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A Podcast about Love, Life and Loss with Sasha Hamrogue & Venetia Quick, where guests share their own experiences with grief.

A Podcast about Love, Life and Loss with Sasha Hamrogue & Venetia Quick, where guests share their own experiences with grief.
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A Podcast about Love, Life and Loss with Sasha Hamrogue & Venetia Quick, where guests share their own experiences with grief.




The Dangers Of Online Grooming with Lorin LaFave

In this week’s episode Sasha and Venetia speak to mother and campaigner Lauren LaFave, who’s son Breck was murdered in a vicious attack after being targeted by online predator Lewis Danes for over a year. Lorin has spent much of the five years since Breck’s death campaigning and spreading awareness around the prevalence of online grooming, and ways for parents and kids to notice any potential warning signs, launching The Breck Foundation in his name. Breck had a huge interest in gaming,...


The Silent Grief Of Miscarriage with Jess O'Neill

Jess O’Neill is a writer and mother from Carlow, who has been documenting her family's life on her blog My Moo And Roo since 2017. In an incredibly brave an open interview, she chatted with Sasha and Venetia about miscarraige, and what can be done to open the conversation around a virtually unspoken subject. Jess became pregnant just before Christmas, and her and her partner Matt were delighted with the incredible news. They had planned to have 3 kids under 5, when starting off their family,...


Rethinking Addiction with Niamh O'Donoghue

Our guest this week is a journalist and podcaster who has been campaigning to break the stigma around drug addiction in Ireland, since the death of her brother Matthew in 2016. Niamh O’Donoghue joins Sasha and Venetia to speak about how complex the grief can be when it is as a result of addiction troubles. Niamh’s honest account of her family's troubles in dealing with his addiction both before and after Matthews loss are incredibly powerful to hear. In the interview she speaks about...


What Grief Teaches Us With Andy Preston

On this week’s episode of Grief Encounters, Sasha and Venetia speak to DJ and Radio Presenter Andy Preston. His voice will be familiar to many, as it accompanies Dublin offices and homes throughout the workday, but Andy’s backstory is one that is largely untold. Sadly death and grief has played a large role in Andy’s life from an early age, and is something that has accompanied him closely, for many years. Andy is the sole remaining member of his birth family, and has also suffered the loss...


Suicide And Guilt with Karen Docherty

Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people, both in Ireland and worldwide. When hearing figures such as that, it is not surprising that we have received a huge amount of interest and requests to cover this topic in detail. It really is something that affects most people around the country in some shape or form. Our guest this week is Karen Docherty from Dublin. Her two boys Stephen, 30, and 22-year-old Graham Murray took their own lives within three years of each other,...


Fighting For Answers with Stephen Teap

Stephen Teap’s life changed forever in July 2017, as he lost his wife Irene to cervical cancer. Their story - which is known to many across Ireland, is made more difficult to digest because it could, and should have been prevented. After two false negative smear tests in 2010 and 2013, Irene was diagnosed with stage two cancer in 2015 and died two years later at the age of 35, leaving behind their boys Oscar and Noah. In the wake of Irene's death, Stephen has been catapulted into the public...


Dementia & An Uncertain Future with Kathy Ryan

The most difficult thing for Kathy Ryan when she was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimers Disease was the scary and sad reality that at some stage in the future, she will look at her two boys Andrew and Matt, and not know who they are. Over 5 years ago In January 2014, Kathy was diagnosed with with the terminal illness, and in this week’s episode of Grief Encounters, she speaks to Sasha and Venetia about grieving herself - a topic that is yet to appear on the podcast. Kathy has...


Grief Demystified with Caroline Lloyd

On the podcast so far, we have mentioned many benefits the internet can have if you find yourself in grief. From meeting other members of “the club”, to finding practical tips or advice, there is a lot of material available online that can be helpful. That said - the web is also rife with misinformation about all aspects relating to loss and much of this content is often rampantly shared around the web in the forms memes, pictures, articles and videos, which has created many false...


This Is The Funeral Of Your Life with Louise White

Navigating the various procedures around a funeral can be difficult for everyone involved. Ireland has an extremely unusual and and strange relationship with death, and how we deal with loss, and this is even more evident in the “tradition” of the Irish funeral. That is not to say we do it badly. No, in fact a case can be made to say that it is something we excel in. There is often a huge community involvement when someone dies here. From waking the dead, right through to the burial,...


Giving Back In Grief with Jane McKenna - The LauraLynn Foundation

Jane Mckenna is the founder of Ireland's only children's hospice, and The LauraLynn Foundation, both named after her two children, Laura and Lynn. Sadly, her vision to create a national children’s hospice spawned from utter tragedy. Jane joined Sasha & Venetia for an incredibly moving episode of Grief Encounters, where she speaks about how her family's journey through unthinkable loss, made her determined to give back in her own grief - leaving an incredible legacy for her two...


Losing A Parent In Childhood with Marco Pierre White & Owen Connolly

When a child experiences the death of a parent, the emotional trauma can be devastating. On this week’s episode of Grief Encounters, Sasha & Venetia look at this extremely personal issue, and what effect that it can have in later life. The episode takes an extremely rounded look at the theme at hand, as it discovers it from a psychological perspective and a personal perspective over the course of two compelling interviews, with experts in their own rights. Owen Connolly is a consultant...


Death in a Digital Age with Kiran Sidhu & Jeanne Sutton

To Post or Not To Post, that is the question - that many of us are faced with when overcome with grief, after a loved one dies. For many, social media is where we go to express the majority of our our feelings and emotions, but should this still extend to speaking about our own grief and despair? Are some things too personal for the web? In this special episode of Grief Encounters, Sasha and Venetia speak to two writers about their own opinions around grief in the digital age. Kiran Sidhu...


The Man Who Moved A Nation with Lisa Collins

In early 2014 Gerry Collins’ moving words carried across the nation. This was due to his central role in the ads for the HSE’s QUIT campaign, which sought to convince people to give up smoking. The nation saw a brave man warning others, trying to save people from making the same mistake that he made. But Gerry was also a family man. A father. For Lisa Collins, her dad had always been ‘her person’. She simply couldn’t imagine a future without him. Today on Grief Encounters, Lisa guides us...


Cancer Touches Everyone with Paul Harrington

This week’s edition of Grief Encounters tackles its most universally relatable topic so far - Cancer. Paul Harrington’s music has been a part of Irish cultural life since winning The Eurovision Song Contest with Charlie McGettigan for their song Rock & Roll Kids in 1994. Hailing from a large family of eight, Paul’s first encounter with grief came on St Stephen’s Day 1999 when his father passed away, naturally at the age of 81. Although terribly sad, he felt a level of acceptance at the...


Taking Action In Grief with Benji Benett

On a summer evening in August 2007 while eating dinner with his wife Jackie, Benji Bennett found himself smiling with joy, as he watched his three children Harry, Adam and Robbie playing with each other in the distance. Soon after, Adam complained to his parents of a headache, and was taken ill. Three days later, on Benji’s birthday, Adam died suddenly from an undiagnosed vascular brain tumour, leaving the Bennett family completely lost. Episode 5 of Grief Encounters focuses on the theme of...


The Importance Of Grief Support with Colette Byrne

Following a tragic road accident ten years ago, Colette Byrne lost her her husband Peter at the young age of 32. Left raising a their three year old daughter alone, her world would never be the same from that moment on. In the weeks and months after Peter’s death, Colette began to scour the internet in search of information for new widows, and during this period noticed a huge lack of resources available online. On episode four of Grief Encounters, Sasha & Venetia speak to Colette about her...


Keeping Memories Alive Through Tragedy with Kathleen Chada

In July 2013, Kathleen Chada got unthinkable news that no parent should ever receive. Her two sons, Ruari and Owen were found dead in the boot of a car, that had crashed into a wall near Westport Co Mayo. It later emerged that Kathleen’s Husband had strangled the children and attempted to take his own life. Kathleen is an incredible woman, who’s bravery, strength and positivity have to be heard to be believed. In this episode, she opens up to Sasha & Venetia about trying to continue to live...


The Loss Of A Friend with Boyzone’s Mikey Graham

On the morning of October 11th, Ireland woke to the devastating news that one of its brightest stars, Stephen Gately had passed away in his sleep. In Episode Two of Grief Encounters, Sasha & Venetia meet Stephen's friend and Boyzone band-mate Mikey Graham, in an incredibly interesting and insightful interview with the singer. Mikey opens the interview with a truly honest account of Stephens personality, and what he meant to the band and the country as a whole. As the talk progresses, the...


Coping at Christmas with Dr Colman Noctor

Christmas can be a difficult time for anyone who has experienced loss in the past, and feelings of grief can be greatly amplified in these busy few weeks. In Episode One of Grief Encounters, Sasha & Venetia meet Dr Colman Noctor an Adolescent Psychotherapist with St Patrick's Mental Health Services in Dublin. Christmas is a time built on traditions for many people, and Colman discusses the positives and negatives of building new traditions after a loss, in particular for families. He also...


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Grief Encounters is a weekly podcast series that looks at an issue that affects us all and yet remains so difficult to talk about: grief. Hosted by Venetia Quick and Sasha Hamrogue, the pair are hoping to open up the conversation around loss and create a modern platform for people to share their own experiences, and start open dialogue around the subject of death and all that comes with it.