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164 - "Escape Average, Go for the Big" with Michael Botts

If you haven’t failed in 6-months, then you are not risking. Today's featured bestselling author is success coach, acclaimed keynote speaker, and USMC veteran, Michael Botts. Michael and I have a great chat about success, giving yourself permission to feel bad for a moment and tons more!!! Key Takeaways: Adapt and overcome. This fundamental military principle is a necessity for those looking to be successful in business. Veterans should never forget what they overcame on the...


163 - "Wolf Connection" with Teo Alfero (@teoinmotion)

Life rewards those who serve from their heart with focus. Today's featured bestselling author is TEDx speaker and transformational teacher, Teo Alfero. Teo and I talk about his newest book, how he founded the Wolf Connection sanctuary and tons more!! Key Takeaways: Follow your passion and serve with excellence to gain more than expected out of life. Teo gained a family by starting the Wolf Connection sanctuary. We put too much pressure on ourselves to know everything. Animals...


162 - "Army of One: PR & Marketing For The Indie Filmmaker" with Kevin Sampson (@kevinsampson)

“There’s a difference between paying your dues and being abused.” - Kevin Sampson Today's featured author and fellow podcast host is film critic, film director, and festival director, Kevin Sampson. Kevin and I have a fun chat about how he became a film critic, what made him start a film festival for people of color and tons more!!! Key Takeaways: Get as much experience as you can when you start out in anything. Especially if it’s film school. “Know where you want to be and then...


161 - "CodeBreaker" with Sandra Biskind (@TheBiskinds)

“Find something that nourishes your soul.” - Sandra Biskind Today's featured #1 bestselling author is global thought leader, international speaker and spiritual mentor, Sandra Biskind. Sandra and I talk about her upbringing, the PLATINUM life and tons more! Key Takeaways: Our conscious mind runs 5% of the time. Our unconscious mind runs the other 95%. There are hidden blocks that everyone will have to locate and obliterate to generate the level of success that they desire. Everyone...


160 - "Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice & Wisdom From the Warrior Princess" with Jenn Taylor (@MomOfEighteen)

“Everything in life is an adventure.” - Jenn Taylor Today's featured author is fellow podcaster, speaker and mother to 18 children, Jenn Taylor. Jenn and I have a wonderful chat about those who inspired her to be a confident lady, how running has helped her live with passion and tons more! Key Takeaways: Pausing to look backward is a good thing. We always have to be careful of the words we speak. A lot of entrepreneurs build their businesses from a place of...


159 - "The Ageless Brain" with Rico Caveglia (@Ageless100)

Alzheimer’s is a lifestyle type of disease that’s preventable. Today's returning guest on the Going North Podcast is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, award-winning author, workshop leader and multi-time Gold Medalist California State Senior Olympics, Rico Caveglia. Rico and I talk about his newest ebook that talks about promoting a healthy brain. Key Takeaways: Have a wellness plan that includes good brain health. Sitting too much causes a loss of mobility over...


158 - "Faster, fewer, Better Emails" with Dianna Booher (@diannabooher)

Interrupted focus leads to a lower quality of work. Today's featured bestselling author is Hall of Fame speaker, one of the top 3 communicators in the world and professional development legend, Dianna Booher. Dianna and I talk about her newest book "Faster, fewer, Better Emails", advice she would give to her younger self and more! Key Takeaways: Using “Reply All” inappropriately adds more unnecessary emails to everyone else’s inboxes. Constantly responding to emails interrupts your...


157 - "No Sweat Speaking" with Allan Kaufman & Allan Misch (@NoSweatSpeaking)

“Do you want to control your life or do you want your fears to control your life?” – Allan Misch Today's featured authors are communication experts and seminar leaders, Allan Kaufman, DTM & Allan Misch, DTM. Allan & Allan dive into ways to develop yourself into a better public speaker, what happens to those who don't confront their public speaking fear and tons more!! Key Takeaways: “No one is born a public speaker. It’s a learned skill.” – Allan Kaufman Public speaking helps you to...


156 - "Tired & Hungry No More" with Phyllis Ginsberg (@GinsbergPhyllis)

“What might look bad today is going to be a gift tomorrow.” - Phyllis Ginsberg, M.A., MFT Today's featured author is therapist and Survival to Thrival Expert, Phyllis Ginsberg, M.A., MFT. Phyllis and I talk about the benefits of positive psychology, how to get a good night's rest and tons more!!! Key Takeaways: Do your thinking on paper when you are thinking about what you need to do and where you need to be the following day. During your reflection time before going to the bed,...


155 - "Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business" with Laura Pennington Briggs (@sixfigurewriter)

Don’t worry about what other people think when you are trying to achieve something. They might not even be thinking about you anyway. Today's featured author is former schoolteacher, freelance writing magician, and 3X TEDx speaker, Laura Pennington-Briggs. Laura "Fierce" and I talk about getting started as a freelance writer, different types of writing and tons more!!! Key Takeaways: We live in an amazing time where you have access to the tools that can help you learn any skill you...


154 - "My F*ng Long Journey To Loving Myself" with Marla Goldberg (@Marlaghealer)

"We are the hardest people on ourselves." - Marla Goldberg Today's featured bestselling author is energy healer and entrepreneur, Marla Goldberg. Marla and I talk about her newest book, some of the lessons learned with her past businesses and tons more! Key Takeaways: Boundaries are not a negative thing. They can be helpful to your overall health. Kids need to learn how to set and understand boundaries at an early age. Boundaries are set for the highest good of others. Change...


153 - "Everything Is Going to Be Okay" with Dr. Catherine Hayes (@coachchayes)

“Our body has a lot of wisdom.” - Dr. Catherine Hayes Today's featured bestselling author is Enneagram facilitator and member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Dr. Catherine Hayes. Dr. Catherine and I talk about her book, what the Enneagram is and tons more!!! Key Takeaways: The more you learn the more you realize that you don’t know because a new area of learning opens up to you. “School was my safe space.” “Our inner critic will always hold us back.” A grounded body and open...


152 - "Chocolate Brothers for Christ" with Chaz Jackson

“Go after everything that you desire and not expect validation from other people.” - Chaz Jackson Today's featured author is father, husband, performance coach and youth motivational speaker, Chaz Jackson. Chaz and I talk about the rough upbringing that led him to become an overcomer and tons more! Key Takeaways: Passionate people will instill hope in you. Build self-awareness. Bullies are broken inside. Our children must know their self-worth to stave off the effects of...


151 - "The Superstar Paradox" with Keren Eldad (@CoachKeren)

“Have the audacity to follow your preferences.” -Keren Eldad Today's featured author is fellow podcast host, speaker, and business coach, Keren Eldad. Keren and I talk about her background, upcoming book, and tons more!!! Key Takeaways: You attract what you are. Coaching is helping others see differently through different goggles. Everyone has to adapt. No one gets to sail into the sunset the same way they started 20 or so years ago. Sometimes hearing someone else’s story helps us...


150 - "Princess Monroe and Her Happily Ever After" with Jody Vallee Smith

“Anything you do of value is an inside job.” - Jody Vallee Smith Today's featured author is a mother, former interior designer and longtime believer in fairytales, Jody Vallee Smith. Jody and I talk about her book, helping young girls realize their potential, social media and tons more mompreneur goodness!!! Key Takeaways: Kids are better at coaching than life coaches. When writing and publishing a book, make sure you hire the right people to be on your team. Especially as an...


149 - "May I Only Leave Rose Petals" with J.S. Drake

“Wherever you walk, leave a trail of rose petals.” - J.S. Drake Today's featured author is overcomer and poet, J. S. Drake. Jessica and I talk about how poetry helped her move through her Dark Night of the Soul, what that is and tons more! Key Takeaways: Writing and being vulnerable helps your soul become free. It’s okay to be vulnerable. The dark night of the soul is a deep depression where nothing makes sense. It’s okay to make mistakes if you learn from them. “You are...


148 - "Everyday Magnificent" with Gabriela Masala (@onelovealliance)

“Some of our greatest wisdom is found through play and in creative expression.” - Gabriela Masala Today's featured author is recording artist, consultant, and facilitator, Gabriela Masala. The graceful Gabriela and I talk about her newest book, living a life of joy and tons more! Key Takeaways: Live the life that you would love to live. What lights you up? Have a daily practice (like meditation) that helps you find your joy. All of us are artists. Life artists. We are given a brush...


147 - "The Connector's Advantage" with Michelle Tillis Lederman (@mtlederman)

“Networking is something you do but a connector is someone that you are.” - Michelle Tillis Lederman Today's featured bestselling author is speaker, animal lover and one of Forbes Top 25 Networking Experts, Michelle Tillis Lederman. Michelle and I talk about trust, networking, her favorite social media platform and TONS more! Key Takeaways: People do business with people they like. Be relationship focused when you connect with others. The 4 pillars of trust are authenticity,...


146 - "Healing In The Vessel" with Jacqueline Goodwin

We often carry a lot of mental luggage around and don’t realize it. Today's featured author is ordained minister, Rev. Jacqueline Goodwin. Jacqueline and I talk about her book, her healing that led to the title of the book and tons more!! Key Takeaways: Keep it both physically and spiritually fit. Look at the simple things around us that we take for granted and be grateful for them. Failure is never final. There is always purpose in your pain. Sometimes you need to “go into...


145 - "One Thing at a Time: And That One Thing is Me" with Lisa C. Butler (@AuthorLButler)

Some people are walking around with a feeling of not knowing their self-worth. Today's featured author is mom and Baltimore native, Lisa Chanel Butler. Lisa and I talk about her writing journey, discovering her inner glow and more! Key Takeaways: Be careful of who you take your advice from. Learn to challenge yourself. Be authentic when writing your book. Never neglect your own needs. Don’t fall for the comparison trap on social media. Lisa's Books:...