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Effective Communication Skills

What are effective communication skills? We believe these are skills that are expected of people and NOT taught. We break down specifically what effective communication skills are, how to do them and why they are SO important in order to have successful conversations and relationships that thrive. Do you want to be a confident communicator at work and home - especially in conflict? We can help. Get our conversation framework at or in our book The Power Of...


What Makes A Conversation Successful?

This week Kathy asks “What makes a conversation successful?” We talk speaking to be heard vs listening to understand and the most important component that is often overlooked in conversations that makes our relationships thrive. What makes a conversation successful for you? We want to know. Drop us an email or join us on Facebook and Instagram @instituteofcuriosity. It’s your place to share experiences, learn new tricks and tools or ask those burning...


The Disconnect Between Parent & Child - A Simple Step To Alleviate It

This week Kirsten comes clean about the disconnect between parents and kids. Kirsten shares her recent AHA with her daughter, how Kirsten thought she knew more than she did and the simple shift that allowed her to understand the little things that she was not be picking up on so the friction and emotions could be avoided. We would love to hear from you - what do you want to learn more about? Join us on Facebook and Instagram @instituteofcuriosity. It’s your place to share experiences,...


Canadians, Are We Too Polite? Disrupting The Disease To Please

Do you think Canadians are too polite? Are we suffering from the disease to please? Kathy and I talk honestly about this - how this is holding us (and our kids) back and what we can do to disrupt helping us step into more conversations rather than away from them. We would love to hear from you - do you shy away from conversations for fear of not being polite? Join us on Facebook and Instagram @instituteofcuriosity. It’s your place to share experiences, learn new tricks and tools or ask...


The Limits of Being "Right" or "Wrong" & The Need To Defend Ourselves

Listen as Kirsten has a major AHA talking to Kathy about the need we feel to defend ourselves, what this does to our conversations (and relationships), and how being focused on right/ wrong prevents us from understanding differing perspectives.


Are you your own worst critic? How judgment can physically & mentally weigh you down and what you can do about it.

Kathy opens up about how we can be our own worst critic, how judgment physically and mentally weighs us down, and what she’s learned from her Judgment Challenge that we can all benefit from. PS- You can watch the Location video Kathy references here#mce_temp_url#


Episode 4 - Assumptions & How They Hold Us Back

Kathy & Kirsten talk assumptions - those truths that we make up and believe regardless if they are true. Listen how not testing our assumptions creates blind spots and obstacles that lead to feelings of not enough and conflict. Kathy & Kirsten share a simple trick to help you take those blinders off and connect to yourself, and others, in a more meaningful way.


Episode 3 - How To Have It All, Deal With Overwhelm & Get What You Want

Kathy & Kirsten talk about something that so many women struggle with, including themselves.. How to have it all, deal with feelings of overwhelm and try to figure out what it is that we truly want.


Episode 2 - Conversations Are Like Calories & Why You Need To Know That

This week Kathy and Kirsten dig into something that most people never think about or consider – conversation health. They talk about how conversations are like calories and understanding what you feed your conversations will change the way live.


Episode 1 - Mother/Daughter Relationships

Have you ever wanted to have a better relationship with your mother or daughter? As mother/daughter business partners, and in honour of Mother’s Day, Kathy and Kirsten open up for the first time and talk about their journey together – what it’s like to work together as mother/daughter, how they got past wanting to throw in the towel {many times!} and be done with it, and the many gifts Kathy has given Kirsten that have altered her life forever.