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2 Years After Leaving AA: Not Dead, Still Sober with Lara Frazier

I'm scrolling through Instagram one day and this headline catches my eye: 2 Years After Leaving AA: Not Dead, Still Sober. (link below) Immediately I was intrigued. Everybody knows I got sober in AA working the 12 steps and working with a sponsor. It's sort of 'the old fashioned way' now. I love all the 12 step programs, and having the group to love and support me and have fun saved my life. Now, I am over a decade into my sobriety and I still attend AA regularly. And I have found myself...


#31 Angela Pugh Answers YOUR Questions!

Today we are doing something different- you guys are great about sending me feedback and questions and one of the things I hear a lot is you would like to hear more of me and my thoughts on things. So, here we go! I chose two questions- one about me and my work, and one about drinking. Mike from Boise left me a voice message at and said, "What do you do, exactly? You talk about a lot of things, coaching, intervention, sober living, do you ever sleep!?!". I get into...


#30 The Powerful Freedom of Sobriety with Kevin K.

I'm driving to my office in Kansas City, and I find myself feeling a little nervous about recording this podcast. It's strange to be nervous about having a conversation with someone I know so well, but it's like I'm so excited I don't know what to say! This is a person who I accredit my life to in a large degree. Not because he kept me alive, but because he taught me to grow up and he taught me how to be a good person. He revived my soul at a time when I thought I was totally FUBAR (fucked...


#29 A Sober-Minded Life with Jenn Kautsch of Sober Sis

Sober Sis founder, Jenn Kautsch, is a pioneer in this movement of sober-minded living. This is about making a conscious choice to be the best version of yourself, to live in an intentional manner creating the life you want. And sometimes that means living alcohol-free. Hear Jenn's story of how she recognized alcohol was causing some inner turmoil, it was taking up too much 'space' in her life, and how she embarked on this amazing journey to create Sober Sis. Sober Sis is a tribe of women who...


#28 Sober at Seventeen | Nick Rebholz | Full Circle KC | YPAA

Sober at seventeen isn't a super common story, but it is becoming more normal every day and we need resources to help these kids and their families. I always enjoy sharing stories of people who got sober really young. I think this is the most difficult time to make a change of this magnitude, and developmentally all the forces are working against you. Coping skills aren't up to par, the frontal lobe isn't fully developed which causes a whole host of other issues with impulse control, ability...


#27 Horses Helping People | The Healing Power of Horses with Heartland Therapeutic Riding | KC

The healing power of horses is utilized in addiction treatment centers across the nation. But have you ever wondered how horses can actually help people? There are more benefits than I ever thought possible! Today we talk with Bonnie Bruns of Heartland Therapeutic Riding - she sheds some light on how horses connect with people and how they respond to our energy. From Heartland Therapeutic Riding website: "The beauty and magic of the partnership between a horse and its rider has long been...


#26 Alison Watros | Dallas Sober Living | Windhaven House

A great story with Alison Watros about her journey in personal recovery and how she found her passion of working with women in a Dallas sober living environment! Windhaven House - Sober Living Dallas Windhaven House is a transitional sober living program for women who desire comprehensive recovery support after primary treatment. Our two beautiful houses provide the best place to continue your personal growth and work towards independence. The staff at Windhaven House are dedicated to this...


#25 Addiction Treatment with Jessica Masters

Choosing Addiction Treatment Treatment placement and choosing the right treatment center is a huge topic in the world of Professional Interventionists. It is imperative we provide enough information to a family so they can make the best possible choice for their loved one. Jessica Masters works for a large behavioral health group, and her specialty is treatment placement. In this episode we talk about the inside details of treatment centers, how they treat, how they are different, how...


#24 Getting Sober Young with Geffen Liberman

As the years go by, and the opiate epidemic continues to claim lives, we see more and more people in recovery at younger ages. When I got sober I was 33. And I felt like I was the youngest person in the room by 20 years. Imagine being twenty-something and walking into recovery. The challenges to face and overcome, and the level of commitment necessary to stay sober. I am so grateful I had this opportunity to talk to Geffen about all of these challenges and where his sobriety has taken him....


#23 Anorexia, Bulimia, and Eating Disorder Treatment with Kirsten Oelklaus

Kirsten Oelklaus specializes in treatment for teens and adults with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and emotional eating. In the field for more than 23 years, she offers insight to disordered eating, some of the challenges people face with anorexia and/or bulimia, and how to recover. Just like everything in life, recovery is a process. I have been very open throughout my sobriety about other issues I have struggled with, and food is definitely one of them...


#22 Dr. Louise Stanger | Educator, Speaker, Professional Interventionist

Dr. Louise Stanger is passionate about helping families whose loved ones experience substance abuse, mental health, process addictions and chronic pain. She is committed to showing up for her clients and facilitating lasting change. Her passion for intervention success has led her around the world, performing family interventions, delivering keynote speeches, and developing family programs for some of the top treatment centers in the US. ( Dr. Louise Stanger is the...


#21 Sans Bar Austin, TX | A Bar for Sober People with Creator Chris Marshall

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Chris Marshall. I came across Sans Bar in Austin, TX and was immediately intrigued. A sober bar. I thought it was a bar for sober people. But what Chris has brought to the table is so much more! This is a person who is passionate about the product and service he provides, and he is mindful how he does it. Hear his fascinating take on the ‘Sobriety Spectrum’, who is showing up at Sans Bar, and what they are serving. It is definitely more than I...


#20 Wes Geer | Music Heals in Addiction Treatment | Rock to Recovery

Wes Geer | Rock to Recovery Find Rock to Recovery here: Former (hed) P.E. and Korn guitarist Wes Geer founded Rock to Recovery on 12-12-2012 in an effort to bring a new and unique type of music expression group into treatment centers -by forming a band! Together the band writes and performs a song, finally recording it at the end of each session. The program is designed so that ‘non-musicians’ can access the magic, healing, uplifting powers of writing...


#19 Freddy Negrete: Guns, Gangs, & Tattoos

Freddy Negrete Bio Legendary tattoo artist Freddy Negrete is best known for his pioneering black-and-gray tattoo style, honed while serving time in the California State Prison system during a youth mired in abuse, gang life, and drug addiction. His “prison-style” designs eventually found their way out onto the streets of East LA and, in 1980, he created a piece that earned him a Tattoo Artist of the Year award. Freddy has been featured in the History Channel’s Marked series, in the...


#18 Vance Johnson | NFL Presents | Denver Broncos

A former professional football player with the Denver Broncos, three Super Bowl appearances, a world class athlete, and a recovering alcoholic/addict. Vance's Mission ( Reclaiming my faith and redeemed, It is my purpose and passion to Inspire those who like me, found themselves powerless broken and looking for a breakthrough. After growing up around addiction and domestic violence as an adolescent, I struggled with substance abuse throughout and after my NFL career. After...


#17 Monica Phillips | Friendly House | Los Angeles

When you think about a non-profit organization to help women with addiction, your first thoughts aren't typically Robert Shapiro and Katey Segal. But you never know who will show up to support Friendly House LA. The Peggy Albrecht Friendly House has been helping women find recovery from drug and alcohol addiction since 1951. Monica Phillips, Executive Director, proudly speaks about the services Friendly House provides to treat women in addiction. Friendly House, the first residential...


#16 Manny Rodriguez | Hollywood Rehab | La Fuente

La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center is an inpatient drug rehab dedicated to the LGBT community. An intimate program that provides hands-on care, community-driven, with a clear mission. Manny Rodriguez, Co-Founder and CEO, talks about his personal recovery, how he landed in the LGBT treatment industry, and the importance of being grounded in your community and giving back. For more information on La Fuente, follow the link here:


#15 The Cigarette Whisperer Rocky Rosen

Do you wish you didn't smoke? Have you tried a million ways to quit and haven't been successful? This may be your answer. Rocky Rosen, dubbed The Cigarette Whisperer, has been featured on The Doctors and is easy to find with a simple Google search. Welcome Rocky Rosen to the Addiction Unlimited Podcast. See Rocky on The Doctors:


#14 Sonny Mayo Rock to Recovery

Imagine a world where drug addicts and alcoholics work side-by-side with the Department of Defense... sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Meet Sonny Mayo. A rock star, sober person, and incredible human being. Working with the Unites States Department of Defense and the Wounded Warriors Project, rock stars travel the country doing songwriting workshops and healing people with music. Sonny Mayo talks about his personal recovery, being on tour as a sober person, his love of dogs, and a...


#13 Stephen Watts Futures Palm Beach

Several weeks ago, a piece came out about the addiction treatment industry on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The piece is really funny in parts, if you can have a laugh at the ridiculous-ness of it, and at the same time, it sheds light on the less appealing side of big business and how money and greed have changed the landscape of treatment. On this episode, Wattsy and I sit down to have a chat about the addiction treatment industry from our point of view. We talk about recent news...