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Two zookeepers talk weird animals. Informative, irreverent, and sometimes funny. Learn about animals in a way you never have before, with all the dirty details from two people who aren't afraid to call animals out on their junk.


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Two zookeepers talk weird animals. Informative, irreverent, and sometimes funny. Learn about animals in a way you never have before, with all the dirty details from two people who aren't afraid to call animals out on their junk.




212: Pygmy falcon

There's something about a bug-eating bird that just checks all the boxes, you know? This week we ponder questions like How do weavers and pygmy falcons have a symbiotic relationship? What does it mean for egg-hatching to be asynchronous? Which back-to-school supply is closest in size to this bird? and Why does this little guy have so much riz? Happy National Zookeeper Week to all of our hard-working animal-loving babes out there - we see you and <3 you. Stay grimy!


211: Kea

Let's zoop back down to New Zealand and talk about another one of those sentient avocados they have flying around down there. This episode is about the Kea! Did you know it commits real crimes? Something to do with sheep, very bad. We chat about this omnivorous cheeky parrot. Where are they found? Do they like hitting the gym? Are they the same thing as the kakapo?


210: Emperor tamarin

Little monkey hour - come learn about this LITTLE GUY. We ponder questions like Where did the emperor tamarin get its name? How does low-key bullying play into their survival strategy? Did y'all have a Furby and how much did you torture it? and Was this monkey created in Waluigi's image?


209: Louse

Not gonna lie the intro is long on this one - if you are a louse only interested in louse information please skip about 12 minutes in. We chat about LICE which is the plural of louse I already didn't know that at all. Are they a big deal? Are they full of disease? Are they easily spread? Tune in TO FIND OUT


208: Crested coua

The number one takeaway from this episode is that F&F are dumb, per usual. Enjoy! We answer questions about the crested coua such as If you're not that great at flying can you still live a life in the trees? What does it mean to be altricial? Where was Darwin born (warning: false facts ahead)? Where do I have to go to get a reversible toe? and Why does this chick have a lower lip tattoo and BULLSEYE in its mouth?


207: Crocodile Monitor

Welcome back to another fact *filled episode. We discuss the crocodile monitor which might be the longest lizard in the whole worl. THE WHOLE WORL. Don't tell the komodo dragon. We chat about the Carrier's Constraint, whip tails, killing one woman, long school buses, and this big big boy.


206: Crabeater seal

Weird teeth, weird teeth, weird teeth! Tune in to learn about the Crabeater seal, an Antarctic krill-lovin' pinniped. We dive into questions such as Does this thing eat crabs? What are Flora and Fauna's recurring nightmares? Where in the world does this seal end up when it gets lost? and What is life like out on the free-floating pack ice?


205: Flamboyant Cuttlefish

It ain't deja-vu baby we are here again. Only this time we focus on one lil creature instead of all the lil creatures. Come learn about the Alien Cinematic Universe, DnD, and the Challenger Deep


204: Pangolin

Is it an artichoke or a bug-eating boy? This mysterious animal is exposed in this week's episode and we have a hard time coming to terms with its tongue. What's going on with the scales? Why is this the most trafficked animal in the world? How does the pangolin put new meaning into the phrase "pelvic thrust"? We answer these questions and many more!


203: Lobster

How many legs do you have? And are they walking legs or mouth legs? Now how many do you think a lobster has? We discuss this biblical being and have one big ask of all of you. :) Participation is required. Tune in to hear all about this crusty crustacean and how Fauna dreams of lobster fan fiction.


202: Capybara

Rodent gang rise up, it's time to learn about the big boss. This week, we answer questions like What does it mean to be gregarious? Exactly how many toes are on this guy? What is autocoprophagy and why is it.....interesting? Why are rodent teeth so whack? and Will F&F ever get a sponsorship deal with Burger King?


201: African Buffalo

Are they murder machines? Or are they bringers of justice? Only you can decide. We learn about the African Buffalo which is a real big'n. Tune in to hear about where they eat, sleep, and make sweet lil Ed Sheeran babies.


200: Arctic fox

Throw on your uggs and parka because we're getting frosty learning about the arctic fox. We answer questions like: How does the arctic fox stay toasty in their harsh environment? What is kin selection? Why are lemmings the tastiest treat? How does the arctic fox control its Basal Metabolic Rate? and Why she just so darn cute?


199: Echidna

Weird Australian animal time! With this episode we officially mark Monotremes off of our list. We are actually making progress covering all the animals on the planet. Happy New Year! If you thought we would change or get better, we didn't. Tune in to hear about this egg laying mammal who is full of surprises. I mean FULL OF THEM.


198: American woodcock

Rounding out 2022 with one of the most unhinged episodes to date. Who's ready to learn about the original internet-famous funky fresh bird? We learn about the American woodcock and answer questions like Why are all of this bird's nicknames absolutely buckwild? What insane ideas does James Cameron have in store for Avatar fans? When does this crepuscular cutie migrate? What are Flora and Fauna's 2023 resolutions? and LITERALLY WHAT is a peent??


197: Christmas Tree Worm

Sorry we are late - I almost died. Here is this episode about WORMS. We are very worm-centric these days. It just feels right. Would you enjoy Christmas more if your tree was a worm? Think about it


196: Dik-Dik

What would a Keeper Chat episode be if it wasn't 2% informative and 98% nonsense - asking for a friend. This week we learn about the dik-dik, a little deer with some interesting habits. We ponder questions like how did the dikidik get its name? What is going on with that preorbital gland? Why are ungulates buckwild? What are Flora and Fauna's worst qualities? and Will scent-marking ever not be heinous?


195: Arkansas Darter

We surely must be running out of animals - why was I forced to look up a 2 inch fish from Kansas. Tune in to hear about the Arkansas Darter which is just a lil guy being threatened by a couple of things! One of those things, is even kind of a mystery! ooooo! Fun. What are F&F's thoughts on Spike the Gremlin? Would an Arkansas Darter feed a family of four? What are everyone's thoughts on latex? Tune in to find out all this and more.


Quick & Dirty: Ep 38

This week we tackle another listener-submitted question all while battling a series of ailments and sleep deprivation. Heads up, we talk about some heavy animal-welfare related topics and our personal experiences which haven't always been pleasant, so proceed with that in mind. We discuss the question of: What are some of the best strategies for advocating for animals under your care and at what point do you jump ‘chain of command’ and do so effectively?


194: Vampire Deer

It is that time of year where all the animals are spooky scary! So how about a deer with the teefers of a vampire! I mean he doesn't use them to suck blood or anything, but hey it's all about looks these days anyway. Come learn about where the vampire deer is found, what lengths F&F will do to have a famous podcast, what a pheep is and more!