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A show where we talk to science communicators, bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters about the work they do, science, and science communication.

A show where we talk to science communicators, bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters about the work they do, science, and science communication.
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A show where we talk to science communicators, bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters about the work they do, science, and science communication.




Building SciComm Communities with Allison Coffin (Science Talk)

This bonus episode's guest is Allison Coffin. Allison is a Washington State University professor who studies how hearing is lost and the ways it can be mitigated. She also runs the science communication non-profit Science Talk. I talked to he about her research in hearing loss and her goal to help science communicators do better. Check out the Science talk website and sign up for the conference in April 2019 David Latchman is the host of this episode. He is a...


Turning Students into Phenomenal STEMist with Dr. Maya Byfield

This week's guest is Dr. Maya Byfield, founder of the Phenomenal STEMist. Through her podcast, Facebook, and one-on-one instruction with students, Maya hopes to get more minority students in STEM by getting parents more involved. Blog: Podcast: facebook: YouTube: David Latchman is the host of this episode. He is a...


Answering, "Why do we have favorite tunes?" with Hunter Farris (Song Appeal)

My guest this week is Hunter Farris, host of the Song Appeal podcast. On his show, Hunter uses music theory, linguistics, rhetoric, and psychology to explore the reasons why we love the music we do. Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: David Latchman is the host of this episode. He is a science...


Checking the Research Papers in the News with The Paper Boys (James and Charlie)

I have two guests this week, James and Charlie, the hosts of the Paper Boys podcast. They are graduate students at the University of Washington and they talk about the academic articles behind the news and how they are covered by the media. Check out the Paper Boys blog and podcsat: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: David...


Dope Science with Stephany Lowe

This week, I interviewed Stephany Lowe - the host of 'The Dope Science Show Podcast.' I met up with Stephany at the ScienceWriters2018 conference in Washington, DC. Stephany was also one of the panelists in the 'Live interviewing: Science up close and personal' session at the conference. If you are a scientist or just love talking about science, you can get in touch with Steph and geek out over science on her show. Blog: Twitter:...


Scrutinizing Science Misconceptions with Meenakshi Noll

This week's guest is Meenakshi Noll, a medical geneticist with a PhD in biochemistry. Meenakshi would often hear the misinformation patients had - they either did not know what to ask their doctors or they simply did not understand what they were told. This led Meknashi to create her science blog - The Scrutinizer - to provide unbiased, evidence-based information that is easy to understand. Blog: Facebook: The Science...


Science Journalism in Nigeria with Etta Michael Bisong

This week's guest is Etta Michael Bisong. Etta is a science journalist from Nigeria and one of the 2018 Cornell Alliance for Science Fellows. Etta reports on the importance of biotechnology and GMOs in his country and he talks about the importance the world has to play in helping developing countries take advantage of biotech. You can check some of Etta's articles...


Metabolic Diseases with Ewen Sommerville

This week's guest is Ewen Sommerville, a postdoc looking at ways to diagnose metabolic and mitochondrial diseases. Ewen is also new to science blogging and communication and he walks us to his scicomm goals. Blog: Facebook: Twitter: The Science Bloggers is a community of science bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters. Check our group if you are a science communicator. Blog:...


Using the immune system to fight cancer with Wes Wilson

Wes Wilson is a scientist studying ways to use the body's immune system to fight mesothelioma. Wes tells us a little about cancer, why it can be so difficult to treat and cure, and why the immune system can be use to treat some cancers. Wes also happens to be a science communicator with over 15 years experience. He discusses his journey as a science communicator and offers advice for those wanting to enter the field. TEDxUWA Talk - Using Your Own Body To Fight Cancer...


Science and Parenting with Richard Berks

Richard Berks is a science communicator who works for a cancer charity and the owner of the Geekfather blog. Richard's blog is both a science and parenting blog and came about as he tried to use a science-based approach to answer some of the questions he had with regard to parenting. In this episode, Richard and I talk about his blog, and some of the articles he had written, his experiences with shared parental leave in the UK, and some of his views on science blogging. To learn more about...


Evidence Based Parenting and SciMoms with Anastasia Bodnar

Dr. Anastasia Bodnar is a scientist and science communicator. She talks to us about her project, scimoms. Scimoms, or science moms, is a group of science communicators who are hoping to bring evidence based science to parenting. Blog: SciMoms ( Facebook: Twitter: @SciMoms Video: Science Moms Movie ( The Science Bloggers is a Facebook group of science communicators who maintain their...


The Science of Dust Explosions with Chris Cloney

Dr. Chris Cloney studies how to reduce the hazards of dust explosions. We talk to him about the science behind dust explosions, the science behind an explosive scene in the 2018 movie The Equalizer 2, and his latest business that helps scientists use their blogs to establish themselves as authorities in their fields. Blog: My Dust Explosion Research ( Blog: Grad Blogger ( Facebook: The Academic Blogging Neywork...


Everyday Mathematics with Paula Rowińska

Our guest is Paula Rowińska, a mathematics graduate student studying the effects of wind on energy prices. We talked about her blog Certain about Uncertainty, her TEDx Talk on mathematics in our everyday lives, why women should become mathematicians, and her views on science communication. Check out Paula's blog to learn about maths and follow her on Twitter Blog: Certain about Uncertainty - ( Facebook:...