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Ep. 032 - Egghead Chronicles

What happen when my dynamic and unhinged brain engages into yet another fun round of Instagram Live Stor(ies)… Enjoy. #StayAwesome


Ep. 031 - One suitcase

On this short solo episode - my first day & night in my first apartment. Oh, the memories. Enjoy. #StayAwesome


Ep. 030 - Do not be anxious. Recalibrate. (w. Tanguy Exume)

Blessed. ‘Tis indeed the word. When you come out the other end of yet another powerful and thought-provoking exchange - all you do is take a second, breathe it in and realize that certain opportunities, connections, conversations and people are truly a blessing. My guest, Tanguy Exume, was nothing short of an amazing spirit to have on the program. With a genuine philosophy of kindness, resilience, patience and mindfulness, there was no time for questions - only for listening. And...


Ep. 029 - Me, Myself & IG

Following some kind encouragement from a few friends, I recorded an Instagram LIVE Story a few days ago. Obviously, with the fairly little warning I’d given, a couple of people got back to me asking if the broadcast session would be available for later viewing. The concern did not fall onto deaf ears. This is the result. I have to admit it’s a rather revealing experience when you listen to yourself from the audience’s perspective. I touched on some personal stories I had all but...


Ep. 028 - Dream. Do. (w. Ben Gardere)

When circumstances become rather consequential and the situation demands your rather immediate attention…what do you do? When you get hit with an idea, and the choice remains on you to pursue it or let it pass…what do you do? At some point or another, we’ve all come across this familiar fork in the road along our journey, be it creative or otherwise, where we have an actionable and impactful choice to make. In this very candid conversation with my guest Benjamin Gardere, writer,...


Ep. 027 - The Routine

Because they learn it from you - and they cannot give what they don’t have. Enjoy.


Ep. 026 - Your story. Your path.

Wherever you go, there YOU are. Simple, however not always easy. A little something I learned overtime. Enjoy.


Ep. 025 - An addition to the family

A wonderful and resounding anecdote on dealing with the naysayers at a very young age. Enjoy.


Ep. 024 - It’s on You

A short rapid-fire episode on how I believe that even though certain circumstances are not your fault - but remain your responsability to take action towards changing your own situation. Enjoy.


Ep. 023 - I.C.E

Because certain things should not be left up to chance. Enjoy.


Ep. 022 - One of many lessons

Parenting. Tough love. Nuff said. Enjoy.


Ep. 020 - Focus on your ‘Why’ (w. StyledByPaul)

I’ve never shied away from admitting what I don’t know or doesn’t spark my interest. Whether it be cars, real estate, knitting…I understand that this variety of interests, despite our differences and/or disagreements, is what makes us so incredibly colourful as a species. For me, Fashion has also been right up there with the rest. Like Soccer. I can watch it, respectfully appreciate it - but I just don’t get it. Which is why my next guest, Montreal-based Men’s Fashion Stylist, StyledByPaul


Ep. 019 - What deserves your time?

One must always acknowledge where your time is allocated in this Age of Distraction. It’s the one resource you cannot get back. At the end of the day, no matter where this boat called Life takes you on your journey, makes sure you’re not looking back in a rear-view of accumulated regrets but through a slideshow of singular personal achievements. Enjoy. Remember to leave a comment and let us know how we’re doing. Either on the blog of via email : awakentheawesome [at] gmail [dot]...


Ep. 018 - Stop underselling the merchandise

A rapid-fire solo episode where I take 2 seconds to look at negative self-talk in the eye. Enjoy. Remember to leave a comment and let us know how we’re doing. Either on the blog of via email: awakentheawesome [at] gmail [dot] com #StayAwesome


Ep. 017 - Algorithmically concerned (Photo Friday Special) w. Dimitri Rousseau

It’s nice to get the gang back together again. 2018 is full of surprises and we try to keep things as Awesome as ever with a boatload of new guests, topics and fun-filled spontaneity to round it all up! On this episode, I catch up with my man Dimitri Rousseau(Vivardy Boursiquot & Koralie Woodward were unfortunately not available for this recording) and I set out to reflect on a couple a topics that have sparked our mutual interests…such as: - Who still prints? - Ha [...]


Ep. 016 - Catching up (w. David Esquire)

You have time for what you make time for in this world. Life happens but at the end of the day, whether it’s the job, the gym, that book you’ve been meaning to finish, or somebody you haven’t gotten in touch with for a while…you eventually have to admit that it’ll never happen unless you make it happen. It’s nice to catch up and if the next conversation has revealed anything, it’s that my friend and mentor, Minneapolis-based, caffeine-fueled, 20+ yr photography veteran and all-around...


Ep. 015 - Stay Dedicated (w. Lemar Martin)

I’ve always been big on the importance of physical activity. In a not too distant future, I’ll be hitting 40 and if there’s anything these two minions that bear my name have convinced me of, it’s the fact that your body and its overall maintenance are and should remain a constant priority. Funny thing about fitness that I’ve learned throughout the years - it’s personal. There is no ONE formula and what works for you is not always the best option for someone else. Goals, schedule, personal...


Ep. 014 - Feelings Inside Not Expressed (*Explicit*)

This one hits in some pretty uncomfortable places. It’s been a long time coming since I said I’d do some sort of mental health/stress-anxiety-depression type of episode but I was never too sure how to frame it or how to get myself out of the bashfulness of sharing my personal struggle. Admission of full honesty right now as I don’t really know how to preface this one other than to warn you that a few curse words have made their way into it. Aside from that, I found it truly mattered to...


Ep. 013 - A Lifeline from yourself

A surprising and heartwarming story of how colleagues … are not JUST colleagues. Sometimes, in the midst of the daily grind, we tend to take for granted the singular value of working alongside a really great and group of people. While the job might seem overwhelming at times, having the privilege top be surrounded by individuals whose presence helps you plow through is a terrific feeling. Remember to leave a comment and let us know how we’re doing. Either on the blog of via email...


Ep. 012 - This journey called LOVE (w. Jessica Cantave)

In an active effort to pay attention and remain cautious of my workaholic tendencies, tryin to take on as many projects as my mind can wrangle, I’ve become increasingly curious about the concept of Mindfulness. More specifically through the practice of meditation and Yoga. It gets thrown around a lot and there more than a few resources to go around in regards to demystifying the whole thing and getting one’s feet wet. I, however, never mind keeing things close to the chest, or in this...


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