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15: Power of No ft. Keelan Washington

Back again with the Focus Up Friday and it's better than ever! Introducing a brother of mine, Keelan Washington who has been influential in my life for over 7 years. In this discussion, we remind you that you have a CHOICE between saying yes or no... that's right! The power of what you say lies within your mind and no one else's. There's more power inside of you then you thought and we share with you how to deploy that and share our insights on this topic so you can be more conscious of what...


15: Leaving a Legacy ft. Greg McDade

15th episode and still rolling along here on Focus Up Friday, it is a journey ladies and gentlemen. The man who sat down with me today handed out free knowledge to anyone destined for greatness, which is everyone! Sit down and take note of how leaving a legacy is a big thing to think about but it is important to how you live your life on the daily. Time is invaluable and you don't get any of it back, so today think about what your legacy will be and pursue that day after day. I believe in...


13: Slight Edge

The 13th episode of Focus Up Friday comes after a 2-month break, after reading the book Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. After this phenomenal read, I decided to share the principles and insights with all of you because they are profound and SIMPLE. Ever feel like you can't get the body you want from exercising? Want to develop a better relationship with a loved one, friend, teammate, or co-worker? Would you want to sustain a level of success that you can be proud? The answer to all of those...


Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone ft. Marcus Moore

11th episode?! I am overjoyed to make it all the way here with all of you guys who tune in consistently and those of you who may be tuning in for the first time today. I found someone who has just started the process of stepping out of their comfort zone and into a completely different world before him. Marcus Moore, native of Lansing, speaks with me on keys to success in the world of un-comfort. He speaks on embracing the uncomfortable and using it to your advantage in this world. Step into...


Elite In Your Space ft. Ellie Rodriguez

The 12 installment of Focus Up Friday and I can't even believe it! We have been riding this journey from the Intro to now... but this one is special. My first FEMALE guest, Ellie Rodriguez, who breaks what it means to be elite, how and why to attain this level of performance in sport and life. This episode will only help you reach to a different level of success in your life, so open your mind and listen to the female's perspective of how to chase the elite mindset. It's FREE and it will...


Creating Success In Your Own Space ft. Vonte & Diem

We are now presenting you with the 10th episode of our constant inspiration to you all! Creating success in your own space may seem like a large task but let us help you break down and find a way to help you grow RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! The HTP Knights were on hand to assist and give out some of their insights that they use to acquire the success they have now! Sit back, relax and enjoy the words of someone who is dedicated to helping you be the best version of YOU.


Handling Success ft. Corey

Already on the 9th episode of this podcast journey! Still excited and prepared to hand you some more keys to increase your mental wealth? Have you ever won the big moment, game, competition or whatever; then seem to fall off after? I know I have and on this very podcast, Corey and I will discuss keys to help you stay on top after victories and handle success! Have an open mind and RELAX!


Perception ft. Deontay

Thank you for joining in again on this 8th installment of Focus Up Friday. So glad you've decided to come along for this journey of opening your mind to new levels and allowing a new mindset to inhabit your mind. That takes real courage! Sit back and relax while Deontay and I talk to you about the battle the perception of the mind.


Setting The Standard ft. Meech

It is fitting how the seventh installment includes the one and only #7, Meech Stinson, and we take the topic of setting a standard head on. It is mental battle that we all should encounter, so Meech and I will give you weapons to take into that battle. Click the play button and let your mind be clear as you experience the seventh installment of FOCUS UP FRIDAY.


Focus Up - Focus ft. Corey

Save the sixth episode for #6! Welcome to another exciting track with Corey Ester (#6) and myself distributing mental wealth to all of you. Today's attack point will be FOCUS and how it can assist you on your mission to become elite in whatever you decide to do. Feel encouraged to press the play button with an open mind and take away something today that will make your life better.


Focus Up - Taking Advantage Of Opportunities ft. Deontay Moffett

Thank you for tuning into the 5th installment of Focus Up Friday and we have something very relative to any of you out there. Deontay Moffett and I sit down to discuss the situation of taking advantage of opportunities, why you should and most importantly how you can! Take a listen with an open mind and become different today.


Focus Up - Taking Risks ft. Meech Stinson

The fourth episode in our series is the debut of Meech Stinson and we will be tackling the topic of taking risks and why you should... TODAY! Click the play button and let your mind be clear as you experience the fourth installment of Focus Up Friday.


Focus Up - Setbacks ft. Corey Ester

This is the third installment in our series of Focus Up Friday and I would like to take the time for you to lock in with Corey and myself as we provide tips and insights on how to overcome setbacks in a different light. Click the play button and let your mind be clear as you experience what Focus Up Friday can do for you!


Focus Up - Commitment

This is the second installment in our series of Focus Up Friday and I would like to take the time for you to settle in and let me explain commitment to you in a different way. Click the play button and let your mind be clear as you experience what Focus Up Friday can do for you!


Focus Up - The Intro

This is the first installment in our series of Focus Up Friday and I would like to take the time for you to get to know myself and in later episodes, you will meet Corey Ester, Demetrius Stinson & Deontay Moffett. Click the play button and let your mind be clear as you experience what Focus Up Friday can do for you!