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138 - "Leadership Advice From a CEO" (@realNateHirsch)

Focus on what you can control. Today's featured author is outsourcing expert and CEO of Freeeup.com, Nathan Hirsch. Nathan and I talk about the lessons learned in leading others, the best way to scale your business and more! Key Takeaways: Things take care of themselves when you focus on improving parts of your business. Never try to do it all yourself. Understand the different levels of people you hire. Make sure you are on the same page with those on your team to generate...


137 - "Hair Weaves and Memories of an Expert Stylist" with Alithea Robinson

Today's featured author is a fellow Toastmaster and speaker, Alithea (Lisa) Robinson. Alithea and I talk about her very first book, why she wrote it and tons more!!! Key Takeaways: Just write your book if you want to write it. There is no rush for your book if you are trying to publish it because it’s a self-paced process. Writing can be therapeutic. Learn the business before jumping in the business. Master the basics and always be on time. Alithea's Book:...


136 - "Leadership Development" with Kevin Wayne Johnson (@Writing4theLord)

"Bad leaders teach us what not to do." - Kevin Wayne Johnson Today's featured bestselling author is a fellow certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Kevin Wayne Johnson. Kevin and I talk about 3 characteristics that every leader should have, what every millennial leader should consider as their first steps in a new role and tons more! Key Takeaways: The 3 qualities that every leader should have would include integrity, character, and good communication. Active...


135 - "Millennial Black Male Mentorship" with Darrick T. Miller

A mentor should also be a role model. Today's featured author is a fellow millennial and Baltimorean, Darrick T. Miller Jr. Darrick and I talk about finding a good mentor, why he started writing in his 20's and tons more. Key Takeaways: When others encourage you to do great things, do that for someone else as well. Your message can influence one person that could impact 100 other people. Some thoughts have to be written down before they are truly understood. Be truthful...


133 - "The Courage Self-Love Journey" with Erica Glessing (@EricaGlessing)

We are taught to do good but not taught self-love. Today's featured author is fellow podcast host, bestselling author and book publisher, Erica Glessing. Erica and I talk about self-love, her book publishing journey and tons more! Key Takeaways: Having a publishing company means you have no excuse to not publish your own book. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. There are 3 tiers of book publishing. Self-publishing, Mid-Tier Publisher (Erica), & Big Publishing Houses...


133 - "From Candy to Cars to Corporations" with Timothy Simpson (@NoId12)

Start before you are ready. Today's featured author is a serial entrepreneur and business coach, Timothy Simpson AKA "Tim the Motivator". Tim and I talk about him starting businesses at the age of 8 all the way to where he is now as an owner with 16 different businesses. Key Takeaways: Keep creating. Always pay attention to your paperwork. Avoid the naysayers. Applied knowledge is power because a lot of people know stuff but they do absolutely nothing with it. Apply whatever...


132 - "Order It!" with Palmonia Gordon (@palmoniag)

Your story could be someone’s oxygen mask. Let your inspiration breathe life into someone else. Today's featured author is fellow show host and speaker, Palmonia Gordon. Palmonia and I talk about how she became an author and the importance of sharing your story. Key Takeaways: Your book may have the message that someone needs to read to keep them alive. Your survival can give hope to someone else who wants to survive. Life will give you anything you want, you just have to ask for...


131 - "PurposeSearch" with Rob Howze (@Fitworldceo)

“The future is what you do today.” – Rob Howze Today’s featured author is life and business strategist Rob Howze. Rob and I talk about his humble beginnings to what he is doing currently to help 1 billion people become healthy and wealthy human doings. Key Takeaways: Gratitude is the religion of the atheist. Become robotic in this tech age. Get on platforms where people are at if you are a speaker or a coach. We are in the greatest era of communication ability. Rob’s Book & Course:...


130 - "Dare 2 Dream" with Lisa Ealy (@lisaealy)

“Don’t be the obstacle to your own success.” - Lisa Ealy Today's featured author is fellow podcast host, minister, and mentor Lisa Ealy. Lisa and I talk about how she became a coach that helps others find the 6-figure job of their dreams and more! Key Takeaways: We all must be connected to the Source. Instead of asking “Why me?” ask, “What’s next?” Some things are not meant to last a lifetime. Get help along the way. Get busy with actually living. Lisa's Site:...


129 - "Networking & Book Promoting" with Nelson Brown (@Nelson.E.Brown)

“Discern before you disclose.” - Nelson Brown Today's featured author is entrepreneur, environmentalist, evangelist, and Nelson Brown. Nelson and I talk about his media journey of promoting his 1st book, his upcoming event on May 2nd and tons more! Key Takeaways: Make sure that your life is not a mess online. Especially when trying to connect with others on a business level. You can’t accomplish anything in life without a plan. There are 4 types of people on a team: 1. Those who...


128 - “The Adventures of Teacherman” with Brian D. Neal (@BrockSteel1)

“Teaching is not for the weak at heart.” - Brian D. Neal Today’s featured author is teacher, entrepreneur, and former DJ, Brian Neal. Brian and I talk about his 23 years of teaching experience, how hip hop influenced his teaching style, his short stint as a rapper and tons more! Key Takeaways: Find something for yourself to do for yourself for at least a minimum of 5 minutes. Stay in the ears of the guru in your area of desired expertise. Teaching never stops. Have a good...


127 - "Life Coaching & Peacemaking" with Kirsten Ross Vogel (@DefeatTheDrama)

“Too many people live in the world of assumption.” - Kirsten Ross Vogel Today's featured author is fellow podcast host and the Drama Free Queen, Kirsten Ross Vogel. Kirsten and I talk about how she got into her coaching business, the power of questions and tons more! Key Takeaways: Kirsten's Podcast: https://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/defeatthedrama Kirsten's Website: http://focusforwardcoaching.com/ Kirsten's Book(s):...


126 - "Lessons Learned From Being in the Styling Business for 6 Years" with Christen Johnson (@sochicchris)

There is more to styling than just hair. Today's featured local author is Personal Brand Stylist and fellow millennial, Christen Johnson. Christen and I talk about how she started her fashion business, the different types of stylists and more! Key Takeaways: Learn to ask for help. Always get feedback and ask questions. Have a thick skin and an open mind. Have a savings account built up before launching your business. Expand your business. Be curious. Christen's...


125 - "Set Apart & Chosen" with Gladys "Peaches" Kenney (@Faithsteps8)

“Making a difference is what I’m definitely about.” - Gladys "Peaches" Kenney Today's featured returning Christian author is fellow Baltimorean motivational speaker, coach, and breast cancer survivor Gladys "Peaches" Kenney. Gladys and I talk about her upcoming c-author projects what she would do differently if she were to publish her 1st book again and tons more! Key Takeaways: If you are working on a new book, let your audience know at least 3-6 months in advance. Know the power of...


124 - "The Phoenix Rises Again" with Phoenix J Ma'ri

“Evil cannot touch God’s love.” Today's featured returning author is a Reiki Practitioner and entrepreneur, Phoenix J Ma'ri. Phoenix & I talk about her journey of overcoming the spirit of lust, what skills she's worked on since co-authoring another book and more! Key Takeaways: Understand your reader. Find your sweet spot in life. Always be aware of what you are putting in your temple. “What is purpose without bringing someone else with you?” Write for the reader. The opening...


123 - "Caregiving & Earning a Financial Black Belt" with Ken Rupert (@K_E_Rupert)

“Take time out of your life to give it into someone else’s life.” - Ken Rupert Today's featured author is US Army veteran, speaker and Caregiver coach, Ken Rupert. Ken and I talk about what inspired him to become a caregiver coach, what it means to be a financial black belt, and tons more! Key takeaways: Ken's Book(s): https://www.amazon.com/Ken-Rupert/e/B00ESK2KUG%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share Ken's Site: https://wealthmeasure.blogspot.com/ Related Episode: Episode 47 -...


122 - "Jumpstart Your Life" with Diane Randall (@DianeRandallCon)

“I was my first client.” - Diane Randall Today's featured author is wellness speaker, and Whole Living consultant, Diane Randall, M.A., CHC. Diane and I talk about how she started her plant-based diet and kept it going for 20+ years, what led her to publish her book and tons more! Key Takeaways: What does wellness look like to you? “If you have an open mind, you have no idea how you can change and evolve.” Big changes don’t always happen overnight. Take it bit by bit. Have compassion...


121 - "Unifying Humanity" with Kevin Jain (@RealKevinJain)

“Everyone has their own genius. It’s just a matter of letting it shine in the right way.” - Kevin Jain Today's featured author is Harvard graduate, futurist, and yogi, Kevin Jain. Kevin and I talk about his future goals, the benefits of transcendental meditation, and tons more! Key Takeaways: You have to be in an environment for your genius to flourish. More is possible. Barriers are created by the mind. “Separateness is illusory at a spiritual level.” Allow for more open...


120.5 (Local Author Bonus Special) [LABS] - "The Children of Time" with Victory Parsons (@ReadLiftRepeat)

Writing is hard work but it’s worth it. Today's bonus author is librarian and language collector, Victory Parsons (@ReadLiftRepeat). Victory and I talk about how she started her writing journey early, what inspires her to write and tons more! The host is even sent into a state of hysterical laughter at the beginning of this episode. Key Takeaways: Perception is powerful. The activity of writing is worth it. Do it daily. Do it now and get it over with. Great parents are...


120 - "Find Your Soul's Agenda" with Ani Anderson (@PracAlchemist)

“We use words all the time and don’t really understand what they mean.” - Ani Anderson Today's featured bestselling author is speaker and Sensation-Based Mindset Coach, Ani Anderson. Ani and I have a fun chat about getting out of your own way, changing your mindset and tons more! Key Takeaways: We are all connected. You must consider your feelings as well when changing your mindset. Dads make puns and moms use sarcasm. “The most difficult and challenging times in our life can...