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Ep. 003 Turning Your Pain Into Your Platform

Your pain will most likely be where you find your platform. If you're struggling to determine what you have of value or what you can build upon to create a life of meaning, I'd encourage you to look at the most painful events or memories in your life and then turning those into opportunities to help others currently struggling with the same thing. It might be a major catastrophic event or something that's just been there your entire life, such as not feeling like you fit in or can...


Ep 002 The Gruesome Details of My Entrepreneurial Burn Out and Recovery

In this episode, I share the gruesome details on how I ended up hurting relationships, creating distrust around me, and even harmed the reputations of some friends who were relying on me. ...and I did it all in an effort to be my very best and perform at the highest level. I want to help you avoid the horrible consequences of burnout and successfully recover from it if you're already there. There's still hope... ****** If you're considering launching your own podcast, start by...


Ep. 001 How to Get Better Results From A Conference

I just returned from Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando, FL. This was another incredible gathering of friends and associates who are passionate about bringing their message to the masses through the use of podcasting. This year even included a good amount of teaching and training on the video side of things, making it a true “Multimedia Expo.” I was honored to emcee the Podcast Launch & Grow Workshop on Thursday where we had close to 100 people, most of whom had never done a podcast but...


Ep. 0 - Is this the right show for you?

Discover if this is the right show for you. I go over everything I plan on covering in the coming episodes and the format you can expect this show to take. You'll find out why I named it Misfit to Millionaire and whether I think you should be motivated by money. I'll explain the 4 P's in Prosperity and how I'm going to help you: I believe people like us, the misfits of the world, are uniquely gifted to bring the greatest innovations to a world hungry for what we have to offer. Just...