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Your resource for a variety of topics on Permaculture.

Your resource for a variety of topics on Permaculture.
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Your resource for a variety of topics on Permaculture.




Interview: David Holmgren – RetroSuburbia

In this episode recorded by co-host David Bilbrey, David Holmgren returns for the first of a two-part conversation about his latest book RetroSuburbia. Visit Our Partner: Food Forest Card Game This work and the discussion today looks at how people are and can adapt in-place, as individuals and communities, by retrofitting where many of us […]


Interview: Michael Judd – For the Love of PawPaws

Today, Michael Judd joins me to discuss his newest book: For the Love of PawPaws: A Mini Manual for Growing and Caring for PawPaws – From Seed to Table. During this in-person interview, we start with what he’s currently working on, including where he’s gone with natural burials and his exploration of chestnuts as […]


Scaling up with Blacksheep

My guests for this episode are Joshua Hughes and Amanda Wilson of VerdEnergia Pacifica and Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management. On the ground practitioners of permaculture practitioners engaged in restorative business, Joshua and Amanda are the founders and, respectively, the CEO and CMO of Black Sheep Regenerative Resource Management. Together they’ve co-managed VerdEnergia Pacifica, a permaculture […]


Broad Impact Permaculture

“What have you seen through your lived experience and via your increasing network that gives you not only aspirational hope, but also “perspirational” perspective & confidence of moving past demonstration projects and moving toward broader-scale impact?” Posted by Christopher Kopka during the May Ask Me Anything on Patreon. I don’t see the land and agriculture-based permaculture […]


Caring for Bees

2018 was terrible for beekeepers, with up to 40 percent of hives across the United States dying off, one of the worst losses since we started tracking honey bee health. Recently, the USDA suspending the Honey Bee Tracking Survey indefinitely. Earlier this year, the bee-harming pesticide sulfoxaflor, sold under the trade names Closer and Transform, […]


1916 – The Adaptive Habitat Program

(Pictured: The Design Squiggle, by Damien Newman as mentioned in this interview. CC BY-ND 3.0 US) Today I’m joined by Rob Avis and Takota Coen, two Canadian permaculture designers and teachers, who, working together, created a systemized approach to permaculture and landscape design. This process, called The Adaptive Habitat Program, reduces drudgery and simplifies complexity […]


1915 – Rising Earth Immersion

In this episode, my guests are Meg Toben, the co-founder and director of The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain, and Jimi Eisenstein, one of the facilitators for the Rising Earth Immersion course. They join me to discuss this ten-week, on-site intensive offered at The Eco-Institute, located near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Donate via PayPal Donate via […]


1914 – Carving Out a Living on the Land with Emmet Van Driesche

My guest today is Emmet Van Driesche, author of Carving Out a Living on the Land: Lessons in Resourcefulness and Craft from an Unusual Christmas Tree Farm. He joins me to share his life transitioning to farming. How he became a Christmas tree farmer, who coppices softwood balsam firs rather than cutting and replanting. How […]


1913 – Farming and Foraging a Complete Diet with Rob Greenfield

My guest today is the adventurer, activist, and humanitarian Rob Greenfield. Rob joins me to talk about the Food Freedom project he launched in Orlando, Florida, where he is growing and foraging for all of his nutritional needs. Make a One Time Donation Become a Patreon Supporter Visit our Affiliate Partners During the conversation Rob […]


1912 – Tacit and Embodied Knowledge with Melissa Peet, Ph.D.

In this episode, David Bilbrey sits down with Melissa Peet to talk about her work in learning to trust one’s inherent knowledge. As the first of a two-part conversation, she provides the background to her research and establishing trust in our personal understanding; that which we already know and that which others might draw out […]


1911 – Kevin Jones on Regenerative Business and Impact and Investing

This episode continues co-host David Bilbrey’s exploration of regenerative business and permaculture as he sits down with Kevin Jones to talk about Gather Lab, Transform 19, and the need to create something more than a conference, but rather events that include action. In the case of Transform 19 those are modeled in the form of […]


1910 – Horn Farm Center Q&A

In this conversation moderated by Ben Weiss of Susquehanna Sustainable Enterprises and Robyn Mello of Edenspore, Jon Darby, Alyson Earl, and Wilson Alvarez discuss their work at Horn Farm Center and regenerating the land. This includes how they came to sustainable agriculture; the dream projects they’re working on; how their ancestral and cultural history impacts […]


1909 – Essential Rammed Earth Construction with Tim Krahn

My guest today is Tim Krahn, a Canadian engineer, builder, and author of Essential Rammed Earth Construction from New Society Publishers. Donate online to the Winter to Spring Fundraiser Tim joins me to share his thoughts and experiences with rammed earth as a natural building method. This includes the distinction between raw and stabilized rammed […]


1908 – Trees of Power with Akiva Silver

My guest today is Akiva Silver of Twisted Tree Farm in Spencer, New York. He joins me to talk about his life and the experiences that lead to his new book Trees of Power from Chelsea Green Publishing. Starting with his beginning as a tracker and forager, we move into his work on getting his […]


1907 – Permaculture Action Network with Ryan Rising and Leah Song

Today’s guests are Ryan Rising, of Permaculture Action Network, and Leah Song, of Rising Appalachia, who join me to talk about how they use the work on-stage and off to organize communities to participate in a permaculture action day. How they blend permaculture and activism with music and merriment. From their experience bringing together more […]


1906 – Zev Friedman on Co-Operate WNC, Mutual Aid, and the Scale of Collaboration

My guest today is Zev Friedman, founder of Co-Operate WNC, a mutual aid organization in Western North Carolina. A long-time permaculture practitioner, Zev’s current area of interest is similar to my own: supporting people, communities, and organizations to see the long-term implementation of Earth restoring and human healing systems. One of those ways is through […]


1905 – So You Want To Be A Modern Homesteader with Kirsten Lie-Nielsen

In this episode, Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, author of So You Want to be a Modern Homesteader, joins me to share her journey in becoming a modern homesteader and the advice she has for anyone interested in pursuing a similar path. Residing in Maine, I like her story because of how she and her partner had this […]


1904 – Rob Avis on the Essentials of Rainwater Harvesting

In this episode of The Permaculture Podcast, Rob Avis, of Verge Permaculture, joins me to talk about rainwater harvesting. This conversation is based on his new book from New Society Publishers, Essential Rainwater Harvesting. Rob wrote this book along with his wife and Verge Permaculture Partner, Michelle. Though they began their professional careers as engineers […]


1903 – Propagate Ventures

In this episode co-host David Bilbrey sits down for a group interview the co-founders of Propagate Ventures, with Ethan, Jeremy, and Harry. Together they share how they bring agroforestry to existing farms using direct investment. Through these efforts they also show that farming, agriculture, and regenerative business hold a place in the portfolio of the […]


1902 – Fostering a 500 Year Vision with Warren Brush

In this interview by co-host David Bilbrey, Warren Brush returns to the show to share his work about fostering a vision for the next 500 years. During their time together Warren walks us through the mentorship he’s received, the mentoring he provides, and his own discoveries of how to live a fulfilling life now and […]