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Stories of that Inspire Purpose and Leadership.






Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Health Deborah Agajanian

"Stress is on digestion is off", states Deborah Agajanian. Deborah is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Healthy digestion is what makes up a body. How a person interacts with their food, is Deborah's business. What is Nutritional Therapy Nutritional Therapy is the evaluation and correction of nutritional excesses and/or deficiencies. The nutritional therapist advises clients how to restore nutritional balance and evaluates their progress as they work toward that goal. Digestion...


Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries Firm Zachary Darrah

Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries or F.I.R.M.'s mission is to share Christ's love to build communities of hope with new Americans. In Fresno FIRM serves communities of refugees. Last year they served refugees from 22 different countries. They provide health, education, outreach, advocacy, support services, and community events.


Gang Rehabilitation Fresno Hope Now for Youth

Gang rehabilitation has been the bedrock for the Fresno nonprofit Hope Now for Youth. Since its inception in 1992, they have found jobs for 2,300 people, with a success rate of 85 percent. This organization is doing Gods work but doesn't force Jesus on anyone.


Social Enterprise Fresno MCC Thrift on Blackstone

MCC Thrift on Blackstone is Fresno's latest Social Enterprise. Their motto reads "Redeeming Lives and Neighbors." They are sponsored by F.A.C.E another non-profit here in Fresno that is helping the unemployment rate.


Notice This FACE

F.A.C.E.'s mission is to address the needs of struggling families living primarily in the Robinson neighborhood and to mobilize and equip people for community transformation. Loren Dubberke talks with us about how his organization is changing the landscape in his community.


Food Service Army in Fresno

Morgan Terry is the director of the Fresno Economic Opportunity Commision. Morgan explains that 8,000 to 12,000 meals get served to people around Fresno County. Why sitting in a bread basket do 1 out of 3 kids have food insecurity. We discuss the kids that live off Motel Drive and how a converted bus will provide the needed assistance.


Return to the Fresno Rescue Mission

In this week's show, I return to the Fresno Rescue Mission. I sit down with Pastor Rob and Chaplin Jay. We have a discussion about the state of homelessness in the city of Fresno. Do you know that there are about 600 homeless on the streets every night? Do you also know that there are resources available for these 600 people? So why are they out in the elements? The reason might surprise you. Have a look at the website of


Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo Co

In this week's show, we have on Grace McIntosh of the non-profit Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo Co. Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County is a nonprofit agency that focuses on helping people and changing lives through serving nearly 40,000 persons across Central and Southern California. We are committed to eliminating poverty by empowering individuals and families to achieve economic self-sufficiency and self-determination through a comprehensive array of...


Morro Bay Community Resource Connections Sharon O’Leary

Sharon O'Leary is the director of Morro Bay's Community Resource Connection. Sharon talks about the challenges of the area. She loves to find common cause between the different organizations. If you ever visit the central coast of California, know that Sharon and her team are taking care of business.


What’s Cooking Fresno

In today's show, I return to the Fresno Metro Ministry. The Fresno Metro Ministry has many projects to better Fresno and the surrounding communities. I speak with Kelsey McVey who is the project lead for What's Cooking Fresno. This incubator is designed to help those who want to go through and into the culinary arts.


Introduction to The Angels of the Light Podcast

In this week's show, I introduce the Angels of the Light Podcast. Co-hosts Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna share their mission weekly. Lisa is the founder of the nonprofit Angels of Grace Foster Family agency and Vikki is the founder of The Lighthouse a women's recovery program. As Lisa says it best, "I save the babies and Vikki saves the mommies." Their chemistry and faith in God is the support that is needed today. This is a show produced by In Touch Media Group. Please give them a listen you...


Damon Thomas

In this week's show, we have on Damon Thomas co-founder of the non-profit Learn Steam. Their mission is to educate children who might not have resources available to them. Damon and his team of mentors, provide a fun place to learn the arts of the future. From learning how to write code to drawing online, these kids get to explore their creative side.


Hands in the Community

In this week's show, I have on Lester Moon Executive Director of Hands in the Community and one of the three founders of AMP Ministries. Lester explains how 1,100 volunteers help out low-income, children, families, disabled, at-risk youth, and elderly. They are taking their ministry from the four walls of the church into the community.


Laneesha Senegal

In this week's show I have on Laneesha Senegal. Her nonprofit HOPE offers children the opportunity that they might otherwise not have. Laneesha talks about her early challenges raising her siblings and the children she had early on in her life. All that doesn't stop her from helping others. Her grand mission of Vision View is a business incubator for all those with grand ideas. Enjoy.


Meng Lee

In this week's show I have on Meng Lee. I met Meng when I was visiting Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central California. Meng also volunteers at Learn Steam. Meng talks about how he went from being unconscious to living conscious. He describe himself at one time not a very pleasant person. Now with smile at hand he is helping children get all the support they need.


Able Industries

In this week's show I sit down with Wende Ayers Executive Director of Able Industries. Able Industries is provides job placement for mentally and physically disabled people. Wende discusses how the community involvement is key to the success of the client of Able. Like them on Facebook.


4141 Ministries

In this week's show I speak with Pastor Tom Sims. He is the founder of 4141 Ministries and Build A Child. Tom discusses the community he is serving and explains its challenges and obstacles. With their Build A Child program they are turning children into leaders. Follow their Facebook page. Here is more information on their programs and community.


NAMI Fresno

In this week's show, I sit down with Executive Director of NAMI Christina A. Valdez-Roup. She talks with us about bringing NAMI into our schools. We also have on Courtney Potts who shares her story with the students. Courtney is part of the Ending The Silence Program. You can follow their work on their Facebook page.


Sisterhood of Grace

This week's show has an incredible story of transformation. Ruthann Bailey Miller founder of Sisterhood of Grace in Visalia Ca talks of her life experience and how she's using it to help others. She uses her life as a bridge to help women incarcerated and after. Please tune in and join the conversation.


Tree of Life Cafe

In this week's show, we talk to Carolyn Ocheltree. Carolyn and her husband Steve are the owners of the Tree of Life Cafe. This is a true social enterprise. She employs people that have graduated from drug and alcohol programs. You are greeted with a warm environment and friendly faces upon entering the cafe. Discover the local food and an out of town experience. Please follow them here.