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Dominey Drew is the gold standard in personal and success coaching. She uses a powerful process of self-awareness that shows you exactly what is keeping you from the success and happiness you desire - and how to fix it. Join Dominey and her guests as they teach the psychology, spirituality, and ontology behind how to be authentically - and effortlessly - yourself.


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Dominey Drew is the gold standard in personal and success coaching. She uses a powerful process of self-awareness that shows you exactly what is keeping you from the success and happiness you desire - and how to fix it. Join Dominey and her guests as they teach the psychology, spirituality, and ontology behind how to be authentically - and effortlessly - yourself.






AoA - Ep 111 Leaning into Your Gifts with Jason Miller

Today I am joined by Jason Miller - a man successful in business and, more importantly, in life. After 23 years in the military, Jason shares his journey of adjusting back to civilian life, and how he learned to compartmentalize to maintain focus and keep his priorities straight. He tried and failed to retire 3 times, and finally found his sweet spot creating 13 businesses and building a life that reflects his priorities and values. This is one worth listening to, folks. Learn more about...


AoA - Ep 110 Awaken to Your Power with Christian de la Huerta

Throwback episode! Several months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Christian de la Huerta, and this episode is just hitting the shelves now. Whether he is running powerful retreats or teaching breathwork for success in business, Christian's message is worth a listen. He impacts many people around the world, in person and now through his book, Awakening the Soul of Power. Learn more about Christian here:


AoA - Ep 109 - Healthy Delusion of Elite Athletes with Nick Winkelman

Today I am joined by Nick Winkelman, the head of Athletic Performance and Science for the Irish National Rugby team. Over the last 20 years, Nick has worked with high level athletes - from NFL hopefuls scouted fresh out of college, to the world's top rugby players. He has an inside perspective on what these high performers go through in their inner world and today he pulls back the curtain and shares about what he's seen. Nick is also the author of the book The Language of Coaching - The...


Bridging Worlds - Blending the Spiritual with Global Impact Strategy, with Christine Amerman

Today's guest is one of those powerhouse ladies who is not only self-aware, humble and committed to self-growth, but also runs a highly successful company. Christine Amerman is known as the Podcast Guesting Queen - and you'll see why. In her words, "I’m here for the world changers - not the money-makers." She helps people grow their business and their impact by mastering the art of podcast guesting. Join us on today's fabulous episode where we dive deep into bridging the worlds of spiritual...


AoA - Ep 108 - Strong Spine & Soft Front with Brian Bogert

Ladies and gentlemen, Dominey Drew here and it is my pleasure to introduce you, my beloved audience, to a truly high caliber coach. In today's episode I interview Brian Bogert - he is a highly evolved being who tells it like it is. He's been called a heart surgeon without a scalpel, and in this interview you can see why. Brian is a performance coach, speaker, and business strategist who does powerful work in an authentic and meaningful way. He has mastered the balance of strong and...


AoA - Ep 107 - Rising into Bliss with Julia Mikk

Today we are joined by Julia Mikk - a business owner, healer, and founder of SOLignment Institute, where she trains coaches, healers and therapists to level WAY up and have more impact and more success. Julia has done so much work on herself and you can hear it immediately. She has worked with thousands of people around the world, and today we chat about how to not only get out of pain but to really RISE into ease and joy and eventually bliss. Get a free taste of Julia's work,...


AoA - Ep 106 - The Joyful Entrepreneur with Mario Lanzarotti

Today we are joined by the amazing and powerful Mario Lanzarotti, a wealth attraction coach for entrepreneurs. Authentic joy is achieved most quickly through self-awareness and self-acceptance. WARNING: We go deep in this one. To learn more, give your feedback on the episode or to work with Mario, visit him on LinkedIn: and on Twitter:


AoA - Ep 105 - Permission to Be You

Do you have voices in your head telling you you "should" be someone else, that you should be acting differently than you are, feeling other feelings? Do you do things because you think you must, or because everyone else does them? The underlying causes of this type of human suffering are actually quite simple. In today's episode, Dominey dives into how to give yourself permission to be yourself. In so doing you not only release yourself from this suffering, you also open the door to a new...


AoA - Ep 104 - Why There is No Hope for You

Not the average episode on hope that you'd find on your average spiritual podcast! This episode draws out how we use hope as a crutch, and how it's keeping us from living our lives, and achieving what we want. Intrigued? Let's dive in. To learn more about working with Dominey, schedule a free call here:


AoA - Ep 103 - The Dangers of Strong Opinions

Did you know that your opinions hold you back from being present, living in reality, and finding happiness? ...Surprise!! In today's episode, Dominey shows you how the danger of opinions - your own as well as those of others - are keeping you out of reality and in a world of illusion. By the end of today's episode you will have changed your opinion on... opinions! To accelerate your road to fulfillment and self love, schedule a free call with Dominey and learn how she can...


AoA - Ep 102 - Authenticity in the Here & Now

In today's episode, Dominey talks about the most important element of happiness, fulfillment and peace - being present. The most significant part of this is: being present is not that hard. You don't have to "quiet your mind", starve yourself for 40 days or relinquish all human pleasures in order to achieve it. Sure, there's a trick, but it's easier than you think. Learn how in today's episode. Please rate and leave a review on iTunes or whatever listening platform you use, it helps us...


AoA - Ep 101 - Overcoming Emptiness

Lonely at the top? Although we expect happiness to follow success, for most of us, the more successful we get, the emptier we feel. Do you find that you can't feel much? That you're not super connected, not wildly excited or deeply dismayed, but just sort of "meh", or stuck in your head? There is MORE TO LIFE. Today's episode is for you. Enjoy.


AoA - Ep 100!!! - The Art of Joy

Welcome to the 100th episode!!! To celebrate this milestone Dominey chooses the appropriate topic of JOY! Today, learn what it is, how to find it, and exact strategies on how to cultivate more of it in every area of your life. Specifically: The Art of Joy To learn more about working with Dominey, schedule a free call here:


AoA - Ep99 - The New Direction

She's baaaaack! After a long hiatus away, Dominey is back at the microphone, ready to set the world straight ;-) Today's episode is a welcome back, as Dominey shares her journey over the last few months, her phoenix-like rise from the ashes and the exciting new direction her journey has taken.


AoA - Ep98 - Guest: Scot McKay

Today I dive into real relationships, dynamics of the masculine and feminine - to be honest - just have fun shooting the sh*t with Scot. Scot is a men's dating coach with a similar approach to mine, but with some key differences that we enjoy exploring. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and comment with your thoughts! To learn more about working with Scot, visit: To learn more about working with me (Dominey), visit:


AoA Ep_98 - The One Mistake I See Every Coach Making

From Dominey: In over 20 years in the self-help/personal development world, I have seen a lot of mistakes made. Often they're made by well-intentioned spiritual teachers who genuinely want to help but haven't delved deeply enough into themselves to know how to navigate deep issues in their clients. But there is one mistake that I almost NEVER see coaches getting right - like, all over the internet - and they're costing their clients literally YEARS of frustration, money and results, because...


AoA - Ep97 - Do you move toward or away from what you want?

In today's episode, Dominey breaks it down to complete simplicity. How to identify why you're not getting what you want, what is REALLY holding you back, and how to fix that shit. To work with Dominey, reach out for a free call here. What is stopping you? ;-)


AoA - Ep96 - Listen to Life Like Music

As you grow and evolve, your perception of life changes. It is this very change, in fact, which leads to/is caused by/creates said evolution of self. In today's episode, Dominey shares with you her experience of observing her own evolution, and describes the shift in perception that occurred. Dominey's passion is in accelerating your growth so that the happiness, ease, effortlessness, and ecstasy that she now experiences daily, can be yours as well. To learn more about working with...


AoA - Ep95 - Enter: 2022

This episode is a welcome and a welcome back. As we turn the page into a new year and the pace of life around us continues to accelerate, Dominey also returns from a hiatus of several months. She describes her rapid evolution over this period and brings gifts of new learning, new skills, new perceptions and new teachings to her beloved listeners. To learn more about working with Dominey, schedule a free call, here:


AoA - Ep94 - "Captain Underpants is the gateway drug to Shakespeare" - with Dr. Danny Brassell

In today's episode I get to interview Dr Danny Brassell - Danny is known as America's leading reading ambassador, and is a pillar in the leadership, training and literacy arena. He's worked with children all over the world, teaching them not only how to read, but how to LOVE reading. As an avid bookworm myself I love Danny's message. Geek out with us as we discover how connecting with books and stories will actually connect us to ourselves - providing a powerful experience of...