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Explore controversial science with leading researchers and their critics... the leading source for intelligent skeptic-versus-believer debate...

Explore controversial science with leading researchers and their critics... the leading source for intelligent skeptic-versus-believer debate...
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Explore controversial science with leading researchers and their critics... the leading source for intelligent skeptic-versus-believer debate...






Did Jesus Exist? Joseph Atwill Vs. Steven Crowder |386|

YouTube’s Steven Crowder asked, Did Jesus Exist? Joseph Atwill answers. photo by: Skeptiko Today we welcome Joseph Atwill back to Skeptiko. Joe is the author of Caesar’s Messiah, he’s been on this show before, but I invited him back because I ran across this very popular video that asked the question, Did Jesus Exist? The […]


Jason Louv, A Strange Mix of Scientism and Magick |385|

Jason Louv has a reputation as a chaos magician, but he’s down with materialistic science-as-we-know-it? photo by: Skeptiko I have an interview coming up in a minute with this guy, Jason Louv about his new book on John Dee and I wanted to give you heads-up because this is, as far as I can remember, the […]


Jeff Riddle, Transcend Experience, Always in the Middle |384|

Jeff Riddle has created a new style of podcasting aimed at creating lasting change. photo by: Skeptiko We’re Always in the Middle. Jeff Riddle: I’ve talked about this before, that “we’re in the middle”… in 400 years people in the future are going to look at us and just think how stupid and silly we […]


Dr. Jack Hunter, Anthropology, Animism, Panpsychism and What’s Next|383|

Dr. Jack Hunter has blazed a new trail called paranthropology, but that’s just the start of his paradigm busting. photo by: Skeptiko Jack Hunter: It’s kind of like murky territory. I know that Gordon [White of Rune Soup], for example doesn’t like the idea of panpsychism and he, like you, was talking about panpsychism is kind […]


Dr. Mariana Caplan — Does Yoga Work? |382|

Dr. Mariana Caplan think yoga is just what psychology and psychotherapy needs. photo by: Skeptiko Alex Tsakiris: Welcome to Skeptiko where we explore controversial science with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics. My guest today is Mariana Caplan, who has a new book, Yoga & Psyche. Mariana, welcome. Thanks so much for joining me. Mariana Caplan: It’s […]


Chris Knowles of Secret Sun on the Met Gala Psyop |381|

Chris Knowles spots pop culture deception in phony celebrities and the Catholic church. photo by: Skeptiko Alex Tsakiris: Today we welcome the very excellent host of The Secret Sun blog and the author of such books as, Our Gods Wear Spandex, The Secret History of Rock ‘n’ Roll and The Complete X-Files. If you’re watching […]


Phillip J. Watt, on Tony Robbins, Chaos Magic, and Backdoor Materialism |380|

Phil Watt seeks a deeper spiritual truth that embraces life, but doesn’t ignore conspiracy culture. photo by: Skeptiko Alex Tsakiris: Today we welcome Phillip J. Watt to Skeptiko. Phil is a fellow podcaster — which is always fun for me — he’s also quite a spiritual seeker, a former social worker, an out-of-body traveler, a […]


Dr. Michael Shermer on Near-Death Experience Science |379|

Dr. Michael Shermer isn’t swayed by near death experience science, but has he read the literature? photo by: Skeptiko Today we welcome Dr. Michael Shermer back to Skeptiko. Dr. Shermer is a bestselling author and creator of Skeptic Magazine. His latest book on consciousness and the afterlife is, Heavens on Earth: Alex Tsakiris: A couple of years ago I interviewed […]


Bernardo Kastrup, Mainstreaming Controversial Philosophy of Mind Theories |378|

Dr. Bernardo Kastrup on the growing acceptance of his controversial theories of consciousness. photo by: Skeptiko Today we welcome Dr. Bernardo Kastrup back to Skeptiko. Bernardo is the author of several books on consciousness and has created quite a stir with his recent articles in Scientific American: Alex Tsakiris: These people will be recognized by people […]


Dr. Dean Radin Brings Real Magic to the Psi Lab |377|

Dr. Dean Radin’s interest in psi phenomena is leading him to scientifically investigate magical practices. photo by: Skeptiko Alex Tsakiris: Today we welcome Dr. Dean Radin back to Skeptiko. Dean is, of course, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, as well as a bestselling, award-winning author. Dean is truly a scientist, as most of you […]


Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Brings Science to Spiritual Practices |376|

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake finds scientific support for benefits of spiritual practices. photo by: Skeptiko Alex Tsakiris: Today I’m so happy to welcome back Dr. Rupert Sheldrake to Skeptiko. Dr. Sheldrake who has, not only appeared on Skeptiko several times over the years, but through his encouragement and guidance was really instrumental in the creation of this show, […]


Meryl and Beau From Campfire Sht Show |375|

Meryl Klemow and Beau Hufford join me in studio to talk about their new podcast, Campfire Sht Show. photo by: Skeptiko (Meryl Klemow and Beau Hufford are heard cutting it up off-mic)… That’s Meryl and Beau from the Campfire Shit Show and you’ll hear a lot more about them, and you may come to understand what […]


Dr. Penny Sartori, Are NDEs All Light and Love? |374|

Dr. Penny Sartori is a front line near-death experience researcher. Her conclusion — it’s about light and love… well mostly. photo by: Skeptiko I have an interview coming up in a minute with the very excellent Dr. Penny Sartori, about her new book, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences. I’ve covered near-death experiences a lot and […]


Dr. John Alexander, Warrior Monk — Reality Denied |373|

Dr./Colonel John Alexander has seen a lot that can’t be dismissed or explained… but is he willing to admit UFOs are real? photo by: Skeptiko Today we welcome Dr. John Alexander to Skeptiko to talk about his new book, Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can’t Happen – But Did. Dr. Alexander is a […]


Michael Tsarion on Race, Jordan Peterson, and Why Conspiracy Work is Spiritual Work |372|

Michael Tsarion’s books ask tough questions about our occulted history and its impact on modern culture. photo by: Skeptiko What do you think about race? And what does it have to do with the extended consciousness stuff I’m always talking about? (clip from the movie, Get Out) Hey Chris, I want to introduce you to […]


Dr. Julie Beischel Clearing Up Myths About Mediumship |371|

Dr. Dr. Julie Beischel has become the preeminent researcher of mediumship and after death communication. photo by: Skeptiko We’ve come along way toward gaining a scientific understanding of after death communication, mainly thanks to the work of one researcher, Dr. Juile Beischel. Julie returns to Skeptiko to talk about her latest work at the Windbridge Institute. Dr. […]


Greg Mallozzi’s New Film About Andrija Puharich |370|

Dr. Andrija Puharich researched ESP and psychedelics, brought Uri Geller to the USA, and held seances with aliens… all while working for the deep state. photo by: Skeptiko (clip from the movie Altered Minds…) MKUltra… (disturbing music)… No matter how deep you dig, the only thing you’ll find is more lies… (disturbing music) I’m not the monster in the […]


Dr. Jeffrey Kripal Explores the Erotic in the Mystical & Religious |369|

Dr. Jeffrey Kripal’s new book connects his interests in the paranormal and erotic elements of mystical religion. photo by: Skeptiko (Indian music plays on bus as tour operator speaks) Alright, so welcome to Tantra Tour: The Heart of India. That’s tantra guru, Laurie Handlers from the film, Tantric Tourists. She’s telling her brave band of […]


Finnish Mystic’s Visions of Afterlife Match NDE Research

Dr. Antti Savinainen’s new book on the Finnish Mystic, Pekka Ervast adds to our understanding of the afterlife. photo by: Skeptiko (scary music and sounds from Jacob’s Ladder) Where do you go when you die? Actor, Tim Robbins got a glimpse in this cult classic, Jacob’s Ladder. And I guess that’s how it is with […]


Stanton Friedman on Jacques Vallee and UFOs/Consciousness |367|

UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman on Jacques Vallee and alien consciousness technology. photo by: Skeptiko (Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook) Now, when we talk about augmented reality, there are three important use cases that we think about… That’s Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, spreading Facebook’s Brave-New-World-Gospel re the merging of consciousness and computing. He’s actually taking his foot off […]