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A podcast dedicated to culturing knowledge in stem cell research.


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A podcast dedicated to culturing knowledge in stem cell research.




Ep. 261: “Building Neuromuscular Tissues” Featuring Dr. Ritu Raman

Dr. Ritu Raman is the d’Arbeloff Career Development Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, where her lab uses robotics and tissue engineering to treat muscle loss. She talks about light-activated muscle grafts, magnetic microparticles to control forces exerted on cells, and strategies for science communication.


Ep. 260: “Synchronized Tissue Regeneration” Featuring Dr. Shiri Gur-Cohen

Dr. Shiri Gur-Cohen is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Regenerative Medicine at UC San Diego. Her lab studies epithelial stem cells throughout their lifetimes. She talks about lymphatics in the intestinal stem cell niche, 3D imaging techniques, and sharing her science with a wider audience.


Ep. 259: “Regenerative Neurobiology” Featuring Dr. Malin Parmar

Dr. Malin Parmar is a Professor at Lund University and a New York Stem Cell Foundation – Robertson Investigator. Her research aims to understand cell fate specification in the developing brain and in human neural progenitor cells using cell-based models of neuronal differentiation. She talks about using assembloids to model the dopaminergic system, direct reprogramming somatic cells into induced neurons, and developing ESC-derived dopamine progenitor cells to treat Parkinson's disease.


Ep. 258: “The Musculo-Skeletal Axis” Featuring Dr. Olivier Pourquié

Dr. Olivier Pourquié is the Frank Burr Mallory Professor of Pathology and Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. His work focuses on the segmentation clock and the development of muscles and vertebrae. He talks about studying somitogenesis in vitro and his work on brown fat development.


Ep. 257: “Retinal Regeneration” Featuring Drs. Hwee Goon Tay and Beau Fenner

Dr. Hwee Goon Tay is an Assistant Professor at the Duke-National University of Singapore Medical School and Dr. Beau Fenner is an Ophthalmologist at the Singapore National Eye Centre. Their work focuses on cell therapy for degenerative retinal diseases. They talk about strategies to slow degeneration and potentially restore vision.


Ep. 256: “Epigenetics and Reprogramming” Featuring Dr. Jose Polo

Dr. Jose Polo is a Professor of Epigenetics and the Director of the Centre for Epigenetics at the University of Adelaide. He is also a Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology at Monash University. His lab studies the transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that govern cell identity. He talks about his team's work on cell fate, iBlastoids, and placental models for SARS-CoV-2.


Ep. 255: “Pathway to the Clinic” Featuring Drs. Stefan Irion and Viviane Tabar

Dr. Stefan Irion is the Chief Scientific Officer of BlueRock Therapeutics and Dr. Viviane Tabar is the Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In this special episode, recorded in front of a live audience in New York, they talk about their work on BlueRock's clinical trial for bemdaneprocel — a stem cell-derived investigational cell therapy for Parkinson's disease. They also discuss what's next for cell therapy and diversity in science and in patients.


Ep. 254: “Muscle Regeneration” Featuring Dr. Helen Blau

Dr. Helen Blau is the Donald E. and Delia B. Baxter Foundation Professor and Director of the Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology at Stanford University. Dr. Blau’s research focuses on the basic molecular mechanisms of stem cells and muscle and their application to aging, regenerative medicine, and disease. Her lab aims to understand and apply biology to improve quality of life, and their current primary focus is on understanding the gerozyme 15-PGDH. She talks about the roles of NSAIDs and CD47 in muscle regeneration. She also discusses growing cultured meat and writing a children's book!


Ep. 253: “Heart Failure Genes” Featuring Dr. Roger Foo

Dr. Roger Foo is the Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Professor of Medicine and Head of the Cardiovascular Research Institute at the National University of Singapore. His lab investigates the molecular mechanisms that regulate cardiac biology and disease. He talks about the genetics of heart disease and the roles of circular RNAs.


Ep. 252: “Organ-on-a-Chip” Featuring Dr. Bas Trietsch

Dr. Bas Trietsch is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Mimetas, a company working to contribute to groundbreaking therapies with their screenable, physiologically relevant 3D human disease models. He talks about tissue-relevant models for drug discovery, and how organ-on-a-chip technology can help address scalability and reproducibility.


Ep. 251: “Post-Implantation Blastoids” Featuring Drs. Thorold Theunissen and Rowan Karvas

Dr. Thorold Theunissen is an Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology at Washington University in St. Louis investigating the molecular basis of pluripotency, the mechanisms of trophoblast development, and the generation of stem cell-based embryo models.


Ep. 250: “Blastoid Development and Implantation” Featuring Dr. Nicolas Rivron

Dr. Nicolas Rivron is a Principal Investigator at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. His group recreates embryonic development using mammalian stem cells in a dish to better understand the encoded principles of self-organization. He talks about building human blastoid models and using them to study implantation. He also discusses differences in development between mice and humans, trophectoderm stem cells, and an ethical framework for embryo models.


Ep. 249: “Live at NYSCF: Overcoming Obstacles in Stem Cell Research” Featuring Drs. Laura Andres-Martin, Daniel Paull, and Raeka Aiyar

Dr. Laura Andres-Martin is a Research Investigator, Oncology, Dr. Daniel Paul is the Senior VP, Discovery & Platform Development, and Dr. Raeka Aiyar is the VP, Scientific & DEIB Outreach at the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF). This episode was recorded live and in-person at the NYSCF Research Institute. The panelists talk about NYSCF's approach to automation, their women's reproductive cancer initiative, and promoting inclusion and belonging in science. They also talk about Founder Susan Solomon's legacy and future plans to break down barriers in stem cell research.


Ep. 248: “Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering” Featuring Dr. Nathaniel Huebsch

Dr. Nathaniel Huebsch is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. His lab focuses on understanding how mechanical cues originating at cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix contacts influence signaling and fate. They are especially interested in how those cues affect heart development and disease. He talks about cardiac models and cardiomyocyte maturity.


Ep. 247: “Neurological Disorders” Featuring Dr. Thomas Durcan

Dr. Thomas Durcan is an Associate Professor and Director of the Early Drug Discovery Unit at the Montreal Neurological Institute. He oversees a team of 40+ research staff and students, committed to applying patient-derived stem cells towards the development of phenotypic discovery assays and 3D neuronal organoid models for neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders. He talks about modeling sporadic ALS in a dish, partnering with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and promoting open science.


ISSCR 2023: On the Ground

In June 2023, we attended ISSCR 2023, the annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research, in Boston. We spoke with delegates about their research and impressions of the meeting, including their reasons for attending, what they were most looking forward to, and the most memorable research presented.


Ep. 245: “Cellular Diversity” Featuring Dr. Thomas Zwaka

Dr. Thomas Zwaka is the Director of the Huffington Center for Cell-Based Research in Parkinson's Disease and a Professor of Regenerative and Developmental Biology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. His research focuses on fundamental questions surrounding stem cell biology, including how to reverse the process of differentiation and “re-program” any given cell type into a pluripotent stem cell.


ISSCR 2023: Day 4

In June 2023, Daylon and Arun attended the International for Stem Cell Research's (ISSCR) annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, and recorded daily episodes discussing highlights of the final day of the meeting.


ISSCR 2023: Day 3

In June 2023, Daylon and Arun attended the International Society for Stem Cell Research's (ISSCR) annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, and recorded daily episodes discussing highlights of the third day of the meeting.


ISSCR 2023: Day 2

In June 2023, Daylon and Arun attended the International Society for Stem Cell Research’s (ISSCR) annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, and recorded daily episodes discussing highlights of the second day of the meeting.