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A show where we talk to science communicators, bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters about the work they do, science, and science communication.

A show where we talk to science communicators, bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters about the work they do, science, and science communication.


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A show where we talk to science communicators, bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters about the work they do, science, and science communication.




Microbes, microbes everywhere with Irin Anthony

This week's guest is Irin Anthony, Irin has a background in medical microbiology and a science blogger living in the United Arab Emirates. She runs the blog Living with Microbes where she introduces her readers to the wonderful world of microorganisms and our relationship with them. You can find Irin's blog and follow her on social media: with Microbes@livingwithmicrobes David is a science writer and the host of the Science Bloggers...


Talking about Facts for your Brain with Moxie LaBouche

This week's guest is Moxie LaBouche. Moxie is a former goat farmer, and a burlesque dancer who did a stage production of Game of Thrones that was seen by George R. R. Martin. She is also the host of the Your Brain on Facts podcast and author of the Your Brain on Facts: Things you didn't know, things you thought you knew, and things you never knew you never knew. We discuss some of her more sciencey episodes as well as the importance of science communication during a pandemic. You can check...


On becoming a Fancy Wildlife Biologist with Stephanie Schuttler

This week's guest telling her story in science communication is Stephanie Schuttler. Stephanie talks about her path to being a wildlife biologist: she had not planned on being one, or ever thought she could be one but a trip to Kenya changed all that. She ended up studying the African forest elephant for her PhD. Stephanie is also involved in citizen science efforts, using camera traps to study wildlife around the world. She is runs her own blog, podcast, and YouTube channel called the...


Making Fun Physics Videos with Rebecca Fitch

In this episode, we talk to Rebecca Fitch, an engineer with a background in physics who works in the field of nuclear fusion: she currently works to one day provide electrical power using fusion. Rebecca is also the host of the YouTube channel, "Science with Bexy" where she hopes to inspire other young girls to become interested and pursue STEM subjects in school and eventually STEM careers. Check Bexy on social...


Podcasting about Neuroscience with Wilf Nelson (Part 2)

In this episode, we see the return of Wilf Nelson, the psychologist turned neuroscientist, who talks about his podcast Water Cooler Neuroscience. Wilf tells us why podcasting is the idea format for him to talk about neuroscience: It allows him to go in depth about a particular topic, which benefits the listener. You can follow Wilf on social media: @WcNeuro Visit and listen to Water...


Using VR to teach students about the ocean with Mark Losavio

This week's guest is Mark Losavio, a marine biologist and science communicator who helps the surrounding communities around Boston learn about the ocean. Mark talks about the university where he works engages and helps schools around Boston, what he learned using virtual reality (VR) to teach people about the ocean, and why science communicators need to engage more with adults. You can follow Mark on Twitter: @losaviom Follow this podcast on social media @sci_bloggersScience Bloggers on...


A Psychologist turned Neuroscientist with Wilf Nelson (Part 1)

This week's guest is Wilf Nelson, a psychologist turned neuroscientist who studies inhibitory and regulatory mechanisms in the brain. This is the first part of Wilf's talk where we talk about the science behind what he does in the laboratory. You can follow Wilf on social media: @WcNeuro David Latchman is a freelance science writer and host of this podcast. He runs the Science vs....


Student Radio and Science Communication with Chelsie Boodoo and Daniel Puentes

Our guests this week are Chelsie Boodoo and Daniel Puentes. They are both PhD students at Michigan State University and hosts of the radio show and podcast "The Sci-Files on Impact 89FM" where they talk to other MSU students about their research. Chelsie and Daniel also started MSU SciComm, a student-led organization, to promote science communication at Michigan State University. Check out Chelsie and Daniel on social...


A Scientist walked into a Bar... with Matthew Murtha

This week's guest is science comedian Matthew Murtha. Matt talks about some of the work he did when he was a scientist, how he got his start as a science comedian, and what his plans for his comedy career for the future in a world of social distancing. You can follow Matt on social media: David Latchman is a freelance science writer and host of this podcast. He runs the Science vs. Hollywood blog...


Cancer Research in the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic with Wes Wilson

In this episode we have a returning guest Wes Wilson. As you may recall in our previous episode, Wes is a scientist who is using the immune system to fight certain types of cancer. He still is but in a time of the novel coronavirus, things have changed. Wes tells us how the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has affected cancer research, how it has affected the treatment of cancer patients, and the scientists involved in this research. Wes also gives us an update on what he has been doing as a science...


Wildlife Diseases and Infections with Jake Shurba

This week's guest is Jake Shurba, a wildlife biologist who studies the microbiomes of wood ducks. Jake is also a science blogger who runs "The Art of Infection" blog where he explores the world of parasites and what makes them so fascinating. We discuss what got Jake interested in studying wildlife diseases, as well as why he has chosen to blog about parasites. David Latchman is a freelance science writer and host of this...


The Guest will see you Now with Robert Bednarz

This week's guest is Robert Bednarz, a junior doctor in Scotland and host of the Patient Will See You Now: A Medical Podcast. On his show, Robert talks to his guests about the various medical conditions they have and lets them tell the story of how living with those conditions has affected their lives. Twitter: @robert_bednarz Instagram: @thepatientwillseeyounow Facebook: The Patient Will See You Now David...


The Radioactive AquariumBioPod with Kevin McAvoy

This episode's guest is Kevin McAvoy, an aquarium biologist at a major public aquarium and the one of the hosts of the Radioactive Spider-Pod, a comedy show that looks at the 1990s animated Spider-Man series. We talk about what an aquarium biologist is, some of the science and work needed to build and maintain an aquarium's exhibits, as well as the importance of communicating this science to the public. David Latchman is a freelance science writer and host of this podcast. He runs the...


GMOs, and the Genetically Modified Cowpea in Nigeria with Etta Michael Bisong and Iida Ruishalme

In 2019, the Nigerian government held a series of Science Cafes to communicate the science behind the genetically modified cowpea and how it could be used to fight the pod borer pest. The cowpea is not only a major food source for Nigerians, it also happens to be one of the country's main exports. As the pod borer can wipe out as much as 80% of a farmer's crop, finding a way to fight this pest is critically important. Despite the success and necessity for this piece of technology, certain...


Making Science Simple with Dr Darryl Boyd

This episode's guest is Dr. Darryl Boyd, a polymer chemist who works in the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). He also runs the science blog Science Made Simple, where he writes about getting minority children interested in science. He is also the host of the DrBoydTheChemist channel on YouTube where he demonstrates chemistry experiments aimed at children. I talked with Darryl about his work at NRL, how his experiences growing up shaped his interest in science, as well as the focus of and his...


Quantum Mysticism and Pseudoscience in Physics with Rob Lea

This episode's guest is Rob Lea. Rob is a freelance science journalist with a background in physics and covers stories in space, astronomy, and quantum physics. In this episode we talk about pseudoscience, why do people connect quantum mechanics with their mystical beliefs, and what it means for science communicators. Check Rob's articles on Medium: Like the show? Want to support us?


We're Back!

We are back and I hope you missed us because I sure missed you guys. As we enter season two of this show, the world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a difficult time for everyone so please stay safe, sane, and healthy. We are all in this together.


Building SciComm Communities with Allison Coffin (Science Talk)

This bonus episode's guest is Allison Coffin. Allison is a Washington State University professor who studies how hearing is lost and the ways it can be mitigated. She also runs the science communication non-profit Science Talk. I talked to he about her research in hearing loss and her goal to help science communicators do better. Check out the Science talk website and sign up for the conference in April 2019 David Latchman is the host of this episode. He is a...


Turning Students into Phenomenal STEMist with Dr. Maya Byfield

This week's guest is Dr. Maya Byfield, founder of the Phenomenal STEMist. Through her podcast, Facebook, and one-on-one instruction with students, Maya hopes to get more minority students in STEM by getting parents more involved. Blog: Podcast: facebook: YouTube: David Latchman is the host of this episode. He is a...


Answering, "Why do we have favorite tunes?" with Hunter Farris (Song Appeal)

My guest this week is Hunter Farris, host of the Song Appeal podcast. On his show, Hunter uses music theory, linguistics, rhetoric, and psychology to explore the reasons why we love the music we do. Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: David Latchman is the host of this episode. He is a science...