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That's Cool News | A weekly breakdown of positive Science & Tech news.

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Bringing you the positive STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) news every Monday and explains why these new futuristic innovations are meaningful. The goal is to leave you feeling optimistic and say "That's Cool!"

Bringing you the positive STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) news every Monday and explains why these new futuristic innovations are meaningful. The goal is to leave you feeling optimistic and say "That's Cool!"


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Bringing you the positive STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) news every Monday and explains why these new futuristic innovations are meaningful. The goal is to leave you feeling optimistic and say "That's Cool!"




80. Harnessing Wind Power In A City, Liquid Biopsy To Detect Cancer Early, Buying Bitcoin at Walmart

News Timestamps: This ingenious wall could harness enough wind power to cover your electric bill | Fast Company (01:22) Researchers develop a new way to find cancer at the nanometer scale | MedicalXPress (07:45) Elon Musk’s Boring Company gets green light for Las Vegas tunnel system | The Verge (13:39) Lockheed Martin plans to build Starlab commercial space station by 2027 | New Atlas (19:01) Walmart Has Quietly Begun Hosting Bitcoin ATMs | Coindesk (24:30) ----more---- Podcast Links:...


79. Europa’s Water Vapor Atmosphere, Portable Nuclear Microreactors, Growing Plants Under Solar Panels

News Covered: Hubble Finds Evidence of Persistent Water Vapour Atmosphere on Europa | (01:13) Ex-SpaceX Engineers Are Building a Cheap, Portable Nuclear Reactor | Interesting Engineering (06:42) Energy-efficient AI detects heart defects | MedicalXpress (15:28) German Scientists Harness the Power of Photosynthesis for New Way To “Breathe” | ScitechDaily (21:02) Growing Crops Under Solar Panels Could Substantially Boost Energy Production | Interesting Engineering...


78. GM’s Ultra Cruise Autopilot, Facebook’s Fiber Optic Wrapping Robot, Recycled Hospital Paper Tools

News: GM reveals Ultra Cruise "hands-free" system that covers "95 percent" of driving scenarios | The Verge (01:40) SpaceX Is Doubling Its Number of Astronaut-Carrying Spacecraft | Futurism & Teslarati (10:27) Facebook Connectivity unveils robot that can speed fiber deployment | Venturebeat (16:28) New Sustainable Material Combines C02 With Recycled Concrete | Interesting Engineering (23:01) Making surgical instruments from medical waste | (27:25) ----more---- Podcast Links:...


77. Supercooling Solves Heart Transplant Issues, Successful Test of Bioartificial Kidney, Possible Planet Orbiting Three Stars

News Timestamps: Supercooling advances human tissue preservation | MedicalXPress (01:44) DeepMind develops AI that can forecast the weather | Silicon Angle (08:12) The Kidney Project successfully tests a prototype bioartificial kidney | UCSF (13:57) World's Fastest Electric Car Charger Offers a Full Charge in 15 Minutes | PCMag (21:23) Scientists May Have Discovered The First Planet Orbiting Three Stars At Once | Interesting Engineering (25:29) ----more---- Podcast Links: Website:...


76. China’s Moon Base Plans, Smallest Winged Microchip, Bacteria Used To Decontaminate Water

News Timestamps: China Aims for a Permanent Moon Base in the 2030s | IEEE Spectrum (01:33) ‘Jumping gene’ may have erased tails in humans and other apes—and boosted our risk of birth defects | Science.Org (08:32) Winged microchip is smallest-ever human-made flying structure | TechXplore (12:47) In a First, Scientists Track 1 Million Neurons Near-Simultaneously in a Mouse Brain | Science Alert (19:25) Indian Scientists Discover Bacteria That Eats Toxic Metals From Water, Making It Safe |...


75. SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Mission, Lucid EV Over 500 Miles Range, Need an Extra Robotic Limb

News Timestamps: SpaceX Launched Its First Crew of Private Citizens to Space | Interesting Engineering (01:25) Lucid shares EPA range for Air models including 520 miles on the Dream Edition Range | Electrek (6:28) A 'Gene Silencing' Injection Was Approved for Use in Humans | Interesting Engineering (12:29) AugLimb: A compact robotic limb to support humans during everyday activities TechXPlore (18:18) Research reveals drug targets for memory enhancement MedicalXPress (23:56) ----more----...


74. Energy Generating Flooring, Largest Carbon Capture Plant Online, Transforming Sewer Gas Into Fuel

News Timestamps: Electric Footsteps? Novel Wooden Floors Generate Power From Walking | Interesting Engineering (01:16) New Way to Pull Lithium from Water Could Increase Supply, Efficiency | UT News (07:52) The World's Largest Carbon-Sucking Plant Just Became Operational | Science Alert (13:39) Baby Birds Start Learning Songs From Inside Their Snug Eggs, Study Reveals | Science Alert (20:03) Antioxidant drug reverses process responsible for heart attacks and strokes | MedicalXPress...


73. Cap Preventing Hair Loss in Chemo, Method Makes Carbon Capture Grows More Affordable, Tesla Supercharger Open to Other EVs

News Timestamps: Luminate aims to make hair loss from chemotherapy a thing of the past | TechCrunch (01:16) Perseverance Just Drilled a 'Perfect' Rock Sample After The First One Crumbled | Science Alert (09:26) Motional reveals its Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric robotaxi | TechCrunch (14:04) Making methane from carbon dioxide: Carbon capture grows more affordable | TechXPlore (20:35) Serendipity opens new path toward osteoporosis treatment | MedicalXPress (28:36) Tesla Could Open Up Its...


72. Portable MRI Machine Detects Strokes, Success in De-Orbiting Satellites Test, 3D-Printed Wagyu Beef

Timestamps: World's first mobile MRI machine detects strokes that require surgery | New Atlas (01:18) Neuroscientists Detect Remarkable 'Brain Waves' in Lab-Grown Mini Brains | Science Alert (08:20) Reducing sugar in packaged foods can prevent disease in millions | MedicalXPress (13:02) Millennium Space in an experiment de-orbited a satellite in eight months | SpaceNews (19:07) Scientists Reveal World's First 3D-Printed, Marbled Wagyu Beef | Interesting Engineering (23:08) Thailand to...


71. Nuclear Fusion Ignition Triggered, 3D Printing a Deadly Brain Tumor, Facebook Launches a VR Remote Work App

Cool News Timestamps: Major nuclear fusion milestone reached as 'ignition' triggered in a lab | (01:11) 3 grizzly bears groups are linked to 3 human languages | Big Think (08:36) A Deadly Brain Tumor Has Been 3D-Printed in The Lab For The First Time | Science Alert (13:52) New Island Appears off the Coast of Japan After Underwater Volcano Erupts | Interesting Engineering (23:01) NANOPARTICLES COULD ACT AS HEART ATTACK ‘WARNING SIGNAL’ | Futurity (26:38) Facebook launches VR...


70. NASA Studying a Goldmine Asteroid, Smart Insulin for Type 1 Diabetes, Breakthrough Leading to Possible Spintronics

Cool News Timestamps: NASA to Study a $700 Quintillion 'Goldmine' Asteroid | Yahoo (01:36) Soft robot chameleon changes color in real-time to match background | TechXplore (08:07) Newly Designed 'Smart' Insulin Could Majorly Improve Type 1 Diabetes Treatment | Science Alert (12:59) Singapore’s High-Tech Plants Can Treat Up to 237M Gallons of Wastewater a Day | Interesting Engineering (18:48) New blood test improves prostate cancer screening | MedicalXPress (26:00) Scientists' 'holy...


69. Cheap Foldable Homes, Simple RNA Tweak Increases Food Production, Launch of MiamiCoin

Cool News Timestamps: These Foldable Houses Cost $50k and Go Up in a Day | Singularity Hub (01:19) 3D Concrete Printing Robots Cut Rail Construction Carbon Emissions by 50% | Interesting Engineering (10:55) Simple RNA tweak boosts potato and rice yields by 50 percent | New Atlas (16:53) Gene therapy could treat eye disease without surgery | Futurity (24:03) Now open: this Tokyo café has robot waiters controlled remotely by disabled workers | Timeout (31:13) Miami Launches 'MiamiCoin' to...


68. Anti Doping Finger Prick Test, GPS But For The Moon, Reducing Brain Tumors With Magnetism

Cool News Timestamps: Single drop of dried blood can reveal athlete doping | Futurity (01:39) Acoustic Tweezers Can Pick Objects Up With Sound Waves – Without Any Physical Contact | SciTechDaily (07:50) Masten Space Systems to develop a GPS-like network for the moon | TechCrunch (12:32) Hubble Finds First Evidence of Water Vapor on Jupiter's Largest Moon | Interesting Engineering (18:51) Scientists Bred Healthy Mice Using Artificial Eggs and Ovaries Made From Stem Cells | Singularity Hub...


67. AlphaFold’s Breakthrough Protein Database, Jeff Bezos Launched into Space, Total Artificial Heart Successfully Transplanted

Cool News Timestamps: Scientists Created the World’s Toughest Self-Healing Material | Interesting Engineering (01:38) Tesla's “Self-Driving” Tech Available for $99/Month | MotorTrend (07:30) Microsoft-powered autonomous beach-cleaning robot | CNET (14:46) Jeff Bezos launches into space on Blue Origin's 1st astronaut flight | (19:26) First Total Artificial Heart Successfully Transplanted In the US | Interesting Engineering (22:41) China unveils 600 kph superfast maglev train |...


66. Building Habitats in Lunar Orbit, Special Operations Testing a Anti-Aging Pill, First 3D Printed Steel Bridge

Cool News Timestamps Northrop to build homes on moon orbit under $935 mln NASA contract | Reuters (01:07) Tesla launches initiative to build first solar neighborhood in Austin | Fox7Austin (06:38) US Special Operations Command to Test Anti-Aging Pill | GenEngNews & Popular Mechanics (12:10) New Spring-Loaded 'Sound Screw' Makes Drywall Noise-Dampening | Gizmodo (18:57) Netflix will start publishing video games, has hired former EA exec | Arcs Technica (23:30) Brain Implant Transforms...


65. Stumble-proof Robots by Facebook, Developments in Passively Cooling Materials, VR Shown to Produce Unique Brain Waves

News Timestamps: Stumble-proof robot adapts to challenging terrain in real time | TechCrunch (01:33) Rare 'hypernova' explosion detected on fringes of the Milky Way for the first time | (07:35) New fabric passively cools whatever it’s covering—including you | Ars Technica (11:37) A Sunscreen for Pavement Could Help Keep Cities Cool | Gizmodo (16:17) MRI can cut overdiagnosis in prostate-cancer screening by half | MedicalXPress (22:30) Square is going to make a hardware wallet...


64. Beetle Discovered In Fossilized Poop, Alaskan Airlines Using AI, First Flying Car Flight in Slovakia

Cool News Timestamps: This ancient beetle is the first new species discovered in fossilized poop | Science Mag (01:53) A Laser Breakthrough: First Commercially Scalable Integrated Laser and Microcomb on a Single Chip | SciTechDaily (05:15) Tougher Than Kevlar and Steel: Ultralight Material Withstands Supersonic Microparticle Impacts | SciTechDaily (12:11) CRISPR Breakthrough Could Help Protect Astronauts From Radiation in Space | Interesting Engineering & Science Daily (17:43) Scientists...


63. Microbe Taming Dengue Mosquitoes, Virgin Galactic Cleared for a Spaceline, Miniature Organs Help Liver Healing

Cool News Timestamps: Dengue Mosquitoes Can Be Tamed by a Common Microbe | The Atlantic (01:24) Intelligent carpet gives insight into human poses | CSAIL News (13:03) Virgin Galactic Was Just Cleared by the FAA to Launch Commercial Flights to Space | Interesting Engineering (22:11) Adaptable AdhFix patches could replace metal plates on broken bones | New Atlas (27:30) Miniature organs to heal damaged livers | Nature (34:16) ----more---- Podcast Links: Website:...


62. Powerful Magnet Built for Nuclear Fusion, Non-invasive Biodegradable Implants, Floating Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors

Cool News Timestamps: World's most powerful magnet being shipped to ITER fusion reactor | New Scientist (01:45) Next-generation implants will be biodegradable and non-invasive | MedicalXpress (11:26) Bio-Inspired Hydrogel Protects the Heart From Adhering to Surrounding Tissue After Surgery | SciTechDaily (19:31) Mass-produced floating nuclear reactors use super-safe molten salt fuel | New Atlas (28:04) This Weird Straw Claims to Cure Hiccups Better Than Any Remedy You Know | Science...


61. Farming on Mars a Possibility, Breakthrough in Limb Regeneration Research, The Bitcoin Law in El Salvador

Cool News Timestamps: Researchers Create Soil Catalyst to Make Farming on Mars a Reality | Vice (1:35) Samsung shows off stretchable OLED screen in prototype heart rate monitor | The Verge (10:11) BYD's electric school bus will feed electricity back to classrooms | The Next Web (17:19) Breakthrough Understanding of Limb and Organ Regeneration – Closer to the Development of Regenerative Medicine Therapies | SciTechDaily (24:27) El Salvador Becomes First Country to Recognize Bitcoin as a...