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Guest: Michela O'Connor Abrahms

My guest on this episode is an extraordinary woman...Michela O'Connor Abrams. She currently holds the position of CEO of MOCA+; a northern California based business that offers an innovative approach to design thinking and leadership for companies who want to make good design the foundation of their strategy. Prior to that she was CEO and Publisher of Dwell Media LLC. Michela also serves as a consultant for multiple investment firms. She has over 25 years of experience in publishing,...


Guest: Andrea Bowen

The hit series "Desperate Housewives" was a lightening rod for the typical tabloid BS of cat fights and disharmony on outlets aching to find the story and where there wasn't one make it up. My guest spent her formative teenage years playing Julie Mayer, daughter to Teri Hatcher, on the show for 7 seasons. We discussed many things including how her experience with the cast of women on the show positively shaped her and about how life on the set was refreshingly different from...


Guest: Sean Murphy

Does hypnosis it a myth? Can it help you stop smoking marijuana? That's the question my guest and brother asked himself recently on a journey of discovery. He has spent the last couple years taking a long hard look at who he is, what his legacy will be and ultimately what matters most to him. “Breakthrough to me is not necessarily one big bang ah-ha moment. It’s more of a discovery and then these iterative breakthroughs that just continue over and over again as long as you...


Guest: Steve Truitt

At 47 his nine year unhealthy marriage was over, he had 2 kids in the mix, no job prospects, virtually no money and was sleeping on a buddies couch...I challenge any of you to pick yourself up from that, but that's exactly what my guest Steve Truitt did. Steve found himself in an emotional and psychological pit...paralyzed and unsure how to move, how to be the man...the dad he knew he had to be and to literally start over. Steve is a licensed LIFE/NLP coach but even with those skills at...


Guest: Jon Reep

A "road dog" on the comedy circuit for years...Jon Reep has paid his dues...literally putting himself into deep debt before catching his first break as the "HEMI GUY" in 6 Dodge commercials then more success w/ a sitcom as well as winning Season 5 of Last Comic Standing. On this episode we discuss the need for drive and commitment to your goal.


Guest: Dominique Pacheco

In 2008 my guest was hit from all sides with not only the financial impact that 2008 brought but the break up of her personal relationship, the dissolving of her business and the daunting realization that her only child was battling depression. Without the support of a partner and little or no knowledge of how to help her daughter my guest Dominique Pacheco took it upon herself to discover how to heal her daughter and in the process learned how to heal herself.


Guest: Kate Somerville

The premier launch of her products on New York’s 5th Avenue wasn’t what skin care magnate Kate Somerville expected. She assumed this milestone moment would be one of excitement and a sense of arrival and fulfillment instead she was was confronted with the challenge and fear of staying on top...Kate shares with me the origin story of her internationally successful skincare line, the inspiration behind the philosophy that supports her company to this day, the challenges and victories of...


Breakthroughs with Jordan Murphy, Eps. 4 - Guest: John Burke

Held up at gun point, t-boned in his car driving home, out of work and out of money...all in one night...and that's just the beginning. Atlanta born, actor and Emmy Award winning host John Burke is my guest today. Known for his roles in "LBJ", Sicario" and "The Amazing Spider-man"; John shares how he's gracefully and sometimes not so gracefully navigated his very full life.


Breakthroughs with Jordan Murphy, Eps. 3 Guest: Dilyn Murphy

A healthy relationship requires attention...left unattended they will inevitably deteriorate. About 10 years into my marriage I pushed the envelope with regard to neglecting my part in the arrangement. I forgot that it’s crucial for everything to grow and I was not playing my part. Thank god I had/have a loving and patient wife and that I woke up and re-engaged before it was too late. “Explore ways of being that empower your relationship. . . explore and discover them together. . . every...


Breakthroughs with Jordan Murphy, Ep. 2 - Guest Michael Trucco

He may look familiar because his IMDB page is a mile long. Michael Trucco is the definition of "working actor" Best known for his series regular roles on Battlestar Galactica and Netflix's Disjointed -- Michael Trucco is rarely sitting still it seems, however, he was kind enough to do his college roommate a solid and joined me for a conversation that proved to be generous, genuine and fun...revealing that it's not as easy as it looks and overcoming his own fears and obstacles was necessary...


Breakthroughs with Jordan Murphy, Ep. 1 - Guest: Melanie Notkin

Are you P.A.N.K? aka Professional Aunt NoKids? This often unsung and uncelebrated large demographic of our population is the subject of my guests BREAKTHROUGH on this episode. Melanie Notkin is the national best-selling author of Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers, and All Women Who Love Kids and the founder and personality behind Savvy Auntie, the beloved lifestyle brand celebrating modern aunthood. Notkin is the foremost expert on the emerging...