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The Best of Coast to Coast AM podcast, hosted by George Noory. A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena.


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The Best of Coast to Coast AM podcast, hosted by George Noory. A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena.




TV's Billion Dollar Man - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/27/23

Guest host Connie Willis and TV shopping host Bob Circosta discuss his long career that started by selling can openers on the radio and went all the way to helping found the Home Shopping Network, and his advice for the best way to market new products. See for privacy information.


The Earth's Core - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/26/23

George Noory and geophysicist Dr. Marvin Herndon explore his thoughts on the recent news that the Earth's core may be shifting and slowing down, what those changes may mean to the planet's magnetic field, and why more people are not upset about the dangers this development presents. See for privacy information.


Hidden Giants - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/25/23

George Noory and anthropologist Mark Carpenter explore his research into hidden evidence of an ancient race of giants that once walked the Earth, how the Smithsonian may be involved in the coverup, and the real reasons they may be hiding the connection to biblical history. See for privacy information.


Higher Consciousness - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/24/23

George Noory and author RJ Spina explore his techniques to access higher states of consciousness and channel energy to allow the body to thrive, why so many people are struggling to cope in today's world, and how he used higher consciousness to recover from being paralyzed. See for privacy information.


Alien Technology - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/23/23

George Noory and translator Samuel Chong discuss his work translating the Thiaoouba Prophecy, inspired by a man's visit with an alien race, the alien technology enabling space and time travel that could be used by the U.S. military, and the real purpose of the Giza pyramids and Bermuda Triangle. See for privacy information.


Understanding Nightmares - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/22/23

Guest Host George Knapp and J.M. DeBord discuss his relationship to generational nightmares within his family and the differences between dreams, bad dreams, nightmares and night terrors. See for privacy information.


UFO's and ET Contact - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/21/23

Guest Host Connie Willis and James Gilliland discuss his photo and video evidence of UFO's. See for privacy information.


Song From Beyond - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/20/23

George Noory, producer Tom Danheiser and listener Chris share their thoughts on his girlfriend who passed away, what he has learned about dealing with the grief of her death, and fulfill her dream of having a song she sang played on Coast to Coast. See for privacy information.


Introducing: Murder in Miami

In the 1980s crime journalist Phil Stanford dove into the decadent and dangerous world of Miami just as the city was becoming the cocaine- and murder-capital of the United States. His path would place him in the crosshairs of a federal investigation focusing on a mysterious and controversial drug smuggling pilot who claimed to be an operative of the American government- all while flaunting his extensive illicit activity. Murder in Miami traces the connection between the murder of a missing...


Hauntings - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/19/23

George Noory and paranormal investigator Susan Slaughter explore her experiences with hauntings and seances, how her father introduced her to magic as a child, and how she deals with demons and evil spirits in her investigations. See for privacy information.


Witchcraft - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/18/23

George Noory and psychic medium Patti Negri discuss her lifelong experiences as a good witch, how more people are becoming interested in witchcraft and the paranormal, and her experiences with evil spirits in haunted houses, seances and ouija boards. See for privacy information.


Astrology - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/17/23

George Noory and astrologer Leslie McGuirk explore her philosophy that examining planetary alignments can give you great insight and guidance in dealing with difficult situations, navigate through changes in your life and find the purpose of your existence. See for privacy information.


Mind Reading - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/16/23

George Noory and mind reader Joe Diamond discuss his mental abilities, his belief that everyone can perform mental telepathy, and his experiences with seances and performing at a theatre haunted by the ghost of a dead actress. See for privacy information.


Alien Artifacts and Belief - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/15/23

Guest Host George Knapp and UFO researcher Chris Aubeck discuss the history of Ufology and the people who were the earliest researchers and believers in UFO's and Aliens. See for privacy information.


Anti Aging Research - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/14/23

Guest Host Ian Punnett and Dr. Bart Kosko discuss various topics that extend life expectancy and or reverse aging such as growing new body parts, genome replacement therapy and using synthetic blood to increase survival rates of heart attacks. See for privacy information.


Pentagon UFO report - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/13/23

Guest host Ian Punnett and UFO researcher Bill Konkolesky discuss the recently released report from the Pentagon about UFO sightings, whether the government will be more truthful about their knowledge of the craft and how the public will react to UFO disclosure. See for privacy information.


Shared Death Experiences - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/12/23

George Noory and author William Peters explore his research into shared death experiences, where living survivors experience a glimpse of the afterlife when a loved one is dying, the enlightenment and comfort they get from being at the threshold of death, and stories of angels coming to welcome the dying to the other side. See for privacy information.


Hypnosis - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/11/23

George Noory and hypnotist Sarah Breskman Cosme discuss her practice of using hypnosis to cure personal ailments, the connection between hypnosis and spirituality, and if Sirhan Sirhan could have secretly been hypnotized to unwittingly kill Robert F. Kennedy. See for privacy information.


Monument Mysteries - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/10/23

George Noory and author David Sereda explore the possibility that radio frequencies originating from the Washington Monument may have helped influence human creativity and lead to some of the most important inventions of the 19th and 20th centuries, like radio, airplanes, and a death ray that may have destroyed the space shuttle Columbia. See for privacy information.


UFO Coverups - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/9/23

George Noory and lawyer Daniel Sheehan explore his career working on lawsuits since the 1970s to force the government to disclose what they have learned about UFOs, and how that information will help prepare humanity for the revelation that there are aliens in the universe who have been visiting Earth. See for privacy information.