough, Ancient Wound Treatments Work, Single Blade Floating Wind Turbine

Headlines: Tesla's new car-building process could be a huge industrial breakthrough | The Verge (01:12) A NASA astronaut will finally spend a full year in space | Ars Technica (07:42) Reviving Ancient Wisdom: Historical Recipes Inspire Modern Medical Innovations | SciTechDaily (12:59) Moon's ice not as old as believed, study finds | Interesting Engineering (17:23) Single-bladed floating wind turbine promises half the cost, more power | New Atlas (20:40)


170. Robotaxi Mass Production, The “Perfect Motor”, Dialysis Freeing Artificial Kidneys

Headlines: Cruise ‘just days away’ from approval to mass-produce Origin robotaxis without steering wheels | The Verge (01:12) Apple spending “millions of dollars a day” on developing conversational AI | Supercharged (10:35) Mahle combines two innovative concepts to field the "perfect motor" | New Atlas (16:49) Scientists grow whole model of human embryo, without sperm or egg | BBC News (22:42) Can an Artificial Kidney Finally Free Patients from Dialysis? | UC San Francisco (27:45)


169. Pocket-Sized Infection Detection, Exoskeleton Suit for Health Workers, Robot Speeds up Solar Cell Development

Headlines: New pocket-sized device for clinicians could spot infected wounds faster | Frontiers (01:09) New blood test could make preeclampsia easier to predict, early study suggests | Live Science (07:12) Powered exoskeleton designed to take the strain out of senior care | New Atlas (15:42) Tesla wins permit approval for Diner and Drive-in Movie Supercharger in LA | Teslarati (21:51) New robot searches for solar cell materials 14 times faster | Ars Technica (25:50)


168. Uncovering the Y-Chromosome, Multilingual Translation AI, Speaking Through a Digital Avatar

Headlines: Scientists finally uncover complete Y-chromosome sequence | Interesting Engineering (01:25) Breakthrough creates stem cells without any “memories” | Free Think (07:33) Meta’s “massively multilingual” AI model translates up to 100 languages, speech or text | Ars Technica (13:25) Naked mole-rat's 'longevity' gene extends lifespan and health of mice | New Atlas (18:14) How artificial intelligence gave a paralyzed woman her voice back | ScienceDaily (23:02)


167. Positive Net Fusion Energy, Liquid Metal Batteries In The Grid, Musk vs Zuckerberg…Literally

Headlines: Physicists achieve fusion with net energy gain for second time | Ars Technica (01:08) Nvidia reveals new A.I. chip, says costs of running LLMs will 'drop significantly' | CNBC (04:39) Liquid-Metal Battery Will Be on the Grid Next Year | IEEE Spectrum (07:44) Could TENS pads replace CPAP masks for treating sleep apnea? | New Atlas (13:10) Musk vs Zuckerberg fight to take place at Roman Colosseum | Interesting Engineering (16:27)


166. China’s Nuclear Investment, Boring Las Vegas Tunnels, Big Tech Maps Team Up

Headlines: China Approves Six Nuclear Reactors at $17 Billion Investment | Bloomberg (01:70) New pill targets “undruggable” protein to selectively kill cancer cells | New Atlas (07:15) The Boring Company will dig a 68-mile tunnel network under Las Vegas | Ars Technica (13:33) Meta, Microsoft and Amazon team up on maps project to crack Apple-Google duopoly | CNBC (18:05) Humans unable to detect over a quarter of deepfake speech samples, research shows | TechXPlore (22:03)


165. Amazon Broadband Satellites, Bacteria Removing “Forever Chemicals”, Transcribing Audio for The Deaf

Headlines Amazon is getting ready to launch a lot of broadband satellites | Ars Technica (00:58) Transplant of fresh brain cells replaces diseased and aged ones | New Atlas (06:40) Scientists Discover Bacteria That Can Break Down Certain “Forever Chemicals” | SciTechDaily (13:02) New clinical trial is testing a ketamine skin cream for PTSD | Freethink (16:51) Stanford startup TranscribeGlass seeks to bring ease and affordability to assistive technology | The Stanford Daily (23:40)


164. Tesla Licensing Out Autopilot, Apple’s Own ChatGPT, Faster Drone Exploration

Headlines: Tesla in discussion to license Full Self-Driving software to another automaker | The Verge (01:09) Hearing aids may slow mental decline in those at higher risk of dementia, study finds | STATnews (10:32) Apple has been working on its own ChatGPT AI tool for some time | Apple Insider (16:32) Rocket Lab successfully retrieves its reusable rocket after splashdown | The Verge (20:52) New dual-resolution technique opens door for faster drone exploration | Interesting Engineering (25:29)


163. Pharma Space Manufacturing, Google’s Medical AI Hospital Testing, Musk’s New AI Company

Headlines: In-space manufacturing startup aces pharma experiment in orbit | Ars Technica (01:17) Disturbing New Finding Links Cognitive Decline to Dental Hygiene | Science Alert (08:09) Google’s medical AI chatbot is already being tested in hospitals | The Verge (16:42) Longshot Space wants to make space launch dumb — and really cheap | TechCrunch (26:37) Musk announces new AI company that seeks to “understand the universe” | Ars Technica (32:02)


162. 3D Print Metal at Room Temp, Brain Blasts From Kidney Protein, Volkswagen Self-Driving Test in Austin

Headlines: Revolutionary gel allows metal items to be 3D printed at room temperature | New Atlas (02:10) At 281 miles an hour, China's new high-speed maglev train is the world's fastest | Interesting Engineering (07:24) One shot of a kidney protein gave monkeys a brain boost | Ars Technica (13:36) Giant stone artifacts found on rare Ice Age site in Kent, UK | ScienceDaily (20:47) Volkswagen to start testing self-driving ID Buzz vans in Austin | TechCrunch (28:37)


161. Possible Robot Butler, Longer Last Drug Injections, NASA’s Lunar Mining Plan

Headlines: An OpenAI alum is building a robot butler for your home | Sifted (01:03) Joby Aviation receives permit to fly first eVTOL built on production line | TechCrunch (08:39) The one-shot drug that keeps on dosing | Ars Technica (14:14) Hydrogen-powered passenger train rides the rails in North America | New Atlas (21:18) NASA aims to perform lunar mining trial within 10 years | Interesting Engineering (26:21)


160. Flexible Brain Implants, Japan’s Floating City, Robotic Pill Replacing Injections

Headlines Flexible brain implants tested in people for the first time | Free Think (01:08) Sol Reader is a VR headset exclusively for reading books | TechCrunch (06:24) Hugely ambitious self-sufficient floating city to host 40,000 people | New Atlas (11:52) Building Block for Life Discovered in Enceladus’ Ocean by NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft | SciTechDaily (18:12) Robotic pill promises to be an alternative to painful osteoporosis injections | Interesting Engineering (21:39)


159. JWST Discovers Ancient Galaxies, Regenerating Damaged Heart Cells, Apple’s Vision Pro Announcement

Headlines: James Webb Space Telescope discovers 717 ancient galaxies that flooded the universe with 1st light | (01:14) New high-tech helmets may protect American football players from debilitating concussions | Frontiers (04:50) Stem cell therapy regenerates damaged heart cells & improves function | New Atlas (12:48) Medicinal cannabis is a 'life-changing treatment' for people with Tourette syndrome | MedicalXpress (16:49) Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s new $3,499 AR headset | The Verge (24:05)


158. Promising Phase 2 Drug for Brain Cancer, Healing Gel Pen, Japan’s Wooden Satellite Plans

Headlines Discussed: Promising Phase 2 Trial Results for Pembrolizumab in Metastatic Brain Cancer | Neuroscience News (01:00) Researchers discover the cause of severe inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) | BrighterSide News (08:34) High-tech pen paints healing gel right into wounds | New Atlas (14:04) Parkinson's disease drug ropinirole safely slowed the progression of ALS for over 6 months in a clinical trial | ScienceDaily (17:28) Japan will put a wooden satellite into orbit next year | TechSpot (22:39)


157. Neuralink’s FDA Approval, Plastic Digesting Microbes, AI Destroys a Superbug

Headlines: Elon Musk's Neuralink wins FDA approval for human study of brain implants | Reuters (01:17) Scientists Working to Generate Electricity From Thin Air Make Breakthrough | Vice (07:25) Newly discovered microbes can digest plastic at room temperature | BrighterSide News (13:45) Virgin Galactic aces final test spaceflight, eyes start of commercial service in June | (18:44) AI discovers drug that destroys one of the world’s deadliest superbugs | StudyFinds (23:38)


156. Walking With Spinal Implant, AI Combating Cybercrime, Reversing Brain Waves to Treat Depression

Headlines: First-ever spinal implant enables paralyzed people to walk again | Brighter Side News (01:08) ChatGPT officially comes to iPhone with new app | Ars Technica (06:30) Meet 'DarkBERT:' South Korea's Dark Web AI could combat cybercrime | Interesting Engineering (10:02) Spacetop AR laptop puts the screen on your face | New Atlas (13:58) Researchers treat depression by reversing brain signals traveling the wrong way | Stanford Medicine (20:11)


155. Microsoft Bets on Nuclear Fusion, In The Womb Brain Surgery, Gentle Brain Electrode Deployment

Headlines: Microsoft just made a huge, far-from-certain bet on nuclear fusion |The Verge (01:04) miLens contact lens could soon be keeping an eye on glaucoma patients | New Atlas (07:58) Doctors perform 1st-of-its-kind brain surgery on a fetus in the womb | Live Science (12:20) iPhone killer? New AI-wearable Humane hopes to make smartphones obsolete | Interesting Engineering (16:55) Six-Legged Robot Electrode Can Be Gently Deployed Across the Brain’s Surface | Technology Networks (21:09)


154. Europe’s Starlink Competitor, Make Eyes Young Again, AI in Medicine Manufacturing

Headlines: Europe’s major satellite players line up to build Starlink competitor | Ars Technica (01:17) New drug donanemab slows cognitive decline in early Alzheimer's | New Scientist (08:04) Gene therapy reverses vision loss in primates — by making their eyes young again | Free Think (15:10) Researchers develop tiny hydraulic haptics for touchscreen notifications you can physically feel | TechCrunch (22:48) Researchers develop novel AI-based estimator for manufacturing medicine | (27:49)


153. Brain Pathway to Anxiety, Regenerate Hearing, Shredding Brain Cancer Cells

Headlines: First discovery of genetic brain pathway a relief for anxiety sufferers | New Atlas (01:08) Newfound 'brain signature' linked to multiple psychiatric disorders | Live Science (08:32) Scientists May Have Figured Out How to Regenerate Lost Hearing | Futurism (14:57) German giant Bosch to invest $1.5 billion in US chip manufacturing facilities | TechSpot (19:37) Nano-robotic scalpel swarm shreds brain cancer cells from the inside | New Atlas (23:53)


152. Fight Cholesterol & Cancer Together, Reprogramming Heart Scar Tissue, Use Ocean for Carbon Capture

Headlines Cholesterol-lowering drug fights cancer, major study finds | BrighterSide News (01:02) Student discovers 3D printable ink that 'everyone was looking for,' says physics professor | (07:08) Technique reverses heart attack damage by reprogramming scar cells | New Atlas (13:02) Key Protein of Hippocampal Neurogenesis Discovered | Neuroscience News (19:34) California researchers attempt ocean climate solution | NBC News (24:03)