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This is Awaken The Awesome - a podcast where we acknowledge that we are all in this together. Through enlightening conversations and personal insights, your host Olivier Day, aims to connect with and introduce you to individuals, just like you, who show us how they are bringing a little bit of Awesomeness in their individual journeys. Our hope is to inspire you to always keep pushing, and to Stay Awesome along the way.

This is Awaken The Awesome - a podcast where we acknowledge that we are all in this together. Through enlightening conversations and personal insights, your host Olivier Day, aims to connect with and introduce you to individuals, just like you, who show us how they are bringing a little bit of Awesomeness in their individual journeys. Our hope is to inspire you to always keep pushing, and to Stay Awesome along the way.




This is Awaken The Awesome - a podcast where we acknowledge that we are all in this together. Through enlightening conversations and personal insights, your host Olivier Day, aims to connect with and introduce you to individuals, just like you, who show us how they are bringing a little bit of Awesomeness in their individual journeys. Our hope is to inspire you to always keep pushing, and to Stay Awesome along the way.




Ep. 141 - Mentoring Greatness (w. Coach Raymond Ndjonok Tonye)

One thing about success that we can all surely agree on is that despite the fact that you can go at it alone, it sure helps if you can rely on someone with the knowledge and experience to guide you and make your journey a bit smoother along the way. As my next guest will tell you, this is especially relevant in the realm of professional sports where so many of our youths too often find themselves blindsided by the allure of fame and glory without factoring in some other aspects that come...


Ep. 140 - Create An Impact (w. Isaac Alvarez)

One of the recurring themes that has come out of this time off that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed on us is that a lot of people have used this newfound free time to explore facets of their creative impulses that they otherwise wouldn't have. It's no secret that the those in the Creative Arts have been severely affected by current events. However, as my next guest has demonstrated, one cannot restrain the creative urge, pandemic be damned. Isaac Alvarez is a commercial photographer,...


Ep. 139 - Onward To Greatness (w. J.Perry)

How far can your journey take you when you make no apologies for what you want, own up to who you are and lean into to your own sense of purpose? Turns out today's guest just might be able to shed some light on the topic. Jonathan Perry - aka J.Perry - is all about that and then some. With a love for music birthed from a very young age, growing up in his native Port-au-Prince, Haiti, J's passion and exploration of various musical styles were just of a series of incredible stepping stones...


Ep. 138 - Purpose Filled Journey (w. Ian Farrar)

"Grind while they sleep" "Don't stay in bed unless you can make money in bed" "Sleep when you're dead" How many of these memes, quotes or photos have you seen lately glorifying the almighty "Hustle"? I sure have. I've even shared a couple myself. You guys know I never set aside the importance of having to put in the work and sacrifice to achieve your intended success. Today's conversation however, gave me pause as it left me full of respect, humility and hope. Thing is, my next guest, Ian...


Ep. 137 - Stronger. Better. Together. (w. Liz & Philippe Pierre-Saint)

I believe there's a huge difference between collaborating with your significant other as spouses as opposed to running a business together. Some things just do not mix. Those are my own personal reservations and I'm sure I'm not the only one in that regard. But, there are those who subscribe to the other school of thought: with the emphasis that building and running a business with your spouse can be a welcome opportunity for creativity, team-building, resourcefulness and yes, even...


[REBROADCAST] - Ep. 111 - The Magic Happens In The Application (w. Erika Darbouze)

*This episode originally aired on February 18th, 2020* Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs, and among the latter is the isolation.The fact that you put in so many insane hours can get maddening at times. So when someone out there in The Universe drops a comment...sends a email...or shares a review...Believe me - a guy is quite appreciative.This is, in a nutshell, how I met and got to connect with my next guest, Erika Darbouze, and felt quite taken with her journey both as an...


Ep. 136 - Confidently Grounded (w. Naike Saint-Pierre)

Today's episode is a rather heartwarming one.Thing is, when this podcast started, I didn't know what I was getting into. I just simply ran with what I had and made the best of it. Along the journey however, of the many incredible experiences that have come forth, one that has always humbled me is the genuine friendships I've managed to build. Indeed, people who initially started out as perfect strangers, eventually, through the random yet fortunate blessings of The Universe, have become some...


[REBROADCAST] Ep. 064 - Arm People with Love, Hope & Faith (w. Svens Telemaque)

*This episode originally aired on October 22nd, 2018 * "I'm not interested in talking about your rap sheet" I told him. Sure. It would have been easy and simple to make this a conversation layered with stories about his less precarious past. Anecdotes about his run-ins with the law, to local gangs, to friends that are not with us anymore, to pushing, to incarceration... That, in my opinion was an easy route and consequentially a small thread in the tapestry that defines my next guest's...


Ep. 135 - Let's Get R.E.A.L (w. Samantha Kris)

Samantha Kris is an international success coach, as well as a successful author and speaker. By her own account, she thrives in helping others take action. It’s what has powered her business, her book, her incredible TEDx talk, her proprietary goal setting methodology, and every opportunity that followed. Indeed, her REAL Goals™ method of goal setting earned her five promotions in five years, enabled her to double her income in that time, and propelled her into the life of an...


Ep. 134 - Clarity & Confidence (w. Karlo Vieux)

Do you truly know the price of Success? I want you to take a second to ponder on that one...You don't have to give me an answer...but I do expect you to at the very least think about it as we welcome my next guest who, as you'll soon get to hear, has in more ways than one not only paid the price but eventually, after some soul-searching and eventual clarity, decided to say "Enough" and call it a day. As a producer, songwriter, keyboard virtuoso and well-rounded musical talent, Karlo Vieux is...


Ep. 133 - On Marriage & Manhood (w. Max De La Cruz)

Admit it - you guys knew very well that it was only going to be a matter of time before I would have him back on the program. From our first recording together, which you most definitely should check out(Ep. 125), Max De La Cruz and I have certainly aligned on many levels. From the warrior's mindset, to childishly getting a laugh out of the little whimsical things that occur in our everyday lives, to the undeniable demands of fatherhood, to furthering the necessary conversations about mental...


Ep. 132 - Permission Granted

On this Solo episode, a call to action dedicated to all of you in need of that 'nudge' towards your Next Level. You can download the MP3 for this episode by right-clicking here and choosing "Save As" Stay up to date - Subscribe to the podcast and get the latest episodes as soon they're published. (RSS) (Apple Podcasts) (Google Podcasts) (Spotify) (TuneIn) (Stitcher) Remember to leave a comment and let us know how we're doing. Either on our official website of via email :...


Ep. 131 - Unshakeable Passion (w. Jeff Policard)

The entrepreneurial mindset is made up of a diverse array of essential aspects. We can talk about the patience and resilience that are necessary in order to overcome the unavoidable roadblocks that will surely arise when one chooses to go after their dream. Or the importance of never losing sight of one’s vision while toiling away and trying to fit the right pieces together in order to make said dream a reality. These details certainly did not escape my next guest, Jeff Policard, whose story...


Ep. 130 - Create The Abundance You Deserve (w. Guelita Pericles, MBA)

I was a College dropout when I picked up the first Personal Finance book that I can truly say opened my eyes to the importance of Financial Literacy. Ever since then, be it as a young man living in an apartment the size of a shoebox or as a married father of two, Money and its impact on our daily lives has always been on my mind. There's a lot to be said about the seeds to be sown early and giving our children the proper tools that will help them achieve financial independence. Which is...


Ep. 129 - Break Free (w. Coach Michael Taylor)

I have always been quite outspoken about my dedication to encourage a better conversation among Men in regards to their identity and purpose as I believe there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of both communication and mental health. So when I got acquainted with my next guest and his similar efforts, it was only natural to extend an invitation to be a guest on the podcast. Coach Michael Taylor is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and radio and TV show host who has...


Ep. 128 - The Choice The Be Fearless (w. Jane Egerton-Idehen)

Growing up in a Third World country but having had the privilege to make a life abroad has taught me a lot about gratitude and resilience. Two very useful tools I believe are essential in anyone's arsenal along their journey. Having also been raised by a pair of solid overachievers who did not shy away from instilling a sense of duty and strive for excellence in their children was something I also benefited from. These are but a few of the elements that resonated with me as I took the time...


Ep. 127 - Conditioning Your Mind (w. Sarah Rose)

Some people cross your path in Life, you don't ask yourself why - you just open up your mind and heart and you just run with it. If there's one thing I've learned from these amazing exchanges, it's the fact that there's something to be said for humility and personal truth. My next guest and I haven't known each other that long but from the very first interaction and throughout the wonderful opportunities since, I've gotten to know a truly radiating soul. The calm yet profound sense of...


Ep. 126 - Open Your Heart & Let It Be (w. Benoit Chalifoux)

When you have the opportunity to come across someone who knows more than you do and who's willing to share their knowledge with you, take my advice and just remember to do these two very simple things : Shut Up & Listen. Otherwise, you will most likely miss out on some pretty amazing piece of truth and valuable information which, in all honesty, could definitely change your life. This next conversation was no different. Benoit Chalifoux is a highly sought-after international speaker with...


Ep. 125 - Foundations of Greatness (w. Max De La Cruz)

To say that my next guest, Max De La Cruz, and I hit it off from Day 1 is an understatement. You guys know this: save for the initial introduction and booking process leading to recording day, the conversations I have the honor of sharing on this podcast are oftentimes the first interaction I have with the guest, . While I will admit there is some level of risk involved in such a process, I can tell you for a fact that there's a huge and resounding takeaway when you get to connect with...


Ep. 124 - Brilliance, Blues & Blessings (w. Dr. Katherine Quie)

The most honest thing one can do in terms of catering to your personal growth is admitting what you don't know. Having the vulnerability to approach things with both humility as well as curiosity is a big step. I did not know about ADHD. I'd heard about the condition and like everyone else, had my own pre-conceived notion of what it was. Parenting is about trial and error. When our daughter started displaying some particular character traits and noticeable signs such as absent-mindedness,...