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A weekly podcast for people who love weather. A team of meteorologists discuss current weather events and hot topics involving meteorology.

A weekly podcast for people who love weather. A team of meteorologists discuss current weather events and hot topics involving meteorology.
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A weekly podcast for people who love weather. A team of meteorologists discuss current weather events and hot topics involving meteorology.




WeatherBrains 652: Smoke From A Distant Fire

Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is a meteorologist at the Naval Research Laboratory. Dr. David Peterson, welcome to WeatherBrains! Last year was a record year for wildfires across the globe, and their impact on the atmosphere remains highly uncertain. Thanks to new research from expert scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, the world is gaining more insight into what drives these massive and escalating events. NRL meteorologist Dr. Peterson explained his findings from his recent...


WeatherBrains 651: Early Days of The Weather Channel

Our two guest WeatherBrains tonight will help us all take a stroll down memory lane by looking back at some of the first years of The Weather Channel. Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain #1 is a legend in meteorology. He was the first Director of Meteorology at The Weather Channel, Chief Meteorologist at WSI, and was Dr. Dewpoint on the Intellicast website. He is currently Co-Chief Meteorologist at WeatherBell Analytics. We're happy to have Joe D'Aleo. Joining us as Guest WeatherBrain #2 is Al...


WeatherBrains 650: Reverting to Drugs

Joining us as Guest WeatherBrains this week we have Ariel Cohen and Ryan Bunker from NWS Topeka, KS. Ariel is the Science and Operations Officer (SOO) at WFO Topeka. They bring a whole host of additional people to the show. They will be discussing the topic of mentorship and career advancement. Kevin Selle invited Aubrey's partner in crime while in Norman last week to the show, so joining us from WOOD-TV, Grand Rapids, as our Guest Panelist we have Ellen Barca.


WeatherBrains 649: Don't Touch Anything

Joining us on this episode of WeatherBrains are guest WeatherBrains Benjamin May and Joe Tankersley. Ben came to marketing as a senior executive at Chateau St. Michelle winery. He left this to develop public safety-related "edu-tainment" programs at Disney in Orlando. Teaming with Disney Imagineer Joe Tankersley, they managed to get together a huge pot of funding and create a program that successfully improved preparedness behaviors for hundreds of thousands of people. They teamed with...


WeatherBrains 648: The Popcorn Girl

Today's WeatherBrain is Steven Zubrick, the Science and Operations Officer at National Weather Service in Sterling, VA. Steve has previously appeared on WeatherBrains; welcome back to the show! Also, joining us as Guest Panelist is Tanja Fransen, Meteorologist In Charge of the National Weather Service in Glasgow MT.


WeatherBrains 647: Unconscious on The Floor

This week's Guest WeatherBrain is a Philom. We will find out exactly what that means in a moment. He is the seventh editor of Farmers' Almanac, which is significant, given that it was founded in 1818. Peter Geiger, welcome to WeatherBrains!


WeatherBrains 646: Kernel Panic

We couldn't get Google Hangouts to function for our guest this week, so this week's WeatherBrains is a discussion amongst the regulars about what is on their minds.


WeatherBrains 645: Distribute the Hordes

The first named storm of 2018 is now in the books, so we're going to be talking with two experts in the area of tropical weather, Max Mayfield, left, and Bryan Norcross, right. These two hurricane specialists currently work for WPLG in Fort Lauderdale. They both need no introduction. Max Mayfield, former Director of the National Hurricane Center, and Bryan Norcross, Mr. Hurricane who appeared on the show a few months ago when his book came out.


WeatherBrains 644: Sometimes My Tool Goes Out

Tonight’s Guest WeatherBrain was an Air Force Meteorologist in the late 80s and early 90s. In the late 1990s, he left the Air Force to run his weather consulting programming business. He has published numerous books on weather forecasting. Tonight, we will watch over his shoulder as he broadcasts his nightly Meteorology Lab program on YouTube. Think of it as a 45 minute Weather Xterme Video like James and Brian do, only on steroids. Tim Vasquez, welcome to WeatherBrains.


WeatherBrains 643: Get Down in the Dirt and Work

Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is a Research Meteorologist at National Severe Storms Laboratory and a visiting Professor of Atmospheric Science at Desert Research Institute and the University of Nevada-Reno. He is the author of the recent AMS Book: Verner Soumi: The Life and Work of the Founder of Satellite Meteorology. He joins us tonight from his daughter's home in Sacramento. Please welcome Dr. John Lewis to WeatherBrains.


WeatherBrains 642: Blocking the Moisture

Our guest for this episode of WeatherBrains is Rudy Simoneaux. Rudy is the engineering manager of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, along with being the project manager of the LSU Center for River Studies. He is also the president-elect of the Louisiana Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.


WeatherBrains 641: No Such Thing as a Slam Dunk

Joining us for this episode is SPC Lead Forecaster John Hart. John is actually in the mountains of Colorado where he has been panning for gold. As far back as he can remember, he had always dreamed of being a lead forecaster for the SELS unit in Kansas City which is now called the SPC. After attending college in St. Louis, he worked at Channel 2 there for a while. Then, a few weeks after graduation he was lucky enough to get a job at the National Weather Service in Charleston, West...


WeatherBrains 640: He Thinks He Is On The Radio

Tonight's WeatherBrain is the Emergency Response Meteorologist for the National Weather Service Southern Region Headquarters, Jennifer McNatt. Also joining us is Elinor Lutu-McMoore, the Meteorologist in Charge at the NWS office in Pago Pago, American Samoa.


WeatherBrains 639: Max Factor Pancake Tan Number 2

Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is the Associate Director at the Extreme Events Institute at Florida International University. Erik Salna, welcome to WeatherBrains!


WeatherBrains 638: Corn and Cauliflower

Our guest WeatherBrain for this episode is Matt Solum. Matt is the Decision Support Services Program Manager at Western Region Headquarters of the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City, UT. Matt was in the California State Operations Center, basically the state EOC, supporting their full activation as a result of the fires in southern California. Their team was providing forecast information primarily for the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) and FEMA as it...


WeatherBrains 637: Gender Reveal

Tonight, we have the author of the book The Man Who Caught the Storm: The Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras about the 2013 deadly El Reno, Oklahoma tornado. He is a journalist who has written for Wire, Popular Mechanics and Texas Monthly. Brantley Hargrove, welcome to WeatherBrains!


WeatherBrains 636: Folklore Brains

Joining us from Canada to talk about weather folklore is Cindy Day. Cindy began her career at CFRA radio based in Ottawa where she was the host of Ottawa AM program. Then she is known for starting, Weather by Day, her own business in which she provided seasonal forecasts, radio reports and climate data for Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Cindy has worked for CTV Atlantic from September, 2007, to December, 2017. She appeared on CTV News at 5, CTV News at 6 and the Late News at 11:30 p.m....


WeatherBrains 635: Doswell Unleashed

Joining us tonight is Dr. Charles A. Doswell. Some technical issues delayed Dr. Doswell from joining us, but we got them solved. Dr. Doswell has been on WeatherBrains a number of times, the last time was episode 583.


WeatherBrains 634: 6 Inches in 30 Miles

This show features a full house of storm chasing legends. This includes Jeff Piotrowski and Tim Marshall.


WeatherBrains 633: No, We Are Not The Only Weather Podcast

It's a full house for this episode of WeatherBrains with representatives from a number of weather-related podcasts. Joining us are Becky DePodwin, Ice Station Housman, Scotty Powell from Carolina Weather Gang, Castle Williams, WeatherHype, Mark Jelinek, What is it About the Weather, and Phil Johnson of Storm Front Freaks Podcast. This show marks National Weather Podcast Month.