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How I'm Using Visualization To Literally Reprogram My Life

Are you familiar with visualization? It's a technique that world class athletes and high achievers of all types, use to literally put themselves into a higher state of being mentally and emotionally. Visualization helps these individuals live into their greatest selves. And it can do the same for you as well! I've been practicing it for a bit now, and in today's episode I'm sharing with you what the practice is all about, how it's done, and why I absolutely feel it's a powerful...


I'm Not Here To Make You Happy

Be completely honest with yourself: are you currently taking on the responsibility for another person's emotions? If so, you want to listen to this episode several times. Truth is, I'm sure most of us have done this or are doing this. It's easy to feel like we are the ones responsible for the happiness of our loved ones. Whether it's a spouse, a partner, a sibling, a child, an employee, a church member, a neighbor. Most of us want those we love to be happy and joyous. But there's a...


A Quick And Dirty Way To Gauge The Quality Of Your Life (Inspired By Lewis Howes)

What is the quality of your life right now? Super loaded question, I know. But even the quick second of reflection that you did after reading that question is super beneficial to your overall wellbeing. A lot of times we can go through life feeling stressed and stuck, without taking a moment to figure out where those feelings are coming from. And admittedly, it's the harder to step away from life's challenges to do some introspection when we're feeling stressed and stuck, so I get...


You Must Choose To Let Go Moment To Moment

Did you know that letting go in life is a choice? Yes, it’s moment-to-moment choice where you decided whether you will release what you’ve been fixating on, or add to your fixation. Many of us can get down with the idea of “letting go”, but we fail to realize that it’s a constant choice that we must make again and again through our days, weeks, months, years. We falsely believe that we can “let go” once, and be healed forever. In today’s episode I share with you a message that I received...


Sexual Healing: The Magic Of Being Proactive And Setting Intentions In The Bedroom

Are you practicing sexual healing? So many different things can come up when we think about sexual healing. From healing past traumas to healing physical conditions to Marvin Gaye (seriously, that was my entire context until a number of years ago) -- we each have our own relationship when it comes to healing things in a sexual context. In today's episode I'm joined by my incredible wife, Sarah Bivens, and together we get raw and intimate on some current sexual healing that we're both...


The Key To Living A More Proactive Life

Where do you spend most of your emotional time and energy: in things you can influence or in things you have zero control over? If you're a proactive person who takes response-ability for their lives, then you absolutely focus on the things you can influence. Reactive people spend their time focusing on things that they have zero control over. The difference between circle of influence and circle of concern is at the heart of today's podcast. In my last episode I talked about being...


If You Want To Have It All Then You Have To Be Proactive (Here's Precisely Why)

What does being proactive mean to you? I would say "It means taking initiative". But I have learned that to Be Proactive means so much more. And understanding this meaning is imperative if you want to have it all and lead an abundant loving life. In today's episode I bring in one of my favorite books, Stephen Covey's 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. Get ready to get your learnin on!


When To Come Clean And Apologizing -- Say Sorry Or Let It Go?

When do you apologize for something you've done? When is it appropriate to come clean in a situation, versus letting things go and moving on? Apologizing has rarely come easy for me. My ego is strong when it comes to owning up to something I may have done that hurt or offended another person. Sometimes I know that apologizing would be the powerful move, and I do it. But many other times my desire to stay in my right-ness has made seeing the need to apologize difficult, and I've...


It's Time For You To Take A Hard Look At Your Environments

If you were to take an audit of the environments you spend most of your time in, would you say that they uplift you, do nothing for you, or drag you down? My dad used to say "You are the 5 people you hang around most", and for many years I rejected and disliked that sentiment. Fast forward a few years and some less than effective relationships, and I began to understand what he was talking about. In today's episode I explore environments and talk about why it's so important that we...


How To Totally Level Up Your Relationship Using The 5 Love Languages

How do you like to be loved? How does your partner prefer to be loved? Are they loving you in the style in which you like to be loved, and vice versa? The idea of loving your partner in the way in which they want to be loved was completely foreign to me until a few years ago when I was introduced to The 5 Love Languages. Heard of it? You will after listening to this episode! Today I'm sharing my favorite tool for creating a powerful relationship, and I'm taking up a notch by showing you...


Stop Waiting For Your Abundant Loving Life To Happen...Matthew! (This One's Personal)

Be real with yourself: are you waiting for someone or something outside of yourself, to come and give you the life that you desire? At any level? If you asked me that question last week I'd say "Of course not! I'm all about being proactive and creating what it is I want to experience". But then last Friday happened, and my eyes were opened up bit. Today's episode is a deep look into my own beliefs that have been keeping at a certain place in my life. I'm sharing a raw audio,...


How To Create A Life Of Purpose, Profit and Principle with Day Adeogba

What does "having it all" mean to you? It's a question I have asked so many people on this podcast. And I've received so many unique answers. Well, today I'm bringing you an interview/conversation with someone who has been an incredible influence in my life -- Day Adeogba. Day is a transformational specialist, the creator of the YourDay Balance Game, the CEO of YourDay Enterprises, the creator of the Balance Chart app, and my coach and mentor for the past 5 years. Day and I have...


What Is The Goal Of Sex In Your Relationships And Life?

When you think about sex, what is the goal for you? Is it to have an orgasm, or to make sure your partner has one? Is it to show your partner how much you love them and to validate your relationship? Is it something else? For most of my life, the goal of sex was orgasm. My orgasm mostly, but at times her orgasm was my priority as well. I picked that goal up from porn, from media, from peers. Sometimes the goal of sex for me was to fulfill the expectation (and sometimes obligation) of...


How Much Life Can You Handle? 7 Ways To Show Up Powerfully To The Life You've Created

As your responsibilities go up (new children, new job, more lovers), is your capacity to handle these new responsibilities going up as well? For most, the answer is something like "I don't even think about my capacity when I take on new life stressors". And if that sounds like you, then this episode will help you become aware of your current capacity and will give you very actionable steps to raise your ability to handle the life you've created.


How To Bounce Back Quickly When You're Dealing With Disappointment In Your Life

How do you bounce back when your world gets rocked? When everything seems to be going wrong in your life? When your dreams are shattered and you're feeling extraordinary disappointment? I recently watched three men have their world's get rocked, and witnessed some extraordinarily powerful responses to life kicking them in the butt. In today's episode I share with you what inspired me to jump off the couch, grab my mic, and record this very podcast! Also, check out the Life By Design, Not...


The Day I Became A Father: A Story Of Feminine Power, Personal Transformation And Unconditional Love

What is a moment or experience that completely transformed who you were as a person? For me the biggest one was experiencing the birth of my daughter, Maya. Today is Maya's 2nd birthday (September 11, 2018), and on this special day I wanted to do something different on the podcast. So I'm sharing the story of her birth, from the early signs that Sarah and I realized labor was starting, to when we welcomed her Earth side in our bedroom (Maya was born at home, right in our master...


Do Something You've Always Wanted To Do This Fall

What is something that you've always wanted to do, but you know you've let fear and discomfort hold you back? It's the first week of September, and that means Fall is officially here. You've been putting in deposits into your tank for a while now, and now it's time for you to act. You don't need any more prep, any training, any confidence, any more confirmation. In today's episode I'm setting up a context for getting into action to do things you've been afraid to do, to experience things...


What Being Arrested Taught Me About Surrender

What does surrender mean to you? When I started working with a coach I would hear the word "surrender" a lot. "Surrender to healthy feedback" "Surrender your ego" "Surrender to what you don't know" "Surrender to the universe" I had a hard time with that word, because for a long time "surrender" was a weak word, it meant giving up, giving in, and why would I want to do something out of weakness? Today my context around surrender is much different, and I use the word all the...


I'm On Vacation (Maybe You Should Be Too)

When was the last time you intentionally created time for you to check out and recharge? Last week I talked about balance and gave you a different way to think about the elusive work-life balance. Well today, I'm putting it into practice! Sarah and I decided to take an impromptu vacation. We were feeling the impact of going hard for the last few months, and recognized we needed a break. Today's episode is a big THANK YOU to the HIA community for holding me accountable to being the person...


Change The Way You Experience Life

How are you currently experiencing life? I'm not talking about the results you're creating. I'm talking about your EXPERIENCE of it all. In today's episode I'm digging into why your experience of life is truly what matters, and how you can change it for the better.