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E06 -A Young Alcoholic, Drug & Food Addict Shares Her Story

Sometimes addicts and alcoholics don't take a direct path to sobriety. Listen to this incredible story of addiction, that began in an unlikely place, and landed in Alcoholics Anonymous. So grateful to get to share this story.


Episode #5 Bobby

The pain of addiction and alcoholism is very real for some. This is a gripping story of a successful husband and father trapped in the prison of drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Listen to how he got help, how treatment didn't work the first time around, and how much his life has changed in sobriety.


Episode #4 – Welcome House CEO

Jamie Boyle, the CEO and President of Welcome House in Kansas City, Missouri talks about his experience as a client of the Welcome House, all the way to living clean and sober with a life of service. Learn More: Welcome House KC- Donate to the 5th Annual Welcome House Breakfast and buy raffle tickets for incredible prizes! You do NOT have to be present to win!!


A Mom’s Journey with Nancy

It doesn't matter how old they get, your child will always be your child. Nancy shares her journey with her millennial son from being in the "black hole", to celebrating his recent 2 year sobriety milestone. Their road to recovery took them from the Midwest all the way to the East Coast, and back. How distance changed their lives, and their relationship, and their gratitude for sober living.


Gifts of Sobriety with Grant

Addiction knows no bounds. It doesn't care if you come from a good home, it doesn't care what zip code you're in or how good your job is- when alcoholism strikes, it is strategic and powerful. Grant shares his story of living with anxiety and alcoholism, how he turned his life around, and the gifts that sobriety brings.


Addiction in Television & Movies

Are addicted people portrayed well in the media? When you see a 12-step person or a 12-step meeting on the big, or small screen, do you believe what you see? Remember the addicted twist they tried on SVU? Or how about the epic saga unfolding on This Is Us? From Nurse Jackie, to Will Arnett's (Flaked) relapse, to Denzel Washington in Flight- we break down the ins and outs of what we look like on the screen, and how we wish they did a little better job.


About Me Episode 0

Welcome to Addiction Unlimited Podcast! This is Episode 0, About Me. I wanted to share some information about myself so you know who you are listening to and why I do what I do. If you have questions or comments please let me know!


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