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Conversations with experts to help you conquer the chaos in your life! You'll hear inspiring and motivating stories about relationships, finance, stress, conflict resolution, healthy living, addiction recovery , health and fitness, money management, success coaching. The show is hosted by Dr. Colleen Mullen, PsyD., LMFT, a therapist and expert in managing life's chaos!


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Conversations with experts to help you conquer the chaos in your life! You'll hear inspiring and motivating stories about relationships, finance, stress, conflict resolution, healthy living, addiction recovery , health and fitness, money management, success coaching. The show is hosted by Dr. Colleen Mullen, PsyD., LMFT, a therapist and expert in managing life's chaos!




Could You Pivot and Professionally Start Over? with Wendy Bruton

Dr. Wendy Bruton, host of "I Used to be a Therapist" podcast has lived a few lives. She joins me to talk about how and why she decided to pivot out of her chosen profession as a licensed psychologist after a year-long battle through a professional trauma. Hear how she works to help women now, how this former university professor and researcher adopted essential oils into her life, and what she has to say after being married to her high school sweetheart for more than 3 decades. In this...


Grief, Loss, and Surviving with Shelly Buck and Kathy Curtis

We all know we will lose people we love during our lifetime, but there is a special kind of pain when you lose a child. Shelly Buck's son, Ryder, got diagnosed with cancer when he was 22. He recovered quickly from that, only to be killed in a roadside accident some months later. Shelly talks about surviving the unthinkable loss of a child, while still being Mom to her other kids and about how the family survives. Shelly wrote a book about her experience with her best friend, Kathy Curtis,...


Get Your Business Spinning with DJ Amani Roberts

How can one night in the DJ booth can get your business spinning in the right direction? That's some of what my conversation with Amani Roberts, AKA DJ AmRo of the Amani Experience, focuses on. Amani takes his knowledge of marketing, hospitality and the DJ business and creates ideas around how to help your business get off the ground. In this episode, we discuss: You can follow Amani: On IG On Twitch The Podcast : The Amani Experience The Book: DJs Mean Business The Website:...


Helping Millennials Transform their Careers - Ben Preston

Benjamin Preston has a passion for helping young professionals figure out what is getting in their way from going after the career they want. He has had some great professional experiences along his journey, including winning and entrepreneurship award as recognition for beins successful at launching several businesses, as well as joining the leadership team at a start-up. He know what it takes to find the confidence, figure out how to manage the relationship dynamics, and confront his own...


The Best of Coaching Through Chaos

Let's face it, 2020 has been like the toxic, chaotic boyfriend who won't go away. I wish I had the definitive answer for how to get him out of all of our lives, but I don't. What I do have, however, is a collection of podcast episodes I've been creating over the last 5 years to help you learn ways to conquer the chaos in your life. So, since chaotic 2020 needs some extra resources to get conquered, I've put together a sampling of some of my favorite episodes for you. There are so many...


Not Created Equal - Muslim Immigrant US Army Ret. Lt. Col. Mona Johnson

Her early life was filled with cultural traumas - escaping Egypt and then immigrating to the US after living in exile in Saudi Arabia with her family. Mona Johnson, grew up a fighter for equality, but the fighter in her was also fought with at home - she survived a marriage filled with domestic violence. Somehow, she kept fighting and as a single parent, decided to enter the US Army. She is now thought to be the first Muslim-Arab Immigrant female Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. Listen in...


Can You Really Find Calm After Years of Chaos? with Robert Delude

Robert Delude is the host of the None of Your Business Podcast, where he talks to his entrepreneurial guests about anything but their business (you can check out an earful I gave him about my own personal struggles and successes in an upcoming episode), but today, I flip the script on him to get him to talk about why he is so focused on helping others climb out of dark places in life. He shares his story of a chaotic childhood where he didn't think he fit in. It was only when he first got...


The Family Discussion We All Avoid - Legacy Planning with Leslie Quinsay

Who wants to talk abotu estate planning or leaving your legacy to your family? Not me! I want to live forever. Well, unfortunately, so did my parents, but I have no experienced both of them passing on with absolutely nothing planned for as far as their estates go. What a complicated experience, with a lot of complicated emotions! When I discovered Leslie Quinsay's booke, Legacy: A Guide to Successfully Transferring Wealth from One Generation to the Next, I wish I had an opportunity to...


Unspoken Pain - #Men Too with Dr Kelly Palfy

We, of course, know that abuse of any child is wrong, but when boys are sexually abused, it is often not reported. There are a lot of reasons for that. Ill be talking with Dr Kelli Palfy, who got interested in helping men who had been sexually abused as children when she was an investigator with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We discuss some of the reasons it's not talked about it, how it affects men when they carry the secret and some great organizations where they can find help and...


How Much Money do you need to Retire? with Financial Mentor Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder was a hedge fund manager who wasn't satisfied making the rich richer, while those who didnt have financial know-how tended to stay in the dark about it. Todd had set himself up financially for retirement at 35 and wanted to teach others how they too could find their way to financial independence and security. That led to Todd creating the educational platform Part of Financial Mentor's mission is to educate the masses in a place that is separate from the...


A Business Model others Want to Own & Inspiring Others to Follow their Dreams with Micah Logan

Ever have a dream of owning a business, and then realized the dream kept getting bigger. Well, Micah Logan experienced that. He became a personal trainer, then opened his own grym. He wanted to create something that stood out from the everyday gyms we all know where you come in, work out and leave- most often without talking to anyone or even saying hello to anyone. Micah created Next Level Fitness and Wellness. It's a community-based model for a gym (you'll want to hear how he talks about...


How to Talk to your Kids about Sex with Dr Lanae St John

Today we are going to talk about sex! Who doesn’t love talking about sex? Right?!? Well, the reality is that many people certainly enjoy sex, but actually talking about it is something that becomes awkward or uncomfortable for them. For today’s interview, we are going to add an extra layer to that level of awkwardness and talk about how to talk to you kids about sex. Yes, its time to talk about how to have The Talk. My guest is Dr Lanae St John. She is a board certified sexologist. Dr St...


Financial Savvy for Today with Rainier Trinidad, CFA

Everyone struggles at time with managing their finances. In particularly now, as we get through this pandemic, so many people are waiting with baited breath to find out what the near future holds for our economy. Myself included. My guest this episode is my friend and financial whiz, Rainier Trinidad. Rainier is a Certified Financial Analyst. He'll tell you that that is and why it should matter when you are seeking someone to mange your money. But in addition to that, we cover: Please...


The Well-Designed Business with Luann Nigara

LuAnn Nigara is the co-owner of Window Works in New Jersey for over 30 years now, but she is probably most known now on a larger scale for her expertise on building, growing and sustaining a business. She hosts The Well-Designed Business Podcast, is a well-known speaker at trade shows and leads workshops. Her expertise lies in helping others, including established business owners, develop the fine skils necessary to have their business prepped to withstand the ebbs and flows over decades!...


The Crisis Manual with Dr Reef Karim

A crisis doesn't happen everyday, but when it does, it brings on a lot of emotions. Fear, anxiety, desperation, thought paralysis. Dealing with the unknown factors that a crisis delivers is a unique experience. Even though this episode is launching amidst the peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it contains information about a helpful tool to help you manage how you deal with any time of crisis in your life. Dr Reef Karim is an expert in human behavior. He is a board certified psychiatrist and...


A Practical Guide to Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anxiety, lonliness, anger, reactivity, sadness, loss, grief, confusion, fear - these are all emotions you may be feeling as you go through life under the pandemic restrictions. This crisis has resulted in a collective trauma - we are all in this together and we are all affected by it in one way or another. In my practice over the last month, I saw a defined uptick in a resurgence of my client's trauma symptoms from earlier in their lives. I decided to do a special episode to help those in...


The Fear Problem with Dr Patrick Lockwood

We all have some sort of fear, but through the evolution of technology and the ability to get endless likes and reposts of our woes, our fears have become something of a cultural phenomenon. What used to be one person telling a friend something shocking, whether true or not, we now live in a culture where that one friend is actually our social medial platform and there are people reinforcing our projections, leading to a hijacking of our emotions. Our 24-hour news cycles also play into this...


Jodie Royak an artist, inventor, entrepreneur

You want a Roy Lichtenstein-style paining on your wall? Talk to Jodie. You want a beautiful mid-century modern table for your living room? Talk to Jodie. You want the easiest and more sure-fire way to get your art pieces hung on your wall? For that , you also need to talk to Jodie. Jodie Royak of @RoyakStudio is an artistic craftsman who not only is living his dream as a full-time artist, but is also an inventor and successful entrepreneur. He is the inventor of, where he...


The Black Belt Husband with Quentin Hafner

Colleen talks with Quentin about: And.... many more great relationship tips! If YOU want to be a husband who earns Black Belt status, or you want to find one- this episode is for you ! To follow Quentin, check out his IG: @Quentin_Hafner To Buy the book on Amazon: Black Belt Husband To work with Quentin: ********* If you are enjoying The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast, and you want to stay connected and want to chat about the episode, just follow us at Coaching...


The Suzy Chronicles

Part 3 of 3. This is a conversation with my sister Suzy, who came to live with me in in 2018 after our mother died suddenly. We take you into our very personal journey. We end up fighting the system for what is right when it comes to her care and medical benefits. Some fights are not over yet. You also get a look into the life of someone who lived many years very socially isolated with intellect limitations and what happens when they are given love and care and connection to others.This...