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Clown of the Sea

Hey...where’s the baby food? Atlantic Puffins in Lofoten are beautiful and possibly in trouble. Puffins travel thousands of miles to gather on ancient breeding cliffs. Hardworking parents can fly 100 km a day and dive 60 m deep to find food for their chicks. But something’s not right. The herring and other small forage fish are too small and too dispersed to feed the chicks. In the last decade, almost none of the baby puffins are surviving. Could the decline in puffins and other coastal...


What's Eating You? p.2

Salmon, seaweed, or wormballs on the menu in 2068? Can we really manage nature? And what’s the matter with humans anyway? Five polar scientists discuss how future (and present-day) humans fit into the Arctic bioenergetic food system. Why might X benefit from eating more vegetables (or being one)? Do humans want to farm in the sea with the same strategies used on land? What is multi-trophic aquaculture? Meet Lis Lindal Jørgensen, marine biologist at the Institute of Marine Research in...


A joik for the future

Which songs or joiks will X sing in 50 years? Which songs or joiks will we have forgotten? In this bonus episode of the hello X podcast you will meet Elina Waage Mikalsen, Katarina Barruk and Marja Helena Fjellheim Mortensson, three artists from Norway and Sweden. The Ice-9 team met Elina, Katarina and Marja in 2016 during Riddu Riđđu, a festival that focus on building pride and awareness about indigenous groups like Samis, an indigenous people who traditionally have lived in the Northern...


norsk-En joik for framtiden

Hvilke sanger/joiker vil X synge om femti år? Hvilke sanger/joiker vil vi ha glemt? I denne bonusepisoden av hello X-podcasten møter du Elina Waage Mikalsen, Katarina Barruk og Marja Helena Fjellheim Mortensson, tre artister og kunstnere. Ice-9 teamet møtte Elina, Katarina og Marja i 2016 under Riddu Riđđu, en festival med fokus på å bygge opp stolthet og bevissthet rundt det å være samisk og fra andre urfolk gjennom musikk- og kulturopplevelser. Både Elina, Katarina og Marja har på...


What's eating You? p.1

What do arctic farmers dream about? What’s in a blood sausage (besides blood)? And how can the moon help you make sauerkraut? (*bonus norsk språk versjon tilgjengelig) In ep1, we asked how our behavior today might affect the food eaten by X, a young woman living in the Arctic in 2068. In ep2 we begin our journey to the future by meeting Jenny and Helga Nordgård, two generations of women who have been producing food on their family farm in Northern Norway since they were children. Jenny...


Norsk-What's Eating You? p.1

Hva drømmer arktiske bønder om? Hva inneholder blodpølser (i tillegg til blod)? Og hvordan kan månen hjelpe deg å lage surkål? I episode 1 tok vi opp spørsmålet: hvordan påvirker oppførselen vår i dag maten til X, en ung kvinne som lever i Arktis i år 2068? I episode 2 begynner vi vår reise mot fremtiden med et møte med Jenny og Helga Nordgård, to generasjoner kvinner som har produsert mat på deres familiegård i Nord-Norge siden de var barn. Jenny og Helga snakker om hvordan bønder nyter...


Who is X?

Welcome to episode 1 of the hello X podcast! Meet Christine, Anneli and Valentin, your hosts in imagining the lives of the future. The first segment tells the backstory of X and explains the concepts behind the larger project. Find out how X was born in 2011 on a beach (in Christine’s mind), and why she went from dramatisations of political violence in the past (and co-directing The Act of Killing) to asking scientists, artists, kids and listeners like you to collectively imagine X, a...