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036: Loving and Being the Real You

Today we’re talking about loving being the real, authentic, and unapologetic you! Figuring out who we are and why we’re here is a full-time, whole life endeavor for most of us. You’d think it would be easy, right? We arrive happy, joyous, and free, but then too often our parents, teachers, religious leaders, friends, and other members of our family condition us into becoming something that we hardly recognize or even like anymore. All of these people have an impact on how you think and...


035: Grounding and Soaring

Today we’re talking about the incredible health benefits that come from just putting our bare feet on the earth! While attending a conference a couple of weeks ago for the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine, I discovered some amazing things about "grounding," or "earthing," and just knew that I had to share what I learned. If you aren't familiar with "grounding," it is simply the process of reconnecting the body with the mind through placing your feet on the ground. Surprisingly,...


034: Crashing and Not Burning

Today we’re talking about the market crash of 2008 and what we can do to safeguard ourselves from something like this happening again in the future. There are a lot of people, up until this day, that will still shudder when you mention 2008 because they had such a traumatic experience when the crash took place. Regulations had weakened significantly and homes were being sold to people that really couldn't afford them. Those people were getting to the point where they could not pay back...


033: Changing It Up Around the World

Today we’re not only talking about change, but we're talking about changing it up around the world! I invite you to ask yourself this question - what is it that you're dying to do? What's that kind of crazy thing that you've always thought about trying, but then decided it would be too irresponsible or maybe even impossible? I have done some things in my life that may have seemed a little "far out there," but I just knew that I didn't want to go to my deathbed without having done them....


032: A New Kind of Healing

Today we’re talking about a healing treatment that has the potential to cure millions of people all over the world who suffer from a viral disease. There have always been individuals that dare to think outside the box and create something new and different in the world. These changemakers are taking our world to new levels, and one of those people is today’s guest! Tom Paladino is bringing the medicine of the future to us today. He shares the miraculous healing method that he’s created...


031: Revolutionary Life After Fifty

Today we’re talking about expanding in our later years of life rather than feeling stuck or stagnant by limitations. Not only is Don Meredith the man who gave me my start in radio, he's also one of the early pioneers of the DST 1031 Exchange Industry. He joins us to discuss a beneficial investment option for property owners looking to transition out of the management and maintenance of a property while receiving a monthly income with no tax obligations. Don also talks about life after 50...


030: Breaking Money Silence

Today we’re talking about what we can do to start breaking money silence. In our culture, there seems to be a stigma surrounding open conversations about money and financial matters. We all could benefit from adjusting our mindset about money, but first, we have to actually be willing to talk about it. Cheri Blair of Cheri Blair Financial Services joins me today as my co-host to discuss financial literacy and why it's so important for women to up their game when it comes to knowledge...


029: Being Contagious and Courageous

Today we’re talking about being both contagious and courageous in life. Recording artist, TV show host, and public speaker, Amy Scruggs, joins us to share helpful insight on dealing with unwelcome change in life. She gives advice for shifting from a disabling mindset to an empowering mindset and thriving from a place of gratitude. Mortgage professional and Regional Manager of One Trust Home Loans, Kelly Kline, has spent almost 19 years as a mortgage professional. He talks about what’s...


028: About Empowering Women

Today we’re talking about empowering women that are suffering through pain in their lives. Whether you’re having painful intercourse or a painful discourse with your partner, we have some important things to talk to you about. One thing to keep in mind is that whether pain is felt mentally, physically, spiritually, or so forth, it’s all interconnected. Gynecology and Obstetrics specialist and advocate of women’s health rights, Dr. Neysa Whiteman, works with women to help create happiness...


027: Saving Money, Energy, and Lives…How?

Today we’re talking about saving money, saving energy, and saving lives! CEO of California Healthy Planet Solutions and Business Development for CRI Lighting Sales, Inc., Carrie Woodland, has worked in the renewable energy industry from California to Dubai over the past 21 years. She shares her companies efforts to enhance the environment by lowering power consumption, carbon emissions, and costs for the consumer to create an overall win-win experience. Retirement and Wealth Specialist,...


026: The Long and Short of Relationships

Today we’re talking about the long and short of relationships. We discuss helping children through the effects of a divorce, and the impact of relationships on financial literacy. Published international parenting educator and consultant, Dr. Deena Stacer, provides parents with the necessary strategies and support to help their children effectively when going through a divorce. She shares several valuable resources for conflictual co-parents, designed to stop the fighting and create a...


025: Care for the Elderly

Today we're talking about better care for the elderly and tips to help families pre-plan for difficult life transitions. After spending years working in corporate healthcare and witnessing several painful events, my first guest, Jill Schwartz-King, realized that families needed advocates. She made the intentional decision to work directly with families to fill the gap, and refers to herself as a "rent-a-daughter." Jill shares information about her business, ElderCare Concierge, where she...


024: Thoughts… Do They Create Your Reality?

Today we are talking about using affirmations vs. “afformations,” and how our thoughts and beliefs create the reality we live in. Special guest Noah St. John (who is a true hero of mine!) joins us to share his discovery in finding a way around the subconscious mind to bring forth disempowering thoughts and shift them to our conscious mind where we can actually change them. For millions of people out there, though very positive, affirmations just don’t seem to work. Noah shares the...


023: The Greatest Habits in the World

Today we are talking about the greatest habits in the world and why developing these habits is absolutely critical to our success and happiness. Special guest Dave Blanchard, CEO of The Og Mandino Leadership Institute, talks about how influential our habits are in what we create and do in our lives. He has created an assessment tool called the Habit Finder that helps us understand our habits and the way we think. We Discuss: Managing the gift of visualization to ignite passion and...


022: Love Is All There Is

Today we're talking about love - from healing and transformative self-love, to relationships filled with hot and sacred love that lasts - we've got you covered! My first guest, Kay White, shares her 30-year long journey with suffering from alcohol, drug, and relationship addiction. She was able to shift herself from being an unhappy woman with a victim mentality, to a grateful and empowered woman who truly loves herself. Through her own recovery, Kay created Villa Kali Ma - A Place for...


021: Wealth... Luck... or Knowledge and Planning

Today we're talking about wealth. Does it come from luck? Are people just born into it? Or, is wealth more about knowledge, planning, and taking the right actions in life? Special guest Cheri Blair shares some real pearls of wisdom about money and the best strategies for you to improve your financial security. Why start tomorrow when you can start today? As Cheri says, "Value your future comfort as much as your value your comfort today." We Discuss: For the full show notes visit:...


020: Promo Bling and Plants That Sing

Today we're talking about promo bling and plants that sing! My first guest, Teresa Helgeson, also known as the Plant Music Whisperer, shares the impact that plant music therapy has on the body, including strengthening the immune system and reducing physical and emotional stress. My second guest, Sandra Sapol, joins us to share her journey as a hybrid mom running an award-winning franchise called Fully Promoted/EmbroidMe while still managing to stay focused and enjoy a fulfilling...


019: Energy is Everything

Today we discuss how energy is everything… and it really is! Everything in the Universe is made up of particles and waves of energy that are vibrating at different frequencies. Special guest Tom Paladino is bringing the medicine of the future to us today. He shares the miraculous healing method that he’s created using Scalar Energy, which can transmute pathogens and rid the body of viruses both painlessly and effectively. We Discuss: For the full show notes visit:...


018: Go With Your Gut

Today we discuss following your gut, even when what it tells you doesn’t seem like the most logical course of action. Special guest Mary Goulet joins us today to share how we can stop listening to our egos and our hearts, and instead hear our gut’s knowingness, which she describes as the visceral voice of our soul. We Discuss: For the full show notes visit:


017: Avoiding Despair and Desperation

Today we discuss avoiding desperation and unhappy moments in life and in retirement. We talk about the suicides of famous clothing designer, Kate Spade, and chef and TV personality, Anthony Bourdain. We also address the significant portion of the population that feels desperate about their financial circumstances – especially when it comes to inadequate planning for retirement. Special guest Cheri Blair joins us today to discuss the ever-increasing numbers of Baby Boomers, especially...