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How To Balance Out Your Health And Fitness In A Holistic and Sustainable Way

What does living a balanced life mean to you? Similarly, how do you define health and fitness? And how do your perceptions of these concepts impact your overall wellbeing? I'm all about shifting paradigms and offering you new beliefs on this show, and today's episode does just that. In this episode I'm talking about how you can view the idea of "balance" in a way that doesn't leave you feeling defeated and frustrated. Whether you're in the camp that believes balance is achievable, or on...


Codependency and Unhealthy Attachments In Relationships

How healthy would you say your attachment is with your partner? I don't know where I picked it up, but somewhere in my adolescence I adopted the belief that a healthy relationship was one where I could not be happy if my partner was not happy. It's simply a belief, and I'm not saying it right or wrong. Some of you may feel that way about your current relationship. What that belief created for me was a level of attachment to my partner, maybe approaching full blown codependency, where I...


Your Personal Growth Depends On 3 Types Of Feedback (Are You Open To Them?)

How willing are you to receive and surrender to healthy feedback that comes from a trusted source? Be honest with yourself. Feedback is an integral part of the growth and evolution process, whether we're talking personal development or primates over the course of millions of years. Feedback (aka information) is what is needed to make tiny corrections and adjustments, which over time can result in huge changes. In today's episode I'm sharing the three types of feedback that exist,...


How Much Do You Really Trust Yourself? (Special Announcement)

How full is your personal TRUST account? I'm not talking about a financial trust account. But the account we all have within us that measures how much TRUST we have in ourselves to do the things we say we're going to do. So, what's your balance at right now? Chances are, it could use a few more deposits! Join us in the TRUST Challenge and make the commitment to daily deposits for the month of August 2018, and experience the massive impact that showing up for yourself constantly has on...


Sexual Consciousness & Vulnerable Masculinity with Robert Kandell

So, in terms of your present comfort level, how do you feel about conversations about sexuality, intimacy, masculinity and vulnerability? Got any butterflies in your stomach? Then this episode is totally for you! A few months ago, in an episode I did with my friend Kyla, I talked about Orgasmic Meditation. If you don't know what it is, you will soon! I've been practicing OM for 3 years now, and all this while I knew one person as the creator of OM --- Nicole Daedone. She has a Ted...


Paying Forward Positivity

Today is a bit of a deviation from the normal episode. I was very inspired last night by something I saw on Instagram (it's rare, but when it happens it's potent), and I wanted to share this message with you all. There are people in your life who you know, and many who you don't, who are influenced and inspired by you everyday. They see who you are choosing to be, and it gives them strength and hope that they can overcome the situations in their lives. So if you are able to, I ask...


Releasing the Myths and Stereotypes Around Masculinity

What are the myths and stereotypes around masculinity that you’re holding and giving strength to? Throughout my 31 years I've picked up all sorts of ideas around what it means to be a man. So many of those ideas reinforce dated and unhealthy stereotypes, and I'm ready to release them and adopt beliefs more accurate with the experience I want to have in life. In today's episode I share my biggest stereotypes around masculinity, the things that trigger thoughts of comparison and feeling...


Learning How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty

How comfortable are you saying "no" in your life? So many of us struggle with saying no when people make requests of our time, space, energy, money, or love. We want to please. We want others to like us. We don't want to be seen as unhelpful or unavailable. So we say "yes" even when it doesn't serve us. Do that enough, and we become "yes people", who are known for bending over backwards for others. That's great and all, but saying "yes" too easily will always come back to bite...


What Does It Look Like To Create Your Ideal Life RIGHT NOW?

What does it look like to create your ideal life RIGHT NOW? I want you to seriously ask yourself this question. Because chances are you're reciting some version of this to yourself: "My ideal life is when I have XYZ, or when I accomplish 123, or when ABC things happen for me". It's a normal thing to do. But what's on the other side of that coin is the feeling that we are not able to create and experience our ideal version of our lives UNTIL some point in the future.


3 Beliefs That Have Radically Transformed My Life

What is one belief that you know has radically transformed your life for the better? Beliefs are something I talk about a ton on this show. The beliefs that you choose to wear on impact your actions, your habits, your relationships, your perspective on life. I use the phrase "choose to wear on" incredibly intentionally as well! Because beliefs are things that you can put on like a piece of clothing, wear a while to see how they fit, and keep or discard at your choosing. In today's...


The Success Rituals That Empower My Health, Relationships, Business and Spirituality Part 2

Today's episode is part 2 of my series where I share with you the rituals that I've cultivated and use to help me win in my health, relationships, business and spirituality. Today I'm talking about Business and Spirituality. --- How are your rituals impacting your life? Big question, I know, but the point is to get you to reflect on your rituals and how they are impacting your day-to-day. Rituals are simply actions you perform in a certain order. You have rituals for waking...


The Success Rituals That Empower My Health, Relationships, Business and Spirituality Part 1

How are your rituals impacting your life? Big question, I know, but the point is to get you to reflect on your rituals and how they are impacting your day-to-day. Rituals are simply actions you perform in a certain order. You have rituals for waking up, going to sleep, and a whole host of other things. Many times we don't think about our rituals, we just get into them and our bodies go on autopilot. But when we're intentional about our rituals, we have a major opportunity to...


Creating Thriving Relationships: My interview on The Extraordinary Life Podcast

What does your extraordinary life look like? On today's episode I'm bringing you something different. Normally I'm the one interviewing other people, but today I'm the one being interviewed! This past week I was interviewed by Tiago Buhr, host of The Extraordinary Life Podcast. On his show, Tiago interviews people to learn insights on how to create an extraordinary life in all areas: business, freedom, spirituality, finances, health, sexuality, relationships and purpose. Our...


Rejection Therapy and How Seeking Rejection Leads To Happiness with Alex Grodnik

When was the last time you intentionally tried to get rejected? The idea of being rejected, being told “no”, or failing can freeze us in our tracks. Personally, the possibility of rejection has intimidated me in inaction countless times in my life. I was talking with a friend recently and he told me about a concept called “Rejection Therapy” that he was introduced to in business school, which completely changed his relationship to fear and rejection. On today’s episode I invite my...


Being Deeply Introverted And Finding Direction In Life

Have you ever felt completely lost in your life? Like you didn't know what you were "supposed" to do, who you should be as a person, and what your true passion was? Geeze, I sure have! I spent years in a state of confusion about all of those things. And truth be told, the fog is still lifting. In today's episode I'm sharing the mic with Paul Colaianni - personal empowerment coach and host of The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast - to talk about introversion and finding your way in life. The...


The Morning And Nighttime Routines That Help Me Win At Life

How intentional are you with the way you start and end your day? For years I completely neglected the importance of my morning and nighttime routines. No one taught me to think otherwise and therefore I simply rolled out of bed into life and went from there. But as I grew older, began to take on more roles and responsibilities in my life, and began to feel the weight of life itself, I realized that the way I began and ended my day had a tremendous impact on what happened during my...


A Message To Younger Me About School And Work

If you could deliver a message to younger generations, or perhaps your younger self, what would you say? I had a chance to do that in today’s episode, thanks to a great listener email from Marcus. Here is his email: Hey Matt!, I recently found your podcasts online and they have proven to be extremely beneficial. I just want to applaud you on the success of the podcast and let you know that I'll be looking forward to hearing more of the advice you have to offer. With that being said, I...


Our Biggest Sexual Insecurities And How To Get Over Them with Kyla Sokol-Ward

So, let’s get real personal for a second: what are your biggest bedroom insecurities? What are those thoughts, stories and emotions that you bring into the bedroom that create nervousness, anxiety, or fear? Yeah, I went there. Why am I asking this question? Because talking about our bedroom insecurities is incredibly important, yet we rarely ever do it. Sometimes we may share a few things here and there to our closest friends (if you’re like me then that’s even off the table), but...


My Personal Mission Statement: Why Knowing What You're Playing For Will Change Your Life

What are you playing for in life? Each of us have something that we're playing for in our lives. Some reason that we're waking up each morning and doing what we do. You already know the power of being intentional and having a vision for your life. One powerful tool that I've used to help me become the person I want to become, is a personal mission statement. Personal mission statements bring focus and purpose to your life. They help you stay in alignment with who you want to become and...


Dealing With The Ebbs And Flows Of Life

When was the last time you felt like you were in a low point in your life? When things were just not flowing like they usually do, and you wanted to get back on your horse. On the flip side, when did you last feel like your life could not get sweeter and that more and more blessings were coming your way? These my friends are the ebbs and flows of life. The ups and downs that we all experience. Constantly. At times life kicks us in the a**, and then serves us up another helping when we...