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That's Cool News | A weekly breakdown of positive Science & Tech news.

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A podcast succinctly discussing all the STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics) news that makes you say "That's Cool!"

A podcast succinctly discussing all the STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics) news that makes you say "That's Cool!"


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A podcast succinctly discussing all the STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics) news that makes you say "That's Cool!"




46. Perseverance Rover Landing, 20 Tons of Plastic Waste Recycled into Bricks, Patents Related to the Apple Car

Cool STEM News: New Study Reveals Why Whales Don't Get Cancer | Interesting Engineering & Inverse (02:11) These six patents may shed light on the possible key features of Apple's car| Business Insider (11:07) Graphene 'nano-origami' creates tiniest microchips | (23:56) Touchdown! NASA's Perseverance rover lands on Mars to begin hunt for signs of ancient life | (29:55) NASA's Mars helicopter reports in Feb 21, 2021 | (35:06) Plastic Waste turned into Bricks...


45. VR Exosuit Technology, Telework Robots, Futuristic Society | Dr. Marcel Reese

Hey, Cool Listeners, we are back with another interview episode that I know you will enjoy. I sit down and chat with Dr. Marcel Reese the brains behind the creation of the Holotron. The VR Exosuit allows your legs to feel force & balance feedback from the virtual world. We discuss many things but I'll name a few things here: - Dr. Reese’s Background - How he came up with this idea, what was his inspiration for it? - Holotron: Force feedback & balance feedback - Why Holotron makes...


44. New Nations Orbiting Mars, Decoding Brain Signals Identifying an Image, Hydrogen Powerpaste better than Gasoline

Cool STEM News: Researchers have used light to decode brain signals and identify what image a person sees. | Futurity (2:41) Antibiotic Game-Changer: Phages Can Anticipate Bacteria's Location and Destroy Them Before They Cause an Infection | SciTechDaily (12:53) Powerpaste packs clean hydrogen energy in a safe, convenient gray goop | New Atlas (20:22) Musical Training Gives the Brain a Crucial Advantage—Especially at an Early Age, Says New Study | Good News Network (32:25) Welcome to...


43. Quantum Computing Basics, Future, and Mixing with Other Tech | Ethan Hansen

I am joined by Ethan Hansen, the creator of the podcast Quantum Computing Now, where he talks about the basics, the news, and shares interviews with quantum computing professionals. This was a great interview and I learned so much about Quantum Computing. Timestamps: How his Interest in Quantum Computing Started and Why He Started the Podcast Quantum Computing now (01:23) His Background (05:21) How does a high school kid get into Quantum Computing!? (09:04) Went from wanting to be an...


42. Smart Glasses Fix Vision, Apple’s Data Privacy Tool and Potential Court Battle with Facebook

Cool STEM News: Apple's new privacy tool lets you choose which apps can see and share your data. Here's what you need to know | Zdnet (01:56) Myopia correcting 'smart glasses' from Japan to be sold in Asia | Nikkei Asia (13:20) No more needles? The Source, Washington University in St. Louis (19:27) Ingenious 'Wrinkled' Graphene Could Be The Most Promising Water Filter Yet | Science Alert (28:50) German City Tests Wind and Waterproof Sleep Pods for the Homeless | Interesting Engineering...


41. Asteroid Belt Space Colony, Brain Stimulation Fights Depression, Fat Cells Transformed to Stem Cells

Cool STEM News: Machine learning could cut delays from traffic lights | Futurity (01:15) SpaceX Offshore Oil Rig Launch Pad Conversion Info | Hypebeast (08:37) Electric car batteries with five-minute charging times produced | The Guardian (11:39) Humans could move to this floating asteroid belt colony in the next 15 years, astrophysicist says | LiveScience (18:21) Brain Implant Successfully Fights Off Depression, Scientists Say | Futurism (30:20) Researchers turned fat cells into stem...


40. UK’s Nuclear Powered Spacecraft, AR Glasses at CES 2021, Skynet Would Definitely Win

Recorded on Jan. 15th 2020 Cool STEM News: The dire wolf was a distinct species, different from the gray wolf, biologists discover (01:22) The UK Is Developing Nuclear-Powered Space Exploration for Faster Mars Trips | Vice (8:44) The realization of a single-quantum-dot heat valve | Phys.Org (15:58) Lenovo launches AR glasses for enterprise | Tech Crunch (24:23) Vuzix's new microLED-powered smart glasses will arrive this summer | Tech Crunch (26:59) Not Cool: Calculations Show It'll Be...


39. VR Exosuit Prototype, AI Tumor Detection, Futuristic Car Display from Mercedes

Recorded on Jan. 10th 2021 Cool STEM News: New Discovery Could Lead to Cheaper And More Efficient Water Desalination | Science Alert (01:37) Holotron: A Robotic Exosuit for Virtual Reality | Digital Trends (06:39) AI Microscope Confirms Tumor Removal - In Minutes? | Interesting Engineering (16:37) New Mercedes Screen Will Span Nearly Entire Width of Car, Regulates With AI | Interesting Engineering (21:32) Study explores the effects of immune responses on the aging brain | MedicalXpress...


38. First in AR Enhanced Surgery, Beaming Power From Space, Dangers of Facial Recognition

Recorded on Jan. 3rd 2021 Cool STEM News: Augmented reality in surgery: World's first “real” holographically navigated spine surgery at Balgrist University Hospital | News.Microsoft (01:29) The Air Force's Solar-Beaming Spacecraft | Solar Power From Space | Popular Mechanics (08:01) Large transporter protein linked to schizophrenia | MedicalXpress (17:45) Quadriplegic patient uses brain signals to feed himself with two advanced prosthetic arms | MedicalXpress (24:46) Not Cool: A man...


37. Airbus Hydrogen Pod Plane, Amazon & Apple in the Auto Industry, The KFConsole

Recorded on Dec. 27th 2020 Cool News: Alien Hunters Discover Mysterious Signal from Proxima Centauri | Scientific American (02:38) Airbus reveals hydrogen 'plane pods' concept | Euractive (10:16) Amazon Zoox unveils self-driving robotaxi | CNBC (17:05) Exclusive: Apple targets car production by 2024 and eyes 'next level' battery technology - sources | Reuters (22:03) KFC has created a console that's more powerful than the PS5 and has a built-in 'chicken chamber' to keep your meal warm |...


36. Podcast Goals for 2021 and Getting a Little Insight Into the Podcast

Hey Cool Listeners! This is a quicker episode providing you with my thoughts on the podcast, what my goals are for the podcast in the next year, and just letting you know how much I appreciate you all. Just FYI, had to rush the production of this to get it out since I went on Vacation and forgot my charger! Just want to be honest and forthright with you :) Follow/Support The Podcast: Website: Review The Podcast: Join the Community:...


35. SpaceX’s Explosive Success, NASA’s Artemis Plans, Prescribing Nature

Recorded Dec. 11th 2020 Cool STEM News: B.C. medical group launches program to prescribe nature as medication | The Globe and Mail (01:48) NASA Releases Detailed Plan for 2024 Moon Base Camp | The Independent (07:30) Tesla co-founder on QuantumScape's new battery: it's a breakthrough | Electrek (13:34) This vertical farm in Denmark will grow 1,000 tons of local greens a year | FastCompany (21:44) SpaceX Starship SN8 explodes after successful high-altitude test flight | CNET...


34. Reversing Age Related Vision Loss, Autonomous Orbital Rocket, Self-Healing Metallic Skin

Recorded on Dec. 4th 2020 Cool STEM News: Scientists Invent a Microscope That Can Safely Look Straight Through Your Skull | Science Alert (02:01) Making mechanical skin | (06:53) Lab-Grown Chicken Meat Is Finally Going on Sale in a World First | Science Alert (11:36) Molecule found to promote muscle health in response to magnetic fields | New Atlas (16:45) Scientists reverse age-related vision loss, eye damage from glaucoma in mice | MedicalXPress (21:41) Space startup Aevum...


33. Therapy to Reverse Aging, Future of Nanobots in Our Body, Tesla Model X Hacked for $195

Recorded on Nov. 29th 2020 Cool STEM News Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through Your Body by 2030 | Interesting Engineering (01:33) This 2-Acre Vertical Farm Out-Produces 720 Acre 'Flat Farms' | Forbes' (06:53) New breast cancer therapy promises to destroy tumours inside the body | Euronews (13:58) Scientists develop earth-friendly process to recycle lithium-ion batteries | (20:45) Human ageing process biologically reversed in world first | Yahoo News (29:29) Who set up this...


32. Glass Domed Mars City, Apple’s M1 Chip saves Billions, AI’s Replication Issue

Recorded on Nov. 20, 2020 Cool STEM News: Terraform Mars: Elon Musk says a Mars city of 'glass domes' comes first | Inverse (02:04) Apple's move to M1 chips will save $2.5B this year – IBM exec | 9to5 mac (09:29) The Mass Extinction That Ended The Triassic May Have Happened Later Than We Thought | Science Alert (13:28) The Plan to Turn Scrapped Rockets Into Space Stations | Wired (17:05) Meet the BL6, Bud Light’s Game Console | PCMag (22:11) Not Cool News: AI is wrestling with a...


31. Writing A Children's Book, The Importance of Parents' Engagement, Education Consulting | Stephanie Ryan

Hey cool listeners! We are back with another interview, and this time I am joined by Stephanie Ryan, the author of Let’s Learn about Chemistry. This book "makes it easy to introduce children to the basic fundamentals that form the foundation of chemistry — no science degree required. If you’ve ever wanted to start young readers off on a lifelong love of STEM, Let’s Learn About Chemistry is a great first step." Stephanie and I discuss a variety of things in this episode of the podcast....


30. Water on the Moon, Online Book Rival Of Amazon, A New iPhone Button

Recorded on Nov. 6th 2020 Cool STEM News: Scientists Say This New Rice-Cooking Hack Removes Arsenic But Keeps The Nutrients | Science Alert (02:05) Apple added a secret button to your iPhone, and you may not have even noticed | The Verge (06:30) Daycares in Finland Built a 'Forest Floor', And It Changed Children's Immune Systems | Science Alert (09:52) NASA confirms there is water on the moon that astronauts could use | New Scientist (13:42) GPS and water don't mix. So scientists have...


29. Science Communications, Studying Plant Biology, Importance of Mentors | Notes By Niba

Hey cool listeners! We are back with another interview, and this time I am joined by Niba from Notes By Niba. She is building a brand (YouTube & Instagram) that centers around creating & sharing notes related to plant science in cosmetics and skincare. We talk about her background, and what led her down the road of Science Communications. What exactly is Science Communications? Niba answers that with the basic understanding that it is at its core good storytelling. This leads her into...


28. AR for a Car Windshield, Osiris-Rex Sample Collection, Is your Math Ability Genetic?

Recorded on Oct. 23rd 2020 That's Cool: Augmented Reality Is Coming -- to Your Car's Windshield | Digital Trends (1:53) Multiple sclerosis and the microbiome: Study suggests complex relationship | New Atlas (7:57) Excess lipids in nerve cells may trigger Parkinson's disease | Medical News Today (12:55) Forget 5G: MagSafe could be the biggest reason to buy an iPhone 12 | The Verge (16:37) First NASA Osiris-Rex images show incredible touchdown on asteroid Bennu | CNET (19:52) Scientists...


27. NASA’s new Rover & Toilet, Discoveries for the Human Body, Thoughts on Big-Tech Censorship

Recorded on Oct. 16th 2020 That's Cool News: Apple imagines a foldable iPhone with a ‘self-healing’ display - The Verge (2:15) 2 CHEMICALS MAY SHAPE HUMAN PERCEPTION MORE THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT — STUDY - Inverse (5:40) NASA Just Sent a New $23 Million Space Toilet to the International Space Station - Smithsonian (11:20) Scientists make an astonishing discovery about how men develop - Inverse (14:41) NASA Shows Off Transforming Rover for Exploring Steep Cliffs on Mars - Futurism...