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7. Responding to Life & Bad Decisions

How do you respond when life happens? What about after bad decisions are made? You're responses will determine whether you win or lose in each and every area of your life. With strong responses, you will not only win, but you will become stronger, wiser, and more respected. Jocko "Good" Video


6. Personal Struggles & How We Are Dealing With Them

We struggle and have difficulties in our life. In this episode, we will talk about our current personal struggles and difficulties and what we are doing to overcome them. This gives us a great chance to address where and how each of us can grow and get better. Brother's Jiu Jitsu in Tulsa, OK


5. Feedback (Part 2) - You Giving Feedback Is Exactly What People Need In Order To Step Into Who They've Been Created To Be

Giving Feedback... It can be overwhelming at times. Relationships can be crippled. Judgement can be felt. Intentions can be misinterpreted. What we know is that if we don't giving others feedback, we are doing them an injustice. You're holding them (and yourself) back from growing into the person they have the potential to be. In this episode, we talk about the importance of feedback and why it matters. We also dive into what to do and what not to do in giving feedback.


4. Feedback (Part 1) - How Receiving Feedback Leads Us Into A Better Version Of Ourselves

How we receive feedback defines who we become. We will talk about the fact that regardless someone is giving you constructive criticism/advice or actually trying to just criticize you, we choose what we do with other's thoughts and opinions. We must listen to others, try to understand, and ask questions. Detaching emotionally from the feedback is crucial in making an accurate decision based off the feedback given. Don't forget to ask those close to you, who are brutally honest, for their...


3. The Compound Effect - How Doing Things Consistently Over Time Can Impact Lives

In this episode of the Conquering Reality Podcast, we pull from a book called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. He shows us that doing what matters most consistently over time is what yields the greatest results. There is no magical pill for overnight success.


2. Prioritize & Execute - How To Do What Matters Most In Your Life w/ Rocky Damico

In this episode of the Conquering Reality Podcast, we are joined with Rocky Damico, and we talk about doing what matters most in your life. Doing what matters most consists of having your priorities in line and executing them. If you want your priorities to change or be better, you'll find yourself cutting things out of your life, taking a step of faith and starting something new, and saying no to certain things.


1. Extreme Ownership - Taking Ownership, Planning Next Steps, Asking Questions, and Putting Your Ego in Check

As we launch the very first episode of the Conquering Reality Podcast, we are diving into how to take extreme ownership in a world that focuses on pushing blame away and pointing fingers. We are also talking about asking questions, even when it's uncomfortable, and putting your ego in check when it gets out of whack.


0. CRP - Intro/Trailer - What To Expect On The Conquering Reality Podcast

In this episode of the Conquering Reality Podcast, we talk about what to expect from the podcast and why we are doing what we are doing.