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Ep. 080 - Happy People Work Harder (w. Garen Jemian)

For those of you who've been along for then ride on this little audio adventure of ours, you know that I don't do too much research on my guests as I like to take a chance at getting to know the person across from me with no agenda and or expectation other than to learn from their story, vision and craft. Garen Jemian is one those breed of people who just have that particular kind of energy that you can't quite put your finger on but definitely resonates as both genuine and engaging. As...


Ep. 079 - Passion. Not Excuses. (w. Thierry Lindor)

I have had the incredible opportunity along this journey to connect and learn from a diverse and always inspiring array of guests with an impactful story to tell. Today's guest is no exception. In fact, I have to admit what an exciting surprise it was when he accepted my invitation to be a featured guest on the program. If you've ever come across Thierry Lindor's talks, interviews and overall content, then you're already very familiar with his particular dose of energy and...


Ep. 078 - You Are Your Own Magic (w. Clara Luce Lafond)

The words we speak in the Universe, the foods we ingest, the thoughts we harbour, the relationships we nurture... I believe that everything is energy. Whatever your personal formula, it is my belied that it's up to you to find the pieces that fit into your individual equation. Your Health, your finances, your family, your friendships, your all intimately connects to reveal and define this beautiful tapestry that is your Self. In that regard, one undeniable thread that often...


Ep. 077 - You gotta go for it! (w. Dino Bedrocker)

Passion - Genuine, authentic passion is infectious. You can feel it from the words and emotion that resonate from the person sitting across from you and you can't help but take notice. My next guest has the kind of dynamic thirst for life that will give you a run for your money. Just upon our initial connection, I could tell right out of the gate that his was the kind of spirited and uplifting personality that I believe we should take notes from. As the host of The Music Shindig, a...


Ep. 076 - Have the guts to follow your gut (w. Talmadge Spicer)

The Universe has a way of making things happen and putting the most amazing people in your horizon. These people oftentimes radiate a certain kind of specific energy and you can tell there's a special connection that's worth tapping into. That's exactly the kind of vibe I got from my next guest. Tal Spicer is definitely what one might call a special breed of enlightenment, kindness and wisdom. Through his amazing personality and powerful message of empowerment, accountability and...


Ep. 075 - Inspire Each Other (w. Dayana & David Gonzales)

Ask anyone who's been in a serious, committed and ongoing relationship about the key elements that are part of their particular formula, chances are pretty good the following are never far... Teamwork Commitment Transparency Communication ...and please leave the Ego at the door. My next guests are a special pair. Had them on my radar for a while as I'd been keeps nf up with their powerful, funny, genuine and refreshing content over the past year. Centered around their core beliefs...


Ep. 074 - Love Your Powerful Being (w. Emmanuelle Georges)

When you see people you respect and admire accomplish great things while living their purpose along the way, it matters that you not only let them know but to also genuinely celebrate these accomplishments along with them. It is admittedly amazing to witness all the great new things my next guest has been up to since her last appearance on the podcast. On this energy-filled episode, we take the time to not only catch up, but also cover a variety of topics ranging from the power of...


Ep. 073 - I love my country (w. Chabin Goldenchild)

It started out with one song. Just a simple listen of one song and I was hell-bent of having this individual on the podcast. The lyrics, the beat, the energy, the message...come to think of it, I guess it was pretty good mix of all of the above. What was undeniable though was the feeling I felt from the words of truth and honesty that his latest single "Lakay Mwen"("My Home" in Creole) was conveying. See, Chabin Golden Child, through a very colourful and intelligent mix of wordplay and...


Ep. 072 - (Not So Happy) Holidays

On this solo episode - Highlighting my personal thoughts about an uncomfortable yet very real side of the holidays that some people would rather avoid talking about : Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as Seasonal Depression.) Thank you for listening. #StayAwesome


Ep. 071 - Unmatched Quality (w. Coach Jay Renaud)

In the spirit of the New Year, I wanted to kick things off with an interview that I was fortunate enough to get with an individual who truly embodies what we try to promote and encourage here on the podcast. And that is to concretely and effectively ensure that your actions are elevated to the same level as your ambitions. Don't let his bright smile and warm personality fool you - today's guest, Coach Jacques Renaud, or just "Jay" for short, is a beast and in that mindset, pulls no punches....


Ep. 070 - Looking Back. Looking Ahead. (The Year-End Special)

On this solo episode, I wanted to close out the year with a simple yet intimate look back at the wild ride that has been this podcast so far. 70 episodes is nothing to take for granted and it's definitely something that I had to acknowledge. With a deep sense of gratitude, humility, excitement, and ambition, I just wanted to share a bit of my personal side of the story so far. With my sincere thanks and appreciation for your continued support, feedback and appreciation, Enjoy.


Ep. 069 - You Have To Keep Pushing (w. Chef Alain Lemaire)

What I love about these exchanges I have the opportunity and privilege to share with these amazing individuals is the impactful truth and vulnerability that often resonates from their individual stories. The fact that these are some of the brightest and most dedicated souls I get to chat with is also something to mark as noteworthy. I could've taken this recording in quite a few familiar directions and had my next guest talk about his career, beginnings, accolades, awards, achievements,...


Ep. 068 - Fiercely Loyal

On this short solo episode - I had this impactful memory hit me like a truck where I realized what it truly means to commit and honour your own core values. Enjoy.


Ep. 067 - The Pursuit

On this short solo episode - why I believe one's journey is the sum of simple habits. Enjoy.


Ep. 066 - Align With Who You Truly Are (w. Gerardine Jeune)

I have a tremendous respect and appreciation for people whose work and overall message is a testament to their genuine authenticity as well as their dedication to serve something greater than themselves. It's also a bonus when, given the opportunity to connect and exchange with these individuals, you come to find out how thoughtful, generous and incredibly down-to-earth they happen to be. From her various posts and incredible content, ranging from fashion trends to personal development to...


Ep. 065 - Hug It Out

On this short solo episode, a small anecdote on refereeing the two minions and how, even at their tender age, they can surprise me in the most amazing ways. Enjoy.


Ep. 064 - Arm People with Love, Hope & Faith (w. Svens Telemaque)

"I'm not interested in talking about your rap sheet" is what I told him. Sure. It would have been easy and simple to make this a conversation layered with stories about his less precarious past. Anecdotes about his run-ins with the law, to local gangs, to friends that are not with us anymore, to pushing, to incarceration... That, in my opinion was an easy route and consequentially a small thread in the tapestry that defines my next guest's journey. Indeed, though his work as a poet,...


Ep. 063 - Pursue What Inspires You (w. Christopher Durst)

One of the truest and most amazing things about this journey is the incredible conversations and wonderful insights I get to experience from these awesome people who accept my invitation to sit down and share their story and time. Most often, these people are genuinely new to my circle and these recordings are often the first interactions we get to have with each other. But, on some instances, some of these amazing guests are people whose work I've been a fan of for a really long time. And...


Ep. 062 - Your adversity is your gift (w. Christopher Dedeyan)

Obstacles and overcoming them. Circumstances and how we are either limited or empowered by them. These are a but a few of the themes which I was delighted to have the opportunity to discuss with my next guest. As a professional speaker, real estate champion, entrepreneur, and passionate individual, Christopher Dedeyan’s energy will send shockwaves to your core. A fierce advocate and incredible example of achievement in spite of (or because of, you decide) being diagnosed with dyslexia at...


Ep. 061 - Minimum Standard of Acceptance

On this short solo episode, I highlight the relevance of keeping yourself accountable to your own standards. Enjoy.